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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

"Ascension and Yosef's Recent Post" - Anonymous Guest Post

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 6:19 PM EST on November 16, 2016

Good afternoon to truth seekers Currency holders and gurus! I hope it's a great day for everyone around the world today! I just want to mention that all those people who post images to dinner Chronicles, are sharing joke photos with us and numerous other kinds of images, but the problem is I myself am blind and rely on my phone speaking the post to me, and when I scroll down all it speaks to me is a number and the word image, so that's just not good enough for us blind folk! 99% of the people have site so they take that for granted, they think automatically everyone can see the images, and I definitely know it's nobody's fault and they are not doing it on purpose! So I am proposing if anybody is posting an image whether it's a joke photo or a screenshot of Live rates etc, can you please if possible give a brief did Torio of what the photo or screenshot may be, thanks so much! Just like how yoseph gives a screenshot of the updated Zimbabwe privately negotiated rates, and 95% of the time he writes a quick paragraph underneath the rate, which doesn't disk lewd me from being able to read the message with the rest of you, but if there was no paragraph below the screenshot I would never know what was in the picture ever, or even know the updated Zimbabwe rates! So please next time if anyone is posting images, explain to me what you are sharing to the rest of the dinar land! This way it's fair for us blind folk, and so I can laugh along with all of you and keep up-to-date on the Privately negotiated rates, thanks so much! Also thank you so much for all those Intel providers out there giving us up-to-date information!

An update for the Ascension process!

I am not a religious person and I have never went to church except for when I was baptized in a Protestant church when I was six and went to Sunday school for about a week, but I do know religion is man-made and all books have been revised over and over again, The Bible is still a book! The old king James first book had no revisions, and Jesus talks about walking on water, and while walking on water to us is impossible, but to Jesus it wasn't, because he was accessing the fourth dimension which is out of phase 2 or three dimension perceived Realm, he also talks about the cashickk records, which are in the fourth fifth sixth and seventh dimensions, also the garden of Eden resides in the centre of our earth out of phase in the fifth dimension! So the different dimensions/Ascension process, is not a miss nomer, and by far, it is nowhere near a new idea dreamt up, by the hippies in the 60s! It has been, and always will be, about our destinies and evolutionary path! Our thought process creates a vibration, are vibration creates an emotion, our emotions create our reactions, and our reactions shape our reality! So even though the dimensions/Ascension process may be new to some, it just means our Ascension process is evolving at different times for all of us individuals, but now The majority of all of us, are riding the same ascension wave! It's because of all these blog sites out here that we all check out every day, that has allowed our consciousness to come together as one in this new paradigm, and learn together as one at the same time, on the same wave length!

About Yosephs recent post!

We are supposed to be marching through a different paradigm of equality, it is disconcerting to say the least that they are allowing the VIPs/Whales, to go first. They are still being put upon a pedestal over us poor folk, regardless if they are getting pennies on their exchange, and we get $50,000 to one for the Zim, for patiently waiting! It's not like the whales are going to be doing humanitarian projects or even the banks don't have to make them sign NDA's either, so what makes them more privileged! Also when Yoseph says that we are re-warded these extraordinary rates for our patients and because it's a gift from the royals we are the ones, Who are doing all the humanitarian projects, so this is what the huge five and up to six digit exchanges are for, because Lord knows the wealthy elite will never use their money for humanitarian projects, so I understand why we are supposed to get the five digit rates, but wouldn't that still draw a line in the sand dividing wealthier people over not so wealthier people, he also suggests for us having to wait over and over again plus being told 300 times for this to go, is why us Zimbabwe bond holders will be flying past the wealthiest person on the planet total amount of wealth, to become wealthier than them! That again is creating a different class of people, when we are all supposed to be equal. Then he uses an excuse why the VIPs are going before us, too much traffic on the road? Really? They are too good to be around us at the exchange centres, really? They think they are better than us, it's like that that we are vile parasites to them, and that they can catch an infection by being around us. That's what us little peasants call, A super ego with no care in the world for anyone except themselves, putting us under the bus every chance they get, that's not a new paradigm I would like to live in! I also could care less about those super high five digit rates, I could take $10 with no zeros off A 100 T note, which would equal out to one quadrillion per note, which also doesn't need an NDA, or structured pay out! I will use 100% of the one quadrillion for my humanitarian projects, and 1000 generations of family, and still have more than enough for myself just off the interest every quarter, which I would not use anyways, because my dinar dong and Ruppia will cover my miscellaneous needs! So anybody who wants more than that, is acting out of sheer ego, and wanting to have more than the next person! Even if 100 people exchanged one 100 T note, at $50,000, it would equal 500 quintillion, and there are people with 500+100 T notes! That would be 2.5, sextillion, and that's just one person, and there is apparently 150,000 is Zim holders, which is 21 zeros! I don't think 54 zeros will be even close enough, to exchange 150,000 people! Now if everyone used their hearts and minds not their egos, and used a rate proportionate to their needs, like me only needing 10 bucks per Zim, not 50,000 per Zim, then there would be more than enough zeros! I am in no means possible at all whatsoever telling anybody what to do, I am just crunching numbers, using a bit of insight, and showing that we all have our own path to take, we should not take the highest rate possible just so we can say we have more money than you! We need to take the highest rate that will suit our needs, and humanities needs! With the kind of monies we are talking about if to take $50,000, we could literally build 100 starships and fly out around our solar system never mind just to Mars! Anyways, keep the faith be strong stand firm and keep your chins up, and user best discernment to weed through all those naysayers and disinformation agents!

Have a great rest of your day I love you all have a good night!

Sincerely yours, Love Everyone!



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