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Friday, November 11, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Friday 11/11/16 - Part 3

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 3 - Featuring firefly

subgirl says to diagyAAAE(11:27 AM):


cricket22 says to subgirl(11:27 AM):

See ya later!

subgirl says to cricket22(11:27 AM):

yep :)

cricket22 says to subgirl(11:27 AM):

Gott go to back to work now

diagyAAAE says(11:31 AM):

I am super blessed and Highly favored. All praises to Yeshua HaMashiach

_firefly_ says(11:31 AM):

Rafidain Bank: paydays (ironing card) achieved qualitative leap


Rafidain Bank, announced Saturday, to paydays b smart card (ironing card) achieved qualitative leap.

The Director of the Bank, khawla Jabbar in a statement called "the economy news received a copy of" the day the Bank was committed to help the Iraqi Central Bank, whose branches are instructed to pay their financial dues slides with the smart card.

"The Bank continues to pay employees and retirees and other groups by ironing the smart card card.

She noted that "this service is achieved, a qualitative leap in the field of sophisticated technological advances in the world and was activated after he previously received payroll manually.

_firefly_ says(11:33 AM):

"this service is achieved, a qualitative leap in the field of sophisticated technological advances in the world and was activated after he previously received payroll manually.

_firefly_ says(11:33 AM):


tycho says(11:37 AM):

hey firefly totally agree with you huge

_firefly_ says(11:42 AM):

Ok, here is a doozy

_firefly_ says(11:42 AM):


_firefly_ says(11:42 AM):

British Queen receives 50 Trillion Zimbabwean dollars

IT may be widely scorned in its native Zimbabwe but the Zim-dollar remains an object of bemused curiosity elsewhere across the world where it is still traded for a tidy sum and in demand by some collectors.

And should they decide to keep the souvenirs, The Prince of Wales and the British Queen have become the latest collectors of the Zimbabwe dollar which was abandoned in 2009 after becoming worthless due to hyper-inflation.

Prince Charles and wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, were presented with the so-called bearer cheques Thursday in Manama, the capital of Bahrain, which they are visiting as part of their tour of the Middle East.

The royals visited the Manama Souk, the old bazaar in the city, where local shops sell souvenirs, carpets, gold and brightly-coloured lamps.

They also attended a reception with members of different faith communities and Ebrahim Noor, who was representing the Jewish community, handed the Prince two Zimbabwe dollar bills worth 100 trillion dollars.

“Thank you very much,” said Charles.

Noor, who gave the Prince one 50 trillion note for himself and another for the Queen, said the notes came from Zimbabwe.

“I gave him a souvenir – one for him and one for his mum. They come from Zimbabwe where there was hyper-inflation,” Noor said.

“When I gave them to him I think he had an idea they were from Africa. The numbers are ridiculous.”

The Zimbabwe government officially abandoned the Zim-dollar for in 2009, although locals had long since given up on the currency opting for the more stable US dollar, South African Rand and Botswana Pula.

The multi-currency regime has remained in place since, but the lack of international financial support, foreign direct investment and poor export performance in a comatose economy has resulted in biting shortages of the preferred US dollar.

The crisis has forced the government to introduce a surrogate currency in a bid to ease the cash shortages.

The so-called bond notes are due to be introduced into circulation this month amid resistance from Zimbabweans who fear a local currency will bring back the hyperinflationary mayhem of 2007/08.


_firefly_ says(11:48 AM):

I'm not suggesting anything here but it makes one wonder why are given currency that is supposedly ou of circulation

_firefly_ says(11:48 AM):

and supposedly destroyed

jfd says(11:49 AM):

I would not want to be certain gurus when the IQD RVs and the Zim does nothing.({)

_firefly_ says to jfd(11:49 AM):

Agreed lol

_firefly_ says(11:53 AM):

Zimbabwe Prepares to Introduce New Currency This Month

By The Associated Press

·HARARE, Zimbabwe — Nov 1, 2016, 9:41 AM ET

Zimbabwe's president has formalized a law allowing the introduction of a new currency this month.

The new bond notes, backed by a $200 million Afreximbank bond facility, will be regarded as legal tender for all local transactions.

This southern African nation abandoned its own currency in 2009 after inflation hit 231 million percent, according to government figures. It has been using a multi-currency system dominated by the U.S. dollar since then.

Severe cash shortages that the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe attributes to low exports have hit this once-prosperous country in recent months.

The bank says the bond notes to be introduced on an unspecified date this month will trade at par with the U.S. dollar.

RickeyT says(11:57 AM):

The dinar was enough for me, one worthless currency at a time.....

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_firefly_ says to RickeyT(12:01 PM):

I love your optimism :D

Elane says(12:02 PM):

Thanks FF!!!!

_firefly_ says to Elane(12:02 PM):

VW :)

_firefly_ says(12:04 PM):

Really not much news out there worth posting. What I'm looking for in ink is still not transparent

Elane says(12:06 PM):

Appreciate you working for us!

Elane says(12:06 PM):


_firefly_ says to Elane(12:08 PM):


Doug_W says to subgirl(12:14 PM):

ohn Honey I.m home

subgirl says to Doug_W(12:15 PM):

I am too lol :D

Doug_W says(12:15 PM):

we had to buy a totaly new faucet to hook up the new dishwasher UGG

subgirl says to Doug_W(12:15 PM):

wow really??

Doug_W says(12:15 PM):

that means an extended trip UNDER the kitchen sink

Doug_W says(12:15 PM):

but Lowes treated me right

subgirl says to Doug_W(12:16 PM):

well that is good!

Doug_W says(12:16 PM):

$180 faucet 4 $78.00

(12:16 PM)garygs415 was kicked out by garygs415!

Doug_W says(12:16 PM):

and I ordered new glasses wile I was tight next door in Lowes

subgirl says to Doug_W(12:16 PM):

thats a great deal!

Doug_W says(12:19 PM):

I guess under the sink gets cleaned and reorganized this week end

subgirl says to Doug_W(12:19 PM):


Doug_W says(12:19 PM):

not cool

Doug_W says(12:19 PM):


subgirl says to Doug_W(12:19 PM):


Doug_W says(12:19 PM):

I don't fit well under there I am 6'2"

subgirl says to Doug_W(12:19 PM):

oh wow lol

subgirl says to Doug_W(12:20 PM):

I am short lol

subgirl says to Doug_W(12:20 PM):

not even 5 foot

Doug_W says(12:20 PM):

worst part this Price Fister is only 2 yrs old

subgirl says to Doug_W(12:20 PM):

oh man bummer

Doug_W says(12:20 PM):

maybe I can get 50.00 4 it on Craogs list its in perfect shape and complete

subgirl says to Doug_W(12:21 PM):

there ya go try it..

Doug_W says(12:21 PM):

it too is a 200.00 faucet

Doug_W says(12:21 PM):

Di gets all this stuff when its discontinued etc CHEEP

subgirl says to Doug_W(12:21 PM):

that is a good deal for someone...

Doug_W says(12:21 PM):

I hope so

Doug_W says(12:22 PM):

I like a deal when everyone wins!

subgirl says to Doug_W(12:22 PM):


Doug_W says(12:40 PM):


Doug_W says(12:50 PM):

who was that that said ice cream earlier

Doug_W says(12:50 PM):

well whoever it was that seed germinated

subgirl says to Doug_W(12:51 PM):


Doug_W says(12:51 PM):

I am eating an ice cream sandwich

subgirl says to Doug_W(12:51 PM):


subgirl says to Doug_W(12:54 PM):

wvchsr did I think

Doug_W says(12:57 PM):

ppl are going 2 the mailbox wondering why no mail yet lol

subgirl says to Doug_W(12:58 PM):

oh no mail today lol

Doug_W says(12:58 PM):

none lol

Doug_W says(12:58 PM):

the big brown trucks are rolling tho

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