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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Tuesday 11/15/16 - Part 4

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 4 - Featuring firefly & rcookie

Doug_W says(11:55 AM):

we accept $$ IQD € & £

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_firefly_ says(12:01 PM):

The Iraqi army is preparing to storm the heart of Mosul

Ali Abdul Salman 15/11/2016

Iraqi army announced that its units are ready to clamp down on Daesh fighters in Mosul, with the entry of the military operation to liberate the fifth week of the city.

The Iraqi army has succeeded in breach defenses Daesh and are able to penetrate deep into the connector.

(12:02 PM)garygs415 was kicked out by garygs415!

_firefly_ says(12:03 PM):

Combine that with the National ReconciliTION

_firefly_ says(12:03 PM):

WOW !!!!!!!!!!

Elane says to _firefly_(12:03 PM):


_firefly_ says(12:05 PM):

The USD hit over 100 today also !!!!

Elane says(12:06 PM):

Good grief!

_firefly_ says(12:06 PM):

Amazing stuff folks

_firefly_ says(12:07 PM):

O traveling to Greece,Germany and Peru?

_firefly_ says(12:07 PM):


1bobby says(12:08 PM):

OK why?

(12:08 PM)wickedwitch1 was kicked out by wickedwitch1!

_firefly_ says(12:08 PM):

The UN signing an agreement with Iraq for National Rconciliation

_firefly_ says(12:10 PM):

ok let me repeat myself

wickedwitch1 says to _firefly_(12:11 PM):

Please explain "The USD hit over 100 today also !!!!" Sorry for my ignorance, but I'm just not sure what this means.

_firefly_ says(12:11 PM):

The UN signing an agreement with Iraq for National Reconciliation

wickedwitch1 says to _firefly_(12:11 PM):

The news is absolutely amazing lately

_firefly_ says(12:11 PM):

Unpresidented in the M.E.

_firefly_ says(12:13 PM):

And then there is Erbil Stock Exchange !

_firefly_ says(12:15 PM):

◾ Lose the Iraqi Central Bank Governor Mr Ali Mohsen Ismail relationship banker (SDL to invest andthe Iraqi Middle East investment)


Doug_W says(12:15 PM):

what do U maen the USD hot over 100 today?

Doug_W says(12:16 PM):

me too witch1

Elane says(12:17 PM):

Thanks FF for laying this out!

wickedwitch1 says(12:17 PM):

I'm just struggling to understand some of these things. Wish I knew more.

1bobby says(12:18 PM):

Just curious, are there supporting articles on all that stuff?

_firefly_ says to Doug_W(12:18 PM):

Association of Banks participating in the forum banking for the Middle East in 2016

2016/11/15 | 10:10

(Encyclopedia of the Day News | Iraq News ) - Economy News special.

The executive director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Tariq Ali, said the conference , which carry thedevelopment of banking experience to customers the title highlighted the topic of reducing risk by global banks and its repercussions on the local and regional banks.

Tariq said in an interview for the economy News Conference ( OIC ) that included extensive discussion of the reality of the banking sector, as well as many episodes and diverse job interviews and discussion session with theparticipation of senior bankers in the Middle East.

And between Tariq, said the conference also aims to explore the effects and repercussions of actions and measures to reduce risk, which involves restricting international regulators relations correspondent banks with banks or local exchange companies, in order to protect banks from unexpected risks such as money laundering or terrorist financing in a number of markets and countries .

1bobby says to wickedwitch1(12:19 PM):

You're not alone lol

_firefly_ says to Elane(12:22 PM):

Very welcome hon. So mch to sink our teeth into today it's absolutely crazy

wickedwitch1 says to 1bobby(12:22 PM):

Thanks for all you do. I've only been in this 5 months. I read the chat logs, articles and listen to the calls, but so much of it is just overwhelming.

1bobby says to wickedwitch1(12:23 PM):

No problem. I just wish people would either bring in supporting articles, or explain their statements so we could all understand

_firefly_ says to 1bobby(12:26 PM):

I've brought in articles supporting everything this entire week if people payed attention :)

Elane says(12:27 PM):

Great FF!

bobby says to _firefly_(12:28 PM):

Ok cool. Some have asked for an explanation in regards toi a few of your statements. Just thought it would be courteous to give em a short explanation

1bobby says to _firefly_(12:28 PM):

But if you don't have time, I understand

loop says(12:30 PM):

Abadi confirms reduce government expenditures for goods and services by 90%

Political Since 11/15/2016 16:59 pm (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD - balances News

Said Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Tuesday, reducing government expenditures on goods and services increased by 90% compared to the budget of 2013, indicating that the government is working on the application of modern methods to include other categories of social subsidies.

Ebadi said during a press conference held after the Cabinet meeting attended / balances News / "The Council of Ministers cut government expenditures on goods and services increased by 90% if compared to the end of the 2013 budget."

He said al-Abadi, said that "The Council made some minor amendments to the draft 2017 budget and sent it to the House for a vote," pointing out that "the government is working on the application of modern methods to include other categories of social subsidies."

The Council of Ministers was held today under the chairmanship of its regular council Haider al-Abadi to discuss a number of resolutions listed on the agenda Alaamal.anthy 29/33 h

1bobby says to loop(12:31 PM):

TY Loop

wickedwitch1 says to loop(12:31 PM):

Thank You for bringing in this article.

loop says(12:32 PM):


loop says to 1bobby(12:32 PM):


_firefly_ says to 1bobby(12:32 PM):

1 USD =


US Dollar

1 USD = 1,181.87 IQD

↔Iraqi Dinar

1 IQD = 0.000846114 USD

Live mid-market rate

1bobby says to _firefly_(12:32 PM):

Thanks FF

loop says to 1bobby(12:33 PM):

Thanks for all that you do for DU

1bobby says to loop(12:33 PM):

You betcha

loop says to wickedwitch1(12:33 PM):


_firefly_ says to 1bobby(12:33 PM):

1 IQD = 0.000846114 USD

_firefly_ says to 1bobby(12:34 PM):


_firefly_ says to 1bobby(12:34 PM):

MOVEMENT !!!!!!!!!

Elane says(12:35 PM):

Thanks be to all who share!!!!

1bobby says to _firefly_(12:35 PM):

Thanks. Any idea what could be causing this movement?

_firefly_ says to 1bobby(12:36 PM):

Coming closer to closure?

1bobby says to _firefly_(12:36 PM):

Sure hope so

futuremoney says(12:36 PM):

what movement???????

_firefly_ says to 1bobby(12:37 PM):


diagyAAAE says to _firefly_(12:43 PM):


futuremoney says(12:44 PM):


diagyAAAE says(12:48 PM):


_firefly_ says to 1bobby(12:48 PM):

1 USD =


US Dollar

1 USD = 1,171.59 IQD

↔Iraqi Dinar

1 IQD = 0.000853543 USD

Live mid-market rate 2016-11-15 18:47 UTC

diagyAAAE says(12:49 PM):

lowest ive seen is somewhere aroung 1070

futuremoney says(12:49 PM):

How is this called movement FF?????

_firefly_ says to diagyAAAE(12:49 PM):

Closing in on 1000 !

1bobby says to _firefly_(12:50 PM):

Could that be in the rise/fall of the U.S dollar or fluctuations of the dollar and or oil?

futuremoney says to 1bobby(12:51 PM):

NO!!!! Tell me it aint so!

_firefly_ says(12:51 PM):

1 USD =


US Dollar

1 USD = 1,168.99 IQD

↔Iraqi Dinar

1 IQD = 0.000855440 USD

Live mid-market rate

1bobby says to _firefly_(12:51 PM):

Just asking since that XE is a platform and the CBI still has it at 1182

Pablo says(12:52 PM):

Is that going up or down?

loop says(12:53 PM):

Federal Interior: expel Daesh than a third of the left side of Mosul


15/11/2016 - 21:30 | Iraq

Federal Interior: expel Daesh than a third of the left side of Mosul

A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior said on Tuesday that Iraqi forces drove militants organize Daesh than a third of the east side (left) of the city of Mosul (400 km north of Baghdad), after four weeks of the start of a major campaign to restore the city with the participation of thousands of Peshmerga Kurdish forces troops the army and federal police air support from the international coalition forces led by the United States of America.

And it divides the Tigris River city of Mosul (Iraq's second city) along the east and another west (left and right).

Brigadier General Saad Maan told a news conference the military base Qayyarah (60 km south of Mosul), the main driving forces to participate in the liberation of the city process that fell into the hands of militants Daesh on the tenth of June last center of the second term of former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki time, he It was edited more than a third of the eastern side of Mosul.

He added by saying, so far 955 terrorists from Daesh killed as troops arrested 108 of them on the southern front lines of the city alone.

loop says(12:53 PM):


1bobby says to loop(12:54 PM):

Good stuff. Thanks

loop says(12:55 PM):

Looks like they are going from the east to the west.

1bobby says to loop(12:56 PM):

Appears to be a very well thought out game plan

_firefly_ says(12:59 PM):

I've said MANY times "there times you have to look out the window to see inside"

Doug_W says(1:00 PM):

we accept $$ IQD € & £

futuremoney says to 1bobby(1:00 PM):

what the...

loop says(1:00 PM):

Chairman of the visitors file management boarding Lt. Gen. Mohammed al-Hassan blessing

Interior confirms the entry 1.4 million foreign and Iranian-stop online

Author: TT

Editor: BK

11/15/2016 18:06

Number of Views: 497

Long-Presse / Karbala

The Interior Ministry announced on Tuesday, for the entry of more than 1,000,399 thousand Arab or foreign to Iraq to perform the visit forty, while revealed Iranians detained for entering an "illegal", confirmed the shutdown connect to the Internet and ATMs erected by Iranian authorities in devices Karbala and Najaf to the lack of necessary licenses.

This came during a press conference Chairman of the visitors file management in the Ministry of Interior, Lt. Gen. Mohammed al-Hassan's grace, who is visiting the province now, at the headquarters of Karbala police department, attended (range Press).

Hassan said, "The total Arab and foreign visitors who have entered Iraq via land, air and sea ports, so far, to perform a visit session, exceeded one million and 399 thousand people," adding that "fifty thousand of them are leaving to their home country a day after the completion of the performance of the visit."

The Chairman of the visitors file management in the Ministry of the Interior, that "the number of visitors is growing daily with the approaching date of the visit," proving that the "Najaf Airport received up to Monday night, (the 14th of November the current 2016) 0.15 thousand visitors, while received the Baghdad airport and 339 thousand visitors. "

Hassan said, that "the number of visas granted to Arabs and foreign visitors reached nearly two million and five hundred thousand," pointing out that there are "some two million other visa granted only for Iranian visitors, were another half a million more than the number."

The President of the Commission of visitors file management at the Interior Ministry, "the Iraqi laws apply to the visitors all and that the security forces will not allow any visitor to enter through border crossings unless carrying a passport official travel and must have a window of a visa," revealing an agreement with Iran from 19 paragraph It regulates the procedures for the entry of visitors and Tvoejehm. "

But Hassan, acknowledged that "the Iraqi-Iranian border is too long and can not be easily controlled, allowing the possibility of infiltration across it," stressing that "the security services have arrested a group of infiltrators who entered the country illegally", without specifying their number.

The security official also revealed "a decision to prevent the work of the Internet connection and ATM erected by Iranian authorities on the road between Karbala and Najaf, the holy city of Karbala devices," he continued that there are "coordination with the Iranian side on the buses and trucks that entered into Iraq, where he developed financial guarantees The legal guarantee to leave Iraqi territory. "

The Iraqi authorities have repeatedly asserted that allowing the entry of any person without obtaining a visa price of $ 40, as Iran has warned its citizens in violation of it.

loop says(1:00 PM):


_firefly_ says to Doug_W(1:00 PM):


Doug_W says(1:00 PM):


(1:00 PM)Check out THE BLOG - http://www.dinarupdates.com/blog/ - for the latest Dinar News, Documents and Call banners

MrsBGG says to loop(1:01 PM):

Good afternoon :)

MrsBGG says to loop(1:01 PM):

Thank you for the News!!

MrsBGG says to _firefly_(1:01 PM):

Hey there! Great to see you :)

MrsBGG says to Doug_W(1:01 PM):

Good afternoon :)

loop says to MrsBGG(1:01 PM):


Doug_W says to MrsBGG(1:01 PM):

we accept $$ IQD € & £ LOL

_firefly_ says to MrsBGG(1:01 PM):

Good morning sweet lady :)

loop says to MrsBGG(1:01 PM):

You are very welcome.

loop says(1:05 PM):

Iraq's prime minister calls for strengthening measures to address the "security flaw" on the border with Syria after the elimination of the organization of the Islamic State


-alonadol BAGHDAD - The head of the Iraqi government, Haider al - Abadi, said Tuesday that his country 's border with Syria is witnessing a security flaw which requires the need to strengthen measures there after the elimination of "state regulation".

Iraq is linked to a common border with Syria , it has a length of 605 kilometers, stretching from Nineveh province (north of Iraq) until the Syrian city of Raqqa, passing through the crossing "Baaj."

Abadi 's remarks came at a press conference held at his residence in Baghdad, after a cabinet meeting under his chairmanship Weekly, in which he addressed the economic and security files.

Abadi said: "We have turned the former Iranian and Jordanian aviation participate in raids against terrorist Daesh in Iraq."

He explained that "Iraq has called for neighboring countries and the world to help him with arms and information about terrorists, and did not allow the participation of any forces outside the boundaries of the international coalition led by the United States."

The United States is leading an international military coalition of more than 60 countries, to fight al "state" in Iraq and Syria, by providing air support for ground troops.

Abadi pointed out that "there is a security flaw in the border areas between Iraq and Syria, it has become a safe passage for terrorists to enter the country."

He stressed the need to "take security and military measures on the border with Syria, but after the elimination of the terrorist organization."

He said that al-Abadi "Daesh failure in the use of car bombs in residential areas in Mosul," pointing to "the keenness of his government to re-minorities to their areas of the city and punish the perpetrators that shed their blood and Asthalt land and kidnapped their women."

Iraqi Prime Minister said that "the security forces committed to the protection of citizens in the province of Nineveh," pointing out that "what distinguishes the work force during this period is to fight in the cities, which represents a significant change in their ability to fight."

In the economic file, Iraqi Prime Minister revealed the "referral of the Council of Ministers of border crossings to the investment, as well as convert a number of military manufacturing companies dissolved by the Ministry of Defense to the Ministry of Industry."

It is noteworthy that the border crossings are currently affiliated to the Ministry of Finance and imposed on the entry of imported goods, and forwarded to invest means granted to the local private sector or international companies within the Iraqi government the terms of fees.

He also revealed Abadi for "reducing government expenditures in terms of goods and services increased by 90% in the 2017 budget, compared to the year 2013," referring to the Council of Ministers to discuss "the establishment of Maysan Oil Company."

The size of the budget in 2017 in Iraq's 100 trillion dinars, the equivalent of nearly US $ 80 billion, and a deficit of 30 trillion dinars (about US $ 20 billion), the adoption of the barrel price of $ 43 card and the amount of export 3.88 million barrels per day.

Iraq relies on oil revenue by up to about 95 per cent to cover the expenses of the state, which led to a financial deficit for two consecutive years and the use of domestic and foreign loans to cover them, because of the decline in oil prices to below $ 50 a barrel.

_firefly_ says(1:06 PM):

The last dollar exchange rates against the dinar morning ..

2016/11/15 | 10:50

(Encyclopedia of the Day News | Iraq News ) - Economy News , Baghdad.

Recorded foreign currency markets in Iraq, on Tuesday morning, a stable dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar.

And record the market price at the Baghdad Stock Exchange at 130,250 thousand dinars for one hundred dollars.

The buying and selling prices of the dollar in the banking companies were: Sell hundred dollars = 130.250 dinars purchase price of one hundred dollars = 130,000 Iraqi dinars In Arbil Stock Exchange market price record price at 130,300 thousand dinars for one hundred dollars.

The buying and selling prices of the dollar in the banking companies were: Sell hundred dollars = 130.300 dinars purchase price of one hundred dollars = 130.100 dinars mm price

futuremoney says to 1bobby(1:08 PM):

thats 1300 to 1 FF....

Doug_W says(1:08 PM):

prepare for a Digiman to enter

Doug_W says(1:09 PM):

Drum roll...............

diagyAAAE says(1:09 PM):

The reason the Rates flux is due to The USD. Not the IQD

Doug_W says(1:09 PM):

<<Holding my breath now

DIGIman1 says(1:10 PM):


Doug_W says(1:10 PM):

ta daaa

DIGIman1 says(1:10 PM):

i just bot a respirator for ya on ebay....

Doug_W says(1:11 PM):

are ya having it delivered here Digi?

DIGIman1 says(1:11 PM):


Doug_W says(1:11 PM):


(1:11 PM)Buttercup was kicked out by Buttercup!

Doug_W says(1:11 PM):

its a LONG breath hold to Toronto

DIGIman1 says(1:12 PM):

just over an hour i think

Doug_W says(1:12 PM):

times 24

Doug_W says(1:12 PM):

U 4got customs and immigration checks

DIGIman1 says(1:12 PM):

unless the masks fall from the overhead console, then its easier...

Doug_W says(1:12 PM):


loop says(1:12 PM):

Key Card" turn out to be a curse in the country "theft and monopoly" .. Zubai and this company deserves the "biggest bonus" (Details)

15-11-2016 08:06 PM Hits: 1142

Orbit News -

Smart card , or commonly referred to as abbreviated 'Ki - Card', was supposed to be the primary purpose of which is to facilitate banking transactions for citizens, and the reduction of financial corruption , especially with regard to those who earn more than a salary from the state, as well as to keep abreast of the latest development in the countries of the civilized world, all of this is good, but when this card into a 'curse' hinder the exchange salary, and be the cause of corruption, then it has to be reconsidered this project.

In all countries which use the electronic banking transactions through this type of card, you find many companies competing with each other to provide the best services to the citizens, and this process of competition imposed by governments presumably while opening the door to all the companies and from different nationalities.

But what happened in Iraq is very strange, with a monopoly on the smart card company and the name 'Baghdad Card' this kind of work without find her competition, not to the lack of this type of company and the world , but because the 'Baghdad Card' knew how to control the controllers the country and shut the door to competitors.

In 2007 , the company 'Baghdad Card' was founded with a three billion dinars money, having contracted with the Rafidain and Rasheed on the smart card adoption in staff and retired beneficiaries salaries of the two banks Exchange, according to documents and wrote an official about this contract, the company pledged to 'smart card offers 256 service to the beneficiary, and is setting up an ATM in front of all the branches of the two banks in Baghdad and the provinces. "

Records show that the Rafidain Bank accused the company after a period of direct work as 'reneged on the agreement with her, where the smart card does not offer only one service an exchange salary, also did not erect any ATMs', as well as accusations by the Integrity Commission b 'thefts, and the similarity of fingerprints, in a business card to card'.

In turn, the CBI stressed on several occasions that 'Baghdad Card Company is licensed by the bank, did not provide any rudiments for the purpose of obtaining a work permit in this area.'

This company started 'working without a license from the Central Bank of Iraq , ' which is the only party responsible for any activity that cash in Iraq, which is the only authorized the granting of work permits in this area, this makes us wonder how the company was able to acquire a field of monetary exchange in the country without a license ?.

His company Baha Abdul - Hussein al - Saadi, an Iraqi - Canadian dual nationality, but he runs the company of his brother Ibrahim Abdul - Hussein al - Saadi, Saadi was able B'arashaoy 'to monopolize the market on its own and in collaboration with Mir in the national retirement Authority Ahmed Khalil al - Saadi acquisition of 70% of retirees , where the latter was deliberately delaying disbursement of pensions' traditional 'in a timely manner, to'adf' retired to the adoption of smart card 'not to delay the salary schedule through it .'

The funds obtained by the company and continues to accrue are astronomical numbers . According to official reports, the number of beneficiaries of the company amounted to four million and 500 thousand beneficiaries of retired employees, and every beneficiary pays the amount of ten thousand dinars for issuing smart card, which means that the company earned 45 billion dinars So far , only issuing the card, as well as the amount of three thousand dinars Tsthsalh company for each paycheck is cashed, so they get a month to 13 billion and 500 million dinars from four and a half million beneficiaries ' salaries.

In addition , the company stipulated that every person who wishes to open a port for the smart card, upon deposit of five million dinars as collateral on behalf of the company, according to a source from within the company it currently has 5,000 branches, and therefore the company 's balance of insurance is 25 billion dinars banking interest rate of 4% a year , or one billion dinars.

Despite all this, see the chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee Talal Zobaie, that this company deserves 'biggest reward', so it was announced in a press statement that the 'advance ten million dinars launched by the Rafidain and Rasheed recently via smart card exclusively, to fight corruption in the granting of loans'.

loop says(1:13 PM):


loop says(1:14 PM):

Cabinet being minor amendments to the 2017 budget

15-11-2016 07:15 PM Hits: 1654

Orbit News -

, Announced Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said Tuesday that the Cabinet has made adjustments 'minor' on some of the legal provisions of the draft budget for fiscal 2017 Act and submit them to the House of Representatives.

loop says(1:14 PM):


1bobby says(1:14 PM):

That smartcard article was a headscratcher

loop says to 1bobby(1:15 PM):

Reads like an OP Ed and the writer is not a fan.

1bobby says to loop(1:16 PM):

One bureaucratic mess for sure

loop says to 1bobby(1:17 PM):

While I do agree that competition would bring done the cost. But this is Iraq if they had more companies their would be more chances for abuse.

loop says to 1bobby(1:17 PM):

down the cost..

loop says to 1bobby(1:18 PM):

Easier to audit a single entity and spot abuses. IMO

rcookie says(1:22 PM):


rcookie says to loop(1:24 PM):


loop says to rcookie(1:24 PM):

Not a fan of FOX. I stick to real news sources.

loop says(1:25 PM):

Iraq reserves drop to $ 43 billion due to corruption

Facebook Send Email More

economic Number of Views: 37 11/15/2016 16:48

Center Brief National / NNC- The Commission on the parliamentary economy and investment, on Tuesday, Iraq's reserves of hard currency drop to $ 43 billion as a result of the auction of the currency, noting that the need to stop the auction of the currency.

Said committee member Abdul-Salam al-Maliki in a press statement that Iraq's reserves of hard currency in the Central Bank fell to $ 43 billion, as a result of the continued depletion of Iraq's assets in an auction sale of the currency, noting that the central bank sells at auction a month nearly six billion dollars in return oil imports not up to that amount.

He added that the auction of the currency has become a window for corruption and money laundering by agreement between the state and civil banks and corrupt employees in the central, stressing that most of the money laundering operations and are bleached in the bank under political cover.

And between Maliki that the staff at the central bank deliberately Exchange volatile instruments and clips delay to international banks to deal with the Iraqi government, to keep money in the bank and turn it into a private transfer Bmtnfven companies in return for large commissions, pointing out that many of the international banks refrained from dealing with the Central Bank, because this case.

Maliki pointed to the need to stop the auction currency and waste of public money, because the continuation of the auction will lead to a reset of the Iraqi reserves, calling to determine a certain amount does not affect the Iraqi reserves are sold every day.

loop says(1:25 PM):


rcookie says to loop(1:28 PM):


loop says(1:31 PM):

We know that 2 weeks ago the CBI reported that the reserves were 47 billion dollars. Highly unlikely that they went down 4 billion since then.

rcookie says to loop(1:34 PM):


loop says(1:34 PM):

We also know that the auctions are being looked at very closely now by the investigators and systems are in place to catch the manipulators. SO this guy

loop says(1:34 PM):

is blowing smoke..

rcookie says to loop(1:35 PM):


rcookie says to loop(1:36 PM):

EXACTLY.......GREAT FIND AND POINT LOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

loop says(1:37 PM):

If the major players are saying one thing and other are saying something different. Who should you believe?

rcookie says to loop(1:37 PM):


_firefly_ says(1:38 PM):

Back in 2011?

rcookie says to loop(1:38 PM):


loop says(1:39 PM):

Just look at the last name of the person talking al-Mailki wonder if he know Nouri?

_firefly_ says(1:41 PM):

Low central bank sales of the dollar during the current year

2016/11/15 | 10:41

Economy News Baghdad , according to statistics of the Central Bank of Iraq, the sale of the bank more than $ 27 billion in the auction for the sale of foreign currency since thebeginning of the year 2016.

According to statistical According to the website of the bank that the quantity sold to banks from the date ofJanuary 2016 3rd to Sunday Nov. 13, amounted to 27 billion, 921 million, 177 thousand, and $ 867.

These sales recorded a significant decline for the same period last year, reaching 412,015 from the date until November 13 of the same year , 37 billion and 653 million and 615 thousand and $ 389, a decrease of about $ 10 billion.

And sells CBI, in a weekly auction except public holidays amounts of dollar often exceed the barrier of $ 100 million, to banks and money transfer companies.

The face of the bank, licensed banks and money transfer companies , broker for the sale and purchase of foreign currencies by reducing the quantities of all foreign selling of US dollar currency for those wishing to travel outside the country.

And select the bank to sell these entities amount to $ 3000 instead of five thousand dollars for citizens wishing to obtain a dollar to cover their expenses abroad.

loop says(1:48 PM):

Jubouri and the King of Jordan discuss ways of cooperation between Iraq and the Arab world


(Independent) .. Search House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, Tuesday, in the Jordanian capital Amman with King Abdullah II of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the most prominent political and security developments in the region, particularly the Iraq war being waged against terrorism in order to prevent its spread in the region.

They also discussed ways to coordinate cooperation between Iraq and its Arab environment to maintain the security of the Arab and regional area.

The head of the parliament that Iraq and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Nbarthma close ties always witnessing developments and large gears at all levels, especially since the two countries have many participants and the bonds of brotherhood and neighbors, and they were eager to strengthen and consolidate these relations a way that promotes stability and Ahakiq bilateral interests.

For his part, King Abdullah II affirmed that Iraq is a big country of significance in the whole region and the Kingdom of supportive fundamental him in his war against terrorism and in various fields. (End)


_firefly_ says(1:53 PM):

Iraq Stock Market Report

November 14, 2016 in Investment

Advertising Feature

Rabee Securities Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) market report (week ending: 10th Nov 2016).

Please click here to download a table of listed companies and their associated ticker codes.

The RSISX index ended the week at IQ913 (-1.2%) / $905 (-1.9%) (weekly change) (-16.2%and -21.0% YTD change, respectively). The number of week traded shares was 8.8bnand the weekly trading volume was IQD7.0bn ($5.4mn).

ISX Company Announcements

The ISC published the instructions of listing, depositing, and trading local (government) bonds on the ISX. The bonds will be traded through ISX brokers and the commissions will be minimum IQD1000 and maximum 0.003 (0.3%) of the bond value.

Credit Bank of Iraq (BROI) will hold AGM* on Nov. 24, 2016 to discuss and approve 2015 annual financial results. ISX will suspend trading of BROI starting on Nov. 21, 2016.

Bain Al-Nahrain Investment Bank (VMES) will resume trading on Nov. 13, 2016 after discussing and approving 2015 annual financial results.

Iraq Baghdad for General Transport (SBPT) resumed trading on Nov. 10, 2016 after discussing and approving 2015 annual financial results and deciding to distribute 80% cash dividend (IQD0.80 cash dividend, 6.0% dividend yield).

Elaf Islamic Bank (BELF) will hold AGM* on Nov. 14, 2016 to discuss and approve 2015 annual financial results. ISX suspended trading of BELF starting on Nov. 9, 2016.

Mosul Bank for Development and Investment (BMFI) will hold AGM* on Nov. 12, 2016 to discuss and approve 2015 annual financial results. ISX suspended trading of BMFI starting on Nov. 8, 2016. ISX also recorded a violation by BMFI for not notifying to ISX about the company AGM two weeks earlier.

Sumer Commercial Bank (BSUC) will hold AGM* on Nov. 13, 2016 to discuss and approve 2015 annual financial results. ISX suspended trading of BSUC starting on Nov. 8, 2016.

Two cross transactions occurred on 2bn shares of Iraqi Middle East Investment Bank (BIME) on Nov. 7 and Nov. 8, 2016, which represent 0.8% of BIME capital.

Baghdad for Packing Materials (IBPM) resumed trading on Nov. 7, 2016 after discussing and approving 2015 annual financial results.

Dar Es Salaam Bank for Investment (BDSI) replied the ISX that the bank’s decision to be delisted was depending on the request of the major shareholders. The bank and the shareholders withdrew their decision to be delisted from the ISX after considering the negative effects and violations according to the CBI instructions, and working with the ISX related with protecting shareholders’ rights. The bank is currently working on finalizing 2015 annual financial results which will be submitted soon.

A cross transaction occurred on 300mn shares of Bank of Baghdad (BBOB) on Nov. 6, 2016, which represents 0.12% of BBOB capital.

loop says(1:57 PM):

Interior: it was expelled Daesh than a third of the left side of Mosul

By Ziad al - Haidari 55 minutes ago

Interior: it was expelled Daesh than a third of the left side of Mosul

Interior: it was expelled Daesh than a third of the left side of Mosul

Roudao - Arbil ,

said a spokesman for the Iraqi Interior Ministry, said on Tuesday that Iraqi troops drove Islamist al Daesh than a third of the east side (left) of the city of Mosul (400 km north of Baghdad), after four weeks of the start of a major campaign to restore the city with the participation of thousands of troops Peshmerga forces and the army and federal police and air support from the international coalition forces led by the United States of America.

And it divides the Tigris River city of Mosul (Iraq's second city) along the east and another west (left and right).

Brigadier General Saad Maan told a news conference the military base Qayyarah (60 km south of Mosul), the main driving forces to participate in the liberation of the city process that fell into the hands of militants Daesh on the tenth of June last center of the second term of former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al - Maliki time, he It was edited more than a third of the eastern side of Mosul.

He added by saying, so far 955 terrorists from Daesh killed as troops arrested 108 of them on the southern front lines of the city alone.

Iraqi forces launched with the support of the international coalition led by the United States on October 17, a massive military operation to regain Mosul, involving a federal Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga forces , which in turn narrowing down on militants in three fronts.


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