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Sunday, November 6, 2016

"Are You Waiting for a Hero?" - Guest Post by Not_a_hero

Entry Submitted by Not_a_hero at 7:07 PM EST on November 6, 2016

It seems there are a lot of new folks following the dinar these days. It’s funny to me how the cycle continues as new folks join the ranks and I suspect a lot of the old timers get frustrated and either stop following the dinar sites or sell their dinar for what they can get and move on. I am by no means an old timer but I have been following the dinar for almost 7 years now. I guess that puts me in a category of somewhat of an old timer but I am aware of folks who invested back when this all started.

I have ridden the roller coaster up and down and experienced my own ups and downs with this investment. I am still in but I never invested more than I could afford to lose in the first place so I don’t have tens of thousands of dollars on the line with this and it helps me be a little more objective. These days I hardly read any of the dinar sites because I have seen even those sites come and go in the time I have been involved. I have seen gurus come and go as well. I can think back about 4 years and the gurus who were posting then are almost gone now with the exception of a few. They have been replaced with a whole new batch of gurus. Either that or they have changed their screen names and they are the same ones posting under different names. Either way what you read today is not much different from what I read back when I first got into this. When I first purchased my dinars the hype from the gurus was so intense that I worried that I would not receive delivery of my dinars before the dinar revalued. How funny is that and that was almost 7 years ago!!!

I still believe we will see some kind of increase in the value of the dinar someday but how much that will be or when it will happen, well your guess is as good as mine. My reason for posting today is to just say this. We are living in a world unlike anything anybody has experienced before on this planet. There is corruption everywhere you look and if we as a species are going to survive something is going to have to be done about that or we will be exterminated and all that will remain will be a few mindless sheeple following the powers that be who survived and who still maintain control. If the masses do not rise up and take their freedoms back it won’t matter if the dinar revalues or not. Don’t count on any worldwide GCR or benevolent aliens coming to rescue us because I don’t believe that will happen either. It is up to us as human beings to take our God given rights back or lose them and our lives forever.

We can’t just sit back waiting for the “good guys” to deliver us because of this. I am personally not a hero. I am not willing to give my life for people who are so blind and so lost in their personal lives that they don’t even know what is going on around them most of the time. I am not willing to be a hero because I don’t think the masses appreciate the heroes who have stepped forward lately and I see them sacrificing their lives for nothing. If you are waiting for a hero to save you I am afraid you may wait a long time because the few heroes who have stepped forward these past couple of years have sacrificed their lives for absolutely nothing. When other potential heroes see this they reconsider their actions because they have to consider the cost of what they intend to do and from what I have seen lately it does not pay to be a hero these days so until the masses wake up and open their eyes to what is going on around them I am afraid most heroes are going to sit this one out. When the masses start waking up and taking actions that show they are ready for heroes to step forward and lead them then maybe you will see some heroes and they will make a difference in this crazy world we are living in.

As for the dinar, well I am afraid you will just have to accept the fact that it may happen someday but if you are waiting for a guru to tell you when, you will still only know when the rest of us do and not before so keep giving gurus your money if you want but in the end I will know the same time as you and I have never paid a guru one dime for information and I know as much as most gurus right now just because of my own personal study. I may sound cynical to you but I worked with a lady who was a civilian contractor for the government and spent several years in Iraq and she holds dinars. In talking to her I am convinced enough that there is a chance the dinar may increase in value that I will keep my dinars until they either increase in value or I put them up in my “man cave” as wall paper. I did not invest more than I could afford to lose so it is easier for me to have this attitude. I have a friend who has invested his entire retirement on this. For him I feel sorry because he is desperate for the dinar to increase in value. I have tried to tell him over the years not to invest so much but he has the fever and he keeps cashing in his retirement and buying more, dinars, dongs, zims, he owns them all and he is desperate for this to happen. That is sad because if it doesn’t he will have no retirement and if as I suspect, there is no new republic, no beneficial aliens, no general waiting in the wings to take command of the USA, nothing of the sort and this election will come and go and we will have to deal with whoever is voted into office by the electoral college, not the popular vote, and we will suffer for another 4 years.

So folks if you are reading this and you are new to this investment stop and take note. Did you invest more than you could afford to lose? Are you desperate for this to happen because you believe some guru and you believe this will save you from whatever financial situation you may be in? I’m sorry if this is your situation. Please consider changing it so that you will lose only what you can afford to lose if this never happens and keep your day job and put this on the back shelf with a small hope that someday it may pay off. Get back to living your life and look for love and the things that bring happiness. Even with all the bad that is going on in our world it is still beautiful if you look in the right places. We all just need to wake up and “see” what is going on around us and stop believing the lies. I hope with the rest of you that some of what is being said is truth and not BS. I hope with the rest of you that there is some good group of people ready to take control and turn the world around. I hope with the rest of you all these things, but my hope is small and not all consuming. I have not stepped out of reality waiting for this fantasy to happen. I am still well grounded in reality and the hopes I hold in my heart are small waiting to blossom into full blown happiness if they ever happen but if they don’t, it’s OK I am still happy and love life!




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