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Monday, October 10, 2016

"RE: Zimbabwe to Ratify Paris Agreement" - Guest Post by IWFG

Entry Submitted by IWFG at 6:48 PM EDT on October 10, 2016

In response to earlier article: "ZIMBABWE TO RATIFY PARIS AGREEMENT"


Excerpt from above article: "Zimbabwe has been hit hard by changing climates, with drought and flooding becoming frequent and more severe. A drought triggered by El Nino last summer has left 4 million people in need of food aid, and authorities in 
search of $1.5 billion to reverse the damage.

But there just isn’t enough money to go around to help people cope with the changes brought on by climate change. With a promise of $100 billion per year in funding for poorer nations, the Paris Agreement is seen by many as a key intervention for those struggling to cope.

The growing incidence of droughts in Zimbabwe presents a clarion call for all of us to build capacity to effectively cope with disasters related to climate change,” he told Parliamentarians.

Ratification demonstrates intent on the part of Zimbabwe — and other countries that have already done so — to be legally bound by the terms of the accord. As a matter of fact, those that have approved are now bound legally..."

MY OP ED REPLY, PONDER THIS: Although "climate change" has, by design, become a very controversial - and often heated - political football, it's now ironically right smack dab in the middle of the ongoing WWIII global banking/financial/currency war which will oddly now end with the complete deconstruction and replacement of the corrupt global financial system - the final trigger and terms of which are hidden, yet safeguarded within the Paris Agreement on Global Climate Change itself.

And 'Why wouldn't it?', one might ask. It certainly makes perfect sense to me. Yet how ironic, huh? Major photo op, nose-thumb moment, in fact.

(SIDEBAR - How is it that protecting and conserving our environment became a political topic in the first place? Isn't it in EVERYONE'S best interests to first and foremost, secure and safeguard clean air, water, soil, food, etc? But I digress.)

In any case, I do view the entire topic of global "climate" change as the perfect metaphor for what we are currently witnessing.

We have long been held captive and enslaved by the self-anointed elite power structure who control the almighty "petro" dollar. In fact, the bankers who own and control both the oil companies and the financial structures, wield their power to specifically manipulate every aspect of life on Earth, as a means to maintain their entire global empire.

These families and their secret society with its specific initiations and agendas - AKA the cabal - have for decades, even centuries, systematically used humanity to create and fight wars (in the name of patriotism, freedom and democracy) as a means to steal and control oil resources across the globe and to also take control of all the entire global monetary system of central banks, which they nearly have accomplished ... All via the power of the "petro dollar". We ALL KNOW this.

They likewise have systematically created, taken control of and globalized all the mega corporate industrial complexes around the world. All big banking, investment and finance systems, the world's largest military and mercenary forces, arms and weapons production, illegal drugs and sex trade trafficking, auto, chemical, big farm, big pharma, medical, insurance, governmental 3-letter agencies, education, research, mass media, BIS, IMF, World Bank, UN. The rabbit hole runs deep...

...while simultaneously the widespread development of alternative energy sources and solutions have been either suppressed, adamantly opposed politically, "scientifically" dispelled, or the technologies and patents have been stolen or scooped up and shelved. And life on this planet continues to deteriorate for billions of human beings.

Geo-engineering now intentionally "creates" catastrophic weather events that constantly decimate peoples and property across the planet, instilling the fear of the wrath God in those less informed.

Terrorist attacks and seemingly random, yet large-scale acts of violence now occur on such a regular basis that we are nearly numb to them.

Chemtrails are systematically dumping who knows what on us. It's almost too horrendous to consider.

GMO food production, and deliberately engineered addictive junk foods and toxic chemicals threaten our air, our water, our soils, our biodiversity, our eco-systems, our food supply, dumb us down, interfere with normal metabolism, disrupt normal hormone synthesis and neurotransmitter production, and other innate healing mechanisms, thus creating chronic disease states that threaten not only our longterm health, but our very ability to survive.

Mandatory vaccines and contrived diagnoses like ADHD, and the poisonous drugs used to treat these phony, human-crafted "diseases" are threatening the fragile lives of our precious children.

And for what? The protection and control of a few who brainwash and indoctrinate us in a deliberate social order (Matrix) that is designed specifically to enslave us? A system that's literally based on the perpetual concentration of wealth and power into the few hands of those who "own" the oil generated "petro dollar"? Really?

So I'd say, yes, the emphasis on and use of petroleum as the basis of global energy production as a means to concentrate wealth and control us is in fact having a horrific impact on our global climate!

So, I ask each and every one of you: Have the last 100+ years of "war" used to create a monopolized petroleum-based energy production system and the subsequent global dependence - perpetuated by a few for personal gain and greed and control - induced a widespread detrimental "climate change" on this planet?

Uh, yeah!!!

And now, buried deep in the ratified Paris Agreement for Global Climate Change is the financial means for those of us who actually believe that carbon-based oil consumption is detrimentally impacting global climate in myriad ways - and who openly and adamantly oppose the current black gold system - to invest in a new, more life-enhancing global "climate", by choosing to put our $$$ and our efforts to work for a different sort of climate, a new, life-enhancing climate change. We get to walk our talk

- by investing in alternative energy systems, like wind, water, solar, Tesla...

- by investing in innovative food production systems that will help people grow healthy food locally and feed starving children

- by investing in housing solutions for millions of homeless people worldwide

- by investing in cutting edge technologies that will replace old, archaic systems, that no longer or never did serve the people, with new sustainable methods that will enrich our loves

- by investing in hard-working people everywhere...which will in turn allow a new generation of ingenuity, a much-needed renaissance, which will in turn inspire entrepreneurs and leaders everywhere to come forward fearlessly and create new, more efficient forms of self-governance, education, holistic health care and wellness centers, financial and banking, that reflect a community's values and in service to others

All leading to more enduring peace, prosperity, kindness, generosity, good will, equality, justice, opportunity and limitless potential for all of us to create a more autonomous, more fulfilling, more joyful experience for ourselves and for humanity at large, for the betterment of life on Earth and which will support and enhance our freedom and sovereignty to choose and create the lives we imagine.

Yes, it seems we are teetering on the brink of global financial bankruptcy. And there's also something else at stake: to sit by and ignore the glaring crimes against humanity, the starving children, the gut-wrenching poverty, the rapidly escalating homelessness, the physical and emotional suffering of billions of our brothers and sisters world-wide, renders us spiritually bankrupt as well.

Need I say more?

IWFG, in service to the highest good - High Planes Drifter



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