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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

"Add UCC 1-308 Before Signing" - Anonymous Guest Post

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 2:29 AM EDT on November 2, 2016

Dear Fellow NDA Signees,

After reading through the NDA and asking questions, if and when you sign at the bottom, remember to add "All Rights Reserved UCC 1-308" before your autograph. It is also good to use those words before your autograph with any financial or legal documents (ie. tax returns, etc.).

It is also best to not have your name written in all caps anywhere on the documents. All caps means the fictitious corporate entity that covertly has your name. Therefore, cross out the all caps and write your name with upper and lower case letters as a human being.

Here are explanations for the usage of UCC 1-308 from two internet sources (A&B):

A) Any who are fed up with having their Constitutional freedoms taken away and trampled on by our public officials and their agents may find this of interest.

Found in the Uniform Commercial Codes, which by the way regulate ALL financial transactions, which means nothing is done without being regulated by these Codes!

UCC 1-308 Performance or acceptance under Reservation of Rights --

(1) A party who, with explicit reservation of rights, performs or promises performance or assents to performance in a manner demanded or offered by the other party does not thereby prejudice the rights reserved. Such words as "without prejudice," "under protest" or the like are sufficient.

(2) Subsection (1) of this Code section does not apply to an accord and satisfaction.

Standard procedures for using UCC 1-308 ---Contract Law---

When signing anything, turn it into a contract using UCC 1-308 and protect our Constitutional Rights of Life, Liberty and Property.

Example of things to sign: Drivers license, lease, buying a automobile, buying business equipment, contracting to do business, Building Permit, marriage license, Code enforcement ticket (if we did not already agree to the terms), Sign ordinance, etc.

B) The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is the codification of laws governing commerce in the United States in which matters of selling, borrowing, lending, and other matters of trade are covered. The term UCC 1-308 refers to Article 1, subsection 308 of the Uniform Commercial Code. Subsection 308 addresses the concept of reservation of rights with regard to performance or acceptance of contract terms. Specifically, this code establishes the protection of rights in a commercial setting where contract terms cause unknowing conflict with or risk to certain rights.

The purpose of UCC 1-308, enacted to replace UCC 1-207, is to protect an individual or business entity from unknowingly giving up rights by agreeing to specific contract terms. By signing a document with additional terms such as “without prejudice,” or “under protest,” and referencing this code, the signee establishes the retention of any rights he or she unknowingly or under false pretense agrees to surrender. Such provisions do not allow an individual or business to avoid legally binding contract terms, but rather to accept contract terms without risk to his other rights. Typically, these rights apply to matters of debt and contract performance.

"Without prejudice" is Black's Law definition: "Without any loss or waiver of rights or privileges."



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