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Friday, October 7, 2016

TNT RayRen's Showtime CC Notes by Adept1 for 10-7-16

(Notes by Adept1):

October 7, 2016

Replay 605.562.3179, PIN CODE 409029#


TNT Call notes 7-October-2016

RayRen: Good afternoon, superfantastic TNT family! Today is Friday, October 7, 2016, yours truly RayRen98 here. This call should be even shorter than the last one! There is no brand new intel to give you; we are still on schedule so far as I know. Everything should be done by Wednesday of next week, although we can see it any time up to that day. Iraqi cards should be funded.

Banks thought they would see us yesterday; some folks had appointments and attempted to exchange but it would not grow through. They are going back the first of the week. Some with appointments today, but we haven’t heard from them yet. Supposedly some private exchanges have taken place – haven’t confirmed those. We should be realizing some of that activity based on where we are in the grand scheme of things. I had expected to be hearing about private exchanges, so I’m not surprised to be hearing that. I know the banks were expecting to see a LOT of us yesterday. Some banks are bringing people in to talk, and suggesting they bring in their currency to exchange.

One or two of my sources have dried up, and I’m assuming that they have concluded their business and now have to keep quiet. You can infer a lot from what a person doesn’t say. If they say they will report back after their exchange, and they don’t report back, what with NDAs… that may be an indicator. I’m okay with just knowing we are in the window still.

Questions from the TNT forum:

Q: Last night on the National News it was reported Rothschild was banned from entering Russia.?


Q: Can you please tell us how many zeros will be taken off the dinar or dong – at least a guess??
A: I have not heard of any zeros being taken of either one of those… never.

Q: I am having trouble getting on the conference calls on my cell phone.
A: I suggest going to the internet or try 805-360-1075.

Q: Is the time frame showing down?
A: I think it just feels like that.

Live questions:

865/404 caller: What impact, if any, are the issues at Deutsche Bank and the GBP affecting this RV/GCR.

RayRen: I don’t think there is enough information out there to answer that. \

Caller: Do you think it is all a distraction, or just another issue out there? Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, and I’m looking forward to RV day ten days later to help humanity.

210 caller: [Appreciation] Is it wise to ask if there is a contract rate for the dong?

RayRen: We’ve always heard that there would be. I’m expecting a contract rate for ever currency being exchanged!

Caller: I had a conversation with branch managers this morning to see if the bank rate had evolved; they hadn’t but the managers agreed to phone me when it does. Any chance of getting onto OpenMic?

RayRen: Lately we’ve had a few people drop off, which opens up the room for new people to come in. OM was full, and that’s why we never promoted it. Are you on your cell phone? Do you have my email address? I will text it to you; we have room for one more, so I’ll get you into OpenMic. Hopefully there will still be a need for OM! In the next chapter, OM won’t play that heavily, but it will still be a good tool to tie up loose ends. We’ll be heading on a different level of education and information.

Caller: I look forward to receiving the contact information. Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

619 caller: All this currency is controlled by the US government, right? If so, and if the government has given this task to the banks, then I’m guessing that the movement of monies after exchange may not be in concert with constitutional principles. [??]

RayRen: I don’t have the detailed information to answer your question intelligently.

610 caller: Please go to www.tntsuperfantastic.com; click on the DONATE button, etc. [You can also send a check to Ray Renfrow P.O. Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822.]

386 caller: If people are exchanging, how is double-dipping prevented.

RayRen: It probably isn’t. Some people have signed agreements that they won’t buy more currency, but some have not. I’m hearing both sides of that.

Caller: What if there is a busy signal for 24 hours on the 800 numbers – do you stay on the line? Or do you keep on calling in until someone answers?

RayRen: I would keep trying until I’m successful.

Caller: Can I get on the OpenMic as well, please? [Appreciation]

RayRen: I will text you with the details – I can squeeze in two.

406 caller: I wonder if I could be #3 to get on OpenMic?

RayRen: I could have sworn I heard your voice on OM! I’ll make you #3…

Caller: Where can I find the list of Ten Things to remember? I know I have to change my number before going to the bank…

RayRen: It’s not a hard and fast rule, but if you want to avoid being solicited…

609 caller: You said on the call last week that people you know with SKRs were to be paid – anything on that?

RayRen: That didn’t happen, to the best of my knowledge… or at least not yet. They were not given any reasons, but that might not matter after today.

601 caller: Did you say something about ‘next week’?

RayRen: I said the same thing on Wednesday, that it will go any time from now until next Wednesday, according to the information I have. It’s not an exact science.

Caller: How are people exchanging without rates?

RayRen: Banks have the rates on their screens, and some have accepted lower rates in order to have earlier exchanges… or that is what I believe.

601 caller: I’ve been sending you emails for 3-4 weeks. I bought currency without my spouse’s knowledge, and we are thinking of divorce. I think you told one lady that you have information hat might help her with that situation. Can you give me the same?

RayRen: I guess we can work that out. I didn’t realize there were so many potential breakups – lots of people sending me emails. I missed yours or didn’t have time to respond. How about you call me when it’s convenient to you. I’ll send you my number.

517 caller: If you still have a spot open, I’d love to join OpenMic, too.

RayRen: You would be #4 then.

409 caller: We are 85 miles east of Houston; do you know of any exchange places betwwen Beaumont and Houston?

RayRen: Any bank that is exchanging foreign currency will (at the proper time) probably exchange your currency. If/when we put out the 800 numbers, they will tell you where to go. In any case, call the banks in your area to find out if they do foreign currency exchange, without mentioning dinar or dong. If they do, they’ll probably exchange you once this pops. Also ask if they verify it on site. The banks that say Yes will be the bans that you start with, even if you call the 800 number. “You better shop around…” This is your financial future!

Caller: [Appreciation]

RayRen: As long as your mentality is ‘pay it forward’, that’s pay enough for me. Provide the opportunity for others to learn what you have learned here. I heard from a person the other day who went into the bank, and ‘based on what you guys have been teaching us, I felt 100% in control the whole hour and a half I was there.” They didn’t get the exchange done, but made a further appointment. This story tells me that this person will be ready when RV time comes. We are talking, sharing and teaching; when it happens, we will have that information but until then we work on getting the pertinent information so you can be prepared and be in control when it goes.

909 caller: In the past, we listened to Tony and DC, and there was a lot of discussion about documentation from meetings about the RV here and in Iraq, both hard copies of deposit slips, and audio recordings; they said that if the government tried to squeeze us out, they would use that evidence to make sure we are taken care of Is that still a fact?

RayRen: Yes, and they intend to keep their end of the bargain. As long as we are still hearing about contract rates, we continue to play the game as designed.

305 caller: I was hoping to join OpenMic – could you put me on the list, please? Also, I am still waiting for the information for the meet-and-greet in Miami!

RayRen: Why didn’t you remind me?! You don’t have access to the TNT site? Oh, man… a few more people will probably leave and create some more openings. I will make a note of your number and send you the information. I’m sorry we missed you!

313 caller: I was also trying for a spot on OM…

RayRen: There were only four spots that I know about. Now I’m probably going to get hit with a bunch of emails. You’re in Detroit, right? Why didn’t I see you while I was there?

310 caller: I would also like to join OpenMic.

RayRen: I will see what I can do.

[I had to leave the call here; for the closing statement, check Sunny’s Cliff Notes.]

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA



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