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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Friday 11/4/16 - Part 5

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 5 - No Featured Members

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(8:38 PM)BUCK was kicked out by BUCK!

plowboy says to magnetlady(8:39 PM):

hey Magnet lady

magnetlady says(8:51 PM):

Hey plowboy

magnetlady says(8:51 PM):

You enjoying the DC area?

scarlet says(8:52 PM):

Good evening du...

scarlet says(8:52 PM):

hi magentlady!

magnetlady says(8:52 PM):

Evening scarlet

scarlet says(8:52 PM):


scarlet says(8:52 PM):

evening mam

magnetlady says(8:53 PM):

Oh Lord, I'm just Mags

scarlet says(8:53 PM):

i suppose digi is already asleep?

scarlet says(8:53 PM):

ok, cool, mags it is

magnetlady says(8:53 PM):

I assume,

scarlet says(8:53 PM):

he does wake up early

magnetlady says(8:53 PM):

Tomorrow is Sataurday, so not sure what he has going on this weekend.

scarlet says(8:54 PM):

he could be throwing a wild party while we speak

scarlet says(8:54 PM):


magnetlady says(9:01 PM):

I guess, that he could, but I'm too tired. Thanks but no thanks.

scarlet says(9:15 PM):


jetset says(9:19 PM):


scarlet says(9:23 PM):


magnetlady says(9:25 PM):

Hey jetset

magnetlady says(9:26 PM):

How are you this eveing

(9:32 PM)Check out THE BLOG - http://www.dinarupdates.com/blog/ - for the latest Dinar News, Documents and Call banners

plowboy says to scarlet(9:35 PM):

hello scarlet

magnetlady says(9:35 PM):

Hey plowboy, there you are

jetset says to magnetlady(9:36 PM):

hi there!

plowboy says to magnetlady(9:36 PM):

yes, I've been multitasking

plowboy says to magnetlady(9:37 PM):

We're excited about going to DC Thursday

magnetlady says(9:38 PM):

Thought you might already be in the area

plowboy says to magnetlady(9:38 PM):

no, not yet

(9:39 PM)honeybee12 was kicked out by honeybee12!

magnetlady says(9:41 PM):

So you arrive on Thursday? Are you driving or flying

plowboy says to magnetlady(9:41 PM):


magnetlady says(9:41 PM):

I assume into Regan

magnetlady says(9:41 PM):

Reagan National

plowboy says to magnetlady(9:42 PM):

I believe so

magnetlady says(9:42 PM):

That's the one in VA close to DC

magnetlady says(9:42 PM):

How long you get to be here?

plowboy says to magnetlady(9:42 PM):

till the following Wed

jetset says to magnetlady(9:43 PM):

i flew into reagan a few years ago when i was there.... i could go directly to my hotel via the metro. it was great!

magnetlady says(9:43 PM):

Awesome, a week. Well, you will need several of those weeks to see everything there is to see around the DC area. Lots of great things to see.

magnetlady says(9:44 PM):

Yes. I don't think they are working on the Airport metro right now.

magnetlady says(9:44 PM):

You staying in a hotel or with your family?

plowboy says to magnetlady(9:44 PM):


magnetlady says(9:45 PM):

Awesome, that's way more fun.

magnetlady says(9:47 PM):

Not sure how full your plans are, but perhaps we could meet downtown for lunch if you are in the area touring things.

plowboy says to magnetlady(9:48 PM):

that's a good idea

magnetlady says(9:49 PM):

OK I'll text you my info. OK?

subgirl says to magnetlady(9:55 PM):

can I give you a break? :)

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(10:34 PM)jeffusa was kicked out by jeffusa!

(10:35 PM)jeffusa was kicked out by jeffusa!

magnetlady says(10:38 PM):

Sure Subby, been face booking as you can tell.

subgirl says to magnetlady(10:38 PM):


subgirl says to magnetlady(10:38 PM):

yes I can tell lol but I love it too lol

(11:32 PM)Check out the "Current Iraq NEWS" Thread in the Forum - http://www.dinarupdates.com/forumdis...rent-Iraq-NEWS - All News - ALL DAY LONG!!

subgirl says(11:44 PM):

Previous sessions of the show has achieved economic feasibility for Iraq

5/11/2016 0:00

It contributed to the opening of branches and offices of foreign companies

BAGHDAD / Hussein Tgb / Mustafa Hashimi

Fold the Baghdad International Fair , his fourth amid positive interaction between those interested in economic affairs and participating companies, and a crowd turnout increasing day after day privy to the latest brought by the global companies of its innovations, as such display handmade products and the Egyptian local companies a magnet for most segments of society.

Zaher Kamal participants from the Arab Republic of Egypt , said he came to Baghdad gallery holds Bdjapth manufactured products manually met impress visitors to the exhibition at all levels, stressing that the interaction that touched by the public on Egyptian products helps broaden participation in the next exhibitions in Baghdad and the provinces.

bridges of communication

between the exhibition re - bridges of communication between the two peoples exchange visitors and participants to talk about the reality of life and the ties that bind the two parties , and the hearts of the Egyptian people with Iraq in its war against «Daesh» terrorist. Pointing out that Iraq represents a kiss for most of the Egyptian companies where he owns a promising market.

subgirl says(11:45 PM):

Increase investment

and participation of ministries that have the Pavilion Senior has in the exhibition and the oil ministry as it participated this year , 22 companies and institutions oil in order to define the foreign companies involved acts of the ministry and the activities carried out as well as it clearly contributes to the increase in oil volume of investments in this economic and vital sector.

It is Shell oil company representative said that his participation comes to stand when the needs of the local oil companies and knowledge of the patterns of cooperation, as well as to create mechanisms for joint action to raise the efficiency of their employees, noting that the exhibition shortened a lot of effort and time to get to all the companies and a working knowledge of the requirements to achieve economic viability of Iraq , global investment and companies operating in Iraq.

subgirl says(11:45 PM):

frequent visits ,

participants from the Ministry of Agriculture confirmed the team «morning» the ministry has sought to be participating this year distinct from the other in the exhibition wings, showing how new that which was marked by the ministry pavilion this year highlighted a number of events with the agricultural economic returns through agricultural research and livestock differently participated offer modern mechanics of Education for the various types of animals circle, as well as localization of technology and highlight the role of guidance transfer, noting that a large number of specialists agricultural affairs of the citizens repeated his visit to the wing in order to take advantage and build bridges of cooperation with various departments in the ministry.

it was the third day has seen the effectiveness of raising the Tunisian flag in celebration of the National day of Tunisia in the presence of the Tunisian Ambassador to Iraq Samir Abdullah Nagaaa and general manager of exhibitions and trade services company Hashim Mohammed Hatem .

On the subject of economic cooperation between Iraq and Tunisia , said «morning» chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tunisian Mounir backside saying that the room his trade seeks to increase cooperation and raise the volume of trade exchange between the two countries to a real level which reflects the size and originality of the relationship between Iraq and Tunisia.

he stated that the size of Tunisian trade with Iraq is weak or negligible, adding that through his country 's participation in the 43rd session of the Baghdad international Fair aspire to the Iraqi public about the Tunisian national Balentajat in various fields.

subgirl says(11:45 PM):

economic conference

revealed the backside of the embrace of his country 's economic conference in the twenty - ninth of this month and confirmation of attendance Iraqi delegation of Chambers of Commerce and the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce Federation and lasts for two days.

He said the goals of the conference comes to exchange experiences and look at investment opportunities in both countries , thus contributing to the revitalization and activating economic and trade relations between Iraq and Tunisia.

service sectors

and service sectors of the economy involved a telecommunications and internet companies pavilion distinctive saw a crowd pointing from the public for the services they provide.

the representative of the company rolled Raad »Sabah»: Our partnership contracts signed with the Ministry of communications and get the first license in the provision of internet services via optical cable in all provinces and cities of Iraq and linking Iraq states neighborliness.

Horizons exhibition

according to observers, the Baghdad international Fair in previous sessions have attracted more foreign companies to invest, and represent it to open offices and branches of companies inside Iraq after it was branches and regional offices scattered in neighboring countries and difficult to negotiate or agree with it because of the distances involved .

the observers say the advantage of holding exhibitions may be on the distant horizon, but certainly yielded positive results , whether direct contractual with government agencies and the private sector as companies or small commercial contracts signed by operation or mission vital projects administration.

subgirl says(11:45 PM):

from rcookie!!!

subgirl says(11:46 PM):

I think tomorrow is going to be a great news day! :)

jetset says(11:52 PM):

more good news is always good!

subgirl says(11:52 PM):

there is so much going on right now!! :) have to be excited!!

subgirl says(11:55 PM):

5 min. left :)

jetset says(11:57 PM):


subgirl says(11:58 PM):

WEll it is time to say Good night to you all! :) hope you all have a great night of rest!!! :) GN!!

End of Friday's Chat Log
 | Link to Part 1



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