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Monday, November 7, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Monday 11/7/16 - Part 4

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 4 - Featuring rcookie

subgirl says to holly1(1:42 PM):

thats ok lol :D

(1:42 PM)Karla was kicked out by Karla!

holly1 says to subgirl(1:44 PM):

Reducing the tariff for international calls between Iraq and Iran by 50%

holly1 says to subgirl(1:45 PM):

BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq and Communications Minister Kazem Hassan Rashid and Minister of Communications and IT Iranian information, Mahmoud and preachers agreed to lower tariffs for international calls to mobile phones by 50%. He said the preachers at a press conference with Iraqi Minister of Communications on Monday, in Tehran: "operators phones in Iraq, calls will be reduced by 50 percent, starting from today. "He added that" the two sides agreed to launch a new line of communication, where currently there are five direct lines between the two countries and will rise to six lines. "He explained the minister and preachers, that" the exchange of contacts

holly1 says to subgirl(1:45 PM):

between Iran and Iraq it is across Europe, and made available direct link last year, which led to shorten the distance, "noting that" Iranian and Iraqi side Idonan roadmap for communication, and that they would take decisions conducive to increasing the quality of services in the light of the citizens of the two countries and mutual ongoing visits on various occasions. " for his part, Minister of communications Kazem Hassan Rashed, "due to the presence of Iranian pilgrims in the ceremony forty visit, Iraq is ready to cut mobile phone calls by 50 percent."

holly1 says to subgirl(1:45 PM):


holly1 says to subgirl(1:46 PM):

Rafidain Bank announces the opening of a new branch in Diyala province

holly1 says to subgirl(1:47 PM):

BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq announced Rafidain Bank on Saturday, the opening of a new branch in Diyala province, as part of the expansion plan to provide banking services to Mwatunain.oukal the bank said in a statement today: "It put a plan of action to deliver and provide the best banking services to a larger geographical area and more possible number of citizens. "the statement added that" the Bank opened a new branch in the great hand in Diyala province, bringing the number of bank branches 163 branches and continues to develop its services. "he explained that" in the next few days will be the opening of new branches announced plans On time".

holly1 says to subgirl(1:47 PM):


Doug_W says(1:48 PM):

HOW many more hours Subby?

subgirl says to Doug_W(1:53 PM):


subgirl says to holly1(1:53 PM):


Doug_W says(2:02 PM):

well how many?

(2:04 PM)Pablo was kicked out by Pablo!

Doug_W says(2:04 PM):

Hint: my appt is at 0900

subgirl says to Doug_W(2:05 PM):


rcookie says(2:09 PM):


Doug_W says(2:09 PM):

as is the nature of it

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(2:14 PM)jeffjane was kicked out by jeffjane!

subgirl says to rcookie(2:23 PM):

yes it is! WOW! so much coming out of Iraq!!! this is sure coming down!

(2:24 PM)wickedwitch1 was kicked out by wickedwitch1!

(2:28 PM)Buttercup was kicked out by Buttercup!

(2:28 PM)Pablo was kicked out by Pablo!

Doug_W says(2:44 PM):

take that !!

subgirl says to Doug_W(2:45 PM):


Doug_W says(2:46 PM):

17 hours now...but WHO is counting

subgirl says to Doug_W(2:46 PM):

lol who is counting lol

woodywoodpecker says(2:57 PM):

I am not telling who I am voting for tomorrow but I will be wearing a red polo shirt.

clay says to woodywoodpecker(2:59 PM):


(3:05 PM)boliver was kicked out by boliver!

subgirl says(3:11 PM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/RCookie, Mr White & Hutch – Nov. 9th 7:30pm EST – In the DU CHAT ROOM!! and the After Call :)

(3:13 PM)Check out THE BLOG - http://www.dinarupdates.com/blog/ - for the latest Dinar News, Documents and Call banners

subgirl says to Doug_W(3:16 PM):


jeffjane says to clay(3:30 PM):

Question - did you read and understand the Maliki retire article?

jeffjane says to clay(3:31 PM):

I read it as he is being paid retirement but also still helping with some lawa. Is that correct?

clay says to jeffjane(3:33 PM):

not sure

clay says to jeffjane(3:33 PM):

saw where he was getting retirement money

clay says to jeffjane(3:33 PM):

maybe just as an advisor

jeffjane says to clay(3:34 PM):

I wish he was a de-- advisor

clay says to jeffjane(3:36 PM):

me too

(3:38 PM)wickedwitch1 was kicked out by wickedwitch1!

(3:40 PM)boliver was kicked out by boliver!

(3:41 PM)boliver was kicked out by boliver!

Doug_W says(3:42 PM):

me 3

clay says(3:42 PM):


subgirl says to Doug_W(3:43 PM):


Dr Dave says(3:44 PM):

howdy Doc......big day tomorrow

Dr Dave says(3:44 PM):

this election stuff is getting OLD

clay says(3:44 PM):

awesome glad for ya

Doug_W says(3:44 PM):

getting ???

clay says(3:45 PM):

oh the election lol

clay says(3:45 PM):

thought your teeth

clay says(3:45 PM):

its gotten very old

Doug_W says(3:45 PM):

0900 tomorrow Clay

clay says(3:45 PM):

has me totally stressed out

Doug_W says(3:46 PM):

U and 1/2 the rest of teh USA

clay says(3:49 PM):

4 sure

Dr Dave says(3:49 PM):

Trump has that effect on people

ol lar says(3:49 PM):

more confirmation ,this from CBI

ol lar says(3:50 PM):

central bankCENTRAL BANK: THE DELETION OF ZEROS IN EARLY 2017 Ibnnews3November 7, 2016Iraq News , Latest News , Economic , Titles0LIKE

Number of visitors Topic: 750


The governor of the Iraqi Central Bank on the Keywords that project to delete the zeros will be implemented in early 2017, indicating that the bank began to develop the first steps of the project.

Keywords and said in a statement on Monday, received Iraqi transmitter Network (IBN) a copy of the "The purpose of deleting three zeros from the Iraqi currency is to support the Iraqi dinar and make it a competitor of foreign currency," pointing out that "this strategic project will serve the country's economy if it will be inclusion of the Iraqi dinar in the global basket of currencies in the vital world exchanges. "

He added that the bank "is working on mechanisms for the implementation of this project is expected to start at the beginning of 2017," noting that "the central bank began the first steps of the project through the selection of designs, companies and the country in which the currency will be printed."

He pointed out that "the new currency entry does not mean the destruction of ancient coins, but will continue to trade for about ten years," pointing out that "this period will enable the central bank to withdraw the old currency in accordance with the dynamics and mechanics in order to preserve liquidity in the market."

clay says to ol lar(3:50 PM):

thanks buddy

Doug_W says(3:51 PM):

its NOT Trump Dave its HER UGGGGGGGGG

Dr Dave says(3:51 PM):

I thought that they printed the low denoms and fis already

Dr Dave says(3:51 PM):

fils oops

ol lar says(3:51 PM):


ol lar says(3:52 PM):

all we have are the articles

Dr Dave says(3:52 PM):

we have a elementry school drama teacher leading us

Doug_W says(3:52 PM):

I wonder if the new script will be plastic or paper?

Dr Dave says(3:53 PM):

plastic seems to be getting around more

Dr Dave says(3:55 PM):

just make sure that you do not put it through the Laundry accidently

Doug_W says(3:56 PM):

yes I have heard

Dr Dave says(4:01 PM):

wonder what Vegas is setting the odds at, in the election

clay says to Dr Dave(4:04 PM):


(4:10 PM)morris was kicked out by morris!

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Doug_W says(4:14 PM):

if U don't like teh Euro symbol try this one

Doug_W says(4:15 PM):

we also accept IQD lol

subgirl says(4:17 PM):


(4:17 PM)Dabmac was kicked out by Dabmac!

(4:17 PM)george was kicked out by george!

(4:22 PM)hbredfish was kicked out by hbredfish!

Elane says(4:24 PM):

Learn gift Abadi for the first commander of raising the Iraqi flag over Mosul?

: 07/11/2016 20:33 •

<img class="story_img" alt="Learn gift Abadi for the first commander of raising the Iraqi flag over Mosul?

" src="http://www.alliraqnews.com/uploads/news/image/medium/story_img_5820ba1b681e5.jpg" />

[Oan- Baghdad] decided commander of the armed forces , Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, make a gift to the first commander of the force raise the Iraqi flag over the city of Mosul , a declaration of liberation from Daesh terrorist gangs.

A source in the military, that "the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces decided to giving Russian tanks T72 model, from the army for the first commander of raising the Iraqi flag over Qaimmqamah spend Mosul building."

He pointed out that "This tank was Astradjaha of Daesh through the liberalization of Hamdaniya district east ofMosul operation after occupation of the city after the June events of 2014 ".

The source indicated that" the gift will be within military force mechanisms that led it up and under his command, Ktkirm to be done. "

and began large - scale military operation on October the last 17 for the Liberation of the city of Mosul from Daesh, joint forces and achieved it backed out from the crowd folk and tribal significant progress in various process four axes.

Elane says(4:24 PM):

Can anyone find other sources??

clay says to Elane(4:28 PM):

whar are they saying

clay says to Elane(4:28 PM):

they havent taken Mosul yet

Elane says(4:32 PM):

a declaration of liberation from Daesh terrorist gangs.

Elane says(4:32 PM):

Thats what got my attention

Elane says(4:33 PM):

Take care!

rcookie says(4:34 PM):

The central bank re - opening of branches in Arbil, Sulaymaniyah and linked officially

Author: ASJ

Editor: BK

11/07/2016 23:39

Number of Views: 159

Long-Presse / Baghdad

The Central Bank of Iraq, his intention to re-opening of branches in Erbil and Sulaymaniyah, stressing that they Sertbtan him directly and are subject to controls and mechanisms work.

A source familiar with the bank, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The House of the Central Bank's management decided three years ago, cut off his relationship with branches in Erbil and Sulaimaniya, as they relate to the Ministry of Finance in the government of the Kurdistan region, as well as the occurrence of some of the administrative and financial matters that have not lived up to him "noting that" the Governor of the Central Bank and the agency, on the Keywords, agreed with the politicians and financial officials in the Kurdistan region, about two weeks ago, to re-open a subsidiary bank in the region with a new look. "

The source, who asked not to be named, said, "will be officially affiliated branches of the Central Bank of Iraq and linked him directly and are subject to controls and working mechanisms governing all its branches."

The Central Bank of Iraq, decided on Sunday, (the sixth of November the current 2016), the opening of a branch in the Middle Euphrates region, the choice of holy city of Najaf-based.

Thus, the bank will have with this resolution, six branches, in Baghdad, Basra, Mosul, Arbil, Sulaimaniya and the Middle Euphrates.

clay says to rcookie(4:40 PM):

awesome thanks

rcookie says(4:43 PM):


clay says to rcookie(4:44 PM):

I like Mosul

loop says to rcookie(4:45 PM):

It almost like they are getting ready for something.

clay says to loop(4:45 PM):

hey loop :) something

loop says to clay(4:46 PM):

(:o)Yep something

rcookie says(4:47 PM):

Investment opportunities economically

8/11/2016 0:00

Hussein Tgb

and we are moving at the last two episodes of the series of the Baghdad International Fair , we have to stand on the results obtained from these economic Altdahirh that can be described task.

Although we have seen through the follow - up and presence in the exhibition conclude understandings initial among the participating companies, but the ambition was wider and erected in achieving partnerships strategy to benefit to the national economy , which has suffered neglect.

local effort with has to be more serious in making use of international quality participation and employed to serve the national economy , which is in dire need of advanced technology to start a genuine process of development in all production and service sectors.

international effort with broad and big , which attended to Iraq he has a real desire to work inside Iraq , and he was certain the possibility of Iraq 's economic and financial all cases , the crisis past , and the country is rich and capable of providing the necessary guarantees cutting - edge global companies.

to hide the one that dealing with specialized international companies that carry rated its jurisdiction on the list of global companies carried out its business in accordance with international specifications away from all forms of manipulation is important, where the reputation of the executive and that any project implemented falls within the list carried on her autobiography projects, such companies must Nktoa at them and be our future to achieve development, and must be reinvested presence within the exhibition for closer ties of cooperation with them.

Iraq needs to recover economically, this means the need for new projects in all productive and service sectors, and visited the exhibition to find companies came to show what Bdjaptha capabilities productivity and service quality can be a prescription for our economy patient for decades and which needs to be a real treat save him from chronic diseases , which stayed with him for a

long time .

Valmard international and specialized upcoming exhibitions must be detailed important within the ministries and public institutions plans as well as the private sector, because it 's a free chance to save a lot of time and effort and reduces the chances of having deals illegal and manipulated in various transactions.

rcookie says to loop(4:48 PM):


DIGIman1 says(4:51 PM):

is it still monday?

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