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Thursday, October 27, 2016

"Momentum" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26


"CBI Raising the Value" - Thurs. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26

 » October 27th, 2016

TY Sir .............. Actually DELTA found 3 to back up the one on M CC............. This is one of them. The wording on all 3 are slightly different ........... We like that PATTERN.

 » October 27th, 2016

Oh my goodness, I'm getting butterflies in my tummy!! All of this is just too exciting!!

 » October 27th, 2016

Mine are Dragon Flies the size of bats .......

 » October 27th, 2016

Maybe this was posted already and I missed it. (from CC last night and Monday the time was mentioned again I think) 

Frostys notes: BTW – Mission Accomplished Sir! Ex. Order 13303 … and 3:03AM.
So the date has been there all these years? Liberation of Mosul key
1+3+3++0+3=10 (October) 1+(3+3)=16 (Sunday 10/16) 303= @ 3:03 am

 » October 27th, 2016

(wink) (smile)

 » October 27th, 2016

hmmm havent we seen this sort of article with the cbi numerous times in the passed? they probably adjusted it from 1300, back to 1100 like they always do, IMO.

 » October 27th, 2016

REALIZE ........... What if they went from 1300 to 1100 to ............... 1000……Which can be done in a blink of ................. A Mosul.

 » October 27th, 2016

This sounds awesome! I just don't think they would be writing such positive articles about a minimal rise or adjustment!

 » October 27th, 2016

B I N G O ................ An BINGO was his name !!!

 » October 27th, 2016

Question frank none of this matters until they plant the flag in the center of mousl because that would end the actions and make them article 8 compliant thank you and all of your team do

 » October 27th, 2016

IMO ............ EVERYTHING matters at the moment of this ............... Momentum.

 » October 27th, 2016


 » October 27th, 2016

Yet Two can be as bad as 1 but not at ................... 1 to 1……REALIZE ................ We inch to the MR............. Daily........... IMO.

 » October 27th, 2016

This may be an appropriate time to ask this question.

What will happen to the CC's after they improve the exchange rate? I'm not calling dates here, but based on CC's the study of the monetary reform will be coming to an end...soon! Our favorite word. I'm assuming there will be some type of emergency CC when something actually goes down.

There will be many new decisions to make after they have an international currency, for all of us investors. I guess alot of it depends on what value they come out at on the international stage.

Will it come out immediately in the 2-3 dollar range?

Will it be closer to a 1-1 rate, that increases over days/weeks?

Looking forward to hearing Franks opinions/strategy on the actual exchange process. Additionally CC's will be important post exchange for upcoming KTFA events...I think I just answered my own question

 » October 27th, 2016

Localization of capital requires the achievement of economic integration

BAGHDAD / Imad Emirate

Confirmed economic academic Dr Sattar Jaber importance that Arab countries allocate the proportion of the investments, which included plans for joint Arab projects for the resettlement of Arab capital and the continuation of the economic feasibility of establishing a joint venture.

He said Jaber in an interview for the "morning" that it requires the provision of funds to be invested in these projects, which is one of the cornerstones basic strategy to attract and resettle capital of Arab, which requires the achievement of economic integration among Arab countries, to expand the productive base and infrastructure development for these countries in a coordinated manner and integrated in order to expand the pace of its economic development and its potential and available resources so as to achieve their development goals.

Among Jaber, that this step is a preliminary stage to coordinate Arab economic plans through cooperation and agreement between the Arab States to identify various projects to ensure the exploitation of economic resources and deepen the overlap between their economies and avoid duplication between the Arab countries with respect to projects with a production capacity of nature.

He stressed on the need for and the granting of privileges and facilities to the Arab joint projects, enabling them to increase the proportion of investment of Arab capital in the establishment of these projects, Kalaafa from income tax and customs duties certain period of time, especially for imports of investment sector.

He stressed the importance of granting the guarantees of the Arab Investment newcomer and to emphasize the lack of nationalization and expropriation, as well as the establishment of a joint body on the Arab level shall choose the joint Arab projects and promote them, and be this body qualified to assess the economic and technical feasibility of the projects studied and adopted, that is to provide the body with the possibilities and requirements necessary to do the job which is one of the basic techniques to attract Arab capital and employ them in the establishment of joint ventures.


Samson » October 27th, 2016

More IMF joy for Zimbabwe

26th October, 2016

Zimbabwe’s coffers have been boosted after the country got access to $91,2 million, which had been held for seven years pending the settlement of overdue obligations to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).


Last week, Zimbabwe cleared its overdue obligations to IMF, when it paid $107,9m after drawing down its special drawing rights (SDR) holdings kept at the fund.
SDRs act as reserves for member countries.

The payment unlocked the SDR 66,4 million ($91,2m), which has been held in an escrow account pending the clearance of Zimbabwe’s arrears to the Poverty Reduction and Growth Trust (PRGT).

IMF resident representative to Zimbabwe, Christian Beddies confirmed that Zimbabwe had accessed the escrowed money.

“. . . the amount held in escrow is indeed SDR 66,4 million, which became available to Zimbabwe after settling the overdue obligations,” he said.

Beddies said after the settling of the PRGT arrears using SDRs, Zimbabwe now has a balance of SDR 80,4 million (about $110 million) in SDR holdings.

In 2009, IMF gave Zimbabwe $510m under a $283 billion facility given to member countries to bolster their reserves devastated by the global financial crisis.

IMF said the clearance of the PRGT arrears would not result in direct financing, as the executive board has to lift the remaining remedial measures imposed on Zimbabwe because of the arrears.

It said the process required Zimbabwe to clear arrears to other international financial institutions — the African Development Bank (AfDB), the World Bank, and the European Investment Bank (EIB); to have a commitment by bilateral creditors to provide a debt treatment, in line with applicable IMF policies; and to implement strong fiscal adjustment and structural reforms to restore fiscal and debt sustainability and foster private sector development.

Zimbabwe owes AfDB ($601m), the World Bank ($1,1bn) and $240m to EIB.




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