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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

"All MUST Read This" - One Who Believes - 11.16.16

Entry Submitted by One Who Believes at 4:19 PM EST on November 16, 2016

All MUST Read This

This post is for all to read. It is very important for both the "Light Workers" (The Good News) and the "Cabal/Dark Hearts" (The Bad News). There was a post last night that is so important that I will include the link here again. There is also a link to a video that goes with it, and includes the transcript as well:

Mind Matrix Machine has been Dismantled

This is a list of all the things that were done by the Good Guys (Prim Creator?) on our behalf. The List is divided into 4 sections. As I read through the first 3 sections of the list, I was both delighted of what was being done for us, and the same time, also discussed at what had been done to us by the Cabal. I had no idea all these horrible things were going on, but I am so glad that they are now removed. Clearly this list of things in the first 3 sections, that were removed and destroyed are what Yosef was talking about in his post. He Said:

As of 11/14/16 this matrix device has been DESTROYED!

From: "Lift The Veil" - GESARA Update - Monday - November 14, 2016

We have been freed from the Matrix implants, and systems that were designed to control us and prevent us from enjoying our birthright as sovereign Human Beings. We should expect to begin to feel (or sense) these changes in our daily lives.

While Sections 1, 2, & 3, were not only interesting, they were mind blowing, it is section #4, that I am going to write the most about. However, before I do, I want to again refer to what Yosef posted in that same "Lift The Vail" post on the 14th. This is what he said:


Another gift from our ‘Creator of All That Is’, is coming quite soon, all humans on Special Earth still in 3D who are refusing the light moving them into 4D light will be extracted from our planet. They will be taken to one of three off planet destinations determined by the amount of darkness and deeds committed.

This matches very well with the information posted in section #4 of the other post also mentioned above "Mind Matrix Machine has been Dismantled." I will include Section #4 Here for our discussion:

# 4) All Notices have been delivered to all souls on this planet who are exiting. They are working on creating their own exit plans with Prime Creator individually. All will see the masses exit in various ways, chosen by individual souls and this will be starting shortly.... more than we are seeing now.

This is a "Match" to Yosef's post. This is HUGE and EVERYONE needs to be aware of it, including the Light Workers and the Dark Hearts/Cabal. I am going to dissect this statement and show you how significant it is.

What Does It Mean For The Light Workers?

It says that "All Notices have been delivered to all souls on this planet who are exiting."


Clearly "Exiting" means dying. In our Reality, people are born into the experience and die to get out of it. So if they are "Exiting" that means they are dying.


It says "All Notices have been delivered to the souls." WOW! the soul of the exiting persons (Dark Hearts/Cabal) have been informed and given notice to LEAVE the Planet/experience. They MUST die (Leave). The thing that is so interesting, and yet sad in a way, is that the Soul knows they are going to die, but the person consciously does not.

It is important to note that no one dies without the consent of the Soul as part of the plan or as a self creation becoming reality. That being said, people die all the time in what seems to be an accident, mistake or fluke, when in fact it was a planned/created Exit. While sick people know they may or will die, healthy people Consciously they have no idea they are going to die, but suddenly there is a car wreck, or heart attack etc, and they are dead. (Which was all planned on the other side of awareness/consciousness by the soul)


It says they (The Souls) are planning their own "Exits" with Prime Creator. This is how they will die, and die (Exit) they MUST by decree. How will they do it? Suicide? Heart Attack? Sudden Cancer Death? Car wreck? Shot by another? Killed in a raid on the Cabal Base? Who knows what they have chosen for themselves. They are creating their own personal "Dark Hearts Self-Removal Plans." Of course this is not just for the Cabal agents, but for anyone and everyone who has a "Dark Heart" and as Yosef says are "Refusing The Light."

The way I could describe it is that no experience is wrong in the big picture, Good Guy or Bad Guy. You might describe that the Good Guys are Pure fresh water fish and the Bad Guys are salt water fish. In this example, this World is going from a saltwater Frequency to a Fresh water frequency and those who don't change to the higher frequency cannot exist on Planet Earth anymore. They must now leave (Exit/Die). A salt water fish will automatically die (Leave/Exit) in fresh water. (Note: We will still have salt water oceans, this is just an example of two non compatible systems of life)


The post also says that "All will see the masses exit in various ways." What catches my eye here is that we will see "Masses" exit in various ways. That clearly means that there will be big events that kill lots of people at the same time. That would be "Masses Exiting." This is important because when we see situations where planes go down, or big bombs killing lots of people for example, we will know it is the "Dark Hears Exiting in Mass."

Remember: No one can be killed that is not supposed to be killed or die. So don’t worry about it because there must be some big events coming that will be, as Yosef says: "Extracting" mass quantities of Dark Hearts at the same time. When you see this, it is part of the Working Out.


It also says that this will be happening "starting shortly." We already know that the Mass Arrests have begun. Frankly, those people who are arrested are lucky they weren't forced (Asked by Prime Creator) to leave (Exit/Die). Although, I wouldn't be surprised to hear of them killing themselves in prison or being killed in jail as part of an exit plan. Interestingly, I heard from a friend that "Suicides Are UP." Now I know why, nothing more than one possible way to exit.

How Were The Dark Hearts Chosen To Exit?

My guess is that since we have been bombarded with higher frequencies to raise our vibrations, it is clear who is raising up and who are resistant to it and clearly will NOT EVER raise up. That is a free will choice and not wrong in the Big Picture. However they must be segregated to a place where 3D Frequencies will still be supported. Since our Planet is raising to 5D, the 3D experience is not possible here anymore. I am sure that if you looked at people based on their frequency, the lower frequencies that have not budged are easy to distinguish from those others who are rising all the time. We certainly have had enough time in the higher frequencies, long enough to determine who was going to rise and who wasn't.

The Take-Away For The Light Workers

Expect lots of deaths (Exits) in lots of different ways. While they will all look normal to everyone else, you will know that those souls were asked to leave and this is how they chose to do it. Yes there will be Deaths (Exits) of good people who have a high vibration, but again that is part of their personal plan. The difference between them and the Dark-Hearts, is that when they Re-Incarnate, they will come, Be Born, here on Earth and experience the Paradise it has become, while the Dark-Hearts will re-Incarnate somewhere else on a 3D world to continue their learning as needed.

What Does It Mean For The Dark-Hearts/Cabal?

If you feel intense hatred, or enjoy harming others and the World, then expect to be Exiting (Dying) very soon. If you don’t care about others, and are more interested in severing yourself at the expense of others, your soul probably has been notified already to Exit As Soon As Possible, and most likely already have a destiny with Death that will be a HUGE surprise to you. I doubt you will see it coming.

Are You Afraid?

You shouldn't be. It is just ad changing of experience from Physical to Non Physical. While you will lose your body, you will still maintain your Vibrational essence. You will get another chance to experience physical life and improve your Frequency. It may be a while before you can evolve to the joyous experience of Life in 5D where the rest of will be.

While I am not exactly sure of this part, I think there are "Windows" of opportunity to move from one level of existence such as 3D, up to the next level of experience such as 5D. If you miss the window, you have to wait until the opportunity arises again. It is sort of like a Mario Brothers game. You go through several life times trying to master the World you start out in. One day/time you make it all the way to the end of the First world and are able to move up to the next world. That is the window of opportunity. Until you got to that place, at the end, you could not move up to the next world. For us, I believe that time was 26,000 years and how ever many lifetimes that entailed. Will it be another 26,000 years before you can join us at 5D? I don’t know, maybe.

Can You Save Yourself?

I would say there is always a chance to move up in frequency toward Love. However, if you have been slated to Exit, you must have a very low Frequency right now and Love is the Furthermost thing from your mind. What comes to my mind is the Story: "A Christmas Carol," where there were three ghosts who tried to help Scrooge. He went from being a mean guy interested only in himself in the beginning to being full of life and happiness, wanting to help others, at the end. That is what you have to do if you want to get to 5D while the window of opportunity is here.

What Could You Do?
I don’t know if it is even possible at this late time, but I will give you some things to think about. You can't get all the way to Love at one time. It is probably too far away for you now. However you could start appreciating things and life itself. I think that if you truly repented and started moving toward the higher frequencies, you would "make it." In my opinion, all that matters is that you are moving in that direction, because we will have mentors soon who will help you get where you need to be frequency wise for the 5D experience. So if you could make a great effort to start doing good things with TRUE intent of being an asset to the World, I think it would be enough.

Have a talk with your Guides, Angels and God. Tell them you want to make it to 5D. You will do what it takes to make it, and ask for their help, guidance and forgiveness, and I think your Exit Contract, may be cancelled. Just remember, you literally, physically, cannot exist in the higher frequency environment unless you move yourself to a higher frequency. So it is not that "They" are punishing you, for there is no punishment, just lessons and learning. They are just moving you to a place that matches your current frequency range. In order to move to the new place (3d World), you will have to exit the old place (Earth). Not a big deal, unless you want to live in a paradise of happiness and prosperity in 5D. I would give you hope by saying that if you are slated to Exit soon, and you are reading this post, you are close enough to make the change you need to. The choice is yours.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is to be expecting lots of deaths in lots of different ways. Don't be concerned as they are just being moved to a different place that will still be 3D. If Good people die, they will be reincarnated back here on Earth if they have a high enough frequency to exist here.

For the Dark-Hearts, it is time to go. It is not a punishment, but just a segregation based on Frequency Dimensions, that's all. If you want to say, you better get busy raising your Frequency. I think that if you are reading this, you can save yourself. For all those who will be leaving us shortly, Bon Voyage!

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Signed: One Who Believes



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