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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Friday 11/11/16 - Part 5

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 5 - Featuring BGG

magnetlady says(7:16 PM):

That I did.

magnetlady says(7:30 PM):

See ya in a little while Subby

subgirl says to magnetlady(7:31 PM):

ok thanks mags! :)

magnetlady says(7:30 PM):


subgirl says to magnetlady(7:31 PM):

going to eat supper...

magnetlady says(7:33 PM):

Enjoy Subby

(7:34 PM)john09 was kicked out by john09!

subgirl says to magnetlady(7:35 PM):

thanks mags :)

Dinarian1 says(7:42 PM):

Hey mags :-)

Dinarian1 says(7:43 PM):

Anyone know if BGG is still planning on doing a call tonight?

Dinarian1 says(7:44 PM):


Dinarian1 says(7:44 PM):

Must all be at the banks HAHA!

Dinarian1 says(7:44 PM):

LOL... I crack myself up!

Dinarian1 says(7:45 PM):

Its just when I argue with myself and lose is when you should start to worry. :D

Elane says to Dinarian1(7:46 PM):


magnetlady says(7:48 PM):

Dinarian1 we haven't heard yet

Dinarian1 says(7:49 PM):

Ok, thanks... just need confirmation that there WAS going to be one tonight. I will wait for call then!

magnetlady says(7:50 PM):

Well that's not confirmation. Don't know

Dinarian1 says to magnetlady(7:51 PM):

LOL... yeah I just read how my post came across... it sounded so much different in my head! :D

magnetlady says(7:52 PM):

its OK just don't want misunderstanding. (F)

Dinarian1 says to magnetlady(7:52 PM):

Thank you. I know you cant confirm a call or not. (that was for anyone reading this... so they are not confused by me LOL)

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BGG says(8:17 PM):

We were going to have a call - I did float the idea to give everyone a heads-up...

magnetlady says(8:17 PM):

Evening BGG

BGG says(8:18 PM):

however, the guys have since changed their minds. They want everyone to be able to participate. A couple of them couldn't make it -

BGG says(8:18 PM):

I even toyed with the idea of doing one for you folks by myself...

magnetlady says(8:18 PM):

That's OK. Understood

BGG says(8:18 PM):

BUT - I'm pretty tired.

BGG says(8:18 PM):

long day.

magnetlady says(8:18 PM):

Yes know that feeling.

magnetlady says(8:20 PM):

Enjoy your evening BGG

sagecanyon says(8:20 PM):

Tomorrow's another day...Good nite everyone...have a good sleep...been up since 1:30AM...so I think I will call it a day also!

magnetlady says(8:20 PM):

Good night sagecanyon

magnetlady says(8:22 PM):

You really have had a long day. Mine was not that long, but long enough. (smile)

BGG says(8:25 PM):

I had a long lunch with my Dad for Veterans Day at Famous Dave's - Delicious (free for him) :D

BGG says(8:25 PM):

he had a great time...

magnetlady says(8:26 PM):

Awesome. I would have had to take my dad to a place that served shrimp had he still been with me. That's a great memory of when we moved back to the east coast.

BGG says(8:26 PM):

Dad was a multi-MOS Vietnam era veteran...

magnetlady says(8:26 PM):

Every time we would go out to dinner when they were with us Dad would order Shrimp.

magnetlady says(8:26 PM):

My Dad was WWII

magnetlady says(8:27 PM):

Had he still be living which would be very extraordinary, he would have been 103 Christmas Day.

BGG says(8:27 PM):

Chemical, Biological and Nuclear warfare specialist... E.O.D... Mohawk Crew Chief... and Rifleman

magnetlady says(8:28 PM):

Awesome BGG, wow, very knowledgable man.

BGG says(8:28 PM):

The reason the trained them were multi-MOS - they were a self-sufficient, VERY F.O.B. - (forward operating base)...

magnetlady says(8:29 PM):

Makes sense to me.

BGG says to magnetlady(8:29 PM):

My daughter was so funny - as you know - she's in the environmental field...

magnetlady says(8:29 PM):


BGG says to magnetlady(8:30 PM):

the little, old guy behind his desk is highly proficient discussing nuclear waste topics (out of the blue)...

BGG says to magnetlady(8:30 PM):

she was so taken off guard (lol)

magnetlady says(8:30 PM):

I can see that. She would not have expected it.

BGG says to magnetlady(8:31 PM):

Millenials are so funny - they've been told how much smarter they are than everyone else - they forget...

BGG says to magnetlady(8:31 PM):

us old folks just KNOW STUFF.

magnetlady says(8:32 PM):

HAHAHA, yuppers, I turned 72 last month and very few young people really appreciate some of the things I have to share.

BGG says to magnetlady(8:32 PM):

All they would have to do is ask - and listen.

magnetlady says(8:33 PM):

That is so true.

BGG says to magnetlady(8:33 PM):

I loved listening to my grand-parents they were so smart.

magnetlady says(8:33 PM):

I could expound on some things, but will refrain in this venue.

BGG says to magnetlady(8:34 PM):

We appreciate you :D

magnetlady says(8:34 PM):

Oh yes my grandfather Six, dad's father, was so modern and ahead of his time for his age.

subgirl says(8:34 PM):


(8:34 PM)subgirlcopy changed nickname to subgirl!

magnetlady says(8:35 PM):

Thank you BGG, as well I love you and Mrs. BGG for keeping this site available for everyone.

BGG says to magnetlady(8:35 PM):

I'll do what I can

magnetlady says(8:36 PM):

I think the group we have now, show that they truly appreciate it, in the attitude change in the room. Great bunch of people.

BGG says to magnetlady(8:38 PM):

They sure do.

eman4u55 says(8:39 PM):

i try :D

magnetlady says(8:40 PM):

Evening eman4u55

eman4u55 says to magnetlady(8:41 PM):


eman4u55 says to magnetlady(8:42 PM):

will there be a call tonight

magnetlady says(8:45 PM):

Not tonight Eman. BGG was tired and several of the guys couldn't make it either. So we will reconveine another night when everyone can be here to put their 2 cents in. (smile)

eman4u55 says to magnetlady(8:46 PM):

o ok thanks lol

magnetlady says(8:46 PM):

Really needed that Eman. Makes me think I'm out camping.

eman4u55 says to magnetlady(8:47 PM):


magnetlady says(8:47 PM):

or fishing.

eman4u55 says(8:48 PM):

i when golfing today and almost got me a birdy on the third hole

magnetlady says(8:48 PM):

Well there ya go. Did you have a good time.

eman4u55 says(8:48 PM):

i think it was a crow

eman4u55 says(8:48 PM):


magnetlady says(8:48 PM):

Better Crow than Robin

BGG says to eman4u55(8:49 PM):


BGG says to eman4u55(8:49 PM):


BGG says to eman4u55(8:49 PM):

I'm gonna' be there with you soon... (lol)

magnetlady says(8:49 PM):

I hear that crow is difficult to swallow for most people

eman4u55 says(8:49 PM):

yea he flew away at the last min

BGG says to eman4u55(8:50 PM):

in '05 my very last competitive round - I went 9 under thru the first 13...

BGG says to eman4u55(8:50 PM):

played nine holes since... horrific back injury.

eman4u55 says(8:50 PM):

love the game but my handycap is everything in the bag

eman4u55 says to BGG(8:51 PM):

how r u feeling now

BGG says to eman4u55(8:51 PM):

I have been thinking about trying to play again soon... but obviously - it will never be the same...

eman4u55 says to BGG(8:51 PM):

bad back adn golf swing not a good mix

BGG says to eman4u55(8:51 PM):

I almost want to try out of curiousity - to see how I'll handle being VERY MORTAL :D

eman4u55 says to BGG(8:52 PM):

8-) FOUR

8-) FOUR

BGG says to eman4u55(8:53 PM):

before that tourney in '05 - I had been off for six months with the same back issue... I was just praying the whole flight there "PLEASE GOD - DON'T LET ME SHOOT AN 80"...

BGG says to eman4u55(8:53 PM):


BGG says to eman4u55(8:53 PM):

Pretty PLEASE...

BGG says to eman4u55(8:53 PM):

a 79 - or 78 would be fine...

BGG says to eman4u55(8:53 PM):


magnetlady says(8:53 PM):

Speaking of golfers. Prayers requested for Martha Sue. Her Brother-in-law passed away today

BGG says to eman4u55(8:53 PM):


eman4u55 says to BGG(8:53 PM):


BGG says to magnetlady(8:53 PM):

Will do .

eman4u55 says to magnetlady(8:54 PM):

yep will do

magnetlady says(8:54 PM):

And My cousin that I go visit every year in Kansas lost her 82 yr old hubby this week, he just kept falling and fell too many times.

magnetlady says(8:55 PM):

He was having a very difficult time and it was just a matter of time, but she was able to keep Ken home with her and take care of him.

Elane says to magnetlady(8:56 PM):

Oh dear.. so many prayers to pray.. and so blessed to do it...

magnetlady says(8:57 PM):

Thanks Elane. Appreciate all the prayers

eman4u55 says(8:57 PM):

ok going to watch FSU (})

magnetlady says(8:57 PM):

See you later eman

Elane says(8:57 PM):

I know Mags... happy to do it

eman4u55 says to magnetlady(8:57 PM):


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(9:25 PM)nick was kicked out by nick!

subgirl says to magnetlady(9:31 PM):

let me know when I can give you a break ok? :) just say the time. :)

magnetlady says(9:32 PM):

You name a time. I'm OK for a little while.

subgirl says to magnetlady(9:32 PM):

ok how about in about 45 min. or soooo??

subgirl says to magnetlady(9:33 PM):

or an hour? you choose...

magnetlady says(9:32 PM):

OK lets say 9:30 or 10:00 Central

subgirl says to magnetlady(9:33 PM):

ok sounds good! thanks mags! bbiab :)

jetset says(9:36 PM):

good evening, good people!

magnetlady says(9:36 PM):

hey jetset Good evening

jetset says(9:43 PM):

hello, mags!

magnetlady says(9:44 PM):

What's up jetset

jetset says(9:45 PM):

not much. we are celebrating one of my daughter's birthdays so we went out to eat and are watching a movie right now.

magnetlady says(9:46 PM):

Cool. I'm just taking it easy. Copying what chat comes in. Giving subby a break.

jetset says(9:46 PM):

thankfully it is a bit slow right now. :)

magnetlady says(9:46 PM):

Has been all evening since I got home anyway.

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tarrog1 says(10:21 PM):

good afternoon

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:32 PM):

hey there tarrog :)

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:32 PM):

how is your Saturday?

tarrog1 says(10:32 PM):

hi subby

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:33 PM):

been a long time since I chatted with you :) hopeyou are well?

tarrog1 says(10:33 PM):

im having a cruisy saturday thanks. Hows your friday night?

tarrog1 says(10:33 PM):

yes im ok thanks

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:33 PM):

my Friday night is going good thanks! :) lol

tarrog1 says(10:33 PM):

hope you are too

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:33 PM):

good to hear! :)

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:33 PM):

yep I am good too! :) had a stay home day today :)

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:34 PM):

did laundry/dishes... :) you know... lol

tarrog1 says(10:34 PM):

no work today?

tarrog1 says(10:34 PM):

i mean wages work

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:34 PM):

nope and I was glad lol

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:34 PM):

right, nope!

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:34 PM):

had a nice day off!!!!

tarrog1 says(10:34 PM):

always work to do

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:34 PM):

oh yes lol laundry and dishes are like forever lol

tarrog1 says(10:35 PM):

They say a womans work is never done,,,, maybe thats why they get paid less hahahahaha (just joking)

tarrog1 says(10:35 PM):

dont hit me hahahaha

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:35 PM):

lol yep seems like it lol

BGG says to tarrog1(10:35 PM):

Ewwww - too soon.

subgirl says to BGG(10:36 PM):


BGG says to tarrog1(10:36 PM):

folks here are still getting over that stuff.

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:36 PM):

good thing you are there and I am here lol :D

BGG says to tarrog1(10:36 PM):

or the @$$ kicking would "never end"... :D

tarrog1 says(10:37 PM):

im not sure what stuff you`re talking about BGG, I`m not sure if I wanna know lol

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:37 PM):


subgirl says to BGG(10:37 PM):


tarrog1 says(10:37 PM):

all good

tarrog1 says(10:37 PM):

nothing like a bit of friday night fictional humor

BGG says to tarrog1(10:38 PM):

Nice save.

BGG says to tarrog1(10:38 PM):

keep working on that.

subgirl says to BGG(10:38 PM):


subgirl says to tarrog1(10:38 PM):


tarrog1 says(10:40 PM):

ohh subby we lost against the irish in chicago :'(

tarrog1 says(10:40 PM):

payback next weekend

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:40 PM):

awwwee that is too bad! BUMMER for your team! :(

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:40 PM):


tarrog1 says(10:40 PM):

in dublin

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:40 PM):

will be a good game huh?

tarrog1 says(10:41 PM):

1st time they had beaten us in 106 years of trying

tarrog1 says(10:41 PM):

they were happy

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:41 PM):

WOW! that is a loooong time

tarrog1 says(10:41 PM):

i dont mind the irish though

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:42 PM):

well that is cool!! :)

tarrog1 says(10:42 PM):

i`m glad it was them and not south africa or aust

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:42 PM):

are they good?

tarrog1 says(10:42 PM):


tarrog1 says(10:42 PM):

on their day yes

tarrog1 says(10:42 PM):

but we just had a bad day

tarrog1 says(10:42 PM):

thats sport

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:43 PM):

well hopefully will do better next time.

tarrog1 says(10:43 PM):

yea we always bounce back

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:43 PM):

have you seen the news this passed week?

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:43 PM):

good deal! (y)(v)

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:44 PM):

the news is out of this world! :)

tarrog1 says(10:44 PM):

no ive been a bit busy but i did see something about the cbi starting to delete the 000`s

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:45 PM):

yes and unbelieveable the rest! WOW! http://www.dinarupdates.com/forumdis...rent-Iraq-NEWS

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:45 PM):

here is a title... Jubouri supports the document of national reconciliation

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:46 PM):

good article...

tarrog1 says(10:46 PM):

i also read somewhere confirmation that trump has alot of dinar. I hope thats true for our sake

jeffjane says to subgirl(10:46 PM):

Hi. I am back. Did BGG have a call or chat tonight?

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:46 PM):

I would not count on any of that...

subgirl says to jeffjane(10:47 PM):

nope not tonight... :)

jeffjane says to subgirl(10:47 PM):


subgirl says to jeffjane(10:47 PM):

yw :) thanks for checking

tarrog1 says(10:47 PM):

no me neither. I only hope

tarrog1 says(10:48 PM):

it wouldn`t surprise me though. I`m sure he didnt make alot of his money by not taking a few risks

subgirl says(10:49 PM):

well I am watching the news and keeping my eyes on the cbi website... :) I think things are happening faster than we realize... it is so exciting where we are right now!

subgirl says(10:50 PM):


tarrog1 says(10:51 PM):

yes I`m hearing ya

subgirl says(10:51 PM):


tarrog1 says(10:51 PM):

but i wont be truly excited until the day when I`m walking in to my bank

subgirl says(10:51 PM):

I am also listening to the calls as much as I can, and the newstimes...

subgirl says(10:52 PM):


subgirl says to tarrog1(10:52 PM):

yep that is right! I get excited pretty easily lol

tarrog1 says(10:54 PM):

my plan is to take a 25k note in to my bank and see what they can do for me. Test the waters so to speak

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:54 PM):

yes, that is a good thing! :)

tarrog1 says(10:54 PM):

if i`m happy then i`ll get the rest

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:54 PM):

find out how much the rate is :)

tarrog1 says(10:55 PM):

i might take a 25k note to all the banks and see which is the best

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:55 PM):

remember the duce list too :) from BGG

tarrog1 says(10:55 PM):

yea but im not sure if that has any benefit to me way down here in new zealand

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:56 PM):

well that maybe, but just watch and see :) one never knows :)

tarrog1 says(10:56 PM):

just have to wait and see

subgirl says to tarrog1(10:56 PM):

yep! just cant wait for this to be over! lol

magnetlady says(10:56 PM):

Hey everyone.

tarrog1 says(10:56 PM):

me too

magnetlady says(10:57 PM):

tarrog1 how are you

subgirl says to magnetlady(10:57 PM):

hey mags! are you ready for a break?

magnetlady says(10:57 PM):

Sure, let me copy once more.

subgirl says to magnetlady(10:57 PM):

ok thanks! :)

tarrog1 says(10:57 PM):

hi mags i`m fine thanks and how you doing?

tarrog1 says(9:57 PM):

hi mags i`m fine thanks and how you doing?

magnetlady says(9:58 PM):

Read More :http://www.dinarupdates.com/newreply...treply&t=43540

Doing good. Just like everyone else, ready for them to push the button on this thing. (smile)

(9:59 PM)*.MOD.magnetlady.copy changed nickname to *.MOD.magnetlady!

tarrog1 says(9:59 PM):

seems to be getting very close

magnetlady says(9:59 PM):

BGG said earlier he thought about doing a call, but several of the other guys were tied up tonight, so decided not to tonight.

magnetlady says(10:00 PM):

I think so too tarrog, they seem to be taking care of a lot of paperwork that needs to be finished.

tarrog1 says(10:00 PM):

being an ex poultry worker I will never count my chickens until they hatch

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subgirl says to tarrog1(10:01 PM):


BGG says to tarrog1(10:12 PM):

folks just don't get the full meaning of that - do they??

RickeyT says(10:17 PM):

they are Black Austrailians and really raise cane when you hit them in the head with a dowel rod

tarrog1 says(10:19 PM):


subgirl says(10:34 PM):

cya laters tarrog :)

(10:37 PM)zamegasamurai was kicked out by zamegasamurai!

jetset says(10:52 PM):

just finished watching God's Not Dead 2.... pretty good movie

dovi says(10:55 PM):


dovi says(10:56 PM):


dovi says(10:56 PM):

hello tarrog

dovi says(10:57 PM):

good evening

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magnetlady says(11:15 PM):

evening dovi

magnetlady says(11:16 PM):

long time since we have hit here at the same time.

magnetlady says(11:16 PM):

oops guess I missed you

magnetlady says(11:30 PM):

Good night all see everyone tomorrow

subgirl says to magnetlady(11:30 PM):

Good night to you mags :)

subgirl says to magnetlady(11:30 PM):

have a great night of sleep :)

End of Friday's Chat Log
 | Link to Part 1



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