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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

TNT RayRen's Showtime CC Notes by Adept1 10-19-16

(Notes by Adept1):

October 19, 2016

TNT Call notes 19-October-2016

Replay 605.562.3179, PIN CODE 409029#


RayRen: Good afternoon, superfantastic TNT family! Today is Wednesday October 19, 2016, yours truly RayRen98 here. Could today be the day? I doubt it but you never knew. As I said on the tweet, there is nothing new; everything is quiet in the banking community and in Iraq. We did have the update on Tuesday about ISIL fleeing to Syria by the hundreds. Does that even have a bearing on what we are waiting for? Some sa yes, some say no. If it has any bearing in the end, it will come out in the end, and by that time you will be down the road doing your thing. Most of us won’t care at that point — who was holding it up, who had the final say, etc. We cannot affect it either way, so it doesn’t really matter unless it affects some decision I can make in the future.

This is really a Q & A call for our members who still have questions.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Could you please give an example of leverage (as suggested in your last intel in the forum) for a member with a couple million dinar, couple million dong and a few 100T zim?

A: Don’t tell everyone your secrets! Leverage is about using what you have to get into a stronger wealth position. Let’s use the dinar, because that is the main one. Wherever it comes out, it will go up, if only from a temporary fascination and to make money off it. When they do that, the price goes up, and that is one form of leverage. I know I’ll use that information – that it will go up – to make more. Iraq said that it could support a rate of $16, so we know it will go up. Some will ride that wave and make millions in the process. Knowing that, why would you exchange it at $3.71? It will go up, even if it comes back down.

In OpenMic, we say that if there is a currency that will go up, why rush to exchange it? You can take your other currencies that we don’t know will increase, use that money to buy dinar at the international rate, and wait for it to go up. Let’s say dinar is $4, and you exchange your dong and buy dinar @ 4; it goes up to $8, and you have doubled your money. That is leveraging, not double-dipping, because you are buying the currency at the new rate and waiting for it to go up again. There are several ways of leveraging that. Even if you have only a few notes, you can work your way to a higher level by using proper information and investment discipline.

Q: Have you heard if the IRR (Iranian Rial) will be able to be exchanged when the IQD is able to? If so, how does it compare to the IQD Rate you are hearing? You were “triply” so nice sharing an anticipated exchange rate for the Zim a while back. Does that still stand? 
A: Yes, I have heard that rial might be exchanged at the same time as the IQD, and I’ve heard that the rates will be just about equal. As for the zim, whatever I shared before still stands with me.

Q: Should the banks open a Skeleton Trust, would it be a Non-Statutory Trust? Also, would it be Advisable/reasonable to hydrate other banking accounts as in your own name, as being paid from that Skeleton Trust?
A: As for the skeleton trust, I’d be willing to bet all YOUR money that it is NOT a non-statutory trust. I don’t really know what ‘hydrate’ means in this context. I don’t understand your second question. [To hydrate a bank account is to put actual cash into that account, as in changing SKRs into a cash balance.]

Q: Ray, I know the smart thing is to go home and let the dust settle after exchange. But my concern is this I will have more than what the bank can insure through their financial system. How quickly could we be able to start moving the money into safe trusts, IRAs, etc.? I don’t have a investment broker or finance manager simply because where I am at in a very small town there is none, and I don’t have the money yet so what do you suggest to keep my money safe until I can get settled into another town and move on with my dreams?
A: That’s a good question. We have some misconceptions that eliminate the fears that manifest in our hearts and minds. For instance, you have fear that your money won’t be safe. FDIC insurance is based on the idea that the bank will crash. At the same time, you are putting a lot of money in one of the Big Four banks, and so are the rest of us. Half a million of us have parked millions in A, B or C bank – how is it going to fold when we’ve just put a ton of money into that bank. You really don’t have to worry that the bank is going to fold next week or next month – we’ll see the writing on the wall well before that happens. So don’t worry that the bank won’t protect your money. Don’t make that a major concern; you’ll have time to find a way to cover your money on deposit. Of course on exchange day I will ask the bank how they will protect my money, and if they don’t say the right things, I’ll move it within a few days. I don’t think you should worry about that either. Just ask on exchange day. Your money will be safe enough for a few days or weeks.

Q: Thanks for all you do RayRen, any chance you can share more today that you couldn’t share Monday?
A: No, not really. There is some stuff I cannot share with you. As long as you adhere to the suggestions and train of thought, you’ll be okay.

Q & A: Callers

301 caller: Any update on the 800 numbers?

RayRen: I have never heard anything official on the 800 numbers; I do believe there are 800 numbers coming out, I’m counting on that happening and looking forward to sharing that with you. But I haven’t had official information on that, so I wait.

865/404 caller: Earlier today I heard “I’m really going to miss you” – when?? And I’m looking forward to paying it forward ten days after the RV…

RayRen: Hopefully this weekend – if you believe what’s being put out there. Iran says they are going to revalue their currency on 22. October. We’ve always heard that Iran and Iraq will go together, with similar rates. If that holds true, I’m really going to miss you… [hums] The 22nd is Saturday, so we may have a Friday call if it’s only to say “waiting on Saturday”. If there is something that I can share, I will.

Next caller: You remember my sending you something about China being so closely involved in this. That was from the Pentagon; do you remember that? We had heard that China was the holdup, and now we see they are placing their currency in the reserve currency basket. But if you haven’t heard anything about that…?

RayRen: Maybe, maybe not; we’ll have to wait and see.

Caller: When I first got into this four years ago, I thought of all the things I could do for the people in this world. As it went on, I started thinking more about what I can do for my own family. These calls remind me that this is about what we can do to help others. Sure, there are some things I want for myself or my family, but now we have to think about the humanitarian things we can do.

RayRen: I agree with that. I have a special sermon that I do, and the message is to ‘satisfy you needs, your wants and expectations; give the rest away.’ That should tie in with what you are saying. A lot of people need to subscribe to that.

951 caller: My question has been answered – you think this will happen by the end of the month? I know we don’t for sure. I need to make plans if this doesn’t happen before the 1st.

RayRen: It’s better to have a plan and not need it than to not have a plan and need it!

We are at the status quo from Monday; nothing new to get you all excited for this evening, tomorrow morning, or Friday. I am hearing to look forward to Saturday. If something pops up, I will let you know. Meanwhile, keep believing; I do!

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA



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