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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Tuesday 11/22/16 - Part 3

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 3 - Featuring rcookie

(11:03 AM)THE OBSERVER - http://www.dinarupdates.com/observer/ - Save as a favorite... for Daily Dinar Commentary, Notices and Call banners!!

1bobby says to Movack(11:04 AM):

did you add the _ underscore btwn bobby and cahill?

Movack says(11:04 AM):

I can send it again and make sure

1bobby says to Movack(11:05 AM):

thank ya

Movack says(11:07 AM):

ah double dotted the ..com

Movack says(11:10 AM):

let me know

(11:10 AM)Pablo was kicked out by Pablo!

Doug_W says(11:10 AM):

last nights CC

Doug_W says(11:10 AM):


1bobby says to Movack(11:14 AM):

Just got it. Cool stuff. Does look like raised #'s THANKS!

Movack says(11:14 AM):


baxter says(11:15 AM):

Mosul must be slowing down... just showed it on the Noon News..

1bobby says to baxter(11:16 AM):

what's it saying?

baxter says(11:17 AM):

said that Iraq troops are still on the outskirts... heavy fighting

1bobby says to baxter(11:17 AM):


baxter says(11:18 AM):

I havent seen many articles on it lately....

baxter says(11:18 AM):

which isnt good

1bobby says to baxter(11:19 AM):

This is something from Eye on Mosul. BBC listed it as one of the most accurate in regards to what's taking place. Lemme grab it. It was from the 21st but gives some insight

baxter says(11:19 AM):

Ok.. thx

1bobby says to baxter(11:20 AM):

Mosul Eye

War Media cell

Operational situation process #coming _, _ Nineveh for Monday, 21 November 2016 as follows;

1. Axis of southwest to cut federal police sectors continue inspections and clearing buildings and roads of ieds.

2. Eastern axis piece of ninth st armoured division and third brigade first squad was able to get into the left coast and incursions into victory and new life Mufti and peace and younis sabawi, Palestine and ongoing clearing roads and buildings of the regions.

3. Axis of zab cut ninth armored division and the leadership of Nineveh operations free zone phalanx and securing water project phalanx and editing humera village and liberate the village communities through new embryos to Mosul and kirkuk - managed to open the way towards the path hamdania Mosul - Kirkuk and cleared the way cooper - hamdania junction.

4. Eastern Axis Forces Counter-terrorism apparatus. I managed to get into the left coast to the city and incursion in the area and to continue the process of clearing the pristine areas and gold and green and qadisiyah first and liberalization and loyalty and ongoing sectors. Edited a number of buildings Green.

The Northern Axis 5. Piece Band of 16 continue cleansing operations in the liberated areas and was able to liberate the village and the village of peace a trouble desolation and village abbasiyah North Coast Cairo life easier.

6. West Axis, the popular crowd, continuing the process of purging tal afar airport and was able to cleanse the entire airport and cut roads leading from spending tal afar towards the airport, as well as the continuation of the engineering effort and caught the road from the intersection of urban to the intersection of the runner. Interrupting a runner to tal afar airport.

7. displaced position until the sixth hour "era" of this day.

Alporolos Entry Camp 8 family at a rate of 42 people and leaving 156 family at a rate of 801 individual

Lkhạzr camp

115 family entry rate of 689 individual

Haji Ali entering schools don't switch

And leave with 13

Well camp does not alter shami

Current total

6737 family at a rate of 35702 individual

"Operations Commander coming, Nineveh"

Doug_W says to baxter(11:20 AM):

another cold AM

1bobby says to baxter(11:20 AM):

If they post an updated one, I'll bring it in and let ya know

Doug_W says to baxter(11:20 AM):

74 here now tho

baxter says(11:21 AM):

Ok.. thx...

baxter says(11:21 AM):

Doug... I think it hit about 48 here this morning...not as cold as yesterday

Doug_W says to baxter(11:21 AM):

I had 34 again

Doug_W says to baxter(11:21 AM):

I am in a cold pocket

baxter says(11:22 AM):

OH... it wasnt that cold here... it only got to 43 the night before

Doug_W says to baxter(11:22 AM):

I am in a huge "bowl" drainage area for Lake Marion and I am teh hight spot in it

Doug_W says to baxter(11:23 AM):

warmer in Summer and colder in Winter

baxter says(11:23 AM):

its been pure sunshine here... we need rain bad..

Doug_W says to baxter(11:23 AM):

here too

Doug_W says to baxter(11:23 AM):

Wed next week maybe?

baxter says(11:23 AM):

I doubt it... says 20%

Doug_W says to baxter(11:23 AM):

give it time to "ramp up" lol

baxter says(11:24 AM):


Doug_W says(11:24 AM):

ok back to Fox 13 noon news

baxter says(11:24 AM):

see ya

Doug_W says(11:24 AM):

yup bbl

(11:35 AM)kalis was kicked out by kalis!

1bobby says(11:45 AM):

OPEC experts meeting on production talks making progress

Views 23 Date 22/11/2016 - 16:15

Economy News / Continue ...

According to sources, OPEC, the Organization experts have made some progress on the first day of the two-day meeting in order to agree on a plan to cut oil production details and some expressed optimism opportunities to conclude a final agreement.

The second meeting began with a high-level Committee at 0930 GMT. Commission technical body composed of representatives of the governors of OPEC nations who who report to the minister.

Delegates appeared after about eight hours of talks at OPEC headquarters in Vienna with the testimony of some optimistic statements to reporters. The meeting will resume at 0900 GMT on Tuesday.

Said Mohammad Aoun OPEC delegate Libya. "" We are holding discussions. There are no differences between us. "Asked whether Monday's move may well said," Yes. "

The latest OPEC delegates have said that "there is some progress." And a third said he was optimistic that OPEC will reach a final agreement when oil ministers of the four countries ten members meet in Vienna on November 30.

Fourth source said that there were "some concerns" from Iran but the discussions ongoing and expressed confidence in the conclusion of an agreement on 30 November.

The main topic before the committee is how to share the agreement concluded by the organization in September to the first cut production since 2008, which proposed that reduce the production to between 32.5 and 33 million barrels per day to support prices.

Aoun said that the Commission did not settle down after a list of ceilings for individual production.

1bobby says(11:45 AM):

Thanks MadScout

1bobby says to sheila3(11:54 AM):

Hey. They told me you wouldn't be here till 1

1bobby says to sheila3(11:55 AM):

oops forgot that whisper thingy again

sheila3 says to 1bobby(11:55 AM):


Doug_W says(11:55 AM):

hiya 3

1bobby says to sheila3(11:55 AM):

so what time you need to get out of here

sheila3 says to 1bobby(11:55 AM):

subby asked me if i could be in at 12 cst ({)

1bobby says to sheila3(11:56 AM):

Thank goodness we're not planning the Mosul Offensive. I was told 2 different times lol

sheila3 says to 1bobby(Whisper message)(11:56 AM):

iam good till 3.30 cst then need to take off

sheila3 says to 1bobby(11:56 AM):


sheila3 says to 1bobby(11:57 AM):

i told suby lastnight 12 cst lol

sheila3 says to 1bobby(11:57 AM):


1bobby says to sheila3(11:57 AM):

Ok make ya a deal. Since you came in early for me, I'll try (should) be back here at 3cst and get ya outta here. Deal?

sheila3 says to 1bobby(11:58 AM):

ok deal thanks (F):)

1bobby says to sheila3(11:58 AM):


Doug_W says(11:58 AM):

I say again Hiya 3

sheila3 says to Doug_W(11:58 AM):

hiya doug :)

Doug_W says(11:59 AM):


sheila3 says to Doug_W(11:59 AM):

how are you :)

Doug_W says(11:59 AM):

top shelf thenks U?

Doug_W says(12:00 PM):


sheila3 says to Doug_W(12:00 PM):

not badthanks

sheila3 says to Doug_W(12:00 PM):


sheila3 says to Doug_W(12:00 PM):

dumb space bar lol

Doug_W says(12:00 PM):

will U PLEASE push that darn button 3

sheila3 says to Doug_W(12:01 PM):

i wish i could ugh

Doug_W says(12:01 PM):

we all do

sheila3 says to Doug_W(12:01 PM):


sheila3 says to 1bobby(12:02 PM):

thank you for copying :)

Doug_W says(12:02 PM):

ya Bobby change ur name already

Doug_W says(12:03 PM):

I am SO mean lol

sheila3 says to Doug_W(12:03 PM):


(12:03 PM)Be sure to join the Dinar Updates “private” FaceBook Group… https://www.facebook.com/groups/571383766355188/ (go here and ask to join… then add some Dinar Friends!!)

sheila3 says to Doug_W(12:03 PM):

not youlol

Doug_W says(12:03 PM):

the original hive kicker

1bobby says to sheila3(12:03 PM):

Doug's my keeper lol

1bobby says to sheila3(12:04 PM):

See ya at 3cst

sheila3 says to Doug_W(12:04 PM):

my space doesnt want to work today,lol

Doug_W says(12:04 PM):

WHO's mine then Bobby?

(12:04 PM)1bobbycopy changed nickname to 1bobby!

Doug_W says(12:04 PM):

goood boy Bobby

sheila3 says to 1bobby(12:04 PM):

ok,thanks :)

1bobby says to Doug_W(12:04 PM):

No one could ever handle that job! You're on your own

Doug_W says(12:04 PM):


sheila3 says to 1bobby(12:04 PM):


1bobby says(12:05 PM):

Have a great day everyone C ya at 3cst

Doug_W says(12:05 PM):

tyhat is one of teh smartesdt answers I have heard in a LONG time

sheila3 says(12:05 PM):

that was fast lol

Doug_W says(12:06 PM):

ok 3 I will bbl myself

Doug_W says(12:06 PM):

gettingt stiff

sheila3 says to Doug_W(12:07 PM):

ok take care :)

(12:09 PM)george was kicked out by george!

(12:14 PM)jackflash101st was kicked out by jackflash101st!

(12:34 PM)garygs415 was kicked out by garygs415!

sheila3 says(12:37 PM):


MrsBGG says to sheila3(12:42 PM):

Hey sweet lady (L)

MrsBGG says to sheila3(12:42 PM):

Great to see you here!!

MrsBGG says to sheila3(12:42 PM):


MrsBGG says to sheila3(12:43 PM):

How are you?

sheila3 says to MrsBGG(12:44 PM):

hey,great to see you (L)

sheila3 says to MrsBGG(12:44 PM):

doing good,thanks,and you :)

MrsBGG says(12:45 PM):

Great to hear! We are blessed thank you for asking :)

MrsBGG says(12:45 PM):

Are you cooking for Thanksgiving?

sheila3 says to MrsBGG(12:45 PM):

yes maam,you?

MrsBGG says(12:46 PM):

going to bring some dishes :) going to make a low-carb cheesecake :)

sheila3 says to MrsBGG(12:47 PM):

never tried that :)

MrsBGG says(12:48 PM):

have tried a few, but going to try a new recipe :)

sheila3 says to MrsBGG(12:49 PM):

thats great,i like to try new recipes

MrsBGG says to sheila3(12:49 PM):


MrsBGG says to sheila3(12:50 PM):

will bbiab, it was great chatting with you sweetie (L) so happy you're back!!

sheila3 says to MrsBGG(12:50 PM):

ok great seeing you (F)

(12:53 PM)popeye7 was kicked out by popeye7!

sheila3 says(1:06 PM):


rcookie says(1:12 PM):

Oil bill "waiting for " an amendment to a vote by agreement between the Kurdistan National

Author: AB, ASJ

Editor: AB, BK

22/11/2016 01:13

Number of Views: 732

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Revealed the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary, all efforts to pass a draft oil and gas law, as amended, accusing some of blocs and political parties to derail approval for "incompatible with the interests", while the speaker of parliament adviser count to modify it "has become inevitable," the Kurdistan Alliance confirmed submit proposals received b "admissibility" of the National Alliance on the project.

Political blocs , " you do not want to " pass a law to preserve the "interests"

A member of the Committee, Awad al-Awadi, in an interview to the (long-Presse), that "the failure to pass the oil and gas law in parliamentary sessions the previous two due to a political decision rather than a technical", accusing some blocs and political parties to "not wanting to maintain law and incompatible with the political and partisan interests." .

He revealed al-Awadi, for "seeking views on the Commission to prepare a new draft law agreed upon by the political blocs to be passed in the parliament and the law is passed as soon as possible", referring to the importance of the "enactment of the law to organize the work in the oil and gas extraction and an end to the differences between the governments of the center and the provinces and the Kurdistan region on View industry oil. "

Amend the draft oil and gas law " has become inevitable . "

It said adviser Chairman of the Board of Representatives for Energy Affairs, Ali Fayad, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The amendment of the draft oil and gas law during the current session has become inevitable after the expansion of the size of the differences it, as well as the new consensus that formed on the basis of the current government." noting that "the project, which was launched during the previous parliamentary sessions is still under discussion and criticism of some of the blocks in which a lot of problems and injustices right to see, particularly the Kurdistan Alliance."

He noted Fayad, that "some blocks sought to modify the project and asked again began since the second session of the parliament and continues without doing about my grandfather," expected to "play to the oil and gas committee studying the proposals made by some of the blocks to modify the project and re-put to the vote." .

Kurdistan proposals are to "admissibility" National blocks

In turn, the Alliance MP and head of the Oil and Energy Committee in the House of Representatives Iaraz Abdullah Ahmad, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The draft oil and gas law has long taken a great deal of discussion of the political blocs as regards imports of the center and the region and revealed through a lot of facts lost on the region benefits, "pointing out that" the project has received during the discussions of the importance of negotiating committees by the Kurdistan alliances and national efforts that led to the formation of the current government. "

Ahmed said, "The Kurdistan Alliance has prepared a paper containing a set of proposals on the project were discussed during the meeting of negotiating committees, where they enjoyed the admissibility and the interest by both parties," stressing that "the committee agreed to put forward strongly by the Council of the next House of Representatives sessions in preparation for reading and approval."

The Commission on oil and parliamentary power, in (the sixth of September 2011), that the draft oil and gas law submitted by the government to the parliament, involves a "constitutional violation" to confiscate the right of the provinces and territories, indicating that it is possible to amend the draft law and enriching to reach a suitable formula to be agreed upon between the political blocs.

The Iraqi government announced, in (28 August 2011), on the ratification of the draft oil and gas law, and decided to submit them to Parliament for approval, while Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Office, Hussain al-Shahristani, on the second of July, the government introduced "some adjustments" to the draft oil law, which is long overdue and reviewed by the Committee on energy Council of Ministers.

Doug_W says(1:13 PM):

can U say "HCL"

SRW says to Doug_W(1:15 PM):


Doug_W says(1:17 PM):

I got that in an email 45mins ago very interesting... a few tweeks Eh?

Doug_W says(1:17 PM):

on the second of July, the government introduced "some adjustments" to the draft oil law, which is long overdue and reviewed by the Committee on energy Council of Ministers.

Movack says(1:19 PM):

Hey everyone should I not get back to DU before Thanksgiving, I wish everyone a great meal and good times with your families. God Bless you all

Doug_W says(1:19 PM):

back at ya Mov

rcookie says(1:19 PM):

Maliki was expelled from Karbala extends to networking sites

November 22, 2016

Spread the news subjected Iraqi vice president, Nouri al-Maliki, on Monday, was assaulted at the hands of visitors to shrines of Karbala province, to fill the social networking sites as well. فما إن انتشر الخبر حتى شارك فيه المتفاعلون بتوجيه المزيد من النقد وعبارات التشجيع لخطوة المواطنين. As soon as the news spread even participated Almtvaalon directed more criticism and words of encouragement to step citizens.

وكانت مواقع التواصل قد تداولت صوراً لزوار عراقيين بكربلاء حاولوا ضرب المالكي مرددين شتائم بحقه، كما طالبوه بمغادرة الصحن الحيدري وسط كربلاء فوراً. The networking sites've traded pictures of Iraqis in Karbala visitors tried to hit al-Maliki, shouting insults against him, and asked him to leave the shrine center of Karbala immediately. وقال حاضرون إنه اضطر للمغادرة وقطع زيارته في مراسم الزيارة الأربعينية خوفاً من الغاضبين في المكان. Are present, he said he was forced to leave and cut short his visit in the forties visit ceremony for fear of angry in place.

ووجه الزوار أوصافاً قدحية عدة للمالكي من قبيل "القاتل" و"السارق"، و"الفاسد"، و"مسلّم المدن لداعش"، و"الطائفي". Visitors and face Kdhah descriptions of several of the owners, such as "murderer" and "thief" and "corrupt" and "Muslim cities to Daesh," and "sectarian". وكذلك كان في مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي، إذ شجع المتفاعلون في مواقع التواصل الخطوة ووجهوا سهامهم بدورهم للمالكي. And it was also in the social networking sites, as encouraged in Almtvaalon networking sites step and drew arrows turn of the owners.

وقال بين قفيط عبر "تويتر": "حتى أبناء جلدته طردوه "، بينما وصفه محمد البيضاني بـ"الحرامي مسلّم العراق للإرهاب". He said between Agafit via "Twitter": "Even his fellow drove him out," while he described Muhammad Baidhani to "Harami Muslim Iraq of terrorism." كما وصفه ناصر خلف مجاهد على "فيسبوك" بـ"مخرب العراق". As it described by Nasser behind Mujahid on "Facebook" to "subversive Iraq." ووصفه عبد الوهاب الطالباني بـ"اللص المحترف وكبير الفاسدين". Abdul Wahab, describing Talabani to "professional and large corrupt thief."

ونقل المعلقون قائمة بالعبارات التي وجهت للمالكي داخل الصحن ورددوها بدورهم. And the transfer of commentators list of terms that guided the owners inside the saucer and Rdduha turn. فكتب عمار العراقي: "أخرج أخرج يا فاسد، بهذا النداء تم طرد نوري المالكي من الحرم الحسيني المطهر". He wrote Ammar Iraqi "out, out, O corrupt, this appeal was expelled Nuri al-Maliki of the Haram al-Husseini cleanser."

وشجع عراقيون الخطوة. He encouraged Iraqis step. وقال ناشط على "فيسبوك" : "طردة مباركة"، وقال ثانٍ: "النعل علاج الغرور"، بينما افترض آخر أن المالكي لن يتجرأ على الخروج للشارع بعد الآن. The activist said the "Facebook" : "Blessed expelled," said a second: "sole vanity treatment", while another assumed that al - Maliki will not dare to go out on the street anymore.

Doug_W says(1:20 PM):

they are sick of him!!

sheila3 says to rcookie(1:21 PM):

thanks for the news :)

sheila3 says to Doug_W(1:21 PM):

i agree (y)

Doug_W says(1:22 PM):

he like She needs 2 B in prision and I can't say who SHE is (no politics)

sheila3 says to Doug_W(1:22 PM):

i know who,lol

SRW says to rcookie(1:22 PM):

Why in the world would any of the citizens of Iraq be mad at Maliki.. Poor guy.. Think he better find a hole to hide in.. Forever.. :D

RickeyT says to Doug_W(1:22 PM):

you can talk about dogs tho

Doug_W says(1:23 PM):

they found Sadam in an hole

Doug_W says(1:23 PM):

like the rat he was

Doug_W says(1:23 PM):

my dog just stretched behind me in here

RickeyT says(1:24 PM):

mine ate the neighbors chickens

Doug_W says(1:24 PM):

gooood boy lol

RickeyT says(1:25 PM):

feathers were everywhere

Doug_W says(1:26 PM):

He added that "the President of the Commission the power to propose Council next administration of the Investment Authority, and certainly we need to create an attractive investment climate for investors and should be activated this area for the advancement of the services provided to Mwatunain. To fill part of the imbalance caused by the economic crisis faced by the country."

Doug_W says(1:27 PM):

I bet they were

Doug_W says(1:28 PM):

we need to create an attractive investment climate for investors

Doug_W says(1:28 PM):

geeeee I wonder what that means ?

rcookie says(1:28 PM):

One street separating Iraqi forces from the center of Mosul

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi confirmed yesterday that Iraqi forces will be submitted soon, the Iraqi flag over the city of Mosul, military officials said that the security forces have made progress in a number of districts of the city, and is separated from the city center and one street, while approaching militias «popular crowd» cut communication between the Syrian tenderness and Mosul.

Abadi stressed in a televised speech on Daesh not be allowed to return to the liberated areas.

He added: «If there are volunteers in Nineveh will assume the security file, and the security forces will continue to defend the people in the province; we will not allow Daesh to return to Iraq». He said «our people live in the best cases of unity and cohesion, and the sons of liberated cities anxiously awaiting the arrival of Iraqi troops to free them from Daesh».

Fierce battles

Chairman of the Committee on Security and Defense Council of Nineveh province, Hashim Brifkana and announced that the fierce battles fought between Iraqi forces and fighters of «Daesh» streets and alleys of the city of Mosul, pointing out that the Iraqi forces during the month of editing 18 districts. He said that Iraqi forces have made significant progress and managed to free large areas of terrorists.

He noted that the Iraqi forces will be able to edit the left coast in a short period, stressing that the battle to liberate Mosul violent, and whenever the limitations of time become more aggressive.

For his part, Deputy counter-terrorism commander Lt. Gen. Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi, that the security forces away from the street and one shy of flowers and commander close to the city center, after the liberation of teachers, warriors and scholars alive and editing full. He explained that the troops to avoid the use of air strikes in places with presence of civilians, noting that air support strikes focused and precise targets «Daesh».

SRW says to Doug_W(1:29 PM):

Hopefully, that will be addressed on the 26th..

Doug_W says(1:29 PM):

, announced the launch of the first unified system of bills in Iraq it provides advanced solutions for customer relationship management and opens the door wide for them to get the services and products of existing and new "Zen" in the Iraqi market more easily and within less time.

Doug_W says(1:30 PM):

yet MORE good news

rcookie says(1:30 PM):

Barzani is ready to step down from the presidency of Iraqi Kurdistan

The head of Iraq's Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, to elect a new presidency of the Parliament of the region, expressing his willingness to step down from the presidency of the region until the date of the next election. Barzani said in a statement that the process of resolving crises experienced by the Kurdistan region of Iraq, wishing to solve all these crises and problems once and for all.

He pointed out that many current problems, some of them connected to the political, economic and security situation in Iraq and the region in general, such as the so-called organization Daesh and lower oil prices and spare the region salaries and hosting hundreds of thousands of people displaced and some other problems are internal and are caused by political conflicts in the region attacks.

The «If solving internal political problems in the Kurdistan region of how many times I have invited political parties to meet, but they did not attend.»

Doug_W says(1:30 PM):


Doug_W says(1:31 PM):


sheila3 says to Doug_W(1:31 PM):

ok :)

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