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Monday, November 7, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Sunday 11/6/16 - Part 4

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 4 - Featuring BGG

VelmaF41 says(9:00 PM):

Thanks to our great team and hugs to all. Prayers for our country at this time.

subgirl says(9:00 PM):

Good evening :)

coco1 says(9:04 PM):

thank you all, awesome news (F)

subgirl says to magnetlady(9:10 PM):

I think the logs are caught up now :) thanks Mags for copying tonight..

BGG says(9:10 PM):

Thanks MAGS!!

magnetlady says(9:12 PM):

You are most welcome BG

magnetlady says(9:12 PM):


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jetset says(9:21 PM):

good evening, good people!

Elane says(9:38 PM):

Mosul will be free soon: Iraqi PM to residents


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eman4u55 says to Dinar Dave(10:29 PM):

about the same trump pays

jetset says(10:31 PM):

moving on....

eman4u55 says(10:31 PM):


jetset says(10:33 PM):


jetset says(10:34 PM):

only 48 more hours to go!

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subgirl says(11:35 PM):


subgirl says(11:35 PM):


subgirl says(11:35 PM):


subgirl says(11:35 PM):

Isis leaders flee Nineveh after stealing millions of dollars from own treasury

Shia paramilitary forces report that four more villages have been liberated at Nineveh province.

Fiona Keating By Fiona Keating

November 5, 2016 17:25 GMT

Embed Feed Isis crushes Mosul revolt led by 'apostate' commander at heart of Islamic State in Iraq IBTimes US

Five top commanders of the Islamic State terrorist group have seized millions of dollars from the vast IS treasury and escaped from Nineveh. IS forces are now searching for the fugitives to the east of the city and also in the Tel Afar district.

"Five elite members of the Islamic state including the Treasury Official Abu al-Bara al-Qahtani, fled from the extremist group in Nineveh, after robbing millions of dollars.

More from IBTimes UK

Julian Assange predicts Donald Trump will not be allowed to win US elections

Julian Assange claims Libya was Hillary Clinton's war, FBI out for payback over her resistance

Al-Qaeda plans attacks on US cities the day before election voting

Why advertise with us

"The ISIS mobilized a group of its members to pursue the fugitives, arrest and execute them immediately," Al Sumaria News reported. "The five elite leaders who hold Arab and foreign nationalities flee toward Tel Afar district then to the Syrian territories."

Meanwhile, roadside bombs launched by Islamic State (IS) have killed 17 people as they fled from Hawija, to the west of Kirkuk. Two explosions hit a lorry containing several people and it's reported that a policeman also died. The vehicle in which displaced families were travelling, was en route to al-Alam, around 120km (75 miles) to the south of Mosul.

Iraqi government-led troops are pushing forward in the battle to retake Mosul, the last city still held by Isis (Daesh). They also led a fierce offensive on Hamam al-Alil, to the south of Mosul on the Tigris river, beating off attacks from IS before raising the Iraqi flag, according to a BBC report. Social media images showed charred bodies and wreckage of the lorry after the explosions.

On Saturday (5 November), Iraqi special forces cleared buildings from neighbourhoods in eastern Mosul. However, IS militants are impeding the advance by firing mortars and sniper fire. The battle raged most fiercely in the al-Bakr neighbourhood.

"Daesh is in the city center and we must be very careful as our forces advance," said Maj Gen Sami al-Aridi of the Iraqi special forces, according to abc news.

New satellite images show defences set up by IS in Mosul, with rows of concrete barricades and rubble which bar important routes leading to the heart of the city. This will "pose a substantial tactical challenge" to Iraqi forces, according to Stratfor, a private intelligence firm based in Texas.

A two-pronged assault was unleashed on 4 November by Iraqi special forces as they attempt to push further into Mosul. Around seven special forces troops have died in the gun battles.

subgirl says(11:37 PM):

Iraq takes steps to cemented investment projects

7/11/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - The joy of pumice

with the government 's orientation to the advancement of the sector investment, requiring the need to cemented these steps through self - reliance to face the challenges that may arise, as demonstrated by the transfer of the Arab Union of International Arbitration headquarters to Baghdad.

In this regard showed deputy secretary general of the Union of Chancellor Najat Hussein's « Sabah », said that" the transfer of the headquarters of the Union to Baghdad came to activate the work and put the near future plan, as it begins cycles specialist for the cadres of the ministries, regarding the legal, banking and financial aspects, for the preparation of skills and information on international arbitration, and the dissemination of legal culture in the field of investment , which the Iraqi government is working on promote it. "

dedicated team

and indicated Hussein to the " pursuit of the Union for the preparation of a specialized legal team for the defense of Iraq 's financial, economic and investment rights, regarding against him suits, or that are held by the government against those who deviate from the contracts and contracting investment and reconstruction projects for investors and contractors non - Iraqis, dispensing for international law firms , which weigh heavily on the overall budget and cost effort big time has not come positive outcome for the benefit of Iraq. "

the Minister of Justice Haider Zamili has stressed that" the transfer of the Arab Union of international Arbitration headquarters to Baghdad is a step forward in the field of spreading international arbitration and the adoption of enterprise culture legal in resolving

conflicts. In addition to providing consultancy, providing huge sums currently spent by Iraq , international law firms, to plead in the proceedings to which Iraq is a discount it. "

Debts and loans

and drew Hussein , " there was a need in the debt on Iraq, loans and problems file with big investors, as the Union will adopt a follow - up of available expertise among its members, until the training, legal and IT plans is completed, the engaging sessions that will take place soon, in addition to follow - up investors in the field of oil in Iraq 's issues within the contracting and contracts between Iraq and the local and Arab companies

and foreign. "

legal action

deputy secretary general of the Federation also suggests that" the objective of the Union is trying to achieve the establishment of a specialized court for international arbitration in Iraq to be the first in the Middle East and the Arab region, to save a lot of time and effort, and be an anchor to resolve conflicts and problems, and underpins the financial, economic and investment rights and

subgirl says(11:44 PM):


subgirl says(11:45 PM):

Economists call for the activation of religious tourism to lift entry visa to $ 60

7/11/2016 The number of readings: 30

Baghdad / Fadia ruled

The whole number of experts in economic affairs, on Sunday, on the need to employ religious occasions and their integration in tourist activity, being the investment opportunity of the country's hard currency intervention, and operates the workforce and the movement of the market and help solve part of the lack of liquidity, the financial crisis faced by the country.

Press sources have indicated that the Tourism Committee in Parliament has called for a tax of up to $ 50 each visitor's while the Tourism Authority confirmed its readiness to write the strategic development of religious tourism.

He said economic expert, Abdullah al-Bandar, in an interview for the "long", to "optimize resources imperative for the national economy, being economical rich multiple investment sectors and has the ingredients plays an essential role activation, and perhaps one of the most important of these sectors is the tourism sector, which should be his government great attention to attracting tourists and achieve financial revenues that help solve part of the economic crisis, pointing to the need for the development of facilities and infrastructure and the service sector, being the core of the tourism sector foundations. "

He said al-Bandar, that "Iraq is the countries that possess the ingredients and the elements that attract tourists, whether sacred shrines or archaeological and natural sites which are denominated in another is added to sites holy sites, and therefore there is a necessity of not less important than the other sectors that need to activate and energize to pour in a bag revenues of the federal budget reliable many economists on those sectors in alleviating the pressure on oil revenues unstable lately. "

He continued, "The recovery and progress in any sector need to be planners of the general economic policy of the government develop operational mechanisms, the line for the Advancement of whether a sector of tourism or agricultural Oosnaaaa, not just higher wages or withholding is held for a certain amount of the tourist because the entry of expatriates in itself is a resource in addition to the country the fact that there are foreign currency spent by foreign tourists. "

He said al-Bandar, that "the responsibility for the development of plans and operational mechanisms rests with the Tourism Authority of supreme religious and committees overseeing the holy sites in cooperation with the Tourism Authority to implement accurate and correct manner, in order to ensure that there be the development of tourism in general and tourism religious in particular and for the elements of attraction for this sector , pointing out that this Aa_khas religious tourism holy shrines and even archaeological, cultural and natural tourism .ooma how to put these fees possible agreed on in accordance with the economic plans laid down by the authorities in charge of the mechanisms. "

And between, that "the most important factors for the development and revitalization of tourism

subgirl says(11:45 PM):

The al-Bandar, that "there are economies of many developed countries do not depend on petroleum Asian and East Asia, such as States, and Iraq of the royal states of successful agriculture, industry and tourism of the ingredients, if adopted economic plans based on oil revenues in the development of other sectors," he said, adding "as affirmed in Five-Year plan (2013-2017) the necessity of activation of those other sectors and access to new resources, operation and absorption of unemployed labor and opening the prospects for the economies of capitalism and market economies that attract huge numbers of workers and thus alleviate unemployment and poverty. "

For his part, the tourism expert Majid al-Azzawi said in an interview for the "long", "The religious tourism is the most prominent today in the tourism sector in general, the fact that other tourist activities Kalthagavah and archaeological Off at the present time, and therefore there is a need for attention being experiencing high demand, either internally or from arrivals from abroad, which requires us to deal with arrivals by supply and demand factors. "

He said al-Azzawi, that "the most important steps to promote religious tourism is the imposition of duties on expatriates to visit the holy sites and the Matvolh all States, and to facilitate the work of the hotels and to facilitate the needs of electrical energy, which helps in supplying the country with revenues of hard currency."

He continued, "The local newcomer holy shrines is considered domestic demand Unlike foreign visitor who is considered an economic resource in itself as, if the calculation of the entry of two million foreign visitors by Masrah by a number of news reporting agencies, during a visit to the tenth of Muharram and the imposition of financial deductions may be (60) dollars to become our good newcomer to the budget, in addition to the slate spent within the market and this so-session upon tourism and active work in the market. "

The al-Azzawi, the "activation of religious tourism for the time being the policy of diplomatic policy purely out of economic requirements and to implement certain political agendas in regards to the subject of visa and deductions imposed on the entry of arrivals," pointing to "the multiplicity of agencies implementing the decision of Economic though are border crossings and Tourism Authority and tourism companies and provincial councils and rampant corruption which helps not to activate tourism in the country. "

He noted that "the month of Muharram and visit the holy sites is an investment opportunity for the country, if implemented mechanisms correctly and according to studied plans, will be the religious tourism in Iraq live a boom in turn will revive the domestic industry that thrive presence of visitors being part of the heritage of the ancient folklore of the country, and therefore we can Alastngina Foreign loans that shackle the country's financial burdens of making religious tourism in Iraq, strong competition to those of religious tourism in Iran and Saudi Arabia. "

subgirl says(11:46 PM):

Governor of the Central Bank is being run on private banks , accompanied by a number of managers

07/11/2016 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 29 - Issue (3777)

Baghdad / term

Conducted a Governor of the Central Bank, on Sunday, a tour of the private banks, accompanied by a number of managers, to assess the work and remove the obstacles they face, while the Iraqi Central Bank decided to set up a subsidiary to manage its activities and functions in the Middle Euphrates region, the province of Najaf chose based, adding the branch is the fifth owned.

The bank said in a statement received "long", a copy of which, "The governor of the bank on the Keywords conducted a tour of the private banks, accompanied by a number of general managers."

The bank said that "the round came to see the work of these banks and the possibility of removing the obstacles facing their work."

He said the central bank's statement that "The Board of Directors decided to set up a branch to manage its activities and functions in the Middle Euphrates region, bringing the number of its branches five Baghdad, Basra, Mosul and Irbil, Sulaymaniyah and Euphrates," noting that "the Council chose Najaf, seat of the branch in the Middle Euphrates region."

He pointed out that "a delegation from the Central Bank of Iraq visited the province of Najaf and met with the governor to discuss the opening of the Central Bank of Iraq branch arrangements in the Middle Euphrates," adding that "members of the delegation explained the central bank functions of supervisory role in price stability and development, and the need to establish a branch of the Bank to exercise the roles and functions. "

The statement continued, "The governor praised this initiative and instructed to meet the requirements of the establishment of the branch and it carries to his duties."

And established an independent Iraqi Central Bank as a bank under a law issued on the sixth of March 2004, as an independent body, which is responsible for maintaining price stability and the implementation of monetary policy, including exchange rate policies are being daily sessions for buying and selling currencies.

subgirl says(11:46 PM):

15 min. left of the room :)

RickeyT says(11:49 PM):

did you reset your clock?

subgirl says(11:49 PM):

yes I did!

subgirl says(11:53 PM):


subgirl says(11:56 PM):

4 min. left :)

subgirl says(11:58 PM):

hope you all have a great night of sleep! GN!! :)

End of Sunday's Chat Log
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