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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Tuesday 11/15/16 - Part 3

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 3 - Featuring rcookie & BGG

1bobby says to larrykn(9:56 AM):

Ready, set....GO

larrykn says to 1bobby(9:57 AM):

gm bobby its all yours :)

(9:57 AM)larrycopier changed nickname to larrykn!

1bobby says to larrykn(9:57 AM):

Thanks for copying. Have a great rest of the day

larrykn says(9:58 AM):

you too my friend :)

clay says to 1bobby(9:58 AM):

hey Boby :)

1bobby says to clay(9:59 AM):

What's up Clay. Hope you're having a good week so far

clay says to 1bobby(9:59 AM):

I am thanks

clay says to 1bobby(9:59 AM):

hope you are as well

1bobby says to clay(9:59 AM):


clay says to 1bobby(10:00 AM):


(10:00 AM)mshale was kicked out by mshale!

1bobby says to clay(10:00 AM):

Oh yeah fuinally puttin my house back in order. Should be done 1qtr 2017 GEEEEEZ

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Doug_W says(10:04 AM):


Doug_W says(10:04 AM):

ooops caps loc

clay says to 1bobby(10:04 AM):

is that the hardwood floors

1bobby says(10:06 AM):

Yes sir. They finished up Thursday and like a dummy I told em I'd do the baseboards and other things to cut cost. Now I'm paying the price

Doug_W says(10:06 AM):

they get LOWER every year Eh Bobby?

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:07 AM):

Can't go much lower :)

Doug_W says(10:07 AM):

and harder to get up from

clay says to 1bobby(10:08 AM):

got ya

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:08 AM):

Gettin up is a whole nother issue. It takes me awhile. So once I'm down, I just slide on the new floors :)

Doug_W says(10:08 AM):

I understand that one too

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:09 AM):

My dog just looks at me and shakes his head

Doug_W says(10:09 AM):

mine wants to play when I get down

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:09 AM):


Doug_W says(10:09 AM):

but he is just a little dog 125#

Doug_W says(10:09 AM):

we call him "Ox"

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:10 AM):

I'd hate to see a big dog :)

Doug_W says(10:10 AM):

ya me TOO

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:10 AM):

Has there been any banners posted for tonights newstime?

Doug_W says(10:10 AM):

some of treh braver kids have asked if they can ride him

Doug_W says(10:10 AM):

IDK Bobby

1bobby says to Doug_W(10:11 AM):

ok thanks

1bobby says(10:11 AM):

Cabinet moves to defence industry companies and vote on the plan of the Ministry of electricity.

2016-11-15 18:44

[In Baghdad]

The Cabinet voted in regular meeting Tuesday chaired by Prime Minister Haider Abadi to unpack and transport firms to the Ministry of defence to the Ministry of industry and minerals.

Abbadi's Office said in a statement received all Iraq [where] a copy, he "took place during the voting session on the establishment of an oil company Qar after put back on the Cabinet, except the prerequisite for vehicle registration project and leaves the market in Baghdad and the provinces of Cabinet decision no [347]."

"As you see the message from the French President, Fran├žois hollande, addressed to Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi said Holland France's commitment to supporting Iraq and stand with him in his war against terror and ISIS bands tribute to Iraqi forces and their titles in the battles against terrorism and admiration and appreciation for the steps Abadi collect and unify Iraq which will serve as a model prepared for countries in the region."

And in the Council of Ministers "the border ports authority border projects by investing after the stalled projects, voice filtering to unlink and move public companies are State-owned companies [Yarmouk and Qadisiyah, Hittin and walkakaa tiller and Hammurabi] from the Ministry of defence and appended to the Ministry of industry in all of its subscribers and MO wedatha and transfer financial allocations to the Ministry of industry.

The statement noted that "in order to improve and expand the ports business was voting on the Land Transport Department titling erected three wharves near the port of Umm Qasr and to grant them land area needed for other piers projects."

"It was offering study targeting the poor to help the deserving poor and improve their lot through a systematic, scientific study and vote on the plan of the Ministry of electricity," pointing out that "the spirit of openness and transparency to Government, was voted to publish a draft fiscal budget after approval by the Cabinet."

1bobby says(10:11 AM):

That's what the Cabinet did today

Doug_W says(10:11 AM):

I have been on teh phone all AM reegarding extended warranties and a brokem trip part on the new portable dishwasher

Doug_W says(10:11 AM):


1bobby says to Doug_W(10:11 AM):

I don't envy you doing that

Doug_W says(10:12 AM):


seadreamer says(10:14 AM):

Just heard on Fox News estimated time to clear Mosul is 10 months

jfd says(10:16 AM):

I hope we are not waiting on Mosul for a RV.

1bobby says to seadreamer(10:16 AM):

All kinds of reports on that one huh. I guess we'll know when Abadi makes the announcement. I'm sure stability doesn't necessarily mean that Mosul is 100% clear of ISIS

seadreamer says to 1bobby(10:17 AM):

We hope so

1bobby says to seadreamer(10:17 AM):

Or as Hutch would say, "Whack a mole will be an ongoing process as far as ISIS is concerned"

Doug_W says(10:17 AM):

besides news outlets like to "over dramatize" it "sells papers"

seadreamer says to 1bobby(10:17 AM):


seadreamer says(10:18 AM):


Doug_W says(10:18 AM):

I am a "Lake dreamer"

1bobby says to seadreamer(10:18 AM):

I do like how they've been progressing :) Also now they are starting to secure those areas already liberated with a "Police Force" Something they hadn't done in previous liberations

seadreamer says to 1bobby(10:19 AM):

All positive

1bobby says to seadreamer(10:19 AM):

I agree

(10:20 AM)clay changed nickname to .VIP.clay!

clay says to 1bobby(10:20 AM):


clay says to seadreamer(10:20 AM):

GM :)

SRW says to 1bobby(10:21 AM):

Think about the wording of that Fox post. Mosul has been bombed to shreds. Liberation is close. The rebuilding of the second largest city in Iraq will take many months. IMO

Doug_W says(10:21 AM):

years SRW

clay says to SRW(10:25 AM):

I'm with you

1bobby says to SRW(10:25 AM):

Very good point

rcookie says to seadreamer(10:25 AM):


Doug_W says(10:26 AM):

1st they have to move heavy equipment in then demolish teh bombed out bldgs and only then can they re build

clay says to rcookie(10:26 AM):


(10:26 AM)jjj was kicked out by jjj!

BGG says to rcookie(10:27 AM):

Amen - RCookie... Amen

rcookie says to seadreamer(10:27 AM):


1bobby says to rcookie(10:28 AM):

I liked the part where Amnesty Intl was starting their **** over ISF being too hard on civilians and then the next day the UN came out and said how stellar the ISF and coalition forces were performing in reagrds to protecting civilian lives.

rcookie says to seadreamer(10:30 AM):


1bobby says(10:30 AM):

Just so I don't get booted.....**** wasn't a dirty word

seadreamer says to rcookie(10:31 AM):

I agree fully !

rcookie says to 1bobby(10:31 AM):


1bobby says(10:32 AM):

Because that headline don't sell lol

1bobby says(10:32 AM):

Doom and despair sells

rcookie says to 1bobby(10:33 AM):


seadreamer says to rcookie(10:33 AM):


1bobby says(10:33 AM):

That's why I prefer the Cartoon Network over mainstram meadia

rcookie says(10:34 AM):

MONTY PYTHON......"RUN AWAY...RUN AWAY"..............

rcookie says to 1bobby(10:34 AM):


rcookie says to 1bobby(10:35 AM):


1bobby says(10:35 AM):


rcookie says to 1bobby(10:36 AM):


BGG says to rcookie(10:36 AM):

Agreed - don't think any of the MSM can be trusted... AT ALL... (Fox included).

SRW says to rcookie(10:36 AM):

My take on media. Don't watch any of it. Yes Doom and Gloom sells. The truth doesn't. Show me a network that tells the truth. Please.. IMO

rcookie says to BGG(10:37 AM):


BGG says to rcookie(10:37 AM):

That may be the biggest revelatioof late - just how crooked ALL OF THE MEDIA is... CROOKED.

BGG says to rcookie(10:37 AM):


1bobby says(10:37 AM):

How about the COM moving the transport functions from Defense to Industry. I liked that one. I think too many times we focus on tunnel vision type issues. We need a bigger picture type thing. Looking forward to tonights Newstime

1bobby says(10:38 AM):

Throw the Port news in and todays a good day

BGG says(10:38 AM):


rcookie says to BGG(10:39 AM):


SRW says to 1bobby(Whisper message)(10:41 AM):

News will be great tonight. My question is: What's the drink for the night? :D({)(H)

1bobby says to SRW(Whisper message)(10:42 AM):

Bourbon and Chocolate milk. Yum Yum

SRW says to 1bobby(Whisper message)(10:44 AM):

I'll take the bourbon. You can have the chocolate milk.. I'm ready for a stiff drink and some good news. 8-|(H)

1bobby says to SRW(Whisper message)(10:45 AM):

Right there with ya!

Idaho says(10:55 AM):

Friend of mine said the networks and cable media and print spend over 4 Billion a month on keeping the folks confused....8-)

1bobby says(10:56 AM):

Baghdad scales news

The Premier said Haidar Abadi, Tuesday, the Cabinet discussed today, establishing an oil company Missan, among the Council did agree with the German company Siemens to reconsider the distribution of electricity.

Abadi said at a press conference held after the Cabinet meeting, vassal/balance of news/Cabinet, do the deal with Siemens to reconsider the distribution of electricity ", stating that" the Council has agreed to convert a number of military atsania companies belonging to the defunct Ministry of Defense to the Ministry of industry.

Abadi, said that "the Board discuss today establishing an oil company Missan." ......Just some more tidbits from the COM meet

1bobby says to Idaho(10:57 AM):

Seems to be working for a large portion of the population :)

Idaho says to 1bobby(11:00 AM):

hopefully that is about to change but it is going to take some work as the globists will not give up

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dinarmassa says(11:02 AM):

If the news would report more positive events in our society, instead of all the negatives, everything would tame down. It aggravates me to watch a news interview where the interviewer constantly dwells on the negatives vs. what the person intends to accomplich

1bobby says to dinarmassa(11:03 AM):

Ain't that the truth! There's tons of feel good news. Even out of Mousl there's ton's of feel good stories

1bobby says to dinarmassa(11:04 AM):

And also remember the Eastern part of Mosul has been declared liberated. Not bad for 5 or so weeks into that offensive

rcookie says(11:07 AM):


1bobby says(11:07 AM):

Low central bank sales of the dollar during the current year

Views 16 Date 15/11/2016 - 11:30

Economy News / Baghdad

According to statistics of the Central Bank of Iraq, the sale of the bank more than $ 27 billion in the auction for the sale of foreign currency since the beginning of this year 2016.

Statistical indicate According to the website of the bank that " the quantity sold to banks from the date of January 2016 3rd to Sunday Nov. 13, amounted to 27 billion, 921 million, 177 thousand, and $ 867."

These sales recorded a significant decline for the same period last year, reaching from the date of 04.01.2015 and up to November 13 of the same year , 37 billion and 653 million and 615 thousand and $ 389, a decrease of about $ 10 billion.

And sells CBI, in a weekly auction except public holidays amounts of dollar often exceed the barrier of $ 100 million, to banks and money transfer companies.

The face of the bank, licensed banks and money transfer companies , broker for the sale and purchase of foreign currencies by reducing the quantities of all foreign selling of US dollar currency for those wishing to travel outside the country.

And select the bank to these entities , " the amount of $ 3000 sale instead of five thousand dollars for citizens wishing to obtain a dollar to cover their expenses abroad."

1bobby says(11:08 AM):

"Significant decline" for the same period last year :)

1bobby says(11:11 AM):

Association of Banks participating in the forum banking for the Middle East in 2016

Views 16 Date 15/11/2016 - 10:25

Economy News / special ...

The executive director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Tariq Ali, said the conference, titled (developing banking experience for customers) shed light on the topic of reducing risk by global banks and its repercussions on the local and regional banks.

Tariq said in an interview for "Economy News" that "the Conference (OIC) included extensive discussion of the reality of the banking sector, as well as many episodes and diverse job interviews and discussion session with the participation of senior bankers in the Middle East."

And between Tariq, "The conference also aims to explore the effects and repercussions of actions and measures to reduce risk, which involves restricting international regulators relations correspondent banks with banks or local exchange companies, in order to protect banks from unexpected risks (such as money laundering or terrorist financing) in the number of From Markets and countries. "

1bobby says(11:12 AM):

Not sure how many articles have been brought into chat, I'm just bored and like to read :)

(11:16 AM)woodywoodpecker was kicked out by woodywoodpecker!

Doug_W says(11:17 AM):

those cheap limbs Woody.......

1bobby says(11:18 AM):

Woody needs a good Texas Oak tree to hang out in

SRW says to 1bobby(11:18 AM):

Thanks.. Always great to read articles with fact. It's looking better everyday. Thanks for copying and the news you bring in. (y)

(11:18 AM)plowboy was kicked out by plowboy!

1bobby says to SRW(11:18 AM):

You betcha! The banking news is crazy good

SRW says to Doug_W(11:22 AM):

Sent Woody a net the other day. He replied: Can't decide which tree to put it under. Poor Woody, he's hit the ground one to many times. :D(H)

Doug_W says(11:22 AM):

ya I know

Doug_W says(11:22 AM):

break his beak

woodywoodpecker says(11:23 AM):

lol doug thats a nice way tosay it lol

woodywoodpecker says(11:25 AM):

i realli dont fall its rhat i am at my desk and then get upto do something and my puter closes me

Doug_W says(11:30 AM):

ya ya I've heard that B4 2 :P

SRW says to woodywoodpecker(11:30 AM):

So, now your saying that you don't fall out of trees. You just let the computer close on you? Both have to hurt.. :D

Doug_W says(11:31 AM):

brb gotta buy an extended warranty on our dishwasher

woodywoodpecker says(11:31 AM):


1bobby says(11:40 AM):

Australian Firm wins work on $80m Basra Project

November 15, 2016

Iraq’s Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works (MMPW) has reportedly appointed Australia-based Protechnique as the main contractor for the $80-million Basra Water Pumping Station, P2R.

According to a report from Construction Week Online, it will provide engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services for the project’s transmission reservoir and transmission pump station; chlorine building; blending chambers; electrical substation; generator building; in-plant and yard pipes, valve chambers, and flow meter chambers; watch towers; onsite roads; guard houses; and ancillary facilities.

The company was selected ahead of Toyota, Al Ghanem Construction, Arab Contractors, and Terna SA.

The development is being funded by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) as part of Package 2 of the Basra Water Supply Improvement Project (BWSIP).

Work will start next month, and the company expects to complete its scope of works by December 2018.

(Source: Construction Week Online)

1bobby says(11:51 AM):

How can a Tech Sector Contribute to Iraq’s Economy?

1bobby says(11:52 AM):

Tech has grown in prominence as a key sector in global economic health. It is now commonly accepted that an economy in which entrepreneurs have the freedom and resources to create and innovate tend to perform much more robustly.

Intriguingly, one study on the effect of tech on a country’s economy has said that there is a much greater positive spillover effect than has been widely thought1.

The world has entered the new dawn of the technology era. Sure, we’ve had major waves of technological advances since the start of the Industrial Revolution in the late 18th century4. But nothing like this.

Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Robotics and Automation are set to disrupt the entire world, with virtually every major sector already recently disrupted by technological innovation.

It is a safe bet to assume that global tech is set to grow exponentially. The bottom line is that tech has already demonstrated its crucial importance to economic health, which is only set to increase.

What this means is that more than ever, tech entrepreneurs will be needed in this new tech-driven world to power economic growth.

Tech entrepreneurship in Iraq: Breaking the country’s dependence on oil

The oil sector has not been reliable since 2014, with prices fluctuating wildly. So long core for the Iraqi economy, the country can no longer depend exclusively on the fuel. What has occurred in global oil markets in the last few years is a warning that Iraq must pay attention to.

Iraq is so dependent on the fuel that the government, recently asked for the country to be exempt from the OPEC production cut agreement5, as it is desperate to produce as many barrels of oil as it can.

Tech entrepreneurship can break this dependence and help the economy to grow in ways that the oil sector, crucial as it has been for Iraq for so long, can never achieve.

How have other countries benefited from a booming tech sector?

In the U.S, the tech sector accounts for 7% of GDP and employs almost 7 million people2. In the UK, tech accounts for 8% of British GDP3. In these countries and indeed around the globe it is set to grow further, both in developed and developing economies.

1bobby says(11:52 AM):

Hope that makes sense. I think I lost some of it

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