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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Wednesday 11/2/16 - Part 3

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 3 - Featuring BGG & wmawhite

Okie Dinar says to subgirl(1:09 PM):

Thank you :)

subgirl says to Okie Dinar(1:09 PM):

your very welcome :)

subgirl says(1:12 PM):


Ame9632557644 says(1:30 PM):

WB Subby

subgirl says to Ame9632557644(1:34 PM):


Ame9632557644 says(1:34 PM):


Ame9632557644 says(1:35 PM):

OMG lol

larrykn says(1:39 PM):

hi subby hows it going today

Ame9632557644 says(1:40 PM):

she just got kissed y a troll....let her recover a wile Larry

larrykn says to Ame9632557644(1:41 PM):

are you causing trouble again :D

Ame9632557644 says(1:41 PM):


Ame9632557644 says(1:41 PM):

HA lol

larrykn says to Ame9632557644(1:41 PM):

ok,,, as usual

Ame9632557644 says(1:41 PM):

yes I am thank you

larrykn says to Ame9632557644(1:42 PM):

good :)

Ame9632557644 says(1:42 PM):

I finally got my light bar fixed

Ame9632557644 says(1:42 PM):

or replaced I should say

larrykn says to Ame9632557644(1:42 PM):

so is it miller time now

Ame9632557644 says(1:43 PM):

I no longer practice my Alcoholism I mastered that feat

Ame9632557644 says(1:43 PM):

now I am a proud sober drunk

larrykn says to Ame9632557644(1:43 PM):

yes I know what you mean

subgirl says to Ame9632557644(1:45 PM):

:-*awwee thank you lol was chatting with hubby on the phone lol

Ame9632557644 says(1:45 PM):

quick Larry throw some mud on that

subgirl says to larrykn(1:45 PM):

hey there larry! going good lol

subgirl says to Ame9632557644(1:46 PM):


larrykn says to subgirl(1:46 PM):

hi subby :)

david334 says to subgirl(1:46 PM):

Hi Subby do you know if there is a chat call tonight? The Posting appeared to have lines through it. Thanks

subgirl says to Ame9632557644(1:46 PM):

how are you?

subgirl says to larrykn(1:47 PM):

lol and how are you larry??

Ame9632557644 says(1:47 PM):


Ame9632557644 says(1:47 PM):

well U get the idea

subgirl says to Ame9632557644(1:47 PM):

yep i do lol

larrykn says to david334(1:47 PM):

if I read it right it said BGG will have a click and listen call tonight

Ame9632557644 says(1:47 PM):

5 more days but WHO is counting

david334 says to larrykn(1:48 PM):

Thanks Larry same time 7:30 EST?

larrykn says to david334(1:48 PM):

I though it said 8pm cst

david334 says to larrykn(1:49 PM):

Thanks a 9pmer appreciate it. (y)

larrykn says to david334(1:49 PM):

yw :)

BGG says(2:00 PM):



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(2:10 PM)popeye7 was kicked out by popeye7!

ol lar says(2:13 PM):

Rudaw English (@RudawEnglish)

11/2/16, 12:38 PM

CafĂ© reopens for the first time since #ISIS militants were ousted in Faziliye village — smoking allowed and playing cards. #MosulOffensive pic.twitter.com/JVephlVxPG


ol lar says(2:14 PM):

Parliament Speaker: eager to enact legislation that will revive the private sector

November 2, 2016 Walter

Baghdad …

The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, the keenness of Parliament to enact legislation that will revive the private sector.

A statement by the Office of the Speaker of Parliament, “Economy News” got a copy of it, that al-Jubouri, “received his official office, on Wednesday, a delegation of directors and representatives of a number of Iraqi civil companies, During the meeting, they reviewed the reality of the private sector and ways to promote it through the creation of laws to support this sector. “

He said al-Jubouri, according to the statement, “The House of Representatives is keen to enact all the legislation that would revitalize the private sector, so as to promote the advancement of the Iraqi economic situation.”

For their part, members of the delegation eighth President of the Parliament’s efforts and interest in supporting the private companies, which is a major tributary and important in the development of economy in the country.


(3:01 PM)Check out THE BLOG - http://www.dinarupdates.com/blog/ - for the latest Dinar News, Documents and Call banners

Ame9632557644 says(3:03 PM):


clay says(3:04 PM):


Ame9632557644 says(3:05 PM):


clay says(3:05 PM):


Ame9632557644 says(3:05 PM):

U win lol

clay says(3:05 PM):


clay says(3:05 PM):

hey bud

Ame9632557644 says(3:05 PM):

hiya pal

Ame9632557644 says(3:05 PM):

feeling any better Clay?

clay says(3:06 PM):

alittle thanks

clay says(3:06 PM):

got this in skype

clay says(3:06 PM):

(IraqiNews.com) Nineveh – Iraqi security forces shot down a drone belonging to the Islamic State extremist group, east of Mosul, Al Sumaria News reported on Wednesday.

Al Sumaria News stated, “Anti-aircraft weapons of Iraqi army and Anti-Terrorism forces managed, today, to shoot down a drone belonging to the Islamic State group in Kokjli neighborhood, east of the city of Mosul.”

“The drone was carrying large quantity of explosives, and was used by the ISIS when losing battles,” Al Sumaria News added.

Earlier today, Federal Police Chief, Raed Shaker Jawdat, announced, that his forces liberated 12 villages on the outskirts of Hamam al-Alil.

clay says(3:06 PM):

where did they get a drone

Ame9632557644 says(3:07 PM):

off ebay

clay says(3:07 PM):


Ame9632557644 says(3:07 PM):

IDK clay

clay says(3:08 PM):

you would think our military would know

clay says(3:08 PM):

or CIA

Ame9632557644 says(3:08 PM):

thats a tall order

clay says(3:09 PM):

our intelligence suks

Ame9632557644 says(3:09 PM):

remember Obummer has cut all those budgets

clay says(3:09 PM):


Ame9632557644 says(3:09 PM):

de drathyer give it to...never mind no politics I promised

Ame9632557644 says(3:09 PM):


clay says(3:10 PM):


Ame9632557644 says(3:10 PM):

Clay I am scared like I have never been in my life!!

clay says(3:11 PM):

same here

clay says(3:12 PM):

especially for my kids and grandkids

Ame9632557644 says(3:12 PM):

4 them too

clay says(3:13 PM):


david12 says(3:43 PM):

Anything on the investment law??

clay says to david12(3:44 PM):

havent seen

clay says to david12(3:44 PM):


(3:44 PM)DIGIman1 changed nickname to .MOD.DIGIman1!

subgirl says to DIGIman1(3:45 PM):

hey digi :) you made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol GA

josh says to clay(3:46 PM):

is this the same person as VIP Clay? i wonder if the investment and banking laws wont be like the amnesty law was were we loose sight of it and them boom, it is passed.

DIGIman1 says to subgirl(3:46 PM):

i did? yaaaaayyy!!!!!

subgirl says to DIGIman1(3:47 PM):


subgirl says to DIGIman1(3:47 PM):

you did!! lol

subgirl says to DIGIman1(3:47 PM):


DIGIman1 says to subgirl(3:47 PM):

i'll trust ya on that one :D

DIGIman1 says to subgirl(3:47 PM):

if you say so :D

subgirl says to DIGIman1(3:48 PM):

lol (lol) lol

Ame9632557644 says(3:51 PM):

hiya my friend

Ame9632557644 says(3:51 PM):

welcome back home

DIGIman1 says to Ame9632557644(3:51 PM):

:) tyvm

DIGIman1 says to Ame9632557644(3:51 PM):

is it friday yet?

Ame9632557644 says(3:51 PM):

2 more days

DIGIman1 says to Ame9632557644(3:51 PM):

can we retire?

Ame9632557644 says(3:51 PM):

ask HER ^

DIGIman1 says to Ame9632557644(3:52 PM):

i did....she said to go watch paint dry....

Ame9632557644 says(3:52 PM):

I called JG Wentworth

Ame9632557644 says(3:52 PM):

they told me to take a LONG walk off a short pier

DIGIman1 says to Ame9632557644(3:52 PM):

hope you didint pay for that....

Ame9632557644 says(3:52 PM):


DIGIman1 says to Ame9632557644(3:53 PM):

good...tell them they need to build the pier....

Ame9632557644 says(3:53 PM):

aand provide teh bait N poles too

Ame9632557644 says(3:53 PM):


DIGIman1 says to Ame9632557644(3:54 PM):

yup.... rent it all

Ame9632557644 says(3:54 PM):

I thot of U 2day...I saw a water wheel powered generator on Utube

DIGIman1 says to Ame9632557644(3:54 PM):

wasnt mine.....honest....

Ame9632557644 says(3:55 PM):

I know I looked 2 C lol

DIGIman1 says to Ame9632557644(3:55 PM):


Ame9632557644 says(3:55 PM):

my "Mad Scientist"

DIGIman1 says to Ame9632557644(3:55 PM):

no packages today :(

Ame9632557644 says(3:55 PM):

ya I know I got teh "MAD" part right

DIGIman1 says to Ame9632557644(3:56 PM):

i'm 'exhuberantly challenged'.....

Ame9632557644 says(3:56 PM):

me too pal me too

Ame9632557644 says(3:57 PM):

when U gonna jump in ur Leer and come back down?

clay says to josh(3:57 PM):

what lol

DIGIman1 says to Ame9632557644(3:57 PM):

soon as they get the fur sink and electric dog polisher installed...

(3:58 PM)clay changed nickname to .VIP.clay!

Ame9632557644 says(3:58 PM):

I thot U did that last Month?

clay says to DIGIman1(3:58 PM):

hey buddy

clay says to DIGIman1(3:58 PM):


DIGIman1 says to clay(3:58 PM):

hiya clay :)

speedracer says(3:59 PM):

Go Cubs Go !!!!!!!!!!!!

clay says to speedracer(3:59 PM):


clay says to speedracer(3:59 PM):

gonna be some game

clay says to speedracer(3:59 PM):

4 sure

speedracer says(4:00 PM):

Yes it is!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!

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Ame9632557644 says to subgirl(4:04 PM):

is it 2morrow YET?

subgirl says to Ame9632557644(4:04 PM):


subgirl says to Ame9632557644(4:04 PM):

nope not yet!! ask me tomorrow lol

Ame9632557644 says(4:05 PM):

when IS tomorrow anyhow?

soonrv says(4:07 PM):

2017 needs to be the RV year

DIGIman1 says to soonrv(4:07 PM):

totally agreed....

Ame9632557644 says to soonrv(4:08 PM):

NOW wold work too

subgirl says to soonrv(4:08 PM):

what's wrong with 2016?

clay says to soonrv(4:08 PM):

it sure does

clay says to soonrv(4:08 PM):

hopefully sooner

soonrv says to subgirl(4:08 PM):

have you not followed what BGG has said

subgirl says to soonrv(4:09 PM):

umm.... yes and apparently you are not!!!

Ame9632557644 says(4:09 PM):


soonrv says(4:09 PM):

BGG: .. I fully expect them to codify the "functional HCL" in the 2017 budget as they hav

soonrv says to subgirl(4:10 PM):

I say nothing rude, yet you are, excuse me but why

subgirl says to soonrv(4:10 PM):

and we are in the understanding that it could happen at any time until 2017 per Mr White from last night's call...

soonrv says to subgirl(4:10 PM):

ok, but there no need to be rude, i wasnt

soonrv says to subgirl(4:11 PM):

I thought this was a professional, adult room

subgirl says to soonrv(4:11 PM):

I dont think this was rude but this is rude!!!

(4:11 PM)soonrv was kicked out by subgirlcopy!

BGG says(4:15 PM):

Soonrv - it's up to all of us to make it a "professional, adult" room... rather than insist others react in just the right way to us.

Ame9632557644 says(4:18 PM):

its supper time here now BLT 4 Di tomato sand 4 me

Ame9632557644 says(4:18 PM):

bbl All

subgirl says to Ame9632557644(4:18 PM):

cya :)

wickedwitch1 says(4:24 PM):

Is the call tonight a Q & A or a recorded call?

subgirl says to wickedwitch1(4:24 PM):

click and listen so recorded...

Ame9632557644 says(4:25 PM):

all set to just put them together when she gets home

wickedwitch1 says(4:25 PM):


clay says(4:25 PM):

later all heading home have a great night ! :)

subgirl says to wickedwitch1(4:25 PM):


subgirl says to clay(4:25 PM):

cya later clay!!

Ame9632557644 says(4:26 PM):

be well Clay

(4:26 PM)Pablo was kicked out by Pablo!

jetset says(4:26 PM):


jetset says(4:27 PM):

Any Second Now!

jetset says(4:27 PM):


Ame9632557644 says(4:28 PM):

what is that Jet?

jetset says(4:29 PM):

[4:10 PM] subgirlcopy soonrv: and we are in the understanding that it could happen at any time until 2017 per Mr White from last night's call...

Ame9632557644 says(4:30 PM):

right ASN 4 sure

Ame9632557644 says(4:30 PM):

ok Subby its been any second........

subgirl says to Ame9632557644(4:31 PM):

anytime now!!! :)

Ame9632557644 says(4:31 PM):


Ame9632557644 says(4:31 PM):

Di is home I will leave now

Ame9632557644 says(4:31 PM):

bbl tho

subgirl says to Ame9632557644(4:31 PM):

cya later :)

futuremoney says(4:32 PM):

c'mon Subby !!! Hit that button!!!!!!!!!!

subgirl says to futuremoney(4:33 PM):

which button do you want me to push???? lol :D

DIGIman1 says to futuremoney(4:33 PM):

be careful! she's in a mood! lol

jetset says to subgirl(4:34 PM):

Good Afternoon!

subgirl says to jetset(4:34 PM):

GA :)

eman4u55 says(4:34 PM):

? so the call is 9 pm est

futuremoney says(4:34 PM):

LOL... you know that she is the guardian of the "button" , right?? LOL

subgirl says to eman4u55(4:34 PM):

it is a click and listen call and is recorded...

subgirl says to futuremoney(4:35 PM):

you mean the kick button? lol

futuremoney says to subgirl(4:35 PM):


subgirl says to futuremoney(4:35 PM):

I am on a roll so becareful lol

eman4u55 says(4:35 PM):

:D is that recorded cpt or est :D

subgirl says to eman4u55(4:36 PM):

actually it did not say??? :)

eman4u55 says(4:36 PM):


subgirl says to eman4u55(4:36 PM):

BGG & Guest will do a SPECIAL CALL tonite instead – 8PM “Click-N-Listen”

subgirl says to eman4u55(4:37 PM):

(F)(L) THANK YOU!!!! :)

eman4u55 says to subgirl(4:37 PM):


subgirl says to eman4u55(4:37 PM):


eman4u55 says(4:38 PM):


subgirl says(4:38 PM):

ok :) eman

(4:41 PM)savannah was kicked out by savannah!

(4:43 PM)savannah was kicked out by savannah!

jetset says to DIGIman1(4:45 PM):

watch out! she is very proficient with a drill! :D

(5:01 PM)Check out the "Current Iraq NEWS" Thread in the Forum - http://www.dinarupdates.com/forumdis...rent-Iraq-NEWS - All News - ALL DAY LONG!!

(5:06 PM)seadreamer was kicked out by seadreamer!

RickeyT says to subgirl(5:06 PM):

I have to go to church, will it be recorded?

subgirl says to RickeyT(5:06 PM):

yep it is recorded.. :) it is a click and listen...

RickeyT says to subgirl(5:07 PM):

Thank you.

subgirl says to RickeyT(5:07 PM):


festool says(5:12 PM):

Who do i talk to because I'm not receiving emails and it says i am registered

festool says(5:14 PM):

thank you

subgirl says to festool(5:14 PM):

yw :)

Elane says(5:18 PM):

Festool.... I have the same issue...

wmawhite says to subgirl(5:38 PM):

8 pm......Eastern, Central, mountain or Pacific?

david12 says(5:40 PM):


(5:44 PM)Dinar Dave was kicked out by Dinar Dave!

savannah says(5:49 PM):


subgirl says(5:49 PM):

sorry mr white... was eating supper but think it is 8pm CST but not sure??

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