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Sunday, November 27, 2016

"All in Divine Timing" - Guest Post by Harmony

Entry Submitted by Harmony at 8:32 AM EST on November 27, 2016

I ought to be panicking by now, yet I’m feeling very calm and accepting of where we are, and what’s happening. It’s a nice place to be. Trust and faith are very empowering.

It’s coming up to the 10th anniversary of what I call my Grand Awakening. Christmas Day 2016, I was very ill, exhausted, and sat at home, on my own. I picked up a book that my sister had gifted me for my birthday the week before, and settled down to read it. And couldn’t put it down. I’ve spoken to her since as to why that book, and all we can come up with is that she was divinely guided.

As I read, much of what I’ve always known, through all my lives, started to come back to me. I found myself saying “yes, of course”, all the way through. The book was Journey of Souls by Michael Newton. I suppose it could have been any number of books with a spiritual or metaphysical focus, but this was the one that was intended to nudge me awake again.

In truth, I’d probably only been dozing, and had been gently awakening for a few years prior to that. And when I fully awoke, I remembered that I came into this life knowing who I was and why I was here.

At the same time I was leaving corporate life for good, putting 30 years of it behind me, and starting out on a path that would have me following my heart. I learnt a lot of useful stuff in that previous 30 years, but it was no longer who I was, and it had been hurting my soul in the later years. So I was ready............

I was drawn through a marvellous series of synchronicities, thanks in great part to my recently adopted Angel Cat, Bella, to be working with animals, as a healer, and pet sitter.

It’s not lucrative, at all, certainly in financial terms, it’s a struggle, yet I’m so much the richer for it in every other way.

I soon began formulating plans, things I wanted to achieve, things I knew I’d come here to do, helping animals, bridging the gap between the human and non-human kind, and working with animals to help humans too. But no idea, at the time, as to how I’d achieve this financially. Except that I knew I would. I knew that the means would come to me, and for ten years I’ve had faith and trust in this, founded by a deep inner knowing.

I’ve had ten years of living on a financial knife edge, very hand to mouth. And I’ve learnt that if I don’t worry where my money is coming from, to get me from one day to the next, and just allow it to come, it does. I’ve realised that I don’t need money in my own bank account to dip into, but it’s all there in the Universal bank account. I’m still not perfect at this, by any means, but getting better and better.

Nearly two years ago, exhausted by working 7 days a week, 365 days a year (yes, I love what I do, but we all need some down time!), I made the decision to cut back, and move my focus into other, related areas, to do with natural health and well being for animals. Which is where I’d been headed for some time. To do this, I needed to stop and refocus, take a break, recover my health, then start again. I decided to cash in some of my pension to help me to do this, to buy me some time.

I ought to have received that payment in July 2015, but it never happened; there are similarities there with what’s been happening in Dinarland. So many times I was told that it was coming, yet it never did. Then a couple of months ago, I learnt that it may have disappeared entirely. I don’t know yet what’s happened to it, the processes to sort it all out are excruciatingly slow.

This has led to me being on the cusp of losing my home. Although that story isn’t complete yet, but I don’t want to say any more for now........

At some point in my journey, I began to hear about the reval and GCR, and learnt what was meant to be happening. I found I was closely connected to Saint Germain. I was encouraged to buy some currency, but clearly wasn’t in a position financially to be able to do so, so just trusted that all would be well. My mantra in recent times has been All Is Well, and it serves me very well. As all is indeed very well. I’ve always known that somehow, we would be liberated, and that we would be able to do what we came here to do. Each and every one of us.

Earlier on this year a friend on the other side of the world gifted me one 50T Zim note. He knew I would make good use of it. And I certainly intend to. As its value rises, I’ve revised my plans several times. The scale is increased, and I’m considering other projects related to my divine purpose. I have identified a team of wonderful souls (most of whom don’t know it yet) who will work with me. People I’ve come to be very close to, who are very much on a similar path.

I shall be 60 in a couple of weeks, and still lots of enthusiasm and drive left to achieve. (Although I do desperately need a bit of a rest now too, the exhaustion is too much! But I shall recover quickly, and get on with things).

Like many here, I’ve not been waiting for the blessings to arrive to do what I came here to do. The last ten years certainly have been more than a few steps on that path; but when they come, I can really get going. I’m so excited!!!!

Ten years might seem like a long time, but really it’s all gone in a flash. And every second of those ten years have been well spent, and valuable, and I realise that nothing could have been rushed.

One of the great blessings in working with animals is the many lessons they can teach, if we listen. I’ve learnt so many, but just thinking back to the cats I visited this morning, two of the most important ones are to do with complete unconditional love for all other beings (a tough one, I don’t always manage it if I’m honest, but I’m aware, and I’m consciously trying), and the bliss of living in the present moment.

And it’s that living in the present moment that has been my saviour. I began by saying I ought to be panicking by now. Perhaps about to lose my home, having possibly lost my pension recently, and still not knowing from one day to the next where the next penny will be coming from. Yet, my lessons in the last ten years, such valuable lessons, have been about trusting that everything happens in divine timing, at the right time, for everything to magically fall into place. Not just the last ten years, but the whole last 60 amazing years.

It’s perhaps with the benefit of so many years under the belt that I can see this now. Such a blessing.

And of course, what is time anyway? Outside of this physical 3d existence it doesn’t exist; and even here it only has meaning because we give it meaning. Another beautiful lesson from the animals.

So, much as I’d dearly love to have my blessings with me now, I’m not panicking; I have trust and faith that all is happening exactly as it should be. And that makes me very happy.

All is well.

Sending love and blessings to you all, my beautiful soul brothers and sisters, I’m so grateful to be on this journey with you,

Harmony xxx



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