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Thursday, October 13, 2016

"Your Place on The RV Clock" - Guest Post by One Who Believes

Entry Submitted by One Who Believes at 1:28 PM EDT on October 13, 2016

Your Place on The RV Clock

This is a visual representation of how long it has taken for the RV to get here. Even though there is no "Wrong" position on the RV Clock, there is a preferred position. Where are you on the RV Clock? This illustration will help you visualize the time it has already taken and why that was valuable.

Time vs. RV Experience (Exposure)

On this clock you will notice that there are 8 clocks from the smallest to the largest. Notice that no matter the clock size, the time is EXACTLY the same. This means that when it RVs, on any clock, it RVs on EVERY Clock. The only difference between these clocks is the distance between the numbers, which is the circumference of the clock. In the center where the smallest clock is, the distance is very short, while on the outer clock, the distance between numbers is much farther. This is the comparison of experience over time. No matter if the numbers represent hours, days, or years the same relevance is experienced.

Notice also that the Clock Numbers and the Dashes next to them all have the same 15 dashes of Experience. The longer dashes mean that they experienced more information and learning than the tiny dashes that are so small they are hardly noticed. An hour, day, or year, can pass by in the blink of an eye for one person, while for another person can learn life changing information in that same time. It is all a matter of perspective.

The Small Clock (Red = The General Public)

This is the General public "Exposure" to the RV. They know nothing about it and have no idea it is even happening. The days come and go and all seems the same. They are not waiting for anything and so if 10 hours, 10 days, or 10 years have passed they hardly notice it. These people have NO RV EXPERIENCE

The Yellow Clock (Yellow = Currency Holder)

The General Currency Holder knows that someday, their currency will revalue and it will become valuable. They notice news reports on the mainstream media and have a general awareness that "Things" are happening. Other than that, their days pass by without concern or notice. These people have VERY LITTLE RV EXPERIENCE

The Blue Clock (Blue = Aware Currency Holders)

The Aware Currency Holders, take time once in awhile, be it weekly or monthly, to check what is going on with their currency investment. They are not concerned how long it is taking because they hold very little currency and/or are not in need of money. It will be great when it happens, but until then, life goes on as usual. These people have NOTICEABLE RV EXPERIENCE

The Aqua Color Clock (Aqua = Dinar Land)

This is where we are in Dinarland!!! We check the Web at least once a day if not several times a day. We have several "Intel Providers" we follow and may be members of several chat rooms. These people most likely have large amounts of currency and are really looking forward to the RV and hoping it comes soon. This is the vast majority of the "Active" Currency holders. These people have CONSIDERABLE RV EXPERIENCE

The Light Green Clock (Light Green = Extreme)

These are the people who are Extremely Interested in the RV and its progress. It may be because it is very interesting to them, or they may desperately need it to happen ASAP. For whatever reason, they are on the net seemingly 24/7/365. They know the latest Intel from every Provider, and haunt the chat rooms for the very latest up to the minute if not second intel. Some of these people might border on desperate or impatient and are the first to complain that the dates were wrong. They are just a bit edgy. That's O.K. they are still important to the World or they wouldn't be here. These people have EXTREME RV EXPERIENCE

The "Captive" Audience Effect

Dinarland and Dinarland Extreme, are in effect a Captive Audience. That means that they are not leaving the net and will check it regularly, if not constantly. The interesting and Important result of this is that they not only are learning everything about the RV itself, but as a result of scanning the net, have learned so much more. They know about the new Republic. They know about the Galatics, Hollow Earth, the Cabal, the Plan for fixing Planet Earth. They have inadvertently learned about so much more than just the RV. Of course, I am one of these people.

When I first learned of the RV and purchased my first currencies, I started checking daily on the net. Of course when I got in, it was just about to go. Well, it is several years later and it is still just about to go. That hasn't changed. But what has changed, is that I learned about so much more. I had no Idea about the Cabal, or the lying media, or UFOs or hollow Earth. Yes, at first I resisted this information as crazy talk, but over time, I realized it was all true and a real thing. That is the Captive Audience Effect. Because I kept going to the net looking for RV info, the new powers that be, had me as a captive audience. They kept putting out information that began to make more and more sense until I now call it truth and guide my life by it. Frankly the most important point of the Captive Audience Effect, is that if not for the repeated and continued exposure to this new information, I would not believe any of it. That is the important difference between the RV Clocks. The more involved become the most informed.

The Importance of The Well Informed

This is where the very wise Chinese Elders' plan comes into view. The well informed have the best chance of changing the World for the better. They will not be tripped up by the revelation of UFOs or the new Republic. They will quite literally hit the ground running as they already know what is going on and the Humanitarian plan for Planet Earth. When it is go time for the rest of Humanity, they will be confused and be playing catch up on what we already know. Most of them will be of little use as they will be freaking out most of the time. A lot of effort will have to be spent on them to get them to understand what an important change the World is going through and that all is well. It is easy to see that the Well informed are our the World's most valuable assets. They are unafraid, they are confident, and they are motivated to act for the Benefit of all Mankind. They are VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE. But, how do you "Select" those people from the rest of the World? Simple, use the 800# call in time.

The 800# Short Call Time

Clearly, the Extreme Dinarland people, will know almost the very second the 800#s come out while the rest of Dinarland will know in hours, no more than a day at the most. This is going to be used to select us for special treatment and high rates.

The rest of the World that are not paying close attention to these events, will have no idea that the 800#s came out, much less what to do with them. That is O.K. because they wouldn't know what is going on or what to do with the money either. So when these numbers come out, the first people to get them are the most important people to help change the World.

Certainly, after the Main stream media announces the currency value change and the new World financial system just about everybody could and would find the 800#s. But we don’t want to give everybody the high rates or special service. So there is a carefully calculated window of time that the 800#s will be available and active.

Clearly Dinarland and Extreme Dinarland especially, will be calling the number as soon as they get it. Those are the right people. But before the other less informed people find out about it, they will be deactivated and unavailable. This seems like a master plan and well thought out.

The Bottom Line

Your vast experience in Dinarland is valuable to the World. You know what is going on and what to do. You are a World VIP. So, when the 800#s come out, call ASAP and set your appointment for the earliest date you can. Then give out the number to the best people first, then to others after that. It is not a bad thing, because even if people miss the 800#s call in time, they will still get unbelievable rates on those currencies at their local bank on the corner. Just relax, it is a perfect plan and well designed. Our turn is next, but that is not the end, it is only the beginning...

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Signed: One Who Believes



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