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Monday, October 10, 2016

"Recent Timeline of Events" - Dr. Clarke Update 10-10-16

We want to keep this as Short as possible, so that most will not get confused, or mis-interpret the information, which so often happens, as when there’s too much to read, or whatever, people seem to be all over the place on everything.

We fully KNOW that many who read our posts will Not and Never agree with us, no matter what is posted. No Problem, we expect it - can’t please everyone, all the time.

So, from now on, to more easily appease everyone, IF we decide to make any future comments on this blog, it will simply be for “ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY” -

​Our 100% OPINION - that way you can not get too serious about it - and, in fact, not read any of it, if you don’t want to…..and Today, since we have ZERO Credibility, why would you?

We’ll just throw out a list of things, here for you to interpret - as it stands TODAY, Oct. 10, 2016., if you Choose to read any of it - and we’re not on here to try to PROVE ANY OF IT to you, as you have many others, that do that for you, and enjoy that job of “proof”. We like you to find your “own Proof”, so to speak. LIST:

We want NOTHING from you - no money, no future money, no future connection, seminars, no conference calls, no websites, no products, no MLM, no groups, or currency sales of ANY kind, no Spiritual or Religious influence/emphasis/connection/ excuse/guilt/advantage….nor connected to anyone that is, with ANY of these……NOTHING. ZERO. ZILCH. NADA. So look around, and ask yourself some questions…..

We don’t Deflate, Bash, Blame, Accuse or Judge any other Information Providers (gurus) - Because we’re not in Competition with anyone, for anything - in fact, a few times this year, we honored and complimented a few of them…..even though they trash us, every chance they get.

Everyone wants a DATE & RATE. We decided to give you a few Dates this year, according to what we knew of the “Plan”, sharing what we could, to break the cycle of stress, of “Any Day” - which was very “In-accurate” - over the past 3 years, with ridiculous hype, disillusionment, flat out deception, and mis-representation, that took advantage of tens of thousands of people, in more ways than one.

There really was, and is, a “Plan” for concluding this “Dinar” ride, for the general public to be exchanged by end of 2016. It’s NOT on SCHEDULE, as of Today.

The December 1st date, we talked about before last week, is now gone. No date. Removed. Everything changed over this past week. So, no date to look at in 2016. It’s open ended, as we speak, on into 2017.

We don’t give any RATES, because it’s ridiculous to try to play that game. Talk about a shot in the dark…….NOBODY knows what rates will be…..there’s nothing but Rumor on this whole Rate thing, but we’re planning on much LOWER Rates, than everyone else.

All these Intel Providers and gurus, offering up all kinds of “Proof”, through written articles with timelines, sources, news……how’s any of that worked out?

Still no RV for the public, after many years of scouring thousands of articles, searching for that illusive clue, that would send everyone home. Not gonna find it there……AND Every one of these folks, have made timeline predictions that NEVER made it, AND then extended the time line out ahead each time - EVERY ONE OF THESE INTEL PROVIDERS……well, even WE, are included.

But printed articles and predicting timelines, is just as insane as someone, shooting off intel, from their sources in “wherever land” or organization, or a long list of “FICTION”, that looks, smells, tastes “Official”…….but WHY are you not in the Bank yet, after the daily, weekly, monthly barrage of printed articles, facts, figures……..”STUDY”, as some like to “dress it up” in description…..sounds really impressive and important, all with a motive of “Money” in mind.

“Come on in and feel comfortable among us, similar types - oh, and bring your money with you too - and we have currency for sale - and we have other things for sale that will benefit you too, and you can even take advantage of our support system - but, bring your Money, please don’t forget that……as we continue to educate you, in our highest knowledge…..because you just the “student”. RUN!!!!

This is NOT an Investment, even though you purchased an “Asset”, called currency. Yes, it’s an “Asset”, just like that Quarter in your pocket. This is a “GAMBLE”. That’s right, you are unofficially/officially GAMBLING. You’re a GAMBLER. Religious folks, own up.

You are Gambling on the Iraq government, declaring their Dinar (your asset), an Internationally Traded Currency. AND you’re gambling that you’ll be able to exchange it somewhere at a much higher rate, to profit from a Gain in $$$. GAMBLING. In fact, all of Life is a GAMBLE. Think about it.

You want 100% guarantee of a Date to exchange. There is no such date - only probabilities of dates. (You’re not even 100% guaranteed that you’ll draw another breath and be here, in the next 5 minutes - let alone a solid guaranteed date or rate on your gamble) - Gut Check time.

BANKS - Wake up folks. This is the biggest diversion ever created. This bank stuff, from rates, to dates, to weeks, to days, to screens, to inside people, to whatever……is all, a game to mislead everyone - Big Time!

For YEARS, FRIENDS! Banks are playing a game with you, called, “We know you NEED us, so we’ll take you on this ride, and somehow increase our odds of getting what money you have NOW, and maybe some money LATER” - so we’ll set these so-called Appointments anyway, knowing Exchanges can’t take place……so we can keep you on the “Hook”….they’ve been doing this for YEARS!……..and these inside bank contacts that most have, are just playing the game, because THEY’RE BEING PLAYED by those above them, and those above them, and those above them.

You cannot Believe ANYTHING on this Bank Intel thing…..because the Intel people pushing the bank credibility story, have a long term interest (monetary interest) in you, AFTER you get your money, and attending their seminars and hype, investments sessions, to make MORE MONEY off you then…..it’s a strategy because they WANT YOUR MONEY.

You can’t believe them……(No more than you can Believe ANYONE or ANYTHING SAID, by those running for President in the U.S. - especially after this 2nd Debate) - Lie after Lie after Lie - ALL SIDES.

MOSUL - This topic is such a joke. Mosul is NOT done. Whether it is or isn’t, doesn’t matter - It’s still officially, publicly NOT done. Very important piece NOW, to Iraq changing their currency to International and raising the rate. BOTH Presidential candidates talked about this in 2nd debate, last night.

WE’ll GIVE YOU OUR MOST RECENT TIMELINE OF EVENTS, AS OF TODAY: (since that’s what you probably want to know, more than anything) REMEMBER, Everything from us, from now on, is our OPINION - where we gather ALL our information in many different WAYS - just to make this officially Defined for everyone - nothing legal, just Simple to understand.

The Following is our “LOGICAL FORECAST”…….based on Pure Logic, nothing else - isn’t what everyone wants - “Logic”…isn’t that what makes any verifiable sense? Wait - we could call it “Homework”, “Study” or better yet, we could justify printing a million links to articles, so it’s more BELIEVABLE TO YOU, since it’s an “article” from somewhere, that someone like you and me, decided to print up, then call it “TRUTH”. No, this is just our “LOGIC”, take it or leave it:

MOSUL - Will not be completed until early December - OFFICIALLY & PUBLICLY ANNOUNCED.

2017 BUDGET - Will not be official and not printed in the Gazette, till the last half of December 2016.

HCL - Who the XXX knows for sure?…..our best guess, is that it will be Publicly Announced as official by December 1, and printed in the Gazette by end of December. (too much money involved here, so NOBODY knows the truth about this animal)

All Other Important Laws - Officially printed in the Gazette by end of December.

Government Cabinet seats - All voted in and sitting, as of December 1.

Contract Rates - Forget them. Non-existent. Rumor. Think about this, and reason it out. No need for anything called “Contract Rates”, cause everyone will be Public - nothing to keep “secret” or hidden - (Group Rumor to get more members)

ZIM - One of the biggest Hoax’s we’ve ever seen, and so many people bought into this ridiculousness, BLINDLY - just because some so-called friend of theirs said, “Hurry & get it”. Many lessons learned on this one……then all the insane projection around it.

Friends, THIS is what a SCAM looks like - ZIM……you’re holding WORTHLESS paper in your hand. Bonds? There’s NOTHING RESEMBLING A BOND OR CONNECTION TO A BOND, WITH THIS CURRENCY. and WHY?

Everyone totally blindsided on this huge LOSS. Go ahead, find someone to buy it from you…..at what you paid for it.

800# - There are NONE. Another hype, Rumor, Control tool. Think about this, and reason it out. Every bank has their own numbers through normal, everyday business.

1st Quarter 2017 - ISX cranks up, Banks in Iraq change, U.S., IMF, UN give Iraq final approval, to announce an International Rate Change and Status for exchange.

Do You Want to Know What’s REALLY Going On? Really?…….

APRIL 2017 - OH NO, ANOTHER DATE - Iraq Dinar Official Rate Change and International Announcement happens, sometime in APRIL 2017 - The 1st month of Their 2nd Quarter - roughly 6 months from TODAY.

Now, Logically, this should give Iraq, IMF, UN, U.S. and everyone else, ENOUGH TIME to get everything in order, done, signed, transferred, set up, finalized, double-checked, ISIS out, KURDS happy, U.S. happy & new Prez., Loans done, Bank technology current, especially in Iraq, International companies can safely start to enter Iraq and feel good about it now……and I’m sure there’s more we’re missing here, but this should do it.

Yes, you read that right. APRIL, 2017 - 6 months from now - based on our PURE LOGIC, as it exists Today.

It’s going to take this long, because Iraq needs the time - they’re SLOW & It’s a Communication NIGHTMARE in the ME. They have major ISIS & corruption problems, that are this far away from getting stable enough to pull this off.

The U.S. must complete the Election by Jan. 20th, with a new President sitting. There is NO RUSH now, to get this done - there’s too much Worldwide Chaos that’s got things way off balance for EVERYONE.

Iraq is a LONG-TERM project, and always has been. Also, the Price of Oil, must raise significantly over $50, which has happened, and will continue upwards to just under $100, when Iraq announces….

We know this is DISAPPOINTING NEWS, but that’s just the way it is. There’s just too much money being stolen, and it’s taking longer to get this taken care of and changed. There are Political Personalities involved, that swing the power……just look at the circus act we saw last night, in the U.S. Presidential Election - beyond belief.

We’re not here to win a popularity contest. You gotta wait…..it’s close, but not THAT close. The funds have to be there, and then they have to be protected along the way. That just isn’t the case, just yet. We’re here to Share, Assist & have FUN.

STATUS - The VN Dong - no status change - it can raise significantly AT ANY TIME. NOTHING is holding this currency back from moving significantly higher. This government has set Everything up to move NOW.

This is NOT Iraq, for there is no other country like Iraq - and what makes Iraq different than ALL the others, is that it has housed the majority of ISIS leaders, operations and money, over the past 3 years.

They’re JUST ABOUT GONE, and that’s why they’re making this one last push in October, to complete it. But it will take a little while after, for any of it, to make a difference - that’s why we say, December.

LOVERS keep loving. HATERS keep hating……it’s your Choice. Blast away!

The skeptics always say, “Show me WHY, you think what you think. Where’s the Evidence”…..and we say, “Evidence or no Evidence - Study or no Study, Homework or no Homework, Proof or no Proof……….Iraq, nor Vietnam, nor Iran, nor Afghanistan, or handful of others has NOT substantially increased their value, in some GCR manner - SO FAR. So, you show us, where your so called Evidence has produced, as of yet? NOTHING.

Therefore, it’s all an Opinion, Guess, Hope & Belief…….no matter how much dressing up you make it out to be, all boxed and pretty with a Bow……it’s still just SPECULATION & GAMBLING. ……and we LOVE to GAMBLE.

Because we always WIN BIG, with our high Probability Factor’s over time.

And……RIGHT NOW, the highest probability of a full blown, International Rate & substantial increase, looks like APRIL 2017. Why you ask? Why April.

Because we just spent half the blog explaining all the pieces that make up the “Logic”, which is what you need to “Believe”. Logically. April is a good month, right?

I’m sure some Astrologist, Metaphysicist, Historian or Religious person can find SOME significant reason to blame it on coming down, in that month - then it would be even MORE, “Logical”, Right?

No, we have a plethora of evidence that points to APRIL, and the TIME & EVENTS needed to get there - in our “Logical Opinion”. Yes, to those who want to blast us, and say, “You said that about September - we’ll save you the post”……this is a brand new ballgame.


Because, we’ll give you one hint: Russia……. another hint: Trump…….another hint: Iran….there’s more, but we’re not here to prove anything to you.

​Now, all you weary dinarians out there, we’ve decided to take ALL YOUR QUESTIONS, so get to typing……and we’ll answer them to the best of our Opinionated Ability……it may not be what you want to hear, but we’ll give you our best answer…….AND if we don’t, it will be because, we Can’t Touch it. So, Fire away……

You have PLENTY OF TIME……..NO RUSH……Till April…….But, we’ll say one IMPORTANT thing about GAMBLING:

“ANYTHING can happen, at ANY Moment”……because you’re NOT even guaranteed your next Breath - even an RV scenerio”

Time to Shift Gears Folks…….NOW. You should have several sources of Income NOW. If not, get on it. Think outside the box. Ask for guidance. Give it a few days. Follow your gut. Don’t sit on ONE idea. Diversify. We’ve made millions, doing this exact, simple procedure - with a little Patience.

Let this Universe show you and support you, in ways you have not looked at yet - but will, with a little time. You can GAMBLE AND do other things, through diversifying your time.

DO IT TODAY! GET ON IT!……..your currency will still be there. Just because it hasn’t happened before, doesn’t mean it can’t happen TODAY!……..no matter what your age is.

NO MORE EXCUSES! Bummer, we know, but this is LIFE…….and WE don’t set the Rules.

(This is our short version)…..

SO, you may not see us on here much for awhile, unless there's a lightning bolt of information that is too good not to post.....otherwise it's just grinding away till you get that Official Announcement, you're International......

It is Our Intention, to Be Exactly WHO WE ARE, ASSIST to the Best of our Ability, and provide the Very Best for ALL,

Dr. Clarke



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