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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Saturday 11/19/16 - Part 4

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 4 - Featuring BGG

Holly1 says(1:03 PM):

(F) thats it for comments

Holly1 says to 1bobby(1:03 PM):


Holly1 says to 1bobby(1:04 PM):

be back in a bit

Okie Dinar says to Holly1(1:04 PM):

Thank you!

Holly1 says to Okie Dinar(1:04 PM):


Okie Dinar says to 1bobby(1:04 PM):

Thank you so much for copying today!

jackflash101st says(1:07 PM):

Thanks Holly for all the hard work, and thanks to the copy folks as well,,,

Okie Dinar says to jackflash101st(1:08 PM):


MrsBGG says to Holly1(1:09 PM):

Good afternoon Holly!!

MrsBGG says to Holly1(1:09 PM):

Thank you for the News!!

MrsBGG says to Okie Dinar(1:09 PM):

Good afternoon :)

MrsBGG says to jackflash101st(1:09 PM):

Good afternoon :)

Okie Dinar says to MrsBGG(1:10 PM):

Good afternoon :) (L)(F)

1bobby says to Okie Dinar(1:10 PM):

Ok all yours. Have a great weekend. Thanks jackflash101st

MrsBGG says to Okie Dinar(1:10 PM):


MrsBGG says to 1bobby(1:11 PM):

Thank you!!

Okie Dinar says to 1bobby(1:11 PM):

You too! Thank you for all your help!!!

(1:11 PM)1bobbycopy changed nickname to 1bobby!

Holly1 says(1:11 PM):

Karbala news

11 mins ·

Iraq suspends Arab trade agreement


See Translation

Holly1 says(1:11 PM):

i cant open this

Holly1 says to MrsBGG(1:12 PM):

you are very welcome(F)

Okie Dinar says(1:13 PM):

Arab countries, but suspended them as of early this month.

Financial experts inform the official in the Prime Minister's easier Jabbar said in a press statement, he said the government's decision came after monitoring the entry of goods into the country as foreign origin turns out to be of Arab origin.

Jabbar explained that "the suspension of operation of the Convention was to protect the local product," adding that "disclosure of imported goods to Iraq in terms of compliance with the specifications or not will be through approved standards."

The Council of Ministers approved on 24 October last to impose customs duties on goods imported to Iraq from all countries.

The Board based its decision on the protection of Iraqi law after the products flooding the local market of imported products, according to a decision.

Okie Dinar says to Holly1(1:14 PM):

That is what I got when opened :)

Holly1 says to Okie Dinar(1:14 PM):


Holly1 says(1:14 PM):

Adnan Majeed Serail

1 hr

Holly1 says(1:15 PM):

Parliamentary Finance offered a proposal to reduce the retirement age and the purchase of the remaining period of service!

Announced that a member of the parliamentary finance committee pros Hamadoun, Friday, to provide for its proposal to reduce the retirement age from 50 to 45 years by buying the remaining period of service by the employee, noting that this proposal has not been voted on in the Committee for the very Alan.lkn A study of before the Finance Committee with the General Authority for retirement consisted submit several proposals , "indicating that" these proposals reduce the retirement years of 50 to 45 years with the purchase of the remaining period by the employee, as well as employees who have 12 years of service possible to buy the remainder of their service or pay for 25 % of pensions for three years. "!!

Holly1 says(1:17 PM):


MrsBGG says to Holly1(1:18 PM):

Thank you Holly!

da58 says(1:24 PM):

howdy all... not sure what to make of this - might have been posted, but didn't see in forum..

Holly1 says(1:24 PM):


da58 says(1:24 PM):

Parliamentary Economy: project to delete the zeros from the currency has become impossible due to corruption

Thursday, November 17, 2016 17:08

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi Uz..okdt Parliamentary Commission of Economy, on Thursday, said the project to delete the zeros from the currency has become impossible due to corruption, calling not to launch major new categories of currency.

The committee member said Abdul Salam al-Maliki, in an interview with / Baghdadi News / "The project to delete the zeros from the currency Ihtah to proper planning as the current conditions and the control of the powerful and corrupt financial matters prevented from approving this project," noting that "a lot of powerful and corrupt may take advantage of this project acknowledged that, for whitening and laundered the stolen money. "

He added that "the state has resorted to issuing new classes in a large currency, and this has led to damage to the Iraqi economy through the currency value loss, and in case the insistence of the state to issue new classes as planned, the Iraqi economy could collapse," calling to "not to issue no new class before the study results ".anthy 21 / d

da58 says(1:25 PM):

sure isn't matching the tons of other articles - is it!

loop says(1:25 PM):

Abdul Salam al-Maliki, - Complete BS article.

da58 says(1:25 PM):

OH LOOP - thx bud!!

Holly1 says to da58(1:25 PM):

was not from the CBI....

da58 says(1:25 PM):

thanks God..

Holly1 says to da58(1:25 PM):


da58 says(1:25 PM):

didn't make a bit of sense..

loop says(1:26 PM):

I tend to believe - the CBI GOV over anyone with the last name of Maliki.

da58 says(1:26 PM):


da58 says(1:26 PM):


loop says(1:27 PM):

HHe was the same one going off on the auctions and the reserves last week. Complete obstructionist.

loop says(1:27 PM):


loop says(1:27 PM):


loop says(1:27 PM):


loop says(1:28 PM):


Doug_W says to loop(1:28 PM):

thoughtful Eh ?

Doug_W says to loop(1:28 PM):

ok whats teh R now?

loop says to Doug_W(1:28 PM):


Doug_W says to loop(1:28 PM):

I have officially been left behind lol

Doug_W says to loop(1:28 PM):


loop says to Doug_W(1:29 PM):

In My Truly Respectful Honest Opinion

da58 says(1:29 PM):

lol - well that's pretty politically correct! ha!

Doug_W says(1:29 PM):

I read that a couple days ago and thought the same thing WOW is thus guy nuts or wht

da58 says(1:30 PM):

well we've had NOTHING but good news for so darn long.. heck, I hardly remember bad news anymore.. we're sure moving along that's for sure.

Doug_W says(1:31 PM):

and in teh right diorection

Doug_W says(1:31 PM):

darn hands

loop says to Doug_W(1:31 PM):

There are people who know whats going on and then there are those who are clueless. He is one of the clueless one.

Doug_W says(1:31 PM):


Soonergirlie says(1:43 PM):

thanks Loopster

Soonergirlie says(1:43 PM):


(1:51 PM)george was kicked out by george!

Doug_W says(1:57 PM):

howdy Girlie

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loop says to Soonergirlie(2:01 PM):


Doug_W says(2:02 PM):

we accept $$ KWD, IQD € & £

Soonergirlie says(2:04 PM):

hi Dougie

Soonergirlie says(2:05 PM):


(2:10 PM)seadreamer was kicked out by seadreamer!

Doug_W says(2:18 PM):

I haven't been called that in a few years/decades lol

(2:19 PM)george was kicked out by george!

eman4u55 says(2:23 PM):

dougie wougee :D

Doug_W says(2:23 PM):

nor that either

Doug_W says(2:23 PM):

am I back in 3dr grade now lol

Doug_W says(2:23 PM):

or 2nd

eman4u55 says(2:24 PM):

well there u go :D

Doug_W says(2:24 PM):

I hoipe not those winters in NY State were KILLERS

Doug_W says(2:24 PM):

-30 or -40 degrees 4' of snow

eman4u55 says(2:25 PM):

south beach in miami florida here a brisk 79

Doug_W says(2:25 PM):

76 here in Central Fl

Doug_W says(2:26 PM):

and NO I do not miss those NY Winters

eman4u55 says(2:27 PM):

im use to the 2 or 3 days of 60 or 65 ya know winter in miami

Doug_W says(2:27 PM):


Doug_W says(2:28 PM):

altho I have seen 16 here in central Fl I think it was Thanksgiving 82

Doug_W says(2:28 PM):

or Christmas?

Doug_W says(2:30 PM):

I have a CRAZY cat

Doug_W says(2:30 PM):

she loves her fur rubbed backwards?

(2:41 PM)Romello was kicked out by Romello!

(2:47 PM)Dr Dave was kicked out by Dr Dave!

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lee4 says(3:38 PM):


Doug_W says(3:38 PM):


lee4 says(3:38 PM):

TY Lurking

Doug_W says(3:39 PM):


Okie Dinar says(3:39 PM):

The announcement of the establishment of the Iraqi advisory body in London


Baghdad balances News

Announced in the British capital London, the formation of the Iraqi advisory body, which will start its activities soon, according to a statement issued by the foundation members. A statement by board members / balances News / received a copy of it, that "an independent body, comprising Iraqi experts in various disciplines aimed at diagnosing the defect in the Iraqi state institutions, in order to formulate a scientific software code compatible with the winning scientific progress in the countries of the world, to be a substitute for the entire failures in Iraq in the last period. " The statement added, that "the Commission Basaddarseaot and studies all related to the war on Iraq as well as set up seminars, conferences and cooperation with experts and some Iraqi and international universities and research centers" .anthy 29 / D 24 will


Doug_W says(3:39 PM):

goooood job Okie

Doug_W says(3:40 PM):

the link is actually live

Okie Dinar says(3:40 PM):

Military forces extracted from the grip of a new village near Mosul Daesh


Announced the commander of operations " are coming, Nineveh", on Friday, the liberation of Tel - conscious village of Zab northern part of the southern axis of the connector.

He said Lt. Gen. Abdul - Amir Aarallah, in a statement, " The pieces ninth band managed to free Tel - conscious village of Zab northern part of the southern axis of the city of Mosul, was raise the Iraqi flag over the buildings."

He Aarallah, that " the process of liberalization terrorists had inflicted heavy losses in lives and equipment."

Joint security forces continue military to liberate the province of Nineveh operations, while those forces were able to edit many of the regions and districts of the province, to intrude beyond the left coast of the city of Mosul and begin clearing out areas in it.


Okie Dinar says(3:40 PM):

Both from angeleyes :)

Okie Dinar says to Doug_W(3:40 PM):

:D Thanks :)

Doug_W says(3:41 PM):


Doug_W says(3:41 PM):

if U want Digi just say BACON three times

Doug_W says(3:41 PM):

there is no food like BACON

DIGIman1 says(3:42 PM):

sniff....sniff......ok .....who typed bacon.....?

Doug_W says(3:43 PM):

there is no food like BACON

Doug_W says(3:43 PM):

bbl Di is home now

Okie Dinar says to Doug_W(3:43 PM):


Okie Dinar says to DIGIman1(3:43 PM):


BGG says(3:55 PM):


BGG says(3:56 PM):


Okie Dinar says to BGG(3:56 PM):


wickedwitch1 says(3:58 PM):

Good Afternoon..

Okie Dinar says to wickedwitch1(3:58 PM):

Good Afternoon :)

wickedwitch1 says(3:59 PM):

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the articles and news that is brought in.

Okie Dinar says to wickedwitch1(4:00 PM):


Okie Dinar says to wickedwitch1(4:00 PM):

We have some amazing people at DU :)

(4:00 PM)Check out THE BLOG - http://www.dinarupdates.com/blog/ - for the latest Dinar News, Documents and Call banners

jeffusa says to Okie Dinar(4:01 PM):

thank you... your amazing also

Okie Dinar says to jeffusa(4:01 PM):

Thank you Jeff :) (F)

wickedwitch1 says(4:02 PM):

Had an interesting afternoon at my bank. They explained that the dinar is a scam, cannot be bought or purchased and will never have value. I just smiled and ask them to please process my wire. LOL

Okie Dinar says to wickedwitch1(4:03 PM):

:D Some people sadly will never seen the value until we are at the bank :)

wickedwitch1 says(4:05 PM):

I think we will be there soon.

Okie Dinar says to wickedwitch1(4:05 PM):

Me too - JMO :)

Elane says(4:19 PM):

Urgent senior US general arrives in Baghdad and discuss with al - Abbadi of the battle of Mosul


Okie Dinar says to Elane(4:20 PM):

Thank you! :)

Elane says to Okie Dinar(4:22 PM):

Youre very welcome!

savannah says(4:34 PM):

did we win?

(4:34 PM)Romello was kicked out by Romello!

Doug_W says(4:36 PM):

hiya S and :P

savannah says to Doug_W(4:36 PM):


savannah says to Doug_W(4:36 PM):


Doug_W says(4:36 PM):

ty now my day sis complete

kalis says(4:36 PM):

so the bank call it a scam lol Well we will soon see in the next 45 plus day

subgirl says to Okie Dinar(4:36 PM):

hey can I give you a break? :) thank you so much for copying.... :) :-*

Doug_W says to subgirl(4:37 PM):

U get one too :P

savannah says to Doug_W(4:37 PM):

glad I could help

Doug_W says(4:37 PM):

0430 came WAYYY too early

savannah says to Doug_W(4:38 PM):

how was your appt today?

Doug_W says(4:38 PM):

then to drive all teh way to teh VA in Tampa to be told my appt was cancelled was a drag

kalis says to wickedwitch1(4:38 PM):

do not worry everytime i go to bank the tellers ask me have cash in my dinar yet and laugh .. we will in jan feb or march 2017

savannah says to Doug_W(4:38 PM):

oh no! I'm so sorry

Doug_W says(4:38 PM):

life goes on S

savannah says to Doug_W(4:38 PM):

for now

Okie Dinar says to subgirl(4:39 PM):

Thank you!

Doug_W says(4:39 PM):

we accept $$ KWD, IQD € & £

Okie Dinar says to Doug_W(4:39 PM):


Doug_W says(4:40 PM):

ok gang time to go se how Di's day was

Doug_W says(4:40 PM):


Okie Dinar says to Doug_W(4:41 PM):

Have a great weekend!

subgirl says to Okie Dinar(4:41 PM):

thank you too!!! WOW! you and bobby are awesome!!! :)

(4:41 PM).OkieDinarCOPY changed nickname to .OkieDinar!

(4:41 PM)calaciura was kicked out by calaciura!

kalis says(4:42 PM):

if not by march then who know lol

Okie Dinar says to subgirl(4:42 PM):

(L):) We kind of like you soooo :) (lol) Whatever we can do to help!!

Okie Dinar says to subgirl(4:43 PM):

If you need me just text :)

Okie Dinar says to subgirl(4:43 PM):

Have a great night!

subgirl says to Okie Dinar(4:43 PM):

awwwee lol thank you somuch!! youare the best!! (F)(L)

subgirl says to Okie Dinar(4:43 PM):

thank you and you too :)

Okie Dinar says to subgirl(4:43 PM):


subgirl says(4:43 PM):

(}) bye okie :)

(4:49 PM)george was kicked out by george!

subgirl says(4:58 PM):

Iraq receives F16 fighter-4

Friday 18 November 2016-05:16 pm

The Defense Ministry said Iraq received a new meal, f 16 us-made under contract with the United States.

The Ministry said in a statement it had received a copy, Marbad fourth meal number F16 fighter 4 fighters reached the air base.Iraq was received in July 2015 first meal of these fighter jets from Lockheed Martin Corporation America, composed of four planes in the second instalment, which recognizes ensured the same model aircraft, in February 2016, and also recognizes four similar aircraft on the 7th of August.

Rising Iraqi Squadron f-16 with the fourth meal to 14 aircraft.And has completed many Iraqi pilots trained to fly in Arizona base where one of the American pilots in fighter crash during rehearsals and did not reveal any details about the cause of the accident.This announcement coincides with the security forces fighting the battle of liberating Mosul entered its second month.

subgirl says(4:58 PM):

cool huh? :) NICE!!!!

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Tex says(5:27 PM):

Hi Subgurl,,,That should help them out alright, sounds like a tough battle

subgirl says to Tex(5:28 PM):

hey Tex :) how are you?

Tex says(5:28 PM):

Gittin real impatient lol

subgirl says to Tex(5:28 PM):

yes hope they know how to fly it :) but I think they have a few of ours :) lol

subgirl says to Tex(5:28 PM):

I hear ya... but we can hear it coming to an end!!!!

Tex says(5:29 PM):

Music to my ears..

subgirl says to Tex(5:29 PM):

yes mine too :)

plowboy says to Tex(5:29 PM):

Howdy Folks

subgirl says to Tex(5:29 PM):

just wait them out and keep reading and listening!!!! :)

subgirl says to plowboy(5:29 PM):

hi there plow!

plowboy says to subgirl(5:29 PM):

hello, subgirl

Tex says(5:29 PM):

Hey there Tractor man... Ya doin alright

plowboy says to subgirl(5:30 PM):

just walked in the door

subgirl says to plowboy(5:30 PM):

cool :)

subgirl says to plowboy(5:30 PM):

hope you are doing well??

plowboy says to Tex(5:30 PM):

yes, we've got real fall weather now and the weekend is here

plowboy says to subgirl(5:31 PM):

yes, doing well, we just got back from a week in DC

subgirl says to plowboy(5:31 PM):

it is cold here in Iowa too :) had such breeze today and the temps kept falling! UGH

subgirl says to plowboy(5:31 PM):

how was your vacation?

Tex says(5:31 PM):

Yeah supposed to get into the thirty's

(5:31 PM)Romello was kicked out by Romello!

plowboy says to subgirl(5:31 PM):

very good and restful

subgirl says to plowboy(5:31 PM):

good for you :)

Tex says(5:33 PM):

What do Yall think about , if Iraq had waited untill the Dinar had revalued , the F-16 planes would have cost them a lot less money

SRW says to Tex(5:36 PM):

I think they would have been without F16's and all the training they've gotten as of late.. IMO

Tex says(5:38 PM):

True , they need them now,,,, but had they revalued at a rate of 1 usd to 1 iqd that would have cost them 1000 % less

Dinar Dave says(5:38 PM):

How do know they didn't pay for them in US dollars....Or maybe that a indication as to the rate...lol Things that make you go hmmm

Doug_W says(5:39 PM):

hey Kids what time is it?

baxter says(5:39 PM):

How do you know... they paid for them at all?

Doug_W says(5:39 PM):

NO its not howdy doody time either

subgirl says to Doug_W(5:39 PM):


subgirl says to Doug_W(5:39 PM):

supper time?

Doug_W says(5:39 PM):

BED time

Doug_W says(5:39 PM):

give that gotl a Cigar

Tex says to Dinar Dave(5:39 PM):

True lots of hmmmmms been around lately

baxter says(5:39 PM):

Bed time??

Doug_W says(5:40 PM):


subgirl says to Doug_W(5:40 PM):


Doug_W says(5:40 PM):

yuppers Bax

baxter says(5:40 PM):

Nighty Night

Doug_W says(5:40 PM):

I shut down every night at 7

Doug_W says(5:40 PM):

and 0430 came wayyy too early

baxter says(5:41 PM):

Thank the lord I dont live in Minnesota.... SNOW... Blizzard... (lol)

Tex says to baxter(5:41 PM):

That's a depressing thought,,, means it came out of our pocket.... ouch

Doug_W says(5:41 PM):

so till we meet again Happy trails 2 U

subgirl says to Doug_W(5:41 PM):

have a great night dougw!!

Doug_W says(5:41 PM):


baxter says(5:41 PM):

Hey Tex... you better head to Florida...

subgirl says to Doug_W(5:41 PM):


baxter says(5:41 PM):

Its Krappie Time..

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