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Saturday, October 22, 2016

"Surrender to God?" - Guest Post by One Who Believes

Entry Submitted by One Who Believes at 1:17 PM EDT on October 22, 2016

What Does Surrender To God Mean, EXACTLY?

This seems to be top of Yosef's most important list. But what EXACTLY is it? What are the step by step instructions to accomplish this? How do you know that you have done it properly? Is there a Non-Religious Way to accomplish the same thing? Get the Answers to these questions and more in this post.

The "Concept" Of Surrendering

Like the proverbial Iceberg, what we know is only the tiny part that shows above the water, and what we don’t know is the HUGE part that remains out of sight. The "Concept" of surrender is recognizing that the tiny part we know and are aware of, is not enough to make judgments by. There is so much more going on that we do not have access to. So, we just relax and surrender our judgment of what has occurred and what is to occur, and allow it to unfold as it will, knowing that it is for the best in the end.

Surrender Is An Aspect Of Faith

So when Yosef Says you must surrender to God's Will, he is saying "Have Faith that it is working out, and that you are in good (God's) hands. That no matter how it looks or turns out, it is for the best." What it amounts to is trusting that the big part of life that is beyond your awareness and control, is working out for you, even though the tiny part you can see doesn't look good right now.

Does Surrender Have To Mean Surrender To God?

No, it does not. Remember that Surrender MEANS surrendering your JUDGMENT based on what things look like in the moment (Now), and ALLOWING the IDEA, and EXPECTATION, that it can and will work out anyway, despite how it is now. This can also be extended to Mean Surrendering your Judgment on how things turn out as well, knowing that eventually, it is all for the best in the end.

So the short Meaning of Surrender is to NOT JUDGE Events or Circumstances, now or later.

Remember also, that We were made in God's Image, meaning that we have "God Power" ourselves. What is God Power? That is the ability to Manifest our life experience to our liking, at will. That is our God Given Will-Power. So if we expect things to be working out no matter what they look like, we manifest it to be working out. But, in order for that to happen, we must have faith that it will work out no matter what it looks like or seems like, now or later.

Why Do People Say "Surrender To God's Will?"

This statement and concept is valid and sound. However, the reason that it is said that way, is because that is a short cut to the perfect Manifesting Perspective. The Perfect Manifesting Perspective Is:

A) Ignore the Present Circumstances and/or Accept them as the perfect starting place.

B) Expect it to work out from here no matter how impossible that seems

C) Expect the outcome to benefit you

If you have surrendered to God's Will, then you accept the present circumstances as being what God Planed for you, so they are O.K. as they are. And, if you have surrendered to God's Will, you expect him to make it work out for you no matter how impossible that seems, because after all, he is God and he can do anything. And, since He is a Loving God who is looking out for your best interest, then He will do good things for you, making it work out for you in the end.

Some Say "Let Go and Let God"

This is the same thing just said differently. It means let go of doubt, worry, and fear, and let God handle it. After all, God has the power and can do anything, and if he is taking care of it, there is nothing to doubt, worry or fear. It is handled! Later you will know/learn about your own God Power to do (manifest) anything yourself. You are way more powerful than you know.

So Is It God Doing It or You?

Wow! That is a good question. Here is the answer: It is YOU. What! Relax, it all makes perfect sense. You have been Given God Powers to exert your will (By Manifesting Your Own Life Experience) to your benefit or detriment. Some call it will power, the power of your will. That is YOUR God Given Right/Ability. So while God may have the ultimate power to manifest your experience, it is up to you to decide how that will go. You MUST think and expect that things are going to work out for you in order to allow GOD to make them work out for you. So, in the end, it is YOU who says that things are working out no matter how they look now, and it is God that makes it happen just as you decreed.

Judge Less and Expect More

In short, don't judge circumstances as you don’t have enough information to judge them anyway. Frankly, since we have the power to manifest anything, anyway we want it, from anywhere, then judging our current circumstances is meaningless. No matter what they are, we can still get what we want.

Instead, expect what you want without judgment of whether or not it is possible from where you are. By the way, It is always (In All Ways) possible. It doesn't matter what you have or where you are, you can still get the result you want if you suspend (Surrender) your judgment. Think of the placebo sugar pill that cures the disease as well as the real medicine. If the Sugar Pill had been Judged/Considered its effect would have failed.

Judge not where you are, for it matters not. All that matters is where you are going, and that you Expect to get there.

God's Will is Your Will (By Expectation)

God's Will is that you experience your Will, that you get what you expect to get, no more and no less. So if you want to Surrender to God's Will, then you need to do it right. Decide what you want, and expect to get it, then and only then, surrender to God's Will as to HOW and WHEN it will be delivered/happen.

If the patient who took the placebo thought he was going to die and surrendered to God's will, he would be dead. However, because he believed in the placebo he was taking, he expected to live and he did. God's Will was for him to get what he expected to get no matter the problematic circumstances such as taking fake medicine.

So decide what you want and expect to get it. Then surrender your judgment as to whether or not it is possible, how it will happen, or when it will happen. BUT, always expect it will happen. That is your Will Power, your God Given right to decide your own fate, good or bad. That is a gift from God. God's Will is that Your Will be fulfilled.

Be Careful That Your Wants and Expectations Match

A sick patient may want to live but he expects to die. Pop quiz: Which is manifested, what he wants or what he expects? That’s right, what is expected is what is manifested despite what is wanted. Be sure that what you expect is what you want, because you are going to get what you expect, whether you want it or not.

Doubt, Worry and Fear, Block Your Manifestations

Doubt, Worry and Fear, are blocks to manifestations because of what they mean. Doubt, Worry and Fear, are Expectations of not working out, expecting the worst. The biggest benefit of Surrendering to God, or surrendering your Judgment, is that you no longer Doubt, Worry or Fear, the outcome. Instead you have confidence it is and will work out. If it doesn't matter where you are or what the circumstances are, then there is nothing to Doubt, Worry or Fear. If you are not judging what you have, where you are, or what it might take to get where you want to go, you don't worry about it or doubt it.

By putting it in God's hands, Surrendering to God's Will, you give yourself the right to have confidence it the outcome despite the circumstances. You technically allow it to work out for you since you are not blocking it.

The Bottom Line

So when Yosef says "Surrender To God," he means stop judging your circumstances or your ability, and expect that whatever happens now or later, is for the best and that God will make it work out for you in the way it should. It means that God will show you the way and whatever happens was supposed to happen. It means stop worrying and doubting the outcome because it is all in Good (God's) Hands. It means don’t worry about how you are going to do it or if it can be done, rely on God to figure out a way and get it done.

The only thing I would add is to be clear what you want in life and expect it will be given to you. Be sure that what you want, you also expect. Then let life unfold however it does, and know that it will work out just fine in the end for all concerned no matter what.

Know that you have God's Will/Power on your side, to make it work out for you, no matter the circumstances. Just Surrender your Judgment and increase your Expectation.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life of Your Dreams

Signed: One Who Believes



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