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Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for August 16, 2018

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - August 16, 2018 (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks ...

Friday, October 14, 2016

New Republic via a GCR: Update as of October 14, 2016

New Republic via a GCR Update as of Oct. 14 2016

Compiled the early morning of 14 Oct. 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com

A. Oct. 13 2016 WSOMN Chat:

1. AdminBill: Rumors suggested that there may be some sort of deadline that needed to be met on Friday Oct. 14 2016. Others mentioned Sat. Oct. 15 as a possibility of contractual requirement deadlines needing a conclusion.

2. Garmst: On the Global Currency Reset deadlines we were dealing with the process of treaties being signed by (207) different countries, cleaning of the global banking system, new global monetary entities, removal of a central banking system governed across the globe by the Federal Reserve and elimination of the Petro Dollar.

3. Kermit53: My understanding is that instead of Central Bankers, all Sovereigns Treasuries will retake control of their own currencies and control their own future. (Under the new BRICKS CIPS system that officially began Oct. 11 2016, countries around the world would have their own asset and gold backed currencies deposited in their own Treasuries that they control themselves, not the Cabal.)

4. Kermit53: My word of advice when you go to the bank is that before signing anything, read and understand it, or ask questions to make sure you know the implications. Don't be so fooled by the high rates provided that you don't pay attention to the fine print. I have no trust in banksters, Basel 3, or 4, or even 10 for all I care.

B. Bruce's The Big Call: The Big Call

1. GCR Participating Banks: Wells Fargo, HSBC, AIIB, Peoples Bank of China, Chase, Bank of America, Citi Bank, Sun Trust, TD Bank, Scotia Bank, Royal Bank of Canada and in South America Moca Pocia Bank.

2. They moved us from Tier 3 to a Tier 4 and Tier 3 completed their transactions today Oct. 13 2016.

3. We in Tier 4 are next. This is still our week.

4. Today the 13th is the date for UN operational rates to change. Those rates did not change today, but their effective date to change is not until Sat. Oct. 15.

5. Certain changes have taken place on the Bank of Iraq website - Canadian and Australian dollars are on parity.

6. Europe and North American currencies, the Swiss Frank and British pound may go to parity.

7. The Global Currency Reset will allow Third World countries to have their currencies come up in value and do world trade.

8. The Zimbabwe Zim will become a Reserve Currency for the continent of Africa. In 15 years or so the Zim may be part of the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) basket. The Remumbi is there now.

9. Zim holders will go in first and they could be looking at 4 figures.

10. They expect us to get in and out of our bank appointments in 45 min. to an hour.

11. Your bank appointment is not a time to be conversational. This is a business transaction and opening of an account.

12. The US dollar is now gold backed but it hasn't been announced yet.

13. We could get the 800 number at any moment.

C. Oct. 13 2016 WSOMN AdminBill: Progress was being made to such an extent that we could be done soon. A key component was the international roll out of the CIPS system (which happened Tues. Oct. 11 2016). Where a SWIFT System payment could take 48 to 72 hours, this new CIPS System was designed to reduce fraud and theft by making payments and transfers instantaneously. The SWIFT System had to make changes which were already part of the CIPS System, making it Basil 3 Compliant out of the box.

D. Oct. 13 2016 Intel Report Update: "Solo Los Hechos" - Hondo Chavez - RV Intel Report - 10.13.16

1. Neither Donald Trump, nor Hillary Clinton will be President of the USA, Inc.. Both are just playing a pre-scripted role to make all things appear normal. This is why campaign rhetoric has gotten so far out of control. It's all fiction.

2. An old/new form of government will return, it's called the Republic of the United States. It was created in 1776 via a Constitution that was written by the nations forefather to govern all of its affairs.

3. This Republic will be announced as restored very shortly, before Nov 8 2016, and a new Republic election will be introduced with brand new candidates.

4. The Global Financial Reset (GFR) & Revaluation of Currencies (RVC) are each real fiscal events that have the approval of 209 sovereign nations per signed international treaty (Paris Agreement).

5. Both events are so massive in scope, news of such far reaching transitions have been kept classified, as well as painstakingly rolled out ever so slowly, as to ensure both a successful and safe implementation phase.

6. Know all currencies of the world have already been recalibrated (day and time unknown), collateralized per a new gold supply whose value is set daily in Shanghai, China as opposed to London.

7. Global monetary truth and balance have already been updated and right now operating on an equitable monetary platform with unhackable quantum computing system capacity.

8. This new sovereign digital currency for the old/new Republic was also quietly incorporated at midnight EST Oct 1, 2016.

9. Also at midnight EST Oct 1, 2016 a new Republic government including President, Cabinet, Congress and brand new Supreme Court bench were sworn in.

10. At midnight EST Oct 1, 2016 the old/new Republic Treasury was allowed to settle all of its historic claims in its own sovereign digital currency at both domestic and international banks worldwide for all T1 (sovereign nations) & T2 (government) debt transactions. These transactions were private and not publicized.

11. At midnight EST on Oct 10, 2016, T3 transactions were allowed to be settled in old/new Republic digital currency for individual sovereign debt claims such as as historic bonds, legal judgements and indigenous tribe reparations. These transactions were private and not publicized.

12. At midnight EST on Oct 13, 2016 T4 transactions were authorized to begin for both domestic and International transactions in old/new Republic digital currency.

13. These transactions will also be private and not publicized, even though millions in the general public will be notified through the Internet with toll free numbers to set appointments at temporary off site banking locations.

14. T4 settlements are to include privately negotiated exchanges (PNE) for first basket revalued currencies such as: IQD, IRR, IDR, AFA, VND & ZIM.

15. Domestically speaking in the US, all intake will convert into this old/new Republic digital currency.

16. Timing of the toll free release is unknown even to Wells Fargo who has off site bank location over site duties. Meaning, the entire world is on standby, waiting for the global release at this hour.

E. The 800 numbers were expected to be posted on these sites:

http://www.dinarchronicles.com - click on one of the articles to find the link.

https://twitter.com/wingitcall - look for the latest twitter

https://mobile.twitter.com/THE_TNT_TEAM - look for the latest twitter

www.thebigcall.net - click on "Banking"

TNTsuperfantastic.com - click on "Please Check Here for Updates"

http://www.iqdcalls.com/index.html - click on "Banks Page"

F. Oct. 13 2016 ZAP: Our funds were in process and compliance issues were cropping up. The target date for us is by the weekend. Very large funds would be released next week.




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