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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Mountain Goat News Briefing for October 26, 2016

Hi Everyone,

Very good news today to report. Again I say it is moving so quickly. The month of October is now almost over and yet it seems it just began. The battle waged against ISIL is only in its second week and already they are telling us the army is poised for the final phase and a huge push to rid Iraq of the terrorists.

An important meeting yesterday with USA envoy to Iraq Macgork and Maliki. In reading this article (see article below) you can’t help to find it amazing how contradictory Nori al-Maliki can actually be. He had the nerve to talk to Macgork and make a grand speech about how the “Status of Forces” agreement should be adhered to.

Really Maliki? Hey – Maliki let’s get the facts straight here.....

Aren’t you the one in 2011 who fused to put together and agree on a renewed cooperation with the USA in this matter of security, thus no “Status of Forces” agreement could be reached back then, thus ISIS (along with the Iranian militias) began infiltration into Iraq shortly thereafter to fill the gap of the exiting USA?

Wasn’t it Maliki who did not properly train the Iraq army and prepare them properly for the defense of Iraq, as the USA handed off the continuance of this task to the prime minister back in 2011?

Was it not the corruption of up to 50,000 ghost soldiers on the payroll with no actual soldiers in the field to defend Iraq? (Not to mention the corruption of loss revenues in the Defense ministry that could have been used to pay to bolster the defense forces and equipment.)

Oh- did I mention the loss of billions worth of equipment to ISIS in 2014. Equipment left behind by the exiting USA forces?

Wasn’t it Maliki who told his army to stand down and retreat from ISIS in 2014?

I swear as long as I live I will never see a more phony, bigger pathological liar person in all my days! This man is evil and satin in the flesh. Yet he still exists in Iraq and even meets with delegates from the USA. Clearly he is being protected. However his day of reckoning too is coming just be patient.

Remember the article I presented to you last week about the effort underway to get rid of Maliki as head of the Dawa party? Do you see now how Maliki all of a sudden decides he is going to cooperate? After the Dawa party there is nowhere else he can hide.

Just so you know…- USA and Iraqi politicians, we didn’t forget!

Articles Follows

Roudao - Erbil
President of a coalition of state law, Nuri al - Maliki received, on Tuesday, the special envoy of the US President for the management of the international coalition, Britt Macgork.

Information Office, said the president of a coalition of state law, in a statement, that "The meeting reviewed the developments in the political and security situation in Iraq and the region, was to emphasize the importance of continued international effort to support Iraq in its war against terrorism."

The statement added that "the armed forces in all its different forms and popular crowd and the Peshmerga have succeeded in defeating Daash, after being expelled from territories occupied in the past, considering liberalization of Nineveh marks the beginning of the refraction to organize Daesh in the region and the demise of the causes of violence and crime in the world."

According to the statement, al-Maliki stressed "the need to expand cooperation with the United States of America under the strategic framework agreement,reiterated his rejection of the Turkish presence on Iraqi territory under the pretext of the fight against the terrorist organization Daesh."

The statement pointed out that the Macgork stressed "the United States' commitment to support Iraq in its war against terrorism through military support and humanitarian aid for the displaced."

More news….

Here come the HCL!

Article Follows

Economy News / special
I went back to the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary legislation draft oil and gas law in the House of Representatives as difficult without access agreement between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

The committee member said Awad al-Awadi, in an interview for "Economy News", "Our Committee has a work schedule for follow-up and control, as well as legislation that some oil and energy special laws, expressing deep regret lingering problems that led to the obstruction of the work of parliamentary committees, including the Committee on Energy.

Among al-Awadi, that without an agreement between the federal government and the Kurdistan region and the oil-producing provinces, "the enactment of the oil and gas law is very difficult", so it need a political agreement for the legislation there must be an agreement between all the parties and after the enactment of the Act.

The Commission on oil and energy parliamentary called on the eighteenth of February, the governments in Baghdad and the Kurdistan region to initiate a serious dialogue about the oil and gas law.

(Iraqi council of ministers knows they must have a legal law to administer the oil and gas policy in the country. This is much more than just the distribution of the 17% of the oil revenue to Kurdistan. I have explained many times already in my news letters just how involved this HCL really is. This new law now also includes the Article 140 provisions. So now we see yet more news come out as they are meeting again on this issue and will continue to meet and change the draft HCL until it satisfies everyone and can be voted on. This is needed prior to any RV. It is closed than ever and I believe they will be done with this law in the next couple weeks….finally!)

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!

More news…

Tuesday, October 25, 2016 - 21:24 GMT | Posted Number: 19 641

The prime minister Haider al-Abadi, Tuesday, Iraqi forces engaged in "an advanced stage" of liberalization city of Mosul, as expressed his intention to continue the training of security forces and restructuring away from the aspects of "sectarian", called for a move away from the officials selected on the basis of affiliation.

Ebadi said during a news conference in Baghdad, "We have entered into an advanced stage of liberalization of Mosul, and our plan not to evacuate the cities of its population during the liberation operations," pointing out that "the ongoing cooperation between the security forces and special committees under the auspices of the displaced and we were able to provide food and fuel for displaced families in the liberated areas. "

Abadi said that "the international coalition surprised by the ability of the military in the war on Daesh, and we must continue to train the security forces and restructuring away from sectarianism and Almkoonatih aspects", calling for a "get away from the officials selected on the basis of affiliation and not on the basis of merit."

Reuters: Iraqi army's elite force pauses advance near Mosul


An elite unit of the Iraqi army paused its week-long advance on Mosul as it approached the city's eastern edge on Tuesday, waiting for other U.S.-backed forces to close in on Islamic State's last major urban stronghold in Iraq.

Seeking to relieve pressure on their forces controlling the northern Iraqi city, Islamic State fighters who have waged counter attacks across the country battled Iraqi troops in the desert town of Rutba, 450 km (280 miles) to the southwest.

On the ninth day of the offensive on Mosul, government forces and allied Kurdish Peshmerga fighters are still fighting their way toward the city's outer limits, in the early stages of an assault which could become the biggest military operation in Iraq in over a decade.

The first to get near to Mosul, advancing to within two kilometers (just over a mile) of Iraq's second largest city, was the elite U.S.-trained Counter Terrorism Service (CTS).

CTS troops have moved in from the east, dislodging Islamic State from a Christian region that has been empty of residents since the ultra-hardline Sunni militants took it over in 2014.

The combat ahead is likely to be more difficult and deadly because of the presence of civilians. Some 1.5 million residents remain in the city and worst-case forecasts see up to a million being uprooted, according to the United Nations.

U.N. aid agencies said the fighting has so far forced about 9,000 to flee their homes. U.N. human rights spokesman Rupert Colville said Islamic State fighters have reportedly killed scores of people around Mosul in the last week.

Colville said that security forces discovered the bodies of 70 civilians in houses in Tuloul Naser village south of Mosul last Thursday. Islamic State also reportedly killed 50 former police officers outside Mosul on Sunday, he said.

(Many wonder about the progress of the battle for Mosul. Well the article above is telling us that after only 9 days of fighting they are moving now into the finalphase. I totally believe they will be done by the end of this week and move on to the reconstruction and resettlement phases. Folks- this does not automatically mean an RV. So don’t get all hyped up. Does Iraq need security? Yes- and getting rid of Daesh certainly moves them to that goal. But remember they still need the laws passed. They also told us a target timeframe of “early 2017”. We still have not heard any news about re-education to the citizens or the launching of the lower denominations and this we know are the next steps they must take in the final rounds of the process towards any significant increase in the value of the dinar…the final phases of the long 5 year process in this effort to moving to the international exchanges…so relax! It’s coming….)

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!

Roudao - Erbil

According to US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, said Tuesday, "we we will accelerate our plans to end the presence of militants Daesh in the city of Mosul."

Carter said at a news conference with French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Derian, "Iraqis are fighting with skill and courage during the liberation of Mosul," he said, adding that "the tenderness is the second objective of the international coalition after Mosul."

He said the US defense secretary that "the return of foreign terrorists in their ranks Daesh to pose a significant threat to us," noting that "we have agreed to help the allies in the elimination of Daesh and achieve peace in Iraq and Syria."

And between, "and on the issue of power which will be used for the Liberation of tenderness I must say that our strategy will rely on local forces of Syrians know the land well and we support them."

The minister stressed that "even after being eliminated on Daesh in Iraq and Syria, we will continue our fight against terrorism and the remaining Daesh networks."

For his part, the French defense minister that "we continue to progress for the Liberation of Mosul operations in accordance with the agreed timetable," noting that "Daesh will be weaker after the restoration of Mosul in Iraq."

He went on saying that "the restoration of the city of Mosul, will have a major role in the restoration of tenderness Daesh process," noting "We are focusing now on gathering information on the movements of the terrorists in Iraq and Syria."

(I find it very interesting that now when they talk about fighting Daesh they mention both Iraq and Syria in the same breath, as if these two efforts are linked together)
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!

Auf Wiedersehen
Luv to ya all,
Mnt Goat



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