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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Wednesday 11/9/16 - Part 3

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 3 - Featuring firefly & BGG

(12:00 PM)woodywoodpecker was kicked out by woodywoodpecker!

magnetlady says(12:04 PM):

OK mr. 1bobby you ready for me to take chat?

BGG says to sagecanyon(12:06 PM):

You all will really like it. Cool stuff.

magnetlady says(12:06 PM):


1bobby says to magnetlady(12:06 PM):

Yes ma'am if you are ready. Not much to copy, let it go?

magnetlady says(12:06 PM):

OK thanks, have a blessed afternoon.

1bobby says to magnetlady (privately)(12:07 PM):

Hutch asked to advertise banners on tonights chat until he gets more info

1bobby says to magnetlady(12:07 PM):

TY If you need to get away, just text me and I'll come back in

magnetlady says to 1bobby (privately)(12:07 PM):

Not to or to pst it

magnetlady says to 1bobby (privately)(12:08 PM):


1bobby says to magnetlady (privately)(12:08 PM):

Not to post

magnetlady says to 1bobby (privately)(12:08 PM):

I think Okie is coming in at 2 and will take until Digi gets here after work.

magnetlady says to 1bobby (privately)(12:08 PM):

Thank you for copying this morning.

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1bobby says to magnetlady (privately)(12:09 PM):

You betcha. Have a great day

1bobby says to magnetlady(12:09 PM):

1bobbycopy has closed the private chat window!

(12:09 PM)1bobbycopy changed nickname to 1bobby!

BGG says to magnetlady(12:10 PM):

Hey Mags

magnetlady says(12:10 PM):

Like lots of others, running on not much sleep. (smile)

BGG says to magnetlady(12:11 PM):

Oh man - tell me.

(12:11 PM)woodywoodpecker was kicked out by woodywoodpecker!

magnetlady says(12:12 PM):

I texted my son about 3 this morning and he picked up the phone a called me. hahaha

Doug_W says(12:19 PM):

Honey....I'm home

Doug_W says(12:26 PM):

I just opened a Coke *VERY rare treat 4 me) and it said, "I'm proud to be an American" on it YAYY

Soonergirlie says to Doug_W(12:28 PM):


sagecanyon says(12:37 PM):

Mags: My sister called me at 4:30 am...whooping and hollering...LOL

sagecanyon says(12:38 PM):

I am proud to be an American! Yesterday...Today...and Forever!!!!

Beeson says to sagecanyon(12:41 PM):

My sister called tooo she was screaming so i tuned in also :D

sagecanyon says(12:43 PM):

I'm sure glad I was up...those early phone calls usually scare me to death...LOL

sagecanyon says(12:48 PM):

Ok...Back to cleaning house! (and I think I need a Pepsi)...Thank You BGG for the most Awesome chat room and website in the world! Dinarians are so lucky to have you and all your staff! I'm so excited about the call and chat tonite! can't wait!!

NWBeauty says(12:48 PM):

Anyone awaken with a renewed sense of HOPE today?

NWBeauty says(12:48 PM):

whoop whoop

Soonergirlie says(12:54 PM):


Doug_W says(12:55 PM):

I did 4 SURE

Elane says(12:56 PM):

You bet.... great news for this country!!!!!

Doug_W says(1:01 PM):

my neighbor locked himslef in his yard I just had to go open his gate with my "universal lock opener" lol

(1:02 PM)garygs415 was kicked out by garygs415!

Doug_W says(1:02 PM):

48" bolt cutter

Soonergirlie says(1:08 PM):


(1:09 PM)Be sure to join the Dinar Updates “private” FaceBook Group… https://www.facebook.com/groups/571383766355188/ (go here and ask to join… then add some Dinar Friends!!)

jetset says(1:39 PM):

3 hours of sleep for me last night! whoo hoo!

jetset says(1:39 PM):


RickeyT says to jetset(1:42 PM):

were you waiting for the RV? LOL

_firefly_ says(1:43 PM):

Why Abadi sad of Trump?

Wednesday 09-11-2016 | 11:09:45

A-d h d

Twilight News / after the controversial Donald Trump and access to the threshold of the White House and preside over the largest country in the world America is not clear so far, the official positions of the Axis powers in the world, specifically in the Middle East, especially as the Trump explicitly announced orientations seen by Muslims hostile to them.

It is the explicit attitudes seem as disclosed in the Iraqi prime minister in a formal criticism earlier remarks, Donald Trump, and the position of the Muslims, and described it as "irresponsible."

Ebadi said in an interview at the time show that in the time that I realized all the countries of the world the danger of extremist ideology and the wealth of kegs of terrorism that threatens everyone, without exception, and the need to fight it and eradicate its roots, issued an extreme and irresponsible statements.

"The fact that Muslims and extremists in one box mode is the abuse of Islam and all Muslims, which is sought by the owners of extremist ideas from regulatory terrorists (Daesh) and Al-Qaeda and their ilk from the owners of the extremist ideology who do not represent the tolerant Islamic faith that believes in coexistence and respect for all religions.

The Donald Trump launched a blistering attack on Muslims since the exposure Paris terrorist attacks carried out by al Daesh, calling to ban the entry of Muslims to the United States days after the shooting bloody in California that resulted in deaths and injuries after

The Trump said in an interview caused controversy that Saudi Arabia "rich country" and must "pay the money" to America to meet with what you get, including political and security levels.

_firefly_ says(1:43 PM):

Interesting take

jetset says to RickeyT(1:49 PM):

i thought that after trump blinked 3 times and nodded twice that the rv was going to occur!

(1:50 PM)boliver was kicked out by boliver!

_firefly_ says to jetset(1:50 PM):


sunnyca says(1:50 PM):


BUCK says to jetset(1:51 PM):

geez, dont you know youhave to click your heels three times....lol lol

jetset says to BUCK(1:51 PM):

if only they would have put that in the teleprompter!

BUCK says to jetset(1:52 PM):

exactly lol

jetset says to BUCK(1:52 PM):

then again, they may have! he might have skipped over that part... he did stray once or twice

Doug_W says(2:03 PM):

there is No place like home

Doug_W says(2:03 PM):

there is No place like home

Doug_W says(2:03 PM):

there is No place like home

RickeyT says to jetset(2:05 PM):

Trump was against the Iraq invasion, I am sure that he is smart enough to handle Iraq with "kid gloves" , however, as far as the rest of the middle east.....?????

Doug_W says(2:07 PM):

remember his qoute "I'd bomb teh SH@T out of them"

Doug_W says(2:07 PM):

once teh world realizes we have quit "bowing" they will think twice

jetset says to RickeyT(2:07 PM):

question / comment? what does that have to do with this?

JD1 says(2:08 PM):

great day today for the usa

Doug_W says(2:08 PM):

Jet U don't think how we and Iraq ineract will affect this?

Doug_W says(2:09 PM):

because I certainly do!

(2:09 PM)Check out THE BLOG - http://www.dinarupdates.com/blog/ - for the latest Dinar News, Documents and Call banners

jetset says to Doug_W(2:10 PM):

I haven't given an opinion either way and haven't even talked about that topic. i'm trying to firgure out what is the basis for these questions is.

Doug_W says(2:10 PM):

ooops sorry I missed U directed that at Ricky

(2:10 PM)baxter was kicked out by baxter!

jetset says to Doug_W(2:10 PM):


Doug_W says(2:11 PM):

my congrats on the proper use of a singular verb based on a singular noun most have not achieved that level of correctnes

jetset says to Doug_W(2:12 PM):

hopefully i can put my education to good use!

Doug_W says(2:12 PM):

especially since "Basis" ends in an S

jetset says to Doug_W(2:13 PM):

i was looking at it and debating my decision.

Doug_W says(2:13 PM):

we can always try :)

jetset says to Doug_W(2:13 PM):

back to your original comment.....

I think that the US should get back to having the biggest, baddest military in the world. A return to peace through strength.

Doug_W says(2:14 PM):

amen Brother

jetset says to Doug_W(2:14 PM):

war is dirty, ugly and nasty. no one should want to go to war but when you go, you need to go to win and leave no doubt.

Doug_W says(2:14 PM):

walk softly and carry the biggest stick

Doug_W says(2:14 PM):

velvet glove iron fist apporach

RickeyT says to jetset(2:14 PM):

I think his actions could either speed things up or slow things down, we shall see.

Doug_W says(2:15 PM):

I know that is true I am a combat vet

Doug_W says(2:15 PM):

was a medic in fact

Doug_W says(2:16 PM):

my theory has always been IF U must go ,,,go kick butt and come home flags flying high

jetset says to RickeyT(2:16 PM):

i don't know. i certainly could speculate but i would just be guessing.

woodywoodpecker says(2:19 PM):

I play and fight to win....no ties

Doug_W says(2:19 PM):

ONE of us is going home in a body bag Eh Woody?

woodywoodpecker says(2:19 PM):


Doug_W says(2:19 PM):

amen Brother amen

RickeyT says to jetset(2:20 PM):

either fight to win or don't fight

woodywoodpecker says(2:20 PM):


Doug_W says(2:20 PM):

one of Trump's main points in his acceptance speech was "take care of our veterans"

woodywoodpecker says(2:21 PM):

i agree

jetset says(2:21 PM):

i remember this quote from when i was a kid.... "Only fools and losers fight fair."

RickeyT says to jetset(2:21 PM):

there are no rules in a life and death conflict

woodywoodpecker says(2:21 PM):


Doug_W says(2:21 PM):

do U know that in 35 years that I can vouich 4 we have not had a basic pay raise as a disdabled Vet

Doug_W says(2:21 PM):

colas yes base pay NO

woodywoodpecker says(2:21 PM):

no surprise

jetset says to Doug_W(2:21 PM):

that is astounding to me.

Doug_W says(2:22 PM):

me too Jet

jetset says to Doug_W(2:22 PM):

how has that happnend?

Doug_W says(2:22 PM):

anyine not know waht a COLA is ?

Doug_W says(2:22 PM):

we as vets have remained complacent Jet

magnetlady says(2:22 PM):

Doug same for Social Security Recipients

jetset says to Doug_W(2:22 PM):

? i'm guessing i don't?

Doug_W says(2:22 PM):

Cost Of Living Allowance COLA

Doug_W says(2:23 PM):

4 sure Maggs I get that too being 100% disabled

jetset says to Doug_W(2:23 PM):


Doug_W says(2:24 PM):

it was a sad state of affairs as we watched all the other undeserving ones get our $

jetset says to Doug_W(2:24 PM):

i for one think they need to re-write the budget from scratch.

Doug_W says(2:24 PM):

agreed Jet

jetset says to Doug_W(2:25 PM):

they never do right now... all of the cuts aren't really cuts they are just drops in new spending.

Doug_W says(2:26 PM):

its all political games now Jet

Doug_W says(2:26 PM):

we MUST stop being so ME Me Me

jetset says to Doug_W(2:28 PM):

they have legacy costs and military spending costs and infrastructure. those are the things that the government has to pay for constitutionally. other than that, it should be based on availability of funds.

jetset says to Doug_W(2:28 PM):


Doug_W says(2:29 PM):

not political "pork" favors

jetset says to Doug_W(2:31 PM):

if there ever was a chance to make those changes, now is the time.

Doug_W says(2:31 PM):

and we now have a true "businessman" at the helm

baxter says(2:35 PM):

Well.. it was a night to remember... for sure... (y)

Doug_W says(2:37 PM):

did U get a sprinkle this AM Bax?

baxter says(2:37 PM):

No.. it was just cloudy.... went fishin... just got back..

Doug_W says(2:37 PM):

catch any?

baxter says(2:37 PM):


baxter says(2:37 PM):


Doug_W says(2:37 PM):


Doug_W says(2:37 PM):


baxter says(2:38 PM):

Yep.. I saw a manatee...

Doug_W says(2:38 PM):

oh cool

Doug_W says(2:38 PM):

I haven't been spec fishing in years :(

baxter says(2:38 PM):

I go about every day..

baxter says(2:38 PM):

went to the st johns river today

Doug_W says(2:38 PM):

its good 4 the head

baxter says(2:38 PM):

yep.. it sure is

baxter says(2:39 PM):

If this ever Rv's.. I am moving to the river... I love it

baxter says(2:40 PM):

its about the only natural thing left in florida..

Doug_W says(2:40 PM):

I have reached a point where I can no longer xast so I sold my boat since U can not "troll" here in FL 4 fish

Doug_W says(2:40 PM):


Doug_W says(2:40 PM):

I hate hydrilla

baxter says(2:41 PM):

we dont have much of it here.... we troll a lot spec fishing..

Doug_W says(2:41 PM):


baxter says(2:41 PM):


Doug_W says(2:41 PM):

I want a cottage back home so I can fish again

baxter says(2:41 PM):

we use the electric motor..

Doug_W says(2:41 PM):

too mych weed cover in these lakes here

woodywoodpecker says(2:42 PM):

we just stick our hands up in lod logs and full big fish out

woodywoodpecker says(2:42 PM):

old logs

baxter says(2:42 PM):

Hi Woody

Doug_W says(2:42 PM):

I saw a guy do taht 4 Northern pike one time

Doug_W says(2:42 PM):

NOT me

woodywoodpecker says(2:42 PM):


(2:42 PM)DHOLLA was kicked out by DHOLLA!

woodywoodpecker says(2:43 PM):

lots of fun

baxter says(2:43 PM):

we have a lot of gar here.... big ones...

Doug_W says(2:43 PM):

with ig nasty teeth

woodywoodpecker says(2:43 PM):

but sometimes you pull out a snake or a gater

woodywoodpecker says(2:44 PM):

but while they are under water they won't bite you

Doug_W says(2:45 PM):

Noodling - Catching Catfishing with Your Bare Hands

woodywoodpecker says(2:45 PM):

so you turn them loose

woodywoodpecker says(2:45 PM):


(2:46 PM)Pablo was kicked out by Pablo!

BGG says(2:57 PM):


BGG says(2:57 PM):

(for me :D )

BGG says(2:58 PM):

just starting to feel normal.

BGG says(2:58 PM):

They should really give the country - the day after the Election OFF... we're WORE OUT!!

wilson6060 says to BGG(3:05 PM):

GA BGG, One hurdle down and one to go...lol..lol..come on RV

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clay says to BGG(3:12 PM):

no kidding

clay says to BGG(3:12 PM):


woodywoodpecker says(3:12 PM):

BGG i am not a good hired hand today at all

baxter says(3:12 PM):

CLAY... I stayed up all night.... was gonna call you around 4 AM (lol)

jetset says to BGG(3:12 PM):

3 hrs of sleep for me! *yawn*

woodywoodpecker says(3:13 PM):

well I got abt 4 hrs

clay says to baxter(3:13 PM):

I woke up at 3 couldnt sleep put tv on and saw Trumps acceptance speech

clay says to jetset(3:13 PM):


baxter says(3:13 PM):

(y) Loved it

baxter says(3:13 PM):

I never went to bed... at 6 Am I just hooked the boat up and went fishin...

baxter says(3:14 PM):

I will sleep good tonight

Doug_W says(3:14 PM):

I slept like the dead

Doug_W says(3:14 PM):

got 9 hours

clay says to baxter(3:18 PM):


baxter says(3:18 PM):

Im glad its over.. now lets RV..

baxter says(3:19 PM):

Maybe 2017 will be the year for us.. (y)

me says(3:19 PM):

Will there be DU News Time in the chat room tonight?

david334 says to clay(3:20 PM):

Hi Clay , was the call for tonight canceled do you know?

Doug_W says(3:22 PM):

yes ME

david334 says to magnetlady(3:22 PM):

Hi Mags whats on deck for chatsetc. Tonight ?

Doug_W says(3:23 PM):

Subby was saying yes 334

Doug_W says(3:23 PM):

this Morning

magnetlady says(3:23 PM):

Have not heard lately. Thnk BGG was to give an update.

david334 says to Doug_W(3:24 PM):

Thanks. The announcement in the Observer was scratched out

baxter says(3:24 PM):

So no call tonight then? or .. yes there is?

_firefly_ says(3:25 PM):


Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords revealed that the central bank will announce the names of the banks in accordance with international rating by one of the world Rating companies that are working on the evaluation of these banks.

A statement issued by the media office of the bank on Wednesday received Iraqi Transmission Network (IBN) that it came in his answers through questions directed to him at a seminar hosted by Two Rivers Center for dialogue on monetary policy in Iraq that have been identified valuable three axes currency loans and developmental stages of the Central consultations window with the monetary fund on the facilities and external lending.

Keywords and said according to the statement that the banks will get the Commission's assessments will be considerably increased its stake in the window of the currency as committed in the sales mechanism instructions and under the stated price. This took place dialogues made by the House of Representatives and the officials and participants about the problems that arise due to the currency window.

The symposium recommended the need for stakeholders commitment to media statements that are offensive to the country's reputation and its economy after the cut facts about the participants.

For his part, Chairman of the Association of Banks and Wadih Handal said that the accusations directed to money laundering, but detrimental to the reputation of Iraq and should be accurate.

Keywords added that the options can not be implemented without the continuation of the currency window to secure the necessary liquidity.

The participants came up with conviction that there is no other option at the moment after the window briefed on the advantages and disadvantages.

Doug_W says(3:25 PM):

then IDK 334 sorry

_firefly_ says(3:25 PM):

HUGE article

baxter says(3:26 PM):

thx Firefly.... great news

_firefly_ says to baxter(3:27 PM):


baxter says(3:27 PM):

Hopefully this will all come together very soon...

_firefly_ says to baxter(3:28 PM):

I pray so

jetset says to _firefly_(3:29 PM):

that is great! international S (lol) (lol) N

_firefly_ says to jetset(3:29 PM):

IBN .... yes international banking codes !!!!!!!!!!!!!

jetset says to _firefly_(3:30 PM):

we know what that is supposed to mean!

_firefly_ says to jetset(3:30 PM):


david334 says to _firefly_(3:30 PM):

I am a little confused about the statement there is no other option to the auctions for now. Is this about vetting the banks that participate in the auction. There still is no financial law and parliment is off till the 26th. Thats a long break.

david334 says to _firefly_(3:31 PM):

The IBAN codes are great news though

_firefly_ says to jetset(3:31 PM):

Most of their accomplishments are done during breaks. When they come back they simply implement

david334 says to _firefly_(3:32 PM):

I am sure I misinterpreted the language

_firefly_ says to david334(3:32 PM):


_firefly_ says to david334(3:33 PM):

To understand these articles truly, one must be able to read the language. These translators do a horrible job

david334 says to _firefly_(3:34 PM):

Very true. thanks makes me feel better.

_firefly_ says to david334(3:34 PM):

(y) :)

david334 says to _firefly_(3:35 PM):

Thanks (handshake)

_firefly_ says to david334(3:35 PM):

VW my friend (handshake)

BGG says to magnetlady(3:37 PM):

Oh - sorry...

BGG says to magnetlady(3:37 PM):

Looks like MadDScout and 1bobby are next up tomorrow nite... and I'm in favor of the break.

magnetlady says(3:38 PM):

OK Thanks BGG No NewsTime tonight then.

_firefly_ says(3:39 PM):

How many words does the Arabic language have?

Muhammad Da'na

Muhammad Da'na, ♥ I love Arabic ♥

Updated 15 Dec 2015

Actually this is an interesting question for somebody who doesn't know Arabic, in short: You can say that Arabic has (according to different Arabic sources listed at the end) between 90 million words and 500 million words.

Now let's delve into the detailed answer:

Someone who knows Arabic very well knows for sure that it's really hard to estimate the number of Arabic words because this language depends on Juthoor system ("ʒʊðu:r" phoenitic transliteration/ I can translate it to Radices/Origin Verbs System ) so What is it about this system?

The answer is: Most authentic Arabic words have a raw form which is a raw verb of three letters only, from which nomen agentis (active participle), nomen patientis(passive participle), nomen verbi(infinitive/gerund), hyperbole(exaggeration) forms, similes, comparative and superlative adjectives, feminine and masculine forms(which differ in Arabic) and in brief all linguistic morphological forms and conjugations are derived from a shared unit i.e. Jather The Radix("ʒʌðr" singular of Juthoor) , obviously this makes the compendium of words derived from the tri-literal Juthoor, so vast not only from a mathematical point of view but also when looking at the linguistic reality of Arabic.

Arabic does not only have tri-literal radices but also has tetra-literal, less penta-literal and rarely hexa-literal radical verbs, as I know there are around 8600 tri-literal Juthoor in Arabic, so you can imagine now that there are practically endless possibilities to create/have different words, but the story doesn't end here, Arabic also has diacritics/accent marks that a lot of the times produces a new word although the letters of the word are not changed, I can also add that there is a considerable amount of words that do not depend on any radix rather they are kind of stand-alone words like the word bird in English and the word "Kursi" meaning a Chair in Arabic.

After this clarification the questions to be asked are: How many Juthoor does the Arabic language have? How many "Stand-alone" words does the Arabic language have?

In retrospect, I have not had the opportunity to have a look at languages of the world but I believe deeply Arabic is one of the most dynamic and plastic languages of humankind if not the most ever and when I reflect upon the greatness of Arabic language I cannot imagine how did my ancestors manage to improvise such a great intricate language system(sorry for sounding subjective in this part of the answer).

You can think of Arabic as a programming language with a large API which has functions/procedures called Radices(one: radix) where you pass what you intend to talk about(statement/expression) with parameters (such as specific diacritics) to have at the end one result or maybe multiple valid results!

This is how big the Arabic is!

_firefly_ says(3:41 PM):

This is why the translators are nearly use;ess

david334 says to _firefly_(3:42 PM):

Wow. The number of people that can write in Arabic is far less than those that speak ? Like Mandrin Chinese? That makes me feel stupid.

_firefly_ says(3:43 PM):


Okie Dinar says to magnetlady(3:43 PM):

Hey Mags! Would you like a break?

_firefly_ says(3:44 PM):

What we read in the translations is not always what is truly being said

david334 says to _firefly_(3:44 PM):

How large is their alphabet?

_firefly_ says(3:45 PM):

I'm not arabic but I will ask for you :)

david334 says to _firefly_(3:45 PM):

In the thousands I am sure

david334 says to _firefly_(3:46 PM):

No hurry thx :) It is a great example of the tiny slice of knowledge that even the smartest most aquisitive people accumulate.

_firefly_ says(3:46 PM):

Point is that one word can have multiple meanings depending on other wordings it stands on

_firefly_ says(3:47 PM):

very complex language

david334 says to _firefly_(3:47 PM):

Right. ({)Humbling

david334 says to _firefly_(3:47 PM):

8-|DUH thats me !

_firefly_ says(3:48 PM):


JD1 says(3:51 PM):

good to see you as always fly

_firefly_ says(3:52 PM):

Infallible: do not plan to kill the offender Baghdadi

Baghdad: Euphrates News} The President of the Republic Fuad Masum was certain that the Iraqi armed forces will liberate the city of Mosul from the remnants of the terrorist Daesh gangs before the end of this year, adding that "Iraq is not planning to kill the criminal al-Baghdadi, and even sent to a fair trial before the eyes of the world for his arrest."

A statement by the Presidency and the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on the "infallible expressed in a newspaper interview his belief that the Iraqi armed forces" will be able within the next two months of the elimination of all military presence to organize Daesh terrorist " and praised the courage of the Iraqi forces and the high level of morale and feet.

He considered infallible according to the statement that "gangs Daesh can not survive long in tenderness if they lose Mosul."

as for the fate of the leader of Daesh gangs terrorist terrorist Abu Bakr al -Baghdadi, infallible stressed that his country " has no plans to kill the criminal al -Baghdadi , but to arrest him and send it to a fair trial before the eyes of the world and leave justice to issue a fair verdict against him for all the crimes associated with it or Beshravh , "stressing that" the judiciary is the one who will decide the fate ofanyone who commits a crime or an act Arhbaa and that the main objective is tostrengthen the rule of law has always been . "

he revealed infallible that" Iraq is " to organize accurate search for the leaders of al Daesh of terrorism, including al - Baghdadi , the Iraqi - Syrian border areas ofoperations , "pointing to" very hope can arrest him because we want to send it to justice , just as we sent Saddam Hussein , "referring to what he suffered head of theformer regime in 2003 trial ended him to death on charges of committing war crimes against humanity.

He pointed out that " the investigation with the head of a guerrilla Daesh terror will reveal information and many secrets belonging to terrorist groups", stressing that the intensification of the Iraqi forces attacks on areas in Mosul pay a lot of terrorist elements to escape from the fighting fronts as useful intelligence information "for internal clashes among them."

infallible and focused on the need to develop a new strategy in cooperation with theregional countries and the neighboring countries of the world to combat the sleeper terrorist cells after the completion of the liberalization of Mosul , referring to not beexcluded that some forgotten cell terrorist activity later , despite the strong certainty that "severe defeat will inflict gangs Daesh in the battle to liberate Mosul , " calling on countries in the region and the United States and Europe to support acomprehensive plan to eliminate the terrorist networks in the world.

and to hold the referendum in the Kurdistan region to decide their own destiny, infallible president explained that " the referendum does not mean the Declaration ofindependence directly because the declaration of independence need an understanding and an agreement with Iraq ".

concerning the presence of Turkish troops in Bashiqa, infallible stressed that theTurkish troops in Ba'shiqah" entered without the prior consent of the Iraqi government , which is the subject of condemnation, "as it is " coupled with political interference blatantly in the internal affairs " Iraq, stressing Iraq 's desire to establish relations "solid and a good strategy , " with Turkey , "but not on our sovereignty account," and as he pointed to the existence of "important interests between his country and Turkey, agreements on oil, water, trade pipes nearly $ 20 billion before the recent decline due to the tension, take it sovereignty deployment of Turkish troops near Mosul in violation of international norms and laws.

the president of the republic "Turkey is a neighboring country and important in theregion and we did have a respect and sensitive except its stability and prosperity , " adding that "Iraq was among the first countries in the world that stood out against the movement coup last in Turkey , where "we announced support for theconstitutional legitimacy immediately because we are against military coups in principle, it is the same this sense we are concerned about the arrest of MPs important political figures and incarcerations without legal context because it is aserious signal threaten democracy , which we hope to preserve and resort todialogue and understanding to solve urgent problems . " .is over

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