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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Thursday 11/3/16 - Part 3

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 3 - Featuring tman23

MrsBGG says to holly1(10:15 AM):

Thank you Holly1 for the News!!

MrsBGG says to 1bobby(10:15 AM):

Thank you for copying!!

holly1 says(10:15 AM):

Hassanein Mohammad

Henw relationship zeros brothers means the currency and the new are claimed to go and exchange companies and sell 130 dinars instead of 130 dinars 000

If they spend responding p corruption make remittances to the state any bank Trouh turned out at the official rate Mo Habarha Yum their group and converts Anhsp it at 18 and it takes you 30 p Haha my brother all the money linked to what I said and claimed the opposite of God becomes

holly1 says(10:16 AM):

Muslim Alsudany

The whole subject for structuring currency Ma_khas raise the value of the dinar against the dollar as the currency bloc turn thirty trillion dinars to thirty billion dinars and that the exchange rate Emms

holly1 says(10:17 AM):

Chaseb wesam Muslim Alsudany permission practically no use her raise the issue of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate and its value in the global capital markets , the price

holly1 says(10:17 AM):

Wesam Chaseb

Can the central bank to adopt a system of credit cards to manage their financial bloc caused by inflation-winning 1991

holly1 says(10:18 AM):

Wesam Chaseb

Card means to the development of their work and become a card store accepts payments, retain and dispose of them on the distribution of ATM devices ATM in large chain stores and city centers ... etc.

See Translation

holly1 says(10:18 AM):

Hassanein Mohammad

This is all in addition to the printed his new ration claimed cost the state lacking Ahnh God intended stole the people 's money

Pumping money from non-responding and making up the fiscal deficit and the lack of cash to inject new work and steal ancient

holly1 says to 1bobby(10:19 AM):

you ok with copy ? should i stop for a moment ?

holly1 says(10:20 AM):

Muslim Alsudany

Dear Waco overall laws to restructure the currency and protection, such as lifting the zeros and adjust fiscal and monetary policy and the introduction of credit cards, Visa and other countries respect the result, Iraq's currency, the result in the accidental pouring revaluation rather than directly (I mean a complementary package of measures)

holly1 says(10:21 AM):

give me a sec... please translating

1bobby says to holly1(10:24 AM):

You're doing great. Just did a copy

holly1 says to 1bobby(10:25 AM):


holly1 says(10:25 AM):

Iraqis Economists

Any of you uncle did not write the dinar as the currency of inclusion within a basket of currencies .. ..alaalmih that enables contract deals dinar .. and these deals are greater the number of reduced export Aalamlh and transferred abroad through banks .. trade deals depressed .. !

holly1 says(10:26 AM):

Iraqis Economists

I did not write about the economic crisis .. unrelated to present our subject matter is a restructuring of the currency they should be carried out by 2003 or at least to 2012 , when the project is put forward for the first time .. The structure of the beginning of a series of reform .. cash Dhumnaf .. does not constitute a cost as you mentioned it is the same for externaCurrent sellers each month a certain amount of withdrawals category zeros (eg, 10,000 in-Hasan Ibn al-Haytham and the Freedom Monument) work together .. !!!! I think written above Balbost they continue to work together 10 years

holly1 says(10:26 AM):

I hope that everyone is understanding .. cause this is GREAT!!!!!!!!

holly1 says(10:27 AM):

Wesam Chaseb

Iraqis Economists I will ask you a question ... how much the cost of replacing the currency? Will be made so steps in the midst of financial crises , or when the economy is stable and there are financial abundance

holly1 says(10:28 AM):

Iraqis economists Hassanein Mohammad It has nothing to do with the exchange rate will return dinar to sell to 1118 when the auction canceled sell the currency ... and inventory transfers the terms of specifications and ports , government banks ..la linking other things , the issue of restructuring the currency Shi and the value of the dinar something .. and that affected him after short on credit restructuring .. after the cancellation of the auction of the currency

holly1 says(10:29 AM):

Wesam Chaseb

Iraqis economists do not understand how it is not an expensive .. and what about inflation in the presence of the two currencies for over 10 years? And any state preceded us they have a currency values vary in this way?

See Translation

holly1 says(10:29 AM):

Iraqis Economists

Iraq and Dahalaguetsada rigid and is linked to the world .. is not dependent digitization and opening-up and the price of oil will rise at the end of A to the middle of next year to levels of $ 60 and this number .. acceptable ..waluda Iraqi economic and political does not pass periods of stability Kaaslandh or Seychelles ..kouna is located in the heart world and collide with global blocs clash of wills does not end until the end of the world

Pablo says(10:30 AM):

I think we're getting it, but the question is, how do they define the begnning of 2017? Jan 1? Jan 30? 1st quarter?

holly1 says(10:30 AM):

Ali Fadel

All talk nonsense does not have the stability of the Iraqi dinar without national industry covering at least 50% of Iraq's need either to stay on this case and even import food and lower oil prices, the salt of the collapse of the dinar is coming

holly1 says(10:31 AM):

Iraqis Economists

Ali Fadhil , Iraq Danaarhamstqr if work seamlessly continued without intermediaries to buy dollars from the auction currency manipulation Bsaran of the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar is truly 118 .. and not in 1300 as is the black market ... ..alarac modern life from 1921 did not cover the industry figure that I mentioned (except oil) .. best Aldharov reached 17% in 1990 before the invasion of Kuwait

holly1 says(10:32 AM):

Ali Fadel

The amount of a trillion dollars to scram from 2003 until now is enough to make the self - sufficiency of 90% if you are aware of the amount of $ trillion and of course access to 50% sufficiency is not impossible , but is in need of people counted farsightedness Mo importing salt and now the private sector alone can achieve self - sufficiency rate of 25% at least , and if you love Antak plan achieved self - sufficiency of dairy relying on the private sector alone

holly1 says(10:33 AM):

Ali Fadel

Two dimensions to the spirit of Mozambique, Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea Atjd dollar at all and sundry like what exists in Iraq

MrsBGG says to Pablo(10:33 AM):

Good morning :)

holly1 says(10:33 AM):

Mohammed Ridha Al-Musawy

There are a lot of whom were stranded in a sad and funny simultaneously .. threw down the page was economically and lovely .. For the citizen certainly would not be affected directly Valratb will dinars instead of thousands of dinars and rent will be well ... and there will be no problems because we already are dealing today with a thousand dinars as dinars ... Greetings to All

MrsBGG says to holly1(10:33 AM):

Thank you Holly1!!

holly1 says(10:34 AM):

ghazwan Taee

Hazh Thread claimed Aesawi big problems for the Iraqi market between the lessor and the lessee among traders between the merchant and the people among the general public !!!! My uncle spend my income p corruption Kulche ends !!!! Maakdron p corruption vinegary Ayajawn filled the auction capital of the central bank because Rihthm Talat and Khosrow state ofFor many !!!!!! Mark Aischglon private sector !!!! Aigllon senior officials' salaries and retirement money MPs, ministers and former managers !!!! Hessian end the Iraq crisis with whether the solutions .... The money problems of people Aadechlon indispensable and make a decision without considering the disadvantages p community and his handling of the problems of failed Vhazh Hessian decision

holly1 says(10:35 AM):

Ahmed Badr Alhossona

In short threads currency printing and replacing the internationally suspicious transactions .. The best proof when replaced Currency confrontational currency Alama.h to 2003 and who knows what his share wellness and secondly all the reasons put forward by you is not because of zeroes Currency Algovernm but due to the policy and the corruption of the politicians ...

holly1 says(10:36 AM):

Nasser Basrawi

Today we are suffering from a very severe shortage of liquidity and every central bank staff know it and there is a delay in the payment of salaries than a week to ten days each month / If the central bank is serious in tackling the economic situation he has to shift from cash to issue ATM cards to all citizens mal was an employee or non-employee to overcome the liquidity crisis

holly1 says(10:37 AM):

Kadhim al-Bayati

The problem is that my brother your page represents an economic slide, and this points to Trahtoha has no connection with reality and what I will answer claimed more because the Post that he has not considered the importance of the fact that with all due respect

See Translation

holly1 says(10:37 AM):

-Hussein Nashat Al-Khafaji

The project is very excellent .. But of mis proceed under the meager reserves of hard currency and is what we are going through now I see in the postponement of this matter until raise the cash reserve of currency and gold are hard and then proceed with this project

holly1 says(10:38 AM):

Zakaria Ali

Iraqis promised foil and Khalana complain of everything ... I Brahe Ashovha true

holly1 says(10:39 AM):

Saif full

Is it wrong Belloukt Alhazer machine benefit to the economy of the answer is yes, but not Belloukt Alhazer considered the process of deleting the zeros latest economic reforms of the Iraqi economy and etc .....

holly1 says(10:39 AM):

Dheyaa Alshmailawi

Care about this project Kdmuj Bmhaah 2009 and the whole Clauat ... You Tsdk politicians to sort out a positive project for this country is impossible ....

holly1 says(10:40 AM):

Ali Ramdan

Downright have a great importance in Iraq's economy because it leads to the high value of the dinar and the dollar goes down Batalli price and be a recovery of the economy

holly1 says(10:41 AM):

Aljaderiy Ali

Excellent step Bs Taattbak the fact that if they گvo whales in front of this project

holly1 says(10:42 AM):

the next statement is just a opinion ... dont run with it .... :)

holly1 says(10:42 AM):

Sam Fadel

We hope to have the Iraqi dinar exchange outweigh the strength of the dollar , so dinar is equal to one and a half or two dollars dollars and unification of places selling the dollar and the lack of a certain region of monopoly Aouhzaretha

holly1 says(10:43 AM):

Mohammed Al-Jabure

Keywords is a growth policy and Ahadji International Lech Waco and one in his head, the good government of Iraq ended Bs Brotherhood want this election to elect specific

holly1 says(10:44 AM):

Maytham Abo Tabek

You will be deleted zeros as you wish but do not guarantee high dollar rates again? !!!

holly1 says(10:44 AM):

Riad Jawad

To Avaidh Mzzlk Alaabie oil but Iraqi dinars today I was with economic analyst told me dinar a non-starter and the Iraqi dinar against the dollar 000.9 if the government even printed paper in the siege Fannie Sataba trillion dinars

See Translation

Like · Reply · 20 hrs

holly1 says(10:45 AM):

Mustafa Albadri

Doomed relationship to the economy is just a step must arrange and organize the Currency neither more nor less

holly1 says(10:46 AM):

Mohammed H. Jbara

The first point is unrealistic or impossible as the Chinese yuan income basket of currencies almost a month ago, although the Chinese economy is strong, if not the strongest in the world.

holly1 says(10:46 AM):

Hayder Gheni

I think Keywords Pike fils State Baeraki Mo dollar and wants to settle on Civil Hahei .. God has cursed them before the afterlife

See Translation

holly1 says(10:47 AM):

Ahmed al-Taie

Right step Bs impossible to apply because the economy serve the Wye project serves the country and be a warrior Mutenvz because Makhaddm interests who dominate the country p parties

holly1 says(10:48 AM):

Hassanein Mohammad

First: Henw relationship Guo dinar zeroes , for example , claimed the 120 claimed the price becomes paper , for example? My brother Iraq weak consumer sovereign wealth so what I imagine Waco claimed accept its deal Bammelth?

holly1 says(10:48 AM):

Second , and more importantly during the 10 years claimed withdraw the old currency and ask the new currency , but growth Azmn old currency claimed damage downright with this bunch of corrupt claimed stealing old currency instead destroyed and Tanaad of the market and will tell a great inflation in the market and began causing the collapse of the currency rate Iraqi dramatically like what Saddam did , and you will remember inflation Alsar 90 I remember my father had 600,000 b 89 was buying omitted a total properties of the value of its security bank and withdraw 97 Mottagab border Taarat Keywords and other parties react spend p corruption is not God , they continued to corruption either contracted the world today the dollar and the euro and Ahinana Palin depicting written contract China Weah in Iraqi dinars , for example?! Brothers opened your eyes see Hai played Wlosna crying and Hannah Bjeebna

holly1 says(10:49 AM):

Nabeel Taha

We hope that the price of $ dinar one .. and this number begins to start improving the situation of the Iraqi dinar ..

holly1 says(10:50 AM):

Sherko Al Jaaf

We went back a doctor at the Faculty of Administration and Economics PhD for cash warned of this act and flattened seminars in this regard

holly1 says(10:51 AM):

Murtaza Jawad al-Asadi

And important step correct. Thank you for the information

holly1 says(10:52 AM):

Khaled Haidar al-Azzawi

I wish you a good step and implement

See Translation

Like · Reply · 21 hrs

holly1 says(10:52 AM):

Dr Ahmed-impulse

We wish TEN is introducing plastic currency in this project.

holly1 says(10:53 AM):

Aziz Al-hayio

Sarlna ten years we hear the issue of deletion of zeros

holly1 says(10:53 AM):

Milad Shatah

I think Hai US purely step after the advent of the entire economic team

holly1 says(10:54 AM):

Ahmed al-Lami jurist

We wish the best for such projects

See Translation

holly1 says(10:55 AM):

Mojtaba Iraqi

Step in the right direction

holly1 says(10:56 AM):

Mohammed al-Fadhli

Hay dream come true as possible. In the light of the political dependency

holly1 says(10:57 AM):

thats it for comments ... (F)

holly1 says(10:58 AM):

I have things to get done BBL... (F)

1bobby says to holly1(10:58 AM):

Thank you for the time and effort

Ame9632557644 says(10:58 AM):

bye 1

1bobby says to holly1(10:58 AM):

What I see is basically a Dinar Updates Iraqi style :)

holly1 says(10:59 AM):


holly1 says to 1bobby(10:59 AM):


1bobby says to holly1(10:59 AM):

They have a lot of our beliefs and research

holly1 says to 1bobby(10:59 AM):


1bobby says to holly1(11:00 AM):

:D That's funny

(11:00 AM)Check out the "Current Iraq NEWS" Thread in the Forum - http://www.dinarupdates.com/forumdis...rent-Iraq-NEWS - All News - ALL DAY LONG!!

Ame9632557644 says(11:02 AM):

soooo Bobby

tman23 says(11:02 AM):

Aziz Al-hayio

Sarlna ten years we hear the issue of deletion of zeros...... THIS IS THEIR FRUSTRATION.....BUT THE PROCESS HAS BEGUN...... AND WILL BE THE NEW... START OF THE NEW YEAR.......

Ame9632557644 says(11:02 AM):

are we rich now?

holly1 says to 1bobby(11:02 AM):


Ame9632557644 says(11:02 AM):

bye again 1

1bobby says to holly1(11:02 AM):


holly1 says to tman23(11:03 AM):

HELLO ... HAVE A GREAT DAY (handshake)

Ame9632557644 says(11:03 AM):

get ur chores dun 1

tman23 says(11:03 AM):

As I posted back in April .... The CBI governor said in several banking meetings inside and outside Iraq that the CBI plan was to maintain the rate of 1,305 through the end of 2016..... The statement from the governor had bankers " shocked, disappointed, and not understanding the reasoning and none was provided"..... BUT what is speculated is that this 1305 number has a signficant role in the "numbers game" and lifting the 3 zeros.... The speculation told to those who private message me is the start would have to begin at least 60 days before lifting 3 zeros...... Just need to look/watch for unsuspected casual movements....... Last night for the very first time in all banks across Iraq the rate posted 1,305...... To the bashers.....They will say the rate flucuates and they are correct...it has been 1280, 1285, 1290, 1295, 1300, 1310...... But NOT 1305 AND IT HAS posted the 60 days prior to the New Year that was the speculated timeline thought to see 1305....... This is the silent move suspected to be part of the process of lifting 3 zeros...... Now in the past salary caps/budget and cuts...numbers worked out to speculating that a rate of 67 cents was in the formula.....of course since then a great number of circumstances have entered the picture..... The speculation today works out to 76 cents which would be on par with the Canadian Dollar and Australian Dollar........ Here is a link to Kurd International Bank that will show the 1305.. https://www.kibid.com/Default.aspx?pageid=5 ......

1bobby says to tman23(11:06 AM):

Today's was listed at 1294. Does that tell us anything?

1bobby says to tman23(11:08 AM):

Or are those just a private banks selling rates internally

1bobby says(11:11 AM):

I mean the 1305 number

clay says to 1bobby(11:12 AM):

Good question

clay says to tman23(11:12 AM):

thanks for that

tman23 says to 1bobby(11:12 AM):

Forget the 1294 and all those postings....... It is this 1305 number that is on the board....in the banks and at the CBI...... Been waiting for this EXACT NUMBER to POST....... IT was posted last night which in the opinion of "conspiracy theorists"....... THE PROCESS IS ON TRACK..... And it will without doubt have the 3 zeros lifted at the start of 2017........

1bobby says to tman23(11:12 AM):

Yes thank you for the info

clay says to tman23(11:13 AM):


NWBeauty says(11:13 AM):

GM all

clay says to NWBeauty(11:13 AM):


NWBeauty says(11:13 AM):

Listening to DayTrader discussing his experience with AF in Japan

1bobby says to tman23(11:13 AM):

So the figures posted today mean nothing as far as the 1294? Just trying to understand

1bobby says to NWBeauty(11:14 AM):

How cool was that call :)

NWBeauty says(11:14 AM):

Makes good common sense that international components of goods and services will incrementally raise values in country

NWBeauty says(11:14 AM):

VERY cool Almost chilly

NWBeauty says(11:14 AM):


1bobby says to NWBeauty(11:14 AM):


NWBeauty says(11:14 AM):

was just in Chicago for my son's graduation from US Navy Basic Trng

1bobby says to NWBeauty(11:15 AM):

Awesome! Make sure he knows our appreciation for his service

Ame9632557644 says(11:15 AM):

23 why is 1305 so significant I can not wrap my head a4round that number?

NWBeauty says(11:15 AM):

we ALL serve in this house

NWBeauty says(11:15 AM):

there ya go

NWBeauty says(11:17 AM):

Momma's green eyed sailor boy

NWBeauty says(11:17 AM):

I'm jumping on his connecting flight on his way home for THanksgiving and surprising him at the gate in Salt Lake. I'll be flying back from work in DC

NWBeauty says(11:18 AM):


NWBeauty says(11:18 AM):

Don't wait to LIVE YOUR DREAM

1bobby says to NWBeauty(11:22 AM):

You're 100% on. Enjoy what we are living today :)

NWBeauty says(11:23 AM):

As a widow of a Marine Officer, EVERY day above ground is a GREAT one!!

1bobby says(11:23 AM):

Semper Fi

Ame9632557644 says(11:23 AM):

as the recipiant of 4 purple hearts you are SOOOO right

NWBeauty says(11:23 AM):

I've just got a broken heart

Ame9632557644 says(11:24 AM):

so was he an O3 when he was killed?

NWBeauty says(11:24 AM):

and The Commander's Medal Army Civilian

NWBeauty says(11:24 AM):

NO Major

Ame9632557644 says(11:24 AM):


NWBeauty says(11:25 AM):

PTSD suicide after Al-Asaad Al-Anbar

Ame9632557644 says(11:26 AM):

I have that too I fight everyday to NOT let it "get" me

Ame9632557644 says(11:26 AM):

I was a combat medic in Vietnam

NWBeauty says(11:26 AM):

Got me about 7 years My mother's stroke 6 weeks prior to his suicide I found them both

Ame9632557644 says(11:26 AM):

thats tough!!

NWBeauty says(11:27 AM):

I was in bad shape, but Jesus saves !

NWBeauty says(11:27 AM):

Plus my work was/is connected counter-proliferation and cyber security

NWBeauty says(11:28 AM):

EVERYONE do something AWESOME today That's what I'm saying !!

Ame9632557644 says(11:28 AM):

amen Girl!

Ame9632557644 says(11:28 AM):


NWBeauty says(11:28 AM):

Off to feed the dragon

tman23 says(11:32 AM):

Kaperoni always pounded the issue of maintaining a rate for 90 days as reference to the IMF articles (laws/bylaws)....... Then there was an article that had insinuations that 60 days of maintaining a rate was sufficient........ The 1305 number has been an issue that I posted on several times...... All I can say on the 1305 issue is that in meetings it was an aboslute stunner as nobody understood the reasoning.....there was NO explanation for it and business circles seen it as unwarranted.......That is exactly why the 1305 became an item of interest.....and numbers have been in the system BUT never 1305...... Just know that many have hammered on saying this rate in the past....1305.......And know for the VERY FIRST TIME it is entered into the system across all platforms......Basically 60 days before the first of the year opening..... Maybe just all coincidental......BUT IMO..this is the trigger number that has somethin to do with somethin...... AND is very positive with giving a confirmation sign in speculations...... Many know I have been stuck on the 1305..... So now up to January 3 we will see how Iraq intro's the currency and treats the 3 zero notes at exchange windows

1bobby says to tman23(11:37 AM):

That "1305" is still throwing me. But I'll take what you say and put it in the memory bank. Thanks

Pablo says(11:38 AM):

Where is this 1305 number coming from?

sheila3 says to 1bobby(11:51 AM):

good afternoon,would you like a break now :)

1bobby says to sheila3(11:51 AM):

Good afternoon :) Sure lemme do a copy. Thanks

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