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Monday, October 3, 2016

TNT RayRen's Showtime CC Highlights by Sunny 10-3-16

(Highlights by Sunny):

October 3, 2016

Replay 605.562.3179, PIN CODE 409029#


Ray: This is mysterious Monday and everyone is mysteriously quiet.

Banks were thinking they were going to see us this weekend. Up to Saturday they were optimistic. Now they have shifted to Wednesday or Thursday. It’s possible the bulk of us could experience activity Wednesday going into Thursday and possible some have already experienced activity.


Ray: Banks. . . shifted to Wednesday or Thursday. Any minute, an hour, any day. . . ** To me they are looking for the bulk of us Wednesday through Thursday, not the first of us.

IRAQ: Joint announcements and public appearances between PM Abadhi and Barzani. 

Ray: Barzani being in Baghdad spoke volumes. Had not been there in some time. I was looking for it all in one pop and we did not get that. HCL is taken care of so we don’t need to hear an announcement the HCL is completed and finalized as . . . Barzani said you have my full support and they . . . received a payment.

I don’t know there will be an announcement they have completed all reforms. Lower denim’s may just appear. . . . Based on what took place this weekend I don’t see it being held off any longer.
  • Holiday in Iraq today: It’s their National day which is equivalent to the USA, 4th of July.
  • Qi Cards Loaded: Ray clarified he meant they were loaded into the system, not funded.
  • Banks 
  • Ministers Replaced: Ray last heard 14 days to have them replaced but did not feel it had any bearing on what we are waiting for.
  • TV said Barzani met with Abadhi and made a statement he was giving Abadhi his, “full support.” Ray: That means the Kurds are happy with whatever arrangements that has been agreed on to put that information out.
  • KURDS got their first payment from the HCL agreement. Ray: That’s big stuff. The general understanding has been when the Kurds were paid we would go next. Unknown what rate the Kurds were paid at.
  • China: IMF announced the Chinese Yuan would be in the basket on Oct 1. Ray: And that took place.
  • SKR’s not funded yet.
  • Banks: US banks thought they were going to exchange people this last weekend. They have now shifted to plans for this Wednesday and Thursday.
Q & A: TNT Forum

–Can you tell us who is stopping this from moving forward?
Ray: No, I do not have the answer. Have not seen any devalue of the dollar and nowhere near what people have said would affect us. Do not know if it is even being held up. Could be doing it’s natural progression.

– Do you know of any tactics the banks may employ to control our money?
Ray: They may offer you nice attractive rates. Try to be as informed as possible with what’s available for you. I don’t think any are out to just rip you off. Some may give you a better deal than others. Let your mind make decisions. Know your numbers. Do the math.

– Deutch bank problems have anything to do with our blessing?
Ray: Some say yes and some say no. 

– Are you concerned we’ve past the 3rd
Ray: Still feel good. Lots of progress made over the weekend. It’s the things you didn’t hear that have had a big impact.

– Do banks have lists of those who purchased from dealers.
Ray: I don’t know. They pull from their customer base. The ones they sold product to.

Q & A: Callers

–864 – What remains to be activated?
Ray: That’s a big question. One thing I was looking for and now it seems to be broken up. How many pieces. it’s been broken into remains to be seen. I was looking for it all in one pop and we did not get that. HCL is taken care of so we don’t need to hear an announcement the HCL is completed and finalized as . . . Barzani said you have my full support and they . . . received a payment.

–Some people are saying the banks will be in control and keep our money.
Ray: None of those things you all are hearing I am not hearing.

– People not rioting. Must be economic reform someway. They must be hiding it someway.
Ray: That is a good assumption.

Caller: Are you hearing information, date, you are not sharing with us

Ray: Anticipating one but not hearing one.


This has been a ride, a journey. Most of us started this journey . . . thinking it would be a short one. Most of us started on a 30 day (expectation of the RV). Had I got other information I would not have stayed in touch in tune. Would have treated it like any other investment – checking on it (now and then). We weren’t brought into it that way. 30 days, hurry up. You have hours, days.

Who knew it would turn into weeks. Information that just kept us hanging on. Until we got to there is no more intel to share. Everything has been done. Just not made public. Some of us received info over a year ago. It was all done then. Had to be for the first person to say they had a card here in the USA using it. I’m convinced. Then started hearing a 2nd and third saying it. “I’m in the country using it.”

How many glitches could there possibly be of it taking place three or four times. People saying they were in Iraq and had to exchange before they could leave and shared the exchange rate. Stories go on and on. Tidbits of information that kept us in the game and we shared with you all.

Those of us who held on and held out, now seeing this as a real situation. Then hearing it from the Ivy League generation. It started hitting home with the guy who works at the same job as you do. Different stories. Some of you still don’t believe. That’s okay. This message is for those who do believe.

When the sun comes up after the RV, what will you do with one million or . . . $100,000 in one pop or even in a lifetime. What will you do when you reach that plateau? A lifestyle change will kick in for you whether you want it to or now so we went about preparing our members for more than just money.

Others will look at you differently because you now have something they don’t. . . . We’ve tried to share the financial lifestyle that will be out there for you.

We talked about high rates of interest. 8% came up and people wondered where they would get that and . . . then we heard of (higher) . . . (learned 8%) nothing because you can’t get high rates of return of where you are.

When is the switch going to be pulled? I don’t know as there is any intel that will tell us that. All we can do is wait and plan. Remember, the POD – payable on death to a beneficiary. Verification, Negotiations, Diversification – a list of things we constantly bonbarded you with so it would stick with you.

ROTH IRA is an awesome tool when you apply it the favored way. There is a conventional way, now because of where we are there is a “favored way” to look at that too.

TRUST: Favored and conventional way. Most of professionals you talk to will be conventional and not use it in the favored way and not apply it with another tool.

Same with FOUNDATION. The list can go on and on. These are the things that drive me to still be here . . . do a call and . . . share the information.

Most of us learn by repetition and we have to keep putting it out there. . . If only one person learns it’s worth the time . . . trouble . . . and headaches.

Tony: We talk literally every day. I tell him the direction I’ve taken TNT. It’s the only direction I can take you in. My thoughts and ideas match his. We’re not 100% in sync, but we are on the same team. No “I” or “Me” in team. But a whole lot of us in team.

The TNT Team is a family. We’ve had a lot of folks who’ve helped us along the way intel, advice, support. Can’t thank them enough. Along this journey we’ve lost some. Some got sick, in the hospital, laying in ICU listening to the calls. Nurses try to take their phones and they hide them from the hospital personnel.

For STARMAN out in Colorado. If you would when this call concludes send up a prayer of speedy recovery for Starman and all our family members who are sick, distressed who need a prayer. Send up one for all of them. If you would be so kind to take a minute for that purpose.

Keep holding strong and we will see what happens as the hours and maybe even as the days progress. Still looking forward for something to happen this week. We get definitive information we will come back and share it with you. (played “I Believe.”)



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