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Monday, November 7, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Monday 11/7/16 - Part 5

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 5 - Featuring rcookie

DIGIman1 says(4:51 PM):

is it still monday?

subgirl says(4:51 PM):

yes lol

DIGIman1 says(4:52 PM):

thot so.....i could still smell it....

subgirl says to DIGIman1(4:52 PM):

but rcookie has been bringing in such awesome news!!!! there is much to read in the logs!!!!

subgirl says to rcookie(4:54 PM):

rcookie you are sure rockin with news today and all weekend!!! WOW!!!!

DIGIman1 says(4:54 PM):

ok cool :) guess i'll go read :D

subgirl says to DIGIman1(4:54 PM):

most def do that!!! you will be amazed! :)

subgirl says to DIGIman1(4:54 PM):

:D have fun!

rcookie says(4:55 PM):

Iqbal, a large family on the wings of the Baghdad International Fair

8/11/2016 0:00

In the evening , estimated their numbers in the thousands

BAGHDAD / Mustafa Hashimi / Shokran Fatlawi

still the Baghdad International Fair witnessed a significant increase in the number of visitors to the wings of the participating countries, especially in the times of the evening as filled halls and wings of the exhibition visitors and shoppers , who number in the tens of thousands of people since the fourth time and until nine in the evening.

Accepts families on shopping from the wings of the direct selling specialized foodstuffs different origins as well as perfumes and clothing, as evidenced by some of the exhibition hold contests awarded the winners of prizes and gifts participants.

and the reasons increase the number of visitors to the exhibition evening time says Hadeel Abdul Salam: that 's why the most prominent is the full - time staff after hours official working hours as well as the majority of families meet at this time of day.

she said Abdel - Salam said in an interview for "morning" that go to the exhibition is a kind of entertainment for the few dedicated to the families in the city of Baghdad , recreational places, especially if the show is held annually for a period of 10 days, noting to it 's an opportunity to benefit from the presence of companies from several countries of the world to come together on the land of the Baghdad international Fair.

she Abdul Salam felt grateful for the participating countries because it 's so recorded supportive stance of Iraq defied the difficult circumstances that the country is going through what contributes to raise the morale of the Iraqi people. In

turn Ahmed Abdul - Jabbar said that the communication between all the participants in the exhibition saw a peak in the early days of it where you find all the participants in constant motion to see what offers companies and institutions involved where I stood , "morning" at the Ministry of oil Pavilion , which included ministry companies that offered mechanisms of action and adopted sophisticated technology in different work sectors, as well as the exhibition was given an opportunity to communicate with international companies without trouble, as well as available for last - based technologies , "according to those in charge of the wing."

distinct wings

and characterize Iranian wing , which is the largest pavilions in terms of the diversity of productions that were distributed among the furnishings famous Iranian carpets alongside products plastic and refrigerants, clothing, accessories and jewelry silver companies, as well as gemstones and electrical home appliances Kalmbirdat stove.

for its part the General Company for Trading of construction materials in the Ministry of Commerce announced the continued influx of representatives of Arab and international companies to the company 's pavilion at the Baghdad international Fair for the materials with which the company and show that companies desire to contract with the company 's construction for the supply of various construction materials.

the director of the company 's stand in Baghdad gallery Nizar Abdullah: that of those companies are Bertikan Iran for the production of artificial stone known stone Isfahani company.

he that there are four ways to deal with the other side , a tender and the method of direct purchase and handle disposal fee and the granting of exclusive agency on the condition that the material be agreed under the global laboratory tests.

He invited the delegation of Iranian Bertikan company to hold another hearing in the company 's construction headquarters and meeting with the Director General to access the advanced stages of negotiation.

for his part, Qasim Aziz agent in Iraq , the desire of his company in dealing with the company 's construction because of its good reputation in the local market as well as the holdings of Mkhoznah large areas in all governorates of Iraq.

competitive prices

and perhaps what distinguishes the session 43 to the Baghdad international Fair remarkable attendance and mass turnout wide on the wings of the direct selling for being characterized by competitive prices and materials original origin

rcookie says(4:56 PM):

mass turnout wide on the wings of the direct selling for being characterized by competitive prices and materials original origin as well as it 's good.

for the economists said Laidlaw part in that event and its impact positive and direct with dimensional great benefits to the economy of Iraq, especially in these circumstances through out of the country.

In this regard the economic academic said Dr. Essam Mahouelle that the Baghdad international Fair is a great opportunity that should be invested for infrastructure reconstruction, especially that countries possess huge potential had attended to Iraq in search of an opportunity to carry out their activities through a contract with the implementation of vital projects needed by Iraq.

among Mahouelle in an interview for the "morning" that although influenced by Iraq 's decline in oil prices and its impact on the investment budget, but it is possible to negotiate with those companies to pay on credit in exchange for a number of projects across the provinces.

he said through my knowledge and watching the exhibition annually the wings of the Baghdad international Fair suffer from a lack of visiting officials in the ministries for the last what we have reached world - class technology, noting that visits of officials of the wings of the companies gives them the motivation to keep the audience and encourages them to provide better Maldiha to benefit from it in the reconstruction of Iraq.

"morning" and stood at the French pavilion , which came companies have a close relationship with the Iraqi market and specializing in different fields, this was confirmed by the wing director said that the presence of French companies in Baghdad gallery Bdorth 43 represents an opportunity to stand up the Iraqi industrial sector as well as the global counterpart directly examined the working methods and the possibility of the transfer of advanced technology to the various sectors economic to Iraq and this ambitious French companies participating in the exhibition.

international understandings

and continued: so we can say that the exhibition can achieve positive results, and we hope to reach understandings cooperation is the beginning of some discreet economy because the Iraqi economy is complemented by global effort advanced, indicating that all German companies to participate in the exhibition has a great desire to co - exist within Iraq.

loop says(4:56 PM):

Association of Banks continue to implement its training program

8/11/2016 0:00

Anti - money laundering and terrorist financing

BAGHDAD / morning

continue aimed at the promotion of human resources through specialized financial affairs of and under the supervision of international experts , the ongoing training courses, to enable local competencies of advanced banking systems that rely regionally and internationally, where the governing Iraqi private banks association on the National Business Council Chamber efforts training course specialist staff banks within the continuous training program.

Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Ali Tariq said that the ongoing Association in organizing specialized training courses which include competencies working in banking , both public and private sector, noting that the current session of regulating the participation of 29 employees representing different banks, to enable them the basics of financial accounting.

the Association organized menstrual cycles during the previous period under the supervision of international centers and experts from around the world in a move to develop banking products, especially that our financial sector is suffering a shortage of banking products compared to regional and global banks that have opened branches in Iraq .

international certificate

Tariq pointed out that this session followed by another session for the participants themselves , but higher by enabling them to broader systems level and more sophisticated granted after an international certificate in this important specialization in the banking business, pointing out that private banks interact with the Association programs , aimed at the development of workers in the banking sector.

He said the course includes a detailed analysis of financial transactions and settlement «corresponding» financial fixed assets, as well as methods of consumption, loans and allowances and the preparation of financial statements.

Tariq confirmed that the middle of next month , will organize a specialized training course in the field of combating money laundering and terrorism financing in order to create efficiencies on a high degree of expertise in this specialization is important for our national economy, adding that the association pays great attention to this aspect and there is cooperation with the relevant authorities to undermine any attempts in this aspect.

uneven levels

Lama lecturer Rami Hourani has pointed out that there is a disparity in the levels of the participants in this session, but we have seen there is a reaction by everyone to participate and get new information, pointing out that our program is designed to enable participants to advanced systems through practical activity which is accompanied by subtraction theory.

he said that the program does not include a test once and to make the participant closer to the program session and this really achieved a positive result where you find everyone racing in taking a course to discuss and apply what you earned to be more self - confidence to master the system on affairs of accounting.

new styles

and pointed to the adoption of new methods to deliver information to the trainee, which helped to increase the interaction between the participants, noting that lecturers a high degree of expertise in this area and contribute significantly to the creation of new efficiencies beneficial to the banking sector.

while the co - Ibrahim Adel Jassem: he found in this session the need for it will come out with new information to help him adopt the advanced systems we are desperately in need, stressing the importance that we come lecturers have extensive experience in banking technologies and the delivery of information to return.

subgirl says to loop(4:57 PM):

thank you Loop :)

subgirl says(4:57 PM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/RCookie, Mr White & Hutch – Nov. 9th 7:30pm EST – In the DU CHAT ROOM!! WITH AN AFTER CALL after the NEWSTIME! :)

subgirl says(4:58 PM):


Doug_W says(4:58 PM):


loop says to subgirl(4:58 PM):


Doug_W says(4:59 PM):

I have to unload a new portable dishwasher from Di's car

loop says(5:10 PM):

Department of Justice: we have evidence against financiers Daesh {}

8/11/2016 0:00

Prepare a file for submission to the international judiciary confirmed

BAGHDAD / morning

Revealed Justice Minister Haider al - Zamili, the possession of the Ministry for evidence documented condemns financiers gangs "Daesh" terrorist before the international court.

According to a statement to inform the ministry received a "morning , " a copy of it, that Zamili "confirmed during a meeting in his office on Monday, US Ambassador to Iraq , Douglas Silliman and his accompanying delegation, the ministry has taken it upon itself and through legal and humanitarian committees , the performance of national roles toward the criminalization of "Daesh" in front of local and international justice file, calling for a "united stand of the international community to support the government in its quest to view the violations committed by the terrorist gangs against Iraqi issues. "

The Minister of Justice that" the ministry had a major participation in the area of the criminalization of "Daesh" gangs and from the outset for its entry into the country through the collection of live evidence on terrorism , crimes and documented to convict him and prosecute him domestically and internationally . " Said Zamili: "after adding the Ministry of Human tasks Human cancellations to the Ministry of Justice, as the body closest to the specialization, we started forming a central Commission for Human rights , headed by the Minister of Justice and within the membership of all government agencies and institutions chock her and competent in the field of human rights , " he said , adding that " this committee took it upon themselves to write reports on crimes and violations committed against the citizens in the occupied territories in general to take action. "

He added that" this committee began her duties apply the laws and decisions on human rights file on the local and international axes, both related to the prison file or issues community, in addition to its work in writing and document reports of abuse and crimes related to gangs "Daesh" in areas that have been liberated from the control of , and take depositions from witnesses about the crimes committed by these gangs , "explained the Minister of Justice that" documented reports from the Ministry of Justice will provide the evidence necessary for the Iraqi cadas and internationally to condemn terrorism and financiers about the crimes committed against Iraqis, "pointing out that" the Ministry of Justice has made significant accomplishing through its presence in the UN Human rights Council in Geneva , which we got through the approval of the President of the Council on Iraq 's request to get a seat on the Human rights Council, which would deliver our voice to this international forum on human rights file. "

In turn, assured the US ambassador that" the significant role that she got the Justice Department in dealing with the rights of the file rights will contribute to the support directed the US government and European countries before the international court, in addition to the supplied evidence necessary to criminalize the organization "Daesh" terrorist worldwide, " the US ambassador said according to a statement of the Ministry of Justice," that the international community seeks to be Iraq 's participation essential in the prosecution and conviction of terror, through the presence of the Ministry of Justice and the presence of Iraqi law , along with the international laws and legislations to the rhythm appropriate on terrorism and those supporting it sanctions. "

clay says to loop(5:12 PM):


(5:13 PM)Check out the "Current Iraq NEWS" Thread in the Forum - http://www.dinarupdates.com/forumdis...rent-Iraq-NEWS - All News - ALL DAY LONG!!

savannah says(5:22 PM):

anyone else feel like they didn't gain an hour of sleep with the time change? lol

clay says to savannah(5:24 PM):

me lolk

savannah says to clay(5:24 PM):

right?!?! I'm exhausted...

Doug_W says to savannah(5:26 PM):


Doug_W says to savannah(5:26 PM):

my gonkulator is didcombobulated with it

savannah says to Doug_W(5:27 PM):

I have needed nap time all afternoon... whaaaaaaaaa lol

savannah says to Doug_W(5:27 PM):

huh? lol

Doug_W says to savannah(5:27 PM):


savannah says to Doug_W(5:27 PM):

lack of sleep... I missed it :)

Doug_W says to savannah(5:27 PM):

U never were a Hogan's Heroes fan Eh?

clay says to savannah(5:27 PM):

me too but too hyper

savannah says to Doug_W(5:27 PM):

not really... kinda before my time lol

Doug_W says to savannah(5:28 PM):


savannah says to clay(5:28 PM):


savannah says to Doug_W(5:28 PM):


clay says to savannah(5:28 PM):

had plenty

Doug_W says to savannah(5:28 PM):

awww gee thanks DOLL

clay says to savannah(5:28 PM):

run down by a fierce cold

savannah says to Doug_W(5:28 PM):

that was me this morning... then it lost its effect lol

clay says to savannah(5:28 PM):


clay says to savannah(5:28 PM):

how you been

Doug_W says to savannah(5:28 PM):

tomorrow is THE day S

loop says(5:28 PM):

For the banking sector in Iraq

November 7, 2016 in the Publications comments on all of the banking sector in Iraq closed

In any country, the monetary policy is one of the key pillars in supporting the national economy and development,So you should be reconsidered approved for the development of the potential of the banking sector and enhance opportunities for its contribution to the mobilization of savings and attract deposits plans.

Iraq and in the midst of the political and economic situation is stable had to be that performs a comprehensive review of the work of the state of the banking sector, which suffers from gaps confound his work over the past years, especially with the busy policymakers security and political conditions that did not know quiet for more than 13 years, where he turned the country into chaos after the entry of the US occupation forces to Iraq in 2003.

This flaw is not in Baghdad, but also in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, which was not in isolation from events in the whole of Iraq, here Bankers experts point to flaws in the Iraqi banking system architecture, from the door of that state Tzm "No two central banks on its territory, it is not this, but that the Central Bank of the province without the law so far, and this is due to the dominance of the Ministry of Finance in the region it, as it is doing all financial transactions and activities and the distribution of salaries, which includes the salaries of all security institutions distribute.

The central bank Federal Director confirmed that a sub-bank in each of the city of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah present their situation does not represent a part or a branch of the Central Bank of Iraq, and this confuses the work and does not help the region that provides the proper framework for the briefing to operate the banking and financial institutions in the Kurdistan Region. However, the meetings between the two sides have contributed to the agreement that there is a real central bank in the Kurdistan Region, and to be part of the Central Bank of Iraq, and has all the requirements and specifications, The Bank is currently the process of detailed procedures relating to this trend. As shown in the attached book.

And there is an overlap in the terms of reference and procedures but until now did not take the decision to establish branches of the Rafidain and Rasheed bank in the region, due to the reason that the province was required to link the region with the Central Bank of the Central Bank and its association with the powers of the region. Add to this that all branches of banks, the province-owned banks before 1992, but it is linked to the Ministry of Finance in the region for the two banks did not open branches in the province so far, where the Ministry of Finance in the region attributed the cause to administrative reasons and legal procedures.

In talking about the corruption recall that recently has been Alqaoualqd the Director of the Central Bank of the province and his deputy by court order from body integrity of the territory of Kurdistan, against the backdrop of some of the instruments disbursement of funds illegally in exchange for kickbacks.

Observers have expressed optimism the decision of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in June 2016, the dismissal of eight directors of the commercial banks, Rafidain and Rasheed, and real estate and real estate, industrial and agricultural and others, saying during a meeting with talk of Iraq program, it is a step on the road to reform.

But the policy of the Central Bank still faces criticism about the auction currency selling and dealing with private sector banks, trying bank's board pursuit of policies and strategic plans develop for the advancement of the banking sector as Bank launched in early 2016, his strategy for the next five years, which included the important goals.

CBI seeks to heal the rift that led to the decline in the banking sector doing the rounds of inspection and audit banks in civil transactions, Bhd to stop the torrent of corruption that has bedeviled the Iraqi economy and the banking sector in particular.

Chief financial officer at the US Embassy in Iraq, John Sullivan has praised the efforts of Iraq in the reform of the central bank, which confirmed that the bank «completed within a year more than what has been accomplished in the past 13 years.

loop says(5:28 PM):

In front of the CBI great responsibilities to reform the sector, which has suffered from many crises, marginalization and exploitation under the previous governments, to be the house of Iraq's real money and a source of stability of its economy, and this will be pursuing international standards, and away from interference ministries and Amlaihm policies and terms has not been to the monetary policy onion in addition to the lack of central bank adviser's ability to defend the bank by law, may be the steps taken by the Bank during the past period, the introduction of real reforms.

Doug_W says to savannah(5:28 PM):


loop says(5:29 PM):

Chief financial officer at the US Embassy in Iraq, John Sullivan has praised the efforts of Iraq in the reform of the central bank, which confirmed that the bank «completed within a year more than what has been accomplished in the past 13 years.

savannah says to clay(5:29 PM):

ssdd... I don't understand how things can continue to drag out like the do. RV and personal issues. I'm so beyond ready to be done!

loop says(5:29 PM):

«completed within a year more than what has been accomplished in the past 13 years.

loop says(5:29 PM):

«completed within a year more than what has been accomplished in the past 13 years.

savannah says to Doug_W(5:29 PM):

I'm sooooo happy for you hun :D

Doug_W says to savannah(5:29 PM):


Doug_W says(5:30 PM):


savannah says to Doug_W(5:30 PM):

cya ((((hugs))))

clay says to savannah(5:31 PM):

me too

rcookie says to loop(5:32 PM):


savannah says to clay(5:32 PM):

how have you been?

clay says to savannah(5:32 PM):

besides tired from work good

savannah says to clay(5:32 PM):

so happy to hear it :)

clay says to savannah(5:32 PM):

but so ready to retire when this happens

savannah says to clay(5:33 PM):

yep... like all of us

clay says to savannah(5:33 PM):


savannah says to clay(5:33 PM):

so when? lol

savannah says to clay(5:33 PM):

you know I'm kidding lol

clay says to savannah(5:33 PM):

$@@n lol

savannah says to clay(5:33 PM):

UGH!!!!!!! LOL

clay says to savannah(5:33 PM):

one day in the near future

savannah says to clay(5:34 PM):

that doesn't work either

clay says to savannah(5:34 PM):


savannah says to clay(5:34 PM):

what's for dinner? I don't know how to cook for 1

rcookie says to loop(5:34 PM):


clay says to savannah(5:34 PM):

last night was steaks

clay says to savannah(5:34 PM):

maybe burgers tonight

savannah says to clay(5:35 PM):

a steak would be nice... lol

clay says to savannah(5:35 PM):

its got to be seered and BBQ'd

savannah says to clay(5:36 PM):

okay, I'm jelly... looking like canned soup for me

loop says to rcookie(5:37 PM):


rcookie says to loop(5:37 PM):


clay says to savannah(5:38 PM):

beenn eating that for a week with this cold

loop says(5:38 PM):

The settlement document ... Project reconciliation or preserve the interests of the powerful political forces

November 8, 2016 in the media center

In the midst of the battle to liberate Mosul, approved the National Alliance , the Shia, the project «close political settlement» in Iraq, announced the beginning of a bitter debate between the political and social forces on the feasibility of the initiative and its importance and the prospects for success in the conduct of national reconciliation absent since 2003.

Comes the National Alliance initiative in a huge battle to liberate Mosul and mounting calls for a genuine national reconciliation to prevent the provision of a suitable environment to repeat the emergence of the phenomenon of organization in the country, through the abolition of sectarian and ethnic quotas, and an end to the monopoly of power by the Shiite parties, as opposed to the marginalization of the Sunni sect destruction and deterioration of the outcome of the situation of the country at different levels socially the political, economic and security.

In order to alleviate these concerns and demands, came the attempts of the National Alliance (Shiite) to launch a project called «close settlement» , which he described pal «historic» critical to the achievement of civil peace, but that a lot of the objections were met by the document and considered it an attempt to consolidate the dominance of the majority on the other.

He said the godfather of the document, the head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al - Hakim, said the document settlement between components in Iraq presented by the National Alliance will be historic, and contribute to the achievement of reconciliation between the components of the people.

He said al - Hakim during a seminar in Erbil recently, the battle to liberate the end Nineveh, impose redrawing of the relationship between the components, claiming that «document« will be a surprise to the Iraqis being solved a lot of problems and remove fears, he said.

In turn, Iyad Allawi, warned yesterday the first Saturday in a press conference, the «failure to achieve genuine reconciliation in the country after the completion of the liberation of Mosul , may provide the atmosphere for the re - emergence of al «Qaeda« in Iraq, the presence of the environment incubator started complaining about the state of exclusion and marginalization ».

Allawi said in a televised statement I followed« Quds Al- Arabi », Mosul is a historic opportunity for Iraq in the post edit Mosul of al «State», and that Iraq is at a crossroads, either be out of this enclosure and build a genuine reconciliation between the components save situation of systemic collapse, and either ends ».

And confirmed member of the Iraqi parliament from Mosul Nora Albjara,« that post the collapse of the organization in Mosul represent the real test for the leaders of Iraq 's political various affiliations and decision - makers to build the state or to establish non - state ».

She called in a statement for the adoption of a national policy of Iraqis gathered not differentiate respondents addresses secondary Ktaivh and creed, nationality, claim to be a battle to liberate Mosul from the organization, the start of the recovery in the rebuilding of the state and its power structure of the points, otherwise it will increase the numbers of disaffected lower conditions and poor management of the country and the rule of disparate parties ».

She said" Exit regulation golden opportunity various Iraqi parties to file to rebuild the state of Iraqi society and the political and constitutional new foundations, it can not the previous phase errors exceeded building on existing policy and mechanisms and methodology in the rebalancing of the state and the consolidation of national bonds between the components of Iraqi society.

The sources in the national Alliance, announced that a team led by the Shiite alliance member Ibrahim Bahr al- Ulum, embarked on the text of «close settlement» aimed at reconciliation preparation between Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish political parties, noting that the National Alliance delegation had contacts with some Sunni figures to choose the year representatives who will sign the document.

However , the criticism of this move was considered that the National Alliance is focused on Sunni figures engaged primarily in the political process for years, and neglecting powers political Sunnis outside the political process to move them presumably due to its role in the Sunni street, according to observers.

loop says(5:38 PM):

The National Alliance met with the United Nations representative in Iraq for granting driven international cover, where he called on the United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), last month, Iraqis to engage in a meaningful dialogue leading to the «historic compromise» between the components and sects », she said.

Under the title (dead project for a settlement), Raji bright wrote in the« long »independent published an article, which said« that a political settlement project posed the National Alliance under the name « historical » There is nothing new in it except to confirm recognition of the division and find a political document recorded that the forces that have the right to rule Iraq does not exceed the signatories to the promised settlement agreement, and this settlement is intended to produce« title »grants for sectarian parties and racist right to rule Iraq forever.

It is seen some leaked a document settlement will find that the subject of the settlement is the sharing of power and not a solution to the problems of citizens, and themselves , leaders who have failed previously, they will fail again because they are simply part of the problem and their continued presence and their approach means that the crisis continues ».

It is noteworthy that many of the parties and political leaders in Iraq, called after protests demanding reforms, to «cross-sectarian political projects», to absorb the resentment of the street, where their critics considered part of the re - polish the image of the Shiite parties that failed to lead the efforts of the Iraqi state.

Mustafa al-Obeidi

subgirl says to magnetlady(Whisper message)(5:39 PM):

thank you :) just got back home lol was out and about lol

savannah says to clay(5:39 PM):

no use wasting good food when your sick? lol

clay says to savannah(5:39 PM):


clay says to savannah(5:39 PM):


savannah says to clay(5:39 PM):

I agree

loop says to rcookie(5:39 PM):

I sure thought that statement was huge.

clay says to magnetlady(5:41 PM):

hey Mags :)

(5:41 PM)subgirlcopy changed nickname to subgirl!

rcookie says to loop(5:41 PM):


subgirl says to magnetlady(5:41 PM):

thank you Mags!!

rcookie says to loop(5:41 PM):


loop says to rcookie(5:42 PM):

Never get anything done .... Except this year when they did more then in the previous 13 years!

loop says to rcookie(5:43 PM):

What they seem to lack is a sense of direction.. LOL .. What they need is some kind of plan.

Soonergirlie says(5:44 PM):

awesome news Loopster (y)

rcookie says to loop(5:44 PM):


rcookie says to loop(5:45 PM):


loop says to rcookie(5:46 PM):

They are determined to get this right. IMO

rcookie says to loop(5:50 PM):


rcookie says to loop(5:50 PM):


clay says to rcookie(5:51 PM):

thank you

clay says to loop(5:51 PM):

thanks bud :)

loop says to rcookie(5:51 PM):

You are very welcome. I love being able to be a part of such a great team effort.

rcookie says to loop(5:52 PM):


clay says to loop(5:52 PM):

later all

savannah says to clay(5:53 PM):


magnetlady says(5:54 PM):

HEy rcookie, savannah, loop, clay

savannah says to magnetlady(5:54 PM):

evening mags

rcookie says to magnetlady(5:54 PM):


loop says(5:55 PM):

US officials: displaced from Mosul so far below expectations

Reuters Alaa Al-Marjani

Posted: 11/7/2016 | 22:23 are GMT |Arab World News

US officials on Monday November 7, reported that the number of people displaced by the attack on the city of Mosul to restore the "Daesh" There is still so far below expectations, They confirmed the possibility of a rally.

A US official, said that 33 thousand people left their homes to escape the fighting, since the start of the Iraqi forces attack three weeks ago to restore Mosul.

The official added that the lower than expected that the Iraqi forces are not yet up to the most densely populated places in the city.

And besieging the clashes in Mosul, Iraq's second city, at least a million people, with can not give specific figures after more than two years on the control of the militants, "Daesh" on them.

And monitored by the United Nations and the Iraqi and US governments and non-governmental organizations has great potential to help the displaced, humanitarian agencies as they prepare for the exodus of 700 thousand people.

She says those agencies that some of the displaced people of Mosul will go to the relatives of them will not be in need of the camps.

Source: AFP

Yassin Boteti

loop says to magnetlady(5:55 PM):

Hi Mags!!(F)

rcookie says to loop(5:57 PM):


(5:57 PM)george was kicked out by george!

rcookie says to loop(5:57 PM):


rcookie says to loop(5:59 PM):


loop says to rcookie(5:59 PM):

I agree with your assesment.. Wonder news.

rcookie says to loop(5:59 PM):


loop says to rcookie(6:00 PM):

Not a fantasyland I want any part of..

MrsBGG says to loop(6:01 PM):

Good evening :)

MrsBGG says to loop(6:01 PM):

Thank you for the News!!

loop says to MrsBGG(6:01 PM):

GE.. You are very welcome.

rcookie says to loop(6:03 PM):


loop says to rcookie(6:03 PM):

The Truth will set you free and is usually nothing to be scared of... At least that is how it has worked in my life.

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The news out of Iraq is so positive and supportive of our investment.

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GN Gang

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gn ame

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Go Away 88

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and yes i have seen photo's of dubai...not too shabby

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4 thousand dead of peshmerga guerrillas in battles with Daesh

Erbil - and Kalat- fighting forces "peshmerga" Kurdish ongoing fighting in Mosul along with the Iraqi units in the specified axes. The losses amounted to Kurdish forces since the start of fighting al (Daesh) about 4,000 people dead, according to officials, who called for a consensus on the future of the province.

The peshmerga announced yesterday, edit hand Ba'shiqah center northeast of Mosul of the elements of al - Daesh. The news agency "Alsumaria News" quoted a military source in the Peshmerga, who asked not to be named, said that these forces are preparing for operations of inspection around the city, and the peshmerga forces announced yesterday morning launched an operation to liberate Ba'shiqah, and moved in the morning to enter the city besieged since October 23 the past. The process began to launch armored special forces (Zervana), headed by the president of the province , which, Massoud Barzani, 3 - axis attack on the organization of the state.

He announced the mayor of Sinjar , a leader of the "Kurdistan Democratic Party" the party Mahma Khalilzad, that the peshmerga proved to the world that it is the only force that fought Daesh for more than two years, noting that it began fighting after entering Daesh to Mosul, at the time did not come close to Mosul , any Iraqi force. He pointed out that "nothing makes up the blood of the peshmerga, they are more precious than anything , " stressing that the Peshmerga are still fighting and offered martyrs after martyrs for the homeland.

He expressed concern, that restores the prime minister Haider al - Abadi predecessor , Nouri al - Maliki 's experience with the Kurds, and digest their rights and override the Constitution, noting that "today peshmerga stuck land liberated and fighting continues, and we expect Abadi that the Constitution applies and Article 140 of the Constitution and give us all our rights It approved the constitution and the lack of overtaking them. " For his part, called on the Kurdistan Alliance MP Mohsen Saadoun, a "political consensus on the future of the province of Nineveh after Daesh,.

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Uprising against the people of Mosul Daesh {} hasten the final victory

8/11/2016 0:00

MPs expect to escalate with the imminent liberalization right side

BAGHDAD / Omar Abdel Latif

Multiple indicators and events successive willingness among the population of the city of Mosul aggrieved shown on "Daesh" perched on their chests since more than two years to rise up his face and took up arms against him, which was confirmed by displaced from the northern city of Mosul were able to the city leave the storming of the Iraqi forces for a number of eastern neighborhoods, with signs of an uprising among the people against the "Daesh" emerged clearly since it began news and indicators are frequent on the military campaign to restore the city , which had announced it began formally on last October 17 , a starting point.

Amid this atmosphere predicted deputies get a great uprising of the people and the young people of Nineveh province , with the approach of the security for the Liberation forces the right side of the province.

Unite and reconcile the head of the Rafidain bloc in the House of Representatives Kanna in a statement singled out the "morning": " the expected from the people of Nineveh , after the dark period they spent they languished under the oppression and control "Daesh" gangs to join hands and reconcile and be hand in particular the fragmentation and expelled from the province and the one ", and the MP that the people of Nineveh , the face of what he described as" sisters Daesh "in the future , " the fact that the terrorist gang tried rooting curriculum and ideas takfiri and incitement to murder and hatred. "

He noted that" Musli community must prove homogeneity and compatibility with each other and leave all sub - identities, and united around a single identity is Iraq. "

For his part, predicted Rep Naif Shammari said , " is there a large uprising against the elements "Daesh" by the locals in the province of Nineveh. "

Al - Shammari said in a statement the " morning ": that" there is great cooperation from the people of Nineveh province, led to victory faster than expected , "noting that" there is a large uprising will be by the locals on elements of this criminal organization to drive it out of the province. "

Major uprising of either the House of Representatives by Nora Albjara has shared her colleague Shammari forecast obtaining an uprising by the youth and the people of Nineveh against" Daesh "gangs and Tkebedhm big losses , which will accelerate the liberalization province.

She Albjara in the statement summarized by "morning": that "gangs" Daesh "when you pull out of villages and towns , withdraw with residents inside the city, making horror is going on parents to use them as human shields , " indicating that " the joy of those residents near the arrival of the security forces to free them and support them and help them with information, but the gang" Daesh "afraid of this joy, prompting them to make the citizens as human shields."

She Albjara, said the "edit left side of the connector is very important and access to great neighborhoods, but the problem is on the right side , which is characterized by population density, the conditions difficult, as well as telecommunications outages between him and the other side, " a proposed broadcast national songs and data that confirms edit important regions in the province and broadcast radio and TV , which was brought under control recently, after they blocked the reception space" satellite "and TVs, predicted Albjara be" there is an uprising by residents and young men in the city after he got in some villages and towns , which have been on the track dragged elements "Daesh" gangs and linking them to wire electricity and dismembering their bodies. "

Thwart the enemies schemes for his part, MP for the front reform Mohammad Chihod that" the uprising of the people of Mosul confirmed against "Daesh" gangs Iraq foiled terrorist enemies who bet on the complexities of the process schemes to edit. " He explained Chihod in a statement, that " the enemies of Iraq Aldoaash politicians and behind them stands of the regional countries and supporting exporting and financed terrorism and thought takfiri deviant; bet on that Iraqi forces will not be able to edit Mosul because of the geographical and social complexities, but the people of Mosul have proved today Aracathm and patriotism in maintaining the identity and affiliation of Iraq one unified rejection of all conspiracies division, "he added Chihod, that" the people of Mosul today stand side by side with the joint forces and rose up in some neighborhoods against the next Wahhabi takfiri from behind the border. "

loop says(6:24 PM):

He was Chief of Staff of the Army team Othman Ghanimi has revealed in a statement accompanying the start of operations " are coming, Nineveh," all that "Mosul is witnessing an internal revolt against the " Daesh "of all categories and components", stressing that " the military operation, which was launched last October 17 to restore Mosul city from the control of the organization "Daesh" stimulated the city's residents to rise up against the elements of the organization. "

loop says(6:25 PM):

Al - Shammari said in a statement the " morning ": that" there is great cooperation from the people of Nineveh province, led to victory faster than expected , "noting that" there is a large uprising will be by the locals on elements of this criminal organization to drive it out of the province. "

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So the people are starting to take up arms against their oppressors..

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Witness: Leaked image of the third building bought by Jaafari in London (Details)

07-11-2016 12:26 PM Hits: 6511

Orbit News -

Leaked picture showing the third architecture that bought a few Foreign Minister Ibrahim al - Jaafari , the address, in the British capital London.

Activists believe that the purchase of buildings in Europe and the Gulf states by current officials is a key opening the doors of corruption, stressing the need to apply the principle of 'Where did you get this?', At a time when the current government announces reform measures and'tqhvih 'amid a severe financial crisis plaguing the country .

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Thank you for bringing in the news Rcookie and Loop. Sounding great.

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sounds good guys!

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good evening!

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hi mags! news continues to shine!

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Nice building! Where did you get the money to buy it??

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It appears so jetset

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Allawi appreciates the adoption by the Parliament Act to the distribution of financial resources and calls for its application

Author: AR, HH

Editor: AR, HH

11/07/2016 13:00

Number of Views: 747

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Eighth Vice President Iyad Allawi, on Monday, the role of the House of Representatives in the legislation of the distribution of financial resources law, and as promised a step forward in the way of integration of the legal structure elements to achieve justice and launch comprehensive development wheel, called the executive authorities to take necessary measures to implement this law procedures.

Iyad Allawi said in a statement received (long-Presse) a copy of it, that "legislation distribution of financial resources law represents a very significant step forward in the way of integration of legal infrastructure necessary elements to achieve justice and launch a comprehensive development of the wheel," praising "the role of the House of Representatives passed" .

He praised Allawi as "all MPs and committees related to the presidency of the Council who have contributed to the enactment of this law," calling on all executive authorities to "take all necessary measures to implement this law procedures."

Allawi stressed the need to "The Board distinguished the completion and approval of the enhanced institutional laws for work packages and Alnashidh to justice and enhanced development, particularly in the human side and conducive to building a state of citizenship."

The Iraqi Council of Representatives voted during its meeting of the 28th legislative term of the first third legislative year, which was held on Saturday (5 November 2016), on the draft general body to monitor the allocation of federal revenue law.

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We have asked repeatedly resolute policy to encourage the Iraqi product, even if the price is competitive, or quality lower level, in order to create new jobs and a large segment of the unemployed, has the blockade experiment produced a growth in domestic manufacturing an experience that completely collapsed because Bremer's economic policies and that the joy of Iraqis initially but it contributed to the total elimination of their national production.

I call for a comprehensive review of economic plans, taking into account we are in a crisis will not end soon and will last for years, and Iraq's debts are increasing, and even if we assume that oil prices and rates of production will increase, the debt resulting from the Iraq will consume all of these increases.

Best projections indicate that oil prices may have to rise to $ 60 a barrel and this does not benefit Iraq a lot, and that increasing Iraq's oil production would meet opposition from OPEC, on one hand, and you will need huge investments will consume most revenue to be derived from increased production on the other hand.

The state's reliance on foreign investment have been unsuccessful because the capital is coward, which is looking for stability, security, integrity, and the whole is not available, but the Iraqi capital constantly dodged out of Iraq.

The only way ahead is the economic plan aimed at increasing domestic oil production is at least 5-10% per annum, will the state be able to make it? Will the House of Representatives can compel such a plan?

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rcookie says(6:53 PM):

US Apache helicopters involved in the battle of Mosul

Nov 07, 2016

WASHINGTON AP b Pentagon announced Monday that US Apache helicopters engaged in air support operations of the United States provided to Iraqi forces in their offensive aimed to restore the city of Mosul of the "Islamic state".

A spokesman for the US Department of Defense Peter Cook said Apache helicopters took part in the Battle of Mosul, especially for the destruction of the car bombs that attacked by suicide bombers jihadist organization of Iraqi forces.

According to information from the Pentagon nominated the US forces in Iraq has a limited number of Apache (about ten helicopters).

Before the battle of Mosul, a US Apache helicopters took part in only a few times in combat operations against the jihadists, especially in June in the valley of the Tigris.

But for asylum by US forces at the Battle of Mosul increasingly to the use of helicopters reflects the seriousness with which entailed by the Obama administration's decision to participate in the fight against jihadist organization, so that aircraft flying at slow speed and at low altitude compared with fighter jets and bombers, which means that the risk of exposure to fire jihadists much larger, and therefore the risk of the death of American soldiers is much larger.

Cook said, "We expect to continue to use this tool compliant and accurate to support the progress of the Iraqi forces in what we expect to be fierce fighting in the future."

Iraqi forces launched a major offensive to recover the second-largest city in the country from the hands of the jihadists, leads air support provided by the international coalition led by the United States a decisive role in this battle.

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