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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of April 26, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of April 26 2018 Compiled 12:07 am EDT 26 April 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Ab...

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

New Republic via a GCR: Update as of October 4 2016

New Republic via a GCR Update as of Oct. 4 2016

Compiled the early morning of 4 Oct. 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com

A. Oct. 3 2016 TNT Call RayRen98: Ray TNT Dinar

1. The Banks were optimistic that they would see the RV by Sat. That expectation has now shifted to Wed or Thurs of this week.

2. IMF announced Chinese Yuan was a reserve currency.

3. The Kurds have received their first payment from the HCL Agreement.

4. The GCR/RV was considered a done deal.

B. On Oct. 3 2016 Western States Open Mic Network AdminBill reported:

1. (morning) This week looks promising. Many are pointing to a conclusion. Banks are ready and need asset-backed currency to stimulate the bottom line.

2. (Later in the day): I was just informed by an international source that the final peg required to fund the RV has been accomlished. There is no looking back. This week is looking even better than an hour ago. Wed-Thurs

C. On Oct. 3 the Benjamin Fulford Update: Document Dump, Outright Fraud" - Fulford Report - 10.3.16 Documents leaked by US government personnel reveal in detail how the owners of Federal Reserve Board created the 2008 Lehman crisis as a way to steal vast sums from the people of the planet:

1. The documents show how an Indonesian by the name of Yohannes Riyadi used 700 tons of gold that originally belonged for former Indonesian President Soekarno to back a US$500 billion bond issue. This money was used to bribe senior Indonesian government officials, according to CIA officials based in Asia.

2. The 700 tons gold was then magically transformed by Khazarian mafia employed forgerer and fraudster Wilfredo Sarabia Saurin (DOB 2 Nov. 1954 according to Philippines passport) wil1 into 750,000 tons of gold backed certificates, the sources say.

3. J.P. Morgan Chase Bank then sent rights to the certificates to the Royal Bank of Scotland via payments to HSBC holdings. The certificates ended up at the Federal Reserve Board, who then transformed it into dollars in a sort of reverse alchemy.

4. The 23 trillion dollars thus magically created were used by the owners of the Federal Reserve Board to buy on the cheap assets around the world whose value had crashed because of the engineered Lehman shock crash. One CIA officer described the scam as the largest criminal theft of global assests in history using digital money and increasing the Khazarian mafia's ownership of the world's corporations and assets.

5. Various documents related to this fraud, including copies of the SWIFT transaction documents, can be seen in the above article.

6. Action against the Khazarian mafia and their Federal Reserve Board based fraudulent financial system was escalating. Last week document shredding trucks were seen parked in front of the Fed’s New York headquarters: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-09-29/just-spotted-front-new-york-fed-again

D. The Oct. 3 2016 Situation Report of 5pm EST: "Wonder Why?" - SITREP - 17:00 EDT - Monday - October 3, 2016

​1. The start of the international business week when all markets worldwide were open for trading at the same time was at 6pm EST on Monday (10am in New Zealand on Tuesday).

2. Not only do the new powers that be wish to give every market a fair starting point, they also want to ensure individual redeemers can freely move / wire money anywhere in the world at any amount. Thus we are all waiting for the start of international business week to begin in earnest shortly on Monday evening. We are told even China is waiting patiently, although their markets and banks are all closed this week.

3. ATM machines in Mexico and Canada were taken down today, in order to remove fiat USD and replace with gold backed USN.

4. Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange was scheduled to make a career damning Hillary Clinton data dump during a morning announcement press conference in Berlin early in Tues. morning in the US (3 to 4am EDT).

5. That info should do three things: 1) Provide a flaming flash bang to distract the world from the RV; 2) Nicely eat up the morning and weekly news cycle starting first thing Tuesday morning; 3) Begin the US political election unraveling necessary to bring in the new US Republic government solution.

6. Chase bank in the US has been canceling thousands upon thousands of bogus credit lines as of last Thursday.

7. If you'll recall, 9/11 happened on Tuesday morning, right at the opening of North American markets. It was synced with the start of the International Business Week.

8. Look for our "unrestricted release" anytime this evening and a few key announcements this evening. Know the "restricted release" has been ramping up all night and day, successfully and highly abundant. "All is well. Tell your people to stay the course and remain calm," we are told by reliable sources across a multitude of international control mechanisms. Translated, save the drama for your momma, the RV is here.

E. On Oct. 3 2016 TNT Mangelo reported: Starman wrote 2 min. ago that it could be tonight, in the morning, but no later than Thurs. at the most. We are being told any second now.

F. Situation Report as of 6 am Oct. 4 2016:

1. Currency Sub Groups all over North America are now being called into redemption locations, as are in-bank currency purchasers who were already existing Wells Fargo clients.

2. The "restricted strategy" roll out is still in effect, but the ramp up to the "unrestricted strategy" is gaining momentum by the hour.

3. Many who are being called in are refusing to accept the pre-negotiated group rates (way too low) as well as signing NDAs--and they're literally walking out. Hundreds have chosen just to wait for the toll free numbers to come out.

4. People know how much their ZIM is worth given our collective efforts.

5. We are hearing that IQD, VND, IDR and AFA redeemers don't have to sign NDAs. Why? Those currencies are fiscally irrelevant to banks in direct comparison to the redeemable value of the ZIM.

6. Non ZIM currency holders are just small math to the banks. They will be made to wait to redeem, though be allowed to go their own way without restraint.

7. ZIM holders with higher redemption values will be required to sign NDAs, legally limiting future speech and actions.

8. We understand some bankers are even willing to allow personal "price quoting" on their ZIM because we are also hearing about five digit end buyer resale values in Asia for ZIM in-take banks.Yup, you read that right--five digits as in 10,000+ USN per 1 ZIM at face value.

9. That doesn't mean you will get those kind of rates at your redemption appointment, but it speaks to the hidden sovereign value of the ZIM historic bond/currency you hold. Turns out those in-ground assets of Africa are valued beyond anything we've ever considered in the past.

10. The Wikileaks broadcast began today at 4am EST this morning and is still going.

11. Clearly the Wikileaks broadcast is synced up to the hit the second presidential debate as well as both campaigns when they each enter into the final month before the election.
Know the timing of all events is 100% coordinated. Nothing in media or politics is impromptu now.

12. This is probably why Trump laid low in the weeds throughout the first debate. He knew that the Wikileaks data dump was upcoming because and we know he's working in concert with the Republic's desire roll out strategy. His job is to be a constant mouthpiece for the political agenda of the Republic, as well as highlight the cabal's past sins, all while acting as an independent candidate. Who better than Trump for the job of annoying and relentless big mouth megaphone, right?

13. Look for Brexit to finally start happening now.

14. Look for the Paris Agreement to finally ratify now.

15. Look for Israel and Palestine to finally create two states now.

16. Look for the difficult and tragic Syrian conflict to finally end now.

17. Look for the vile Clinton dynasty to finally leave public life in exchange for amnesty now.

18. Look for the US elections to finally be outed as totally bogus and be revamped with new, more qualified RNC and DNC candidates now.


Document Dump, Outright Fraud" - Fulford Report - 10.3.16

"Wonder Why?" - SITREP - 17:00 EDT - Monday - October 3, 2016

Information for Exchanging your Currency by PinkRoses 10-3-16

New Republic via a GCR Update as of October 3 2016



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