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Monday, November 14, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Sunday 11/13/16 - Part 4

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 4 - Featuring BGG & firefly

bibi says to magnetlady(7:46 PM):

Hi, Mags, thank you for copying! (F)

magnetlady says(7:58 PM):

Link for tonight's BGG NT


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JR67164539793225940 says(8:12 PM):


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subgirl says to magnetlady(8:41 PM):

Good Evening Mags :) let me know when you want a break :)

magnetlady says(8:43 PM):

HEy subby

magnetlady says(8:44 PM):

Have you looked at newstime yet?

magnetlady says(8:44 PM):

It was great newstime.

subgirl says to magnetlady(8:44 PM):

nope but i am right now :)

magnetlady says(8:44 PM):

Want to go read and then we will talk about exchanging places

subgirl says to magnetlady(8:44 PM):

ok thankyou :)

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eman4u55 says(8:56 PM):

fins up

magnetlady says(8:57 PM):

yes eman?

magnetlady says(8:57 PM):

Are we swimming with the dolphins?

eman4u55 says(8:58 PM):

not with but because of them

eman4u55 says(8:58 PM):

Dolphins 31

24 Chargers

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BGG says(9:20 PM):

Now that this election is over we can get back to Football and recipes on FaceBook!!

BGG says(9:20 PM):


subgirl says to magnetlady(9:26 PM):

ok :) I am ready now :) thanks for copying... good Newstime!!!

(9:42 PM)*MOD.magnetlady.copy changed nickname to *MOD.magnetlady!

jetset says(9:50 PM):


jetset says(9:50 PM):


aminmaine25229787 says(9:54 PM):

hey subby

aminmaine25229787 says(9:54 PM):

water count!

aminmaine25229787 says(9:54 PM):

i did 3 and a half

subgirl says to aminmaine25229787(9:54 PM):

well :)

aminmaine25229787 says(9:55 PM):

i will finish thehalf now!

_firefly_ says(9:55 PM):

well missed newstime but it seems that a lot of people are still confused about the 3 zeros

subgirl says to aminmaine25229787(9:55 PM):

you did great!! :)

aminmaine25229787 says(9:56 PM):


subgirl says to aminmaine25229787(9:56 PM):

yw!! :)

jetset says to _firefly_(9:56 PM):

good evening!

_firefly_ says to jetset(9:57 PM):

hey there my friend :)

aminmaine25229787 says(9:57 PM):

ok subby your turn

jetset says(9:57 PM):

another day closer!

_firefly_ says to jetset(9:58 PM):

so did BGG explain what the lifting of the 3 zero notes means or your understandng?

_firefly_ says(9:58 PM):

Sorry meant for all

aminmaine25229787 says(9:58 PM):

i would say he did

_firefly_ says(9:58 PM):

lifting lol

jetset says(9:58 PM):

i wasn't here for most of it but i'm not worried or confused about it so from what i scrolled through, i thought it was clear.

aminmaine25229787 says(9:59 PM):

i just hope the IMf deadline of 11/30 still holds

_firefly_ says(9:59 PM):

All they are doing is removing them from the market place

jetset says(10:00 PM):

bottom line is that no one is going to give up a 3 zero note if there is no value for the new dinars... that is great for us!

_firefly_ says(10:00 PM):

hence "the lifting of the 3 zeros"

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_firefly_ says(10:00 PM):

No different than what the US did in the 50s

jetset says(10:01 PM):

i think most people are more confused with conflating of terms

jetset says(10:01 PM):

deleting zeros, lifting zeros, etc... different people have diferent definitions of those terms

_firefly_ says(10:01 PM):

The CBI told you they will coincide with the lowered denoms for 10 yrs

jetset says(10:02 PM):


_firefly_ says(10:02 PM):

not rocket science

_firefly_ says(10:03 PM):

so if the removing them from the marketplace begins in early 2017

jetset says(10:03 PM):

that is where the concern some concern has been as well. how long do folks have to exchange

_firefly_ says(10:04 PM):

Logic would tell us they would need to have a value for the lower denoms to hit the streets right

_firefly_ says(10:04 PM):

BEFORE they are removed

jetset says(10:05 PM):


_firefly_ says(10:05 PM):

phone .... brb

jetset says(10:05 PM):

that is what is so exciting to me!

jetset says(10:05 PM):

we are literally closer than ever!

_firefly_ says to jetset(10:06 PM):


jetset says(10:07 PM):

no one wants to carry around a wheel barrow full of LD's just to buy a loaf of bread!

jetset says(10:07 PM):

not no way, not no how!

_firefly_ says to jetset(10:07 PM):

I have never read anywhere of the 3 zeros being dropped from the notes

_firefly_ says to jetset(10:08 PM):

that is dinarland hocus pocus talk that somehow became fact

ol lar says to jetset(10:08 PM):

I have heard video of Shabibi desribe the lifting of zeros as the removing of 3 zero notes off the street, read article of Kurdish MP who is very respected Tamimi refere to the removing the "leading zeros" off of the exchange rate, and read articles of interim CBI Govenor Turki refer to it as the editing of accounting, Bookwork and documentation. So in my humble opinion the removal of the zero project encompasses all 3 of those things.

jetset says to _firefly_(10:08 PM):

you talking about lower denoms?

jetset says to _firefly_(10:08 PM):

you've never read about them?

_firefly_ says(10:09 PM):

no, I'm talking about the 25k notes etc

BGG says to jetset(10:09 PM):

that's not what Gabe is talking about.

BGG says to jetset(10:09 PM):

he's talking about the actual notes.

_firefly_ says(10:09 PM):

Bingo BGG

_firefly_ says(10:10 PM):

bah can;t type for beans tonight lol

jetset says to _firefly_(10:10 PM):

so you are saying you have never read about the CBI wanting or trying to reduce the note count on the 25k notes?

BGG says to _firefly_(10:10 PM):

according to FaceBook - neither can most of the free world... either.

_firefly_ says(10:11 PM):

correct BGG

BGG says to jetset(10:11 PM):

that's not what he said. He made a reference the the actual note.

BGG says to jetset(10:11 PM):

(as in - a reference to the LOP junk earlier).

BGG says to jetset(10:12 PM):

a 25k Dinar note won't become a 25 Dinar note.

jetset says(10:12 PM):

ok so you guys mean a 25K note becoming a 25 note

jetset says(10:12 PM):

got it

jetset says(10:12 PM):

i agree

jetset says(10:12 PM):

hocus pocus

_firefly_ says(10:12 PM):


BGG says to jetset(10:13 PM):

these articles always restart this debate - I wish they would just "hit the button" and get it over with...

_firefly_ says(10:13 PM):

They will continue being used between central banks and so forth just like our 1k bills and up are being used

BGG says to jetset(10:13 PM):

I am so tired of their frenetic preamble.

jetset says to _firefly_(10:13 PM):

i agree. that is what i have always been told as well

jetset says to BGG(10:14 PM):

are there still people who are just getting into dinar? is that still a thing? it seems that everyone should be educated by now

jetset says(10:15 PM):

that lop stuff doesn't even sound logical.

_firefly_ says(10:17 PM):

LOP is nonsense talk. The IMF is helping to make money NOT lose money !

jetset says to _firefly_(10:17 PM):


_firefly_ says(10:18 PM):

Wish I could have made this NT but just got home

jetset says to _firefly_(10:19 PM):

we had church and then we ordered pizza so i was out and about as well

_firefly_ says(10:19 PM):

Still lots of confusion out there

_firefly_ says(10:20 PM):

Speaking of pizza .......lol

_firefly_ says(10:20 PM):

I need to eat :)

jetset says to _firefly_(10:21 PM):

well... go get some food then!

subgirl says(10:22 PM):


_firefly_ says(10:22 PM):

Just remember, the lower denoms have absolutely no worth unless they increase the exchange rate on the notes we hold FIRST

_firefly_ says(10:23 PM):

With that said I'm off to eat :)

(10:24 PM)tinman was kicked out by tinman!

jetset says to _firefly_(10:26 PM):


_firefly_ says(10:27 PM):

So, am I excited that the CBI told us the lifting the 3 zeros from the marketplace will begin in early 2017?

_firefly_ says(10:28 PM):

You better elieve I am :)

jetset says to _firefly_(10:35 PM):


Pensacola27 says(10:40 PM):

guess we'll just have to wait until 2017 and see what happens

BGG says to Pensacola27(10:42 PM):

we can hang on for 47 days. :D

_firefly_ says to Pensacola27(10:49 PM):

And I completely agree with BGG. The outcome of the election just pit EVERYTHING into hyperdrive

BGG says to Pensacola27(10:49 PM):

but it may not even go THAT LONG.

BGG says to _firefly_(10:49 PM):

could have...

BGG says to _firefly_(10:49 PM):

never konw

BGG says to _firefly_(10:49 PM):


_firefly_ says to Pensacola27(10:50 PM):

Ok ... IMO it fif :)

_firefly_ says to Pensacola27(10:50 PM):


Pensacola27 says(10:53 PM):

BIG I hope not been waiting since 04. So hard to get excited after all these years. So just sit back and continue to wait. It will come.

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jetset says(11:21 PM):

business is definitely picking up!

RickeyT says(11:26 PM):

what business?

jetset says(11:27 PM):

the business to delete the zeros and ultimately add value to the IQD

Martha Sue says to jetset(11:50 PM):

hey buddy ... just got back from Church. my singles group at church showed Risen tonight. Was an awesome movie.

jetset says to Martha Sue(11:51 PM):

awesome! I've been told that is a good one to see!

subgirl says(11:55 PM):

5 til closing... :)

Martha Sue says to jetset(11:55 PM):

it was great! part of the beginning I had to look down ... couldn't stand to watch it. Oh my ... hurts to know what our Savior went through for us!

Martha Sue says to subgirl(11:56 PM):

hi sweetie!

7shelia says(11:56 PM):

Do we have any news tonite?? Anyone can answer.

Martha Sue says to subgirl(11:56 PM):

big hug to you!

subgirl says to Martha Sue(11:56 PM):

Hi there Martha sue :)

subgirl says to 7shelia(11:56 PM):

yep BGG did newstime tonight.

7shelia says(11:56 PM):


Martha Sue says to subgirl(11:57 PM):

told Jetset that they showed the movie "Risen" tonight at my Singles Night. Pot Luck and Jesus! What more could you want??? Was awesome!

7shelia says(11:57 PM):


subgirl says to 7shelia(11:57 PM):

yep here is the link http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...vember-13-2016

7shelia says(11:57 PM):


subgirl says to 7shelia(11:57 PM):

yw :)

Martha Sue says to subgirl(11:57 PM):

night night to all! Go RV ...

subgirl says to Martha Sue(11:57 PM):

have not heard of that movie? hmm...

Martha Sue says to subgirl(11:58 PM):

So looking forward to making a huge difference in our world!

subgirl says to Martha Sue(11:58 PM):

Good night Martha sue :)

subgirl says to Martha Sue(11:58 PM):

yes me too :)

Martha Sue says to subgirl(11:58 PM):

google it. The main actor said that his life was totally changed

subgirl says to Martha Sue(11:58 PM):

it will be exciting!

Martha Sue says to subgirl(11:58 PM):


subgirl says to Martha Sue(11:58 PM):

wow! ok :)

Martha Sue says to subgirl(11:58 PM):

I am eagerly waiting for that moment in time to start blessing!

subgirl says to Martha Sue(11:58 PM):

sounds really good!

Martha Sue says to subgirl(11:59 PM):

see you soon! Love to all!

subgirl says(11:59 PM):

yes me too :) cant wait to be able to quit my job and start some awesome stuff :)

subgirl says(11:59 PM):

Good night MArtha Sue :)

subgirl says(11:59 PM):

ok, it is time to say our good nights to you all :)

End of Sunday's Chat Log
 | Link to Part 1



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