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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of April 22, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of April 22 2018 Compiled 12:01 am EDT 22 April 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Ab...

Sunday, October 23, 2016

New Republic via a GCR: Update as of October 23, 2016

New Republic via a GCR Update as of Oct. 23 2016

Compiled in the early morning hours of 23 Oct. 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com

A. GCR Update 1:33 am EST Oct. 23 2016 Watch for Immediate Release: Sunday, October 23, 2016

Watch for Immediate Release, This is the Final Night

It looks like we are here now. I have just hung up the phone from a 4-hour conference call which was called at midnight EST (Oct. 22, 2016) - the thought being we may not have time to talk again prior to the RV. Intel/information following is reported as a result of a meeting between 9-10 "insiders" who have compared notes and agree that the following is true:

This is the final night before the RV

Global collateral accounts have been officially released as per orders of (reformed) World Court.

There have been 9 attempts to release during the past few days, but cabal activities have interfered.

During this waiting period the funds we will receive have multiplied by 8000% from much earlier points of measurement.

M1 released funds on Wed Oct 19 at 9pm EST.

At 6pm Pacific time Oct. 22 2016 the World Court ordered immediate release.

The release (RV and GCR) is going according to strict letter of law in contrast to the way things have been run in the past (as these are new times).

All institutions have been reformed (IMF, Federal Reserve, Governments, Banks, World Court)

World Court also decreed that as part of the RV the elections had to be halted so NESARA/GESARA would roll out. (National and Global Economic Security and Restoration Acts)

All world governments are now switched over as per Paris Agreement, NESARA and GESARA.

Obama has taped his resignation. Also Biden. Although the recordings may be used, they may also decide to do it live. It should happen very soon and will be broadly available.

Software has been switched to impelement new systems in all governments.

It has not yet been decided exactly who will announce the election cancellation, but may be House of Representatives. The big focus is not to share too much too quickly for the general public to absorb, since most of them don't have any idea what is occurring.

Obama was an active participant in the Hillary email scandals so will be tried for treason with her.

The Clintons have refused amnesty and have chosen instead to be tried, and it is doubtful if they will live that long.

Paul Ryan has been sworn in as interim President,(of Corporation) something that will soon be made public. He will likely run for President with Pence as his running mate. The ceremony was performed in an airport hangar in Reno on sovereign native American land (5 tribes are involved in Nevada). People are confused that the current government services is Corporate. The Constitutional Government is the original organic Constitution like the forefathers set up in a Republic form of government, aka representative system of the people.

They would ideally like to have an election quickly enough so that the new president could be sworn in on the usual Jan. 2017 date, but if the Democrats cannot come up with an alternate candidate, it may be decided to hold the election later.

We cannot run a new government with the old fiat currency, so that makes the RV needing to happen right now.

Schedule: Paul Ryan was sworn in on Tues. Oct. 18 2016; the Republic was reinstated Wed. Oct. 19 2016 and the RV was to be Thurs. Oct. 20 (but due to international time zone differences that could be translated to Friday. Friday noon Oct. 21 2016 was the deadline given by the World Court.

Mr. Stumpf (CEO/Chairman of Wells Fargo who was Cabal and was removed and replaced a couple weeks ago), wound up giving up 109 Cabal associates in exchange for his amnesty. They have all been arrested.

All Cabal members who are being rounded up are being given the opportunity to surrender and to use their talents for the greater good. Cabal responses have been mixed on both sides of this decision. The people who are on the sidelines watching this unfold are being encouraged to be completely forgiving of all who choose surrender, and to work with them in a new way. It was stated that we are bringing in a new world - one in which the resonance of grudges, etc. will not serve any good purpose, so BE love and all will be well.

All global currencies are being reinstated - any second now - as we speak.

The people in Aleppo, Syria were given several options for routes for leaving the city safely (2 million people). This exodus time was extended until 12 noon EST Oct. 23 2016. Russia will then do what it takes to complete the job there. It is unfortunate snypers are still attempting to kill innocent people.

There are tremendously higher security levels now installed at centers with perimeters way out as of 4pm today Oct. 22 2016. High alert status has extended to military and all police and all other security forces as ordered by World Court. Drones will be flying over all thoroughfares and plain clothes special forces will be numerous (pretending to be changing tires along the roads, reading newspapers on coffee shop patios, etc.) and no one will know who they are. The cell phone numbers we have provided or called from will be tracked from home to destination and back home again to assure safety and they will be ready to respond if it looks like something is not right. License plates will be scanned en route.

Shift changes are being made tonight Oct. 22 2016 at midnight at all centers.

30,000 people are involved in the processing activities on our side of this activity.

GPS devices will be installed under vehicles which will be used for tracking our safety to and from the event to assure your safe round trip completion.

Any amount we need to work with will have liquidity.

Focus at your bank appointment has been adjusted slightly away from humanitarian project details to personal missions and commitments. Personnel are trained to recognize sincerity, commitment, integrity, professional qualification and honesty of presenters very quickly.

95% of folks are likely to be processed during the first 48 hours.

There will be 5-10 bankers present for each meeting.

Be prepared to leave copies of your presentation with them for their files as it supports their decision to provide maximum amounts to us.

If someone is lacking qualified trustees for trusts Abbot Downing can provide, but people are encouraged to name others who would be more likely in a higher place of spiritual resonance than a "banker/investor" type person. Maybe you could interview specialty trust attorneys.

The trust funds will remain tax free in years to come, following deaths of initial grantor and trustees.

All of these large amounts of funds are "insured" in that they are backed by resources. No additional insurance protection is needed.

NDAs will remain strict for both privacy and protection of all involved parties. It is absolutely imperitive to keep arrangements confidential as signed.

John McCain and Harry Reed will be out. We would be surprised at the vast numbers of cabal descendents are amoung us, including the entertainment industry. Decendents of original families are everywhere.

Structured payouts from trust accounts will not be mandatory, but "interest" (now called rate of return) will be much lower (maybe 2% compared to 8.15% if you took the long term payout). The structured payouts are designed so that Abbot Downing can do the best job of investing the funds for mutual benefit. It is mentioned that unless someone wants to spend their lives making global investments as their priority they may want to allow Abbot Downing take this role to free them up for focus on their project roles.

Each person has free will to decide what percentage of the funds stays in bank or becomes immediately liquid.

Participants 70 years and older will be given the highest rates (as it is clear they may want to initiate projects without wasting any time.)

The bankers will be very service oriented, and want to offer us generous funds if we show we will spend wisely on humanitarian projects - the true intention of this global endeavor.

Very few people in the sense of the general public will ever know anything significant occurred.

B. New Republic Update as of 2:06 pm EST on Oct. 22 2016: "Macro Transition" - New Republic Update - Saturday - October 22, 2016

1. All Republic macro transition security assets and special forces operatives are wheels up right now, weapons loaded, safeties off and in place ready to keep the peace.

2. The same can be said for all North American banking personal. They're all on ultra high alert at this hour.

3. All have been told to expect "mission activation" anytime as of 8pm EST yesterday Oct. 21 through tomorrow Sun. 8pm EST Oct. 23.

4. Mass media outlets have all been briefed and have prepared information kits/edited pieces ready to broadcast and post on-line.

5. All senior print editors and tv news producers at all the major media brand names are very well aware of what is coming - as does former presidential candidates (Trump / Clinton / Johnson / Stein) and their executive staffs.

6. We believe the Nov. 8 2016 election will be suspended and postponed until Jan 3 2017. The traditional date of January 20th for the Presidential peaceful passing of power is expected to be kept.

7. A final 24 hour amnesty "olive branch" period was handed out to all remaining Cabal die hards, worldwide, at midnight in China Friday Oct. 21 for a midnight in China Sat. Oct. 22 conclusion. This final amnesty offering has come and gone now, thus the transitional event shall now commence without delay.

8. At this moment temporary Republic executive branch appointees are ready to publicly come forward and declare the Republic restored, and their leadership in full control of all the nation's domestic and foreign affairs. This includes former interim President General Joseph Dunford and current interim President Paul Ryan (who is now openly flying on Air Force One).

9. New USN currency was traveled into redemption centers earlier this week, and now just awaiting exchanges and a public announcement of the new rainbow currency hitting public circulation.

10. The final release authorization was given in terms of allowing the currency into circulation yesterday Oct. 22 at 6pm EST.

11. The public currency revaluation is to be revealed after Nov. 1 2016, with full FOREX rate changes evident then.

12. GESARA macro transitional events are taking place across the globe, within formerly non-compliant governments and financial institutions like those here in the USA. All nations must now adhere to a common or universal set of compliance requirements on a variety of issues governing the greater good affairs of mankind.

13. What you think to be happening, and what you may believe to be happening, is most likely very incongruent to what is actually happening, and in real time. Soon all transition truth, both here in the USA and around the world, will appear as a collective movement, yet separate sets of GESARA treaties and laws that reveal this entire process has long been completed and now readied for implementation. The lack of mass consciousness awareness was done for everyone's protection.

14. For Zim redeemers some sovereign rates will exceed five digits for humanitarian and job creation. The reason being is simple: that's just what it's worth to the Chinese and European Elders, as well as all central banks, and of course the nation of Zimbabwe.

15. Thus, if you hold ZIM and choose to redeem it, know you are willingly accepting a divine invitation to serve, preserve and protect all forms of life on planet earth--including all races and cultures of humanity. There is simply no other earthly explanation for receiving such infinite abundance.

C. Thurs. Oct. 20 2016 Real Truth Call with Tank, Yosef: Real Truth Call ft. Tank, Yosef Notes by PinkRoses 10-20-16

1. A higher level of security (military and police) was put on all financial institutions as of 4pm EST Thurs. Oct. 20 2016.

2. There's an estimated just under 30,000 ZIM holders in the US who are likely to be processed in the first 72 to 96 hours.

3. Once you call into the currency exchanges and set your appointment after you get the toll free number, they will actually track your phone so that if any nonsense that goes on between you and the redemption center they will be able to follow you. It is a good idea to have your phone on at all times, and use the same phone you made the call on for your benefit to be tracked at that point.

4. They have drones up in the air that will be governing the main thorough fares into these redemption centers. They will all be easy on and off exits, and very well lit. They have Special Forces in plain clothes that are lining the highways monitoring things and standing guard without you knowing they exist.

5. Once you get on the exchange site, they will video tape your license plate, take a digital check of that and run your plates in case there is an issue with your priors. They will make sure you are who you say you are and you have an appointment at that time. If there is a problem they probably won’t let you in the door. They will track you. They will put a little GPS sticker magnet under your wheel well and track you all the way home. They will have eyes on you from the time you call in to the time you get home. They want to make sure you have a full round completion.

6. The Currency rates according to Yosef: ZIM: $8,125.00; IQD: $221.00; IRR: $221.00; VDN: $128.00; IDR: $102.00; AFA: $10.50

7. These are all first basket currency and all redeemed at the printed face value.

8. The highest face value for the ZIM is 100 Trillion. The redemption rates will vary with individual humanitarian and job creations and aspirations. Depending on the depth and scope and preparation of your material it will sway the Abbot Downing and Wells Fargo teams that are governing your redemption appointment to determine really what you can handle and sign a rate to it.

9. In terms of liquidity and NDA and what has to be put for job humanitarian creation that is your own private wealth all that is privately negotiable.

10. Bring a one or two page, top 5 page synopsis. Have it printed out, maybe bounded. Bring a bio of yourself. Present yourself. They need to know who you are in a very short period of time. It shows you are ready and prepared if you know the rates and have the Know-Your-Client information, which they will make copies of and put it in a file. They have to justify who they gave what in terms of the numbers and be responsible for their decision, just as you will have to be responsible for your decision. It is just common courtesy to be prepared when you go in to a business meeting.

11. Be yourself. Tell them what you want to do and throw it out there. They might not give you $8000 on the ZIM but what they will give you will be fantastic.

12. Give them the opportunity to understand quickly in a quick glance on a page who you are, where you from, what is your job experience been, where you live, how old you are, how many kids you have, charities you have helped and participated in, ideas of what you want to do with your community and plan to do. However you want to do it. Be neat, be concise, no more than 5 pages. Have a little summary of who you are as a person so they can gage know your client (KYC). Every banker has to go through a series of steps and questions in order to gage who you are on the other side of the table because they have to put their reputation on the line for whatever rate, liquidity, and trust they give you. Are they on time? What are they wearing? How do they speak? Are their materials Grade A? Grade B? Are their ideas out there? Are they highfalutin? Are they tangible? Are they measurable? They have a check list of maybe 20 things they have to hit in order to give you the highest rate.

13. Just go in and present yourself. Bring in what you got, be honest, speak from the heart. Don’t get too focus on the zeros. Don’t get too focus on maximizing the event financially. What was it you want to accomplish when you started this? What was it? Was it to fix your country? Your city? Hunger? Housing for the poor? Was it food supply? Was it reaffirmation of the school systems? Why did you go in? Why did you start this process? Why did you listen to all these calls and look at all these emails? Why? Be honest. Be passionate about your Humanitarian work.

14. Some people are telling me I am going in with 100 charities to donate to. I don’t know if that is going to get exactly what you are looking for because that is not where they may want to put their money. They want to help you change the world (Think Landa Global projects). Get the highest rate that is right for you, and that is okay.

15. Call and make that appointment right off the bat so you can get in the first two days, the first 48 hours. I think that is where the sovereign rates are going to be even though you will be able to exchange the ZIM after that.

16. In terms of Wells Fargo and Abbott Downing, they are teaming up to handle the ZIM specifically. Wells Fargo is overseeing all the redemption centers in North America. HSBC is also participating overseas.

17. A lot of people in foreign lands overseas are asking where should we go for our redemption. Who should we call? Just call the 800 number. Whoever you get, even if is the United States, even if you are in New Zealand, you could say "Listen I am from New Zealand. Is there a New Zealand bank I can call?" I am sure they will have that for you internationally as well. Your best bet wherever you are in the world is to contact an HSBC bank to figure out where to go to redeem your currency.

18. ZIM holders will receive the first toll free appointments in the call centers.

19. There will be a team of Abbott Downing to assist you. We hear a team of 5 to 10 depending on how big you are. Enjoy that.

20. It is really important to show up and be wholesome, honest, and true rather than be somebody trying to sell them on something that you are not prepared to do.

D. New Republic GESARA Update as of 8:16 pm EST on Oct. 22 2016: "G​.​E​.​S​.​A​.​R​.​A​.​" - New Republic Update - Saturday - October 22, 2018

1. GESARA is an acronym for Global Economic Security ​A​nd Re​formation Act that was to be put in force for the purpose of, among other things:​

2. Creating a global debt forgiveness and common governance in all 209 sovereign nations per the signed 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change, starting with the ​restored Republic of the United States.

3. Restoring Constitutional Law in ​Republic of the United Sates of ​America.

4. Removing US​A, Inc.​ administration officials and all members of the US Congress from their positions due to their continuous unconstitutional actions.

5. Forcing the USA, Inc.'s President, the Vice-President, Cabinet members, and all members of Congress​ to leave office.

6. Suspending elections. Establishes new Presidential and Congressional ​candidates within 120 days after ​GESARA's announcement.​ An interim government will​ quietly be put in place as to handle the nation's affairs until new leaders can be democratically elected.

7. Allowing Republic military law enforcement ​to physically remove ​or eliminate any obstacle impeding GESARA law.

8. Allowing the Republic Congress to implement the natural Constitutional Line of Succession​.

9. Eliminating all "states of emergency" thus declaring peace for every land abiding by GESARA and it's alliance.

10. Forcing of the ​US military​ to immediately remove troops from all sovereign nations who no longer willingly accept them to reside on their soil. That includes Iraq​, Syria, Afghanistan ​and the Philippines.

11. Zeroing out of credit card balances and bank debt relief ​worldwide.

12. Activating the ​Republic's Treasury Bank ​and ​Republic Treasury​, along with a gold backed USN currency printed and overseen by the Republic of the United States and not the Federal Reserve which will now be marginalized until eliminated.

13. Abolishing Federal Income Taxes​ and the old tax code. Creating a new 17% flat rate non-essential new items only sales tax revenue for the government. A new easier, simpler and global tax code will be implemented ​on non-essential items. Essential items such as food and medicine, and used items would be exempted from the sales tax.

14. Detaining the IRS, FEMA, Shadow Government Lobbyists.

15. Increasing benefits to senior citizens​, making them permanent.

16. Presenting International Monitors ​to prevent illegal ​voter ballot stuffing or fraudulent election activities of special interest groups.

17. Issuing into public circulation a new U.S. Treasury rainbow currency backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals​.

18. Eliminating birth certificate records to be used as chattel property bonds by the US Department of Transportation.

19. Restoring financial privacy​ globally​.

20. Re​setting all judges and attorneys ​back to Constitutional Law​​.

21. Ceasing all aggressive government military actions worldwide including in the Middle East​.

22. Establishing peace throughout the world as monitored by the UN Security Council​.

23. Releasing enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes across planet earth.

24. Enabling the release of ​thousands of hidden patents ​for suppressed technologies ​currently held under the guise of national security​ including free energy devices, anti​-gravity and sonic healing machines.


"G​.​E​.​S​.​A​.​R​.​A​.​" - New Republic Update - Saturday - 10.22.16

"Macro Transition" - New Republic Update - Saturday - 10.22.16

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