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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Monday 10/31/16 - Part 5

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 5 - Featuring rcookie & BGG

[5:39 PM] sassy:

rcookie hi my friend lol

[5:40 PM] rcookie:

Iraqi parliament

Governmental amendments freeze "general amnesty" , two months after the approval



11/01/2016 01:16

Number of Views: 69

Long-Presse / Baghdad

It led to harsh criticism from the prime minister for law, "general amnesty" to freeze temporarily, even two months after its adoption. The law provides for its entry into force as soon as the parliamentary vote on it.

The government handed over recently to the House of Representatives proposed amendments to the previous version's (general amnesty), but the latter has not offered to read yet, which angered the Sadrist movement, which calls for speeding up the release of dozens of his followers convicted terrorist operation issues.

The amendments included an exception "kidnapping" of the amnesty provisions, as new mechanisms for re-trial for the defendants in terrorism issues mode.

As stipulated government amendments on some paragraphs considered by some "provocative" Khmol general managers and above from the "document forgers," the provisions of the amnesty.

Government amendment also provides for retroactive force, which was considered by the Legal Committee unconstitutional facilitate challenged in court.

He criticized Prime Minister (General Amnesty Law), just days after its approval, and described the parliament additions to its terms as "criminal."

Ebadi said at the time that "the government rejects this subject and we will give an amendment to these paragraphs." He added, "we exclude all crimes of abduction from the amnesty, but the House of Representatives charged, that does not result in death or permanent disability."

Parliament held an amendment to the crimes of terrorism, which exempted the government version of the amnesty, and its tail requirement not caused death or disability, or the destruction of government property.

Ebadi said in this regard that "in the event of a terrorist saw a security man wearing an explosives belt he sacrifices himself for the dismantling of the belt, and in the light of the law would be released, because he was not killed or blowing himself up."

The House passed, on 25 August, a general amnesty, which included all those sentenced to death and other penalties except for 13 categories of crimes, including: the terrorist crime that gave rise to the killing or permanent disability, and crimes of human trafficking and all that falls under Title Act (captivity) as It termed the terrorist and takfiri groups.

It deals with the law to the kidnappings, which grew up in the death of the kidnapped or anonymity determination, or cause permanent disability, and rape, and crimes of smuggling of antiquities and crimes of money laundering.

It is assumed that the law comes into effect in September, and that takes the investigating judges and special courts of law enforcement in the thirty-day period for each defendant.

Abadi was on time, either to challenge the law in court for violating the provisions of the Constitution, or to submit a draft bill to amend paragraphs dilemma, which is the oldest it already.

Parliamentary Legal Committee and defended the amendments, which were held on the draft (general amnesty), attributed to the fact that they include a copy of the government is "very limited categories." Parliamentary Committee added new paragraphs, depending on the terms of reference laid down by the Constitution, according to some of its members.

More than 10 judges participated for weeks with the political blocs and parliamentary committees to finalize a general amnesty law.

After 6 days of the parliamentary vote, it endorsed the presidency of the law, which the surprise of political parties to its questions from the presidency rush to pass the law despite widespread objections raised.

[5:40 PM] rcookie:

Sadrist detainees

After days of a general amnesty legislation, the Supreme Judicial Council issued clear instructions through mechanisms of implementation of the law.

But the Office of the Attorney Juma, a member of the Liberal bloc, denied permission for a brief (range) "exit prisoners of the Sadrist movement," denying he knew the reasons.

In conjunction with the announcement of the government's refusal of a law "general amnesty" current, called Ansar al-Sadr's movement campaign on social networking sites to call for the release of their prisoners who say they are the "resisters of occupation."

The Legal Committee of the Parliamentary have added (Article 10), which stipulates that includes amnesty "Iraqi sentenced to death or to a penalty or negative measures of freedom, whether and Jahia judgment or in absentia gained a degree of bits or not acquired if the victim and the prosecutor the right profile of foreign troops occupied up to (2011) to make it clear that condemned the killing of Iraqis. "

He defended the Sadrists much about the addition of Article 10, in an effort to release the convicts from his supporters. He revealed deputies Liberal bloc of 30 detainees from their followers, Ciecmlon the provisions of the amnesty.

Forgery of certificates

In turn, stressed the MP dry longings, a member of the parliamentary human rights committee, received calls from people with complaints from prisoners include "Aptzazmahamin due to release measures crashes."

She Dry, he told the (range) yesterday, that "the instructions of law enforcement have been issued but the Government's objection it may malfunction," pointing out that "the government reshuffle on general amnesty, which arrived in Parliament, to ensure provocative paragraph I myself Sorvdha."

She Kurdish MP said "a paragraph talking about the inclusion of document forgers school to get a job as general manager and above are covered by the law," pointing out that "the article stipulated that have spent a third of his sentence and paid $ 50 thousand for every day a prison."

Dry and noted that "the preceding paragraph may be excluded counterfeiters who received certificates for the post of general manager and above the general amnesty."

Kidnapping and impact reactionary crimes

She says MP Kadhim al-Shammari, a member of the legal committee, said that "the amendment exempted comprehensively crime of kidnapping of the law."

The law was passed by Parliament excluded, in (Article 4 / VI) "kidnappings that grew up in the death of the kidnapped or anonymity destiny events or permanent disability."

Shammari said, in an interview with (range), that "the amendments included Article 9 for terrorism and retrial," stressing that "the judiciary has not released any sentenced according to the law so far."

The parliamentary agenda, the session last Saturday, which included a paragraph "The first reading of the draft first amendment to the law of the amnesty law No. (27) for the year 2016 has been postponed to read the amendment to the October 24 meeting, but the agenda of the last session did not include a paragraph amendment.

For his part, MP Hassan Turan, a member of the legal committee, said that "the Government's objection to the law does not mean failure to perform."

He said Turan, in connection with the (range), "The amendment to the amnesty, which reached to the Legal Committee, includes a clause unconstitutional," explaining that "the paragraph says that this law is implemented from the date of the previous amnesty."

He noted a member of the Legal Committee that "the Iraqi constitution explicitly to prevent the enactment of any law retroactively," adding that "not avoid this issue will lead to challenge the law."

From: grace-Habitat.

[5:43 PM] rcookie:

'Iraqi army saved us,' residents outside Mosul say

Arianna Pagani and Ammar Al Shamary, Special for USA TODAY 6:10 p.m. EDT October 31, 2016


(Photo: Marko Drobnjakovic, AP)







KHAZAR, Iraq — Word that the Iraqi army is nearing Mosul gave hope to traumatized refugees still covered in dust from their recent flight from the battle against the Islamic State militants.

“We are proud of the Iraqi army because they saved us,” said Abu Ali, 52, from Bazwaya, a town about 10 miles east of central Mosul that government troops retook Monday from the Islamic State. "We are not afraid of them (government troops). We are afraid of the Islamic State."

Ali was among the 1,400 people — mostly Arab Sunni Muslims and members of the Shabaak sect of Islam — who arrived the past few days in a camp in Khazar, 25 miles north of Mosul. A week ago, the camp was still under construction. It’s now prepared to hold 30,000 people.

The final days in Bazwaya were tense and chaotic, Ali said. The Islamic State had forbidden a host of activities under the radical group's ultra-orthodox interpretation of religion — even more so than earlier, he noted. And as Iraqi forces approached, the militants turned the town into a shooting gallery.

“There were much more controls,” Alì said. “We couldn’t go out, and if you went out, there were snipers everywhere. You could risk death even crossing the road to go to your uncle’s house.”

He had one request for Iraqi soldiers as they occupy Bazwaya, before heading from the eastern suburb to retake Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city. “I want to ask the government to protect our houses,” he said.

Iraqis who fled the violence in the city of Mosul as

Iraqis who fled the violence in the city of Mosul as a result of a planned operation to retake the Iraqi city from the Islamic State, walk past tents upon their arrival at the Khazar camp on Oct. 27, 2016. (Photo: Safin Hamed, AFP/Getty Images)

Refugees at the camp like Amina Amira, 35, said she was thankful to have escaped the clutches of the Islamic State. But she and many others also said they are scared about what might happen as the Iraqi army took the fight into Mosul.

Islamic State militants are reportedly using local residents as human shields, setting land mines and improvised explosive devices on the streets of Mosul. The militants are also preparing to ignite oil trenches to stymie Iraqi forces advancing with the help of airstrikes by the U.S.-led coalition, according to aid groups, the Iraqi military and the United Nations.

“I’m afraid,” Amira said. “We still have our relatives under (Islamic State) control.”

[5:47 PM] MOD.DIGIman1.copy:

Genetics: proof that God gambles. Clinton: proof He lost.

[5:48 PM] rcookie:

«Shell» and «Vitol» to boost the storage capacity at the port of Fujairah Alimarti to accommodate Iraqi oil

Nov 01, 2016

Dubai - Reuters sources said that «Royal Dutch Shell» and »Vitol» to trade commodities said to boost their operations in the port of Fujairah to store the following crude from Iraq with increased production.

And Iraq's second-largest producer of «OPEC» after Saudi Arabia, has produced almost lesbian increased since the beginning of the decade to reach 4.7 million barrels per day. It targeted production to reach between 5.5 and six million barrels a day by 2020, and wants to be excused from the organization's efforts to boost oil prices by reducing production to reduce excess global supply.

Fujairah is located on the east coast of the United Arab Emirates at the entrance to the Strait of Hormuz. It is one of two ports in the region with a major port of Sohar, Oman, and is crowded point to replenish the fuel tanker in long-haul flights to transport crude from the Gulf.

The emirate want to establish itself as a center of global trade by increasing the storage capacity at the port, ten million cubic meters to 14 million cubic meters by 2020. The emirate has traditionally focused on fuel tankers and refined petroleum products.

The «Shell» hired five large tanks for the storage of crude oil in the past year the port to take advantage of low oil prices, according to sources in the sector and other businesses. And »Shell» partner in the Majnoon field, Iraq's oil.

A commercial source in Fujairah «storage tanks specially built according to the requirements of Shell.» Said another commercial source «Shell wanted to avoid any fluctuations in the following production from Iraq. So are the only ones who have a decade of storage Vopak company to bring crude using the new sidewalk. »She said several commercial sources« Vitol »also began crude store you buy from the Kurdish government in northern Iraq in Fujairah for use in its refinery in the emirate, amounting to a capacity 82 thousand barrels per day .

And refrained «Vitol» and »Shell» to comment.

The total capacity of the storage tanks, hired by «Shell» 478 thousand cubic meters, and was built by «Vopak» the largest independent operator of storage tanks in the world. The establishment of these tanks is part of an expansion plan to reach a total storage capacity of the project «Vopak» common in Fujairah to 2.6 million cubic meters.

It also includes the construction of pier expansion crude tankers giant is the first in the coast of the Arabian Peninsula on the Indian Ocean.

[5:55 PM] rcookie:


jimplants says(5:58 PM):

baddd hutch baddddd

rcookie says(5:58 PM):


(5:58 PM)justruth was kicked out by justruth!

rcookie says to loop(5:59 PM):


(6:00 PM)dale was kicked out by dale!

(6:01 PM)Be sure to join the Dinar Updates “private” FaceBook Group… https://www.facebook.com/groups/571383766355188/ (go here and ask to join… then add some Dinar Friends!!)

loop says to rcookie(6:01 PM):

Frank lives in his own private Idaho... Off the charts BS

jimplants says(6:02 PM):

i dont think i can ever forget the blue couch he must have stolen it from his theripist

magnetlady says(6:02 PM):

Evening everyone

jimplants says(6:03 PM):

oh yeah still

jetset says to magnetlady(6:03 PM):


DIGIman1 says(6:03 PM):

hi mags

jimplants says(6:03 PM):

oh yeah still

jetset says to magnetlady(6:03 PM):


DIGIman1 says(6:03 PM):

hi mags

magnetlady says(6:03 PM):

Hey Digi

daytrader says to rcookie(6:03 PM):

Thanks RC for all the news today. Really liked Tamimi's rant. It was so spot on!

DIGIman1 says(6:04 PM):

I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

rcookie says to daytrader(6:05 PM):


magnetlady says(6:05 PM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/BGG and Co. – Mon Oct. 31st 7:30pm EST – In the DU CHAT ROOM!!

Ame9632557644 says(6:06 PM):

GN gang

daytrader says to rcookie(6:09 PM):

Going to miss BGG's news time as headed over to neighbors house for hot dogs etc. and see all the kids costumes. Annual fun day. Will catch the post when I get back.

rcookie says(6:09 PM):


rcookie says(6:09 PM):

Muhammadawi: We seek to link Iraq to the economic capital of the worldL

916  21:00 2016/10/26 

The member of the Oil and Energy Committee MP Jamal al-Muhammadawi, Wednesday, investment firms and economic and trade cooperation at the international and regional levels and enabling progress and job creation to build the economy faster response to the changes taking place on the scene of regional and international, indicating that there are efforts to tie Iraq to the economic capital of the world through creating a stable and.attractive environment for investmentMuhammadawi said in a press statement received

"Tomorrow Press" on the sidelines of the Conference of Basra, oil and gas and infrastructure in the Lebanese capital Beirut, "We are trying to link Iraq's economic capital of the world through a stable and attractive."investment environment, creatingWe put forward the vision of Basra to attract investment on a large scale, and to create a" stable and attractive investment and linking Iraq's economic capital of the world through the stimulus on economic and trade cooperation on international and regional".environment

rcookie says to daytrader(6:10 PM):


daytrader says to rcookie(6:11 PM):

That was a terrific statement from him. Even though he's on the oil and gas committee, he's excited about the shift in economic growth for both Iraq and Basra. Me tooooooo!!!!!

rcookie says(6:11 PM):


jimplants says(6:11 PM):

tried to send a few boston butts to a fellow in Basra to reserve a place in line for the Basra 200 he just ate them

daytrader says to jimplants(6:12 PM):

Some people just have no taste!!! That would be a great trade.

rcookie says to jimplants(6:12 PM):


jimplants says(6:12 PM):

i thought so

daytrader says to jimplants(6:13 PM):

Must be like fine wine; you have to aquire the taste.

daytrader says to jimplants(6:14 PM):

Bet he didn't savor the flavor.

jimplants says(6:14 PM):

i am so ashamed i even threw in some pecan logs for the cooking

daytrader says to jimplants(6:15 PM):

Ohhh man. You really went all the way. Bet he wouldn't even give you one share.

jimplants says(6:15 PM):

he said send goat then we talk out looking for ramases now

daytrader says to jimplants(6:15 PM):


daytrader says to jimplants(6:16 PM):

Have a great evening. Out the door.

jimplants says(6:16 PM):

some of my CLEMSON FRIENDS ARE after that goat now

BGG says(6:18 PM):

We need to push News Time up to 6:45...

magnetlady says(6:18 PM):

OK Thanks BGG

magnetlady says(6:19 PM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/BGG and Co. – Mon Oct. 31st 7:45pm EST – In the DU CHAT ROOM!!

magnetlady says(6:20 PM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/BGG and Co. – Mon Oct. 31st 6:45 Central, 7:45pm EST – Right here In the DU CHAT ROOM!!

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MrsBGG says(6:38 PM):

Good evening everyone :)

MrsBGG says to magnetlady(6:38 PM):

Thank you Mags!!

magnetlady says(6:38 PM):


magnetlady says(6:39 PM):

You are welcome

MrsBGG says to magnetlady(6:39 PM):

How are you ?

magnetlady says(6:40 PM):

I'm doing OK and you?

MrsBGG says to magnetlady(6:40 PM):

Great to hear :) Blessed, thank you for asking :)

magnetlady says(6:40 PM):

Feeling better and better the longer I'm home. (smile)

MrsBGG says to magnetlady(6:41 PM):

Oh sorry didn't know you weren't feeling okay!

MrsBGG says to magnetlady(6:41 PM):

Have you been off work?

magnetlady says(6:41 PM):

No I am fine, just get stressed out on the drive home.

MrsBGG says to magnetlady(6:42 PM):

oh oh okay lol understand! :)

magnetlady says(6:42 PM):

So when I get home and get to relax a bit . . .

magnetlady says(6:42 PM):

makes it better

MrsBGG says to magnetlady(6:42 PM):

Home sweet home (L)

MrsBGG says to magnetlady(6:42 PM):


MrsBGG says to magnetlady(6:42 PM):

How long is your commute?

magnetlady says(6:43 PM):

It can be 20-25 minutes, but it can also be an hour and a half each way. ({)

magnetlady says(6:43 PM):

Just depends on lots of things

MrsBGG says to magnetlady(6:44 PM):


MrsBGG says to magnetlady(6:44 PM):

Well just relax :)

magnetlady says(6:45 PM):

NO I got it. Its OK.

BGG says(6:46 PM):

Hey gang - we all ready for some News Time??

BGG says(7:47 PM):

Don't miss the DU Call tomorrow nite!!

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MrsBGG says(7:47 PM):

Thank you everyone for joining us tonight!!

MadDScout says to BGG(7:48 PM):

It is already up on Facebook

MrsBGG says(7:48 PM):

Thank you BGG and thank you MadDScout for jumping in!!

MadDScout says to MrsBGG(7:48 PM):

My pleasure

MrsBGG says(7:48 PM):

Thank you Mags for copying and editing!!

MrsBGG says(7:48 PM):

Love & Blessings to you'all (L)

MadDScout says(7:48 PM):


sassy says(7:49 PM):

BGG the site has been rocking

MadDScout says(7:50 PM):

We are at 3377 on Facebook (y)

loop says to MadDScout(7:51 PM):


MadDScout says to loop(7:51 PM):


loop says(7:52 PM):

BGG thanks for an awesome newstime.

sassy says(7:52 PM):

Madscout see what I mean. lol

MadDScout says to sassy(7:53 PM):


MadDScout says to sassy(7:53 PM):

It is a great place

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