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Monday, October 10, 2016

KTFA CC w/ Frank26 Highlights by FrostyTheSnowman 10-10-16


FrostyTheSnowman » October 10th, 2016

Here's tonight's HIGHLIGHTS ...

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26: We’re all been patiently waiting.

WS brought forth an article/report about 2 weeks ago, where the CBI was talking about the relationship between the USD and the IQD.

I’m interested in a recent article where they are talking about the fact that the 13 to 1 relationship is NOT working.

I am at peace with where we are at with the monetary reform.

The article that came out a few days ago by WS was a criticism of the auctions – saying they need to stop the auctions.

“Why you must stop the currency auctions” <<< this article was actually very good. They talked about the float … and they gave them 4 different options in how to deal with the MR.

When you see these articles – you are encouraged … but keep in mind, the citizens don’t know.

The last time we were together, I told you that Dr. Shabibi is done. He still works with the IMF, but he will not be the next CBI Governor.

Delta hasn’t been with us for about 3 months now … because Delta is also done. He is just following the money. The intel is coming out of Iraq like a open hydrant.

Delta has said that the CBI is talking to the citizens frequently.

A lot of numbers/data has been written on the CBI’s spreadsheets … but not for a while now. It’s blank. Check it out.

They do talk about a 7 to 1 … which is about 13/14 cents.

I am of a school of thought that they will come out at 1 to 1 in country.

They have a “PLAN” and they are following it – step by step.

The IMF said earlier this year that they are working with the CBI.

Anything they consider “sensitive” – they are not putting it in any report.

Do you see that the things they are doing inside Iraq may not be privy to us right now?

They don’t have to explain anything to you.

The CBI and Allak have said very clearly that they want to increase the value very gradually … and you know something … we as a study team … believe that they are doing that.

The market street rate dropped over the week. 1309 … and at 1289 right now.

They are constantly doing things with the value of their currency.

On the 26th or 27th – Allak said that their currency had been put on a white-list. That was very important.

IMO – Iraq cannot go INTERNATIONAL without being on the WHITE LIST first!

If they had no intentions for 2016 – they wouldn’t have done this, this early.

Think about that. All of these countries said “YES” – put them on the WHITE LIST! This is major step!

Early this year … the UK and the EU removed ALL sanctions LAST MONTH.

Paris debt has been reduced down to 20%.

Good gosh almighty – don’t you smell it?!!!!

Do you remember the famous quote from Hillary (make many, many years ago)… “if you haven’t invested in Iraq by now, you’re too late?” She’s right.

To see them put them on this WHITE LIST … 3 months early really says something!

They know what to do.

What we are doing (as a team) is studying the CBI’s website/spreadsheet to see what they will do.

Family, we will never know anything about the MR, until they tell us. No secrets, they just aren’t telling you.

As we look at the BIG LADY (MOSUL) – Mosul, is not liberated yet … but the surrounding areas are well prepared to take Mosul. The northern parts are very important as ISIS has been pushed to that area.

Look, when they finally do LIBERATE Mosul – you are going to see the MR … IMO … right in front of your eyes … and I don’t think it will be very long. They are very well prepared to take that area. Mosul is VERY IMPORTANT for who? The Kurds!!!

We just keep following the money.

IMO – many things are being done with their money that we can’t see right now. (Bonds)

Right now, the CBI, Allak, Abadi knows what they are doing with the MR.

The CBI knows that their auctions are the main source for corruption … but they also know they have been put on the WHITE LIST.

You know … without Article 8 … they really shouldn’t be on that White List … but “they” don’t care.

Try to remember, Allak knows what he’s doing … as well as Abadi.

They want a gradual increase … and that is what the articles that WS posts suggests.

Any rate will force the citizens to deposit their money in the banks.

Are citizens opening up accounts in Iraq … in Mosul? You don’t know, do you?

If they had a slow increase … (say 1 to 1) … quietly, in country … you would never know for awhile.

No, they can’t stop the auctions until they are Article 8 compliant.

Yes, they are losing money … but it’s the only income they have right now … well … yes, and no.

IMO – all of the recommendations with the IMF are being accomplished.

Allak even said that they know what to do BEFORE November.

As far as the loans … you don’t see any loans … DO YOU???!!!!!

Ever since that meeting with the CBI and the IMF in Amman – they know what they need to do before November.

Now, we are eager in our study to see what happened on the 7th, 8th and 9th with the IMF.

They were supposed to get more money by now (loans) … but they haven’t … because they have not raised the value of their currency.

They have to implement their MR before November or there will be NO LOANS!!!

Last week Saleh said that they have fulfilled all of the IMF’s requirements.

I believe they have told those who need to know.

October is a HOT month … no doubt about it.

The WHITE LIST should have been done in 2017 … but the WHITE LIST was done in 2016.

The Iraq Stock Exchange said they would be selling stocks … they haven’t … what happened? They haven’t raised the value of their currency.

They do not have freedom of capital – which is Article 8 compliance.

I believe they are doing things … but because you don’t know where to look … you can’t see these things.

The meeting that happened in New York on the 7th, 8th and 9th with the World Bank, etc. … the IMF approved many things. Why would the IMF give the ok to the CBI. We don’t have the reports yet … or you don’t.

In that meeting they (IMF) agreed to CONTRACT with Iraq – that they will help them along (over the next 3 years) – they are setting in all of the SECURITIES right now. Corruption will be eliminated.

Frosty just posted this … (see POST #8 on today’s thread). LINK

I found it very interesting … and what I have to say kind of overlaps it.

Let me just say this first … based on these meetings with the IMF, UST, Abadi … we have about 21 days to see if the CBI implements the reforms. We need to see more clarity.

We feel the same way … that within 21 days we may see the results of these meetings in Amman.

They are PUSHING THEM!!!

They are telling them what to do … and I’m satisfied, and I’m at peace.

IMO – we students … know more about the IMF/CBI relationship know more than most opinionated pieces.

As a team, we only follow the money between the IMF and the CBI right now.

IOO – they are doing things with their currency right now. They don’t have to say anything right now.

The key is not the LOANS … the key is the COMMITMENT to trust the CBI through the IMF’s control. I think they are.

Once you see Mosul … that’s the crème de la crème of SECURITY.

BTW – I can understand, but PLEASE don’t bring me questions of what other Guru’s say.

We told you they would have a holiday on Sunday … and there is another one coming up THIS WEDNESDAY.

Abadi doesn’t go anywhere.

The Shiites are the ones who go on holiday. Abadi is going to cut a lot of those out too.

The “core” … Abadi … still works … while parliament takes the day off.

You’ve been waiting for a long time … haven’t you? Well … so has the IMF.

Hundreds of newspapers in Iraq, and hundreds of channels surrounding Iraq – now all talking to the citizens.

Me, and my teams are just watching the CBI.

Because of these giant steps for their MR … I just don’t see why the CBI won’t follow through with their MR.

It seems to me that Trump and Hillary sounded frustrated about the Mosul issue. I wonder why?

Allak has even endorsed the fact that there should be a rate change before November.

They know they need to do it … but will they? I don’t know. This is Iraq.

BTW – you will not see a change in the rate before they close. A rate change would happen
BEFORE or AFTER CLOSING HOURS – NEVER during their working hours!!!!! That would confuse the market otherwise.

If this is their strategy … from the IMF meeting … why isn’t it from 2017 to 2020? Why did they include 2016? IMO … it’s because of their plans to change it in 2016.

I believe the RI of the MR is in 2016.

In between Fallujah and Mosul … you are seeing everything (agencies and some very special people/groups) have gone over to Iraq … so that they CANNOT FAIL!!!!!!

They protect and guide Abadi … and Abadi is playing it safe … and he uses Mosul … so that he doesn’t have to explain it to anybody. I believe that securing Mosul will be this October.

Yes, they have a plan. They don’t want to be Article 14 forever.

Do remember, what I’m trying to teach you tonight … they want to do the rate gradually …
then introduce the lower denoms and then the removal of the three zeros.

Abadi knows what he’s doing.

Mosul … move into view, will you please?

Tell me DAASH … why do you tell the Mosul citizen where you are at? Why do you tell them to give you their Dinars, and you will replace it with your currency? It’s because their currency was blown to smithereens! When they blew up the banks in Mosul … it was raining USD and IQD currency from the sky. This is why they want the citizens currency. Don’t you think they know every serial number on every bill in that area?

The Titanic sits at the bottom of the ocean right now – just being studied. Maliki is like the Titanic … “they” are just studying him right now. They are not going to keep Maliki. It’s kind of pathetic really.

On November 1st … it will be 9 years since I made my first post about the IQD.

Kim Clement came on KTFM and he said that what he sees it that during the summer months we would see nothing … but then all of the sudden … something.

If I could talk to Kim, I know that he talked about the IQD … but brother, I’d like to tell you … this summer … there has been nothing, nothing, nothing … but now, after the summer of 2016 … I believe that we are going to see a lot of the monetary reform.

I am very encouraged, and I’m excited about the Kurds … they have applied the taxes and tariffs at their borders!!!!

WOW !!!!! That’s just about as powerful as Iraq making the WHITE LIST.

Why did they implement the tariffs? Because the IMF wanted them too. In 3 hours they collected 3.6 million.

This will fuel the budget.

Oil is exploding right now … and this will add to the budget.

A lot of the BILLIONS/TRILLIONS of stolen money is being returned.

Debts are being forgiven by various countries.

Loans are coming to Iraq.

They are doing MANY things with Iraq’s money right now … they just don’t have to explain it.

IOO -- the following of their money … is evidence!

When Iraq was put on the WHITE LIST in OCTOBER 2016, it started the COUNT-DOWN …
the second they were put on the WHITE LIST for many transactions.

I believe that we are very close and there is the FAT LADY … let’s just call that a DOOR …
a CLOSED DOOR in front of Mosul and we just don’t know the combination to open the door.

“I have given you Jericho” said the Lord.

What more do you want?

There is a post that was made yesterday … (Militia) … I liked it so much that I’d like to read it to you. POST #167

In other words we have (Per Abadi) work to do and we are not stopping, as the end result gets unity, security and profitability. Just look at what we see in regard to the Kurds at the borders with taxes and tariffs today, off the charts in 3 hours. I'll bet due to the UN supervision, orders effectively from the IMF and WB to get revenues from other sources than oil.

Keep in mind about the Fat Lady. It was said I believe that once the Kurds got settled with their needs and wants with Baghdad from Mosul that the borders would be introduced to having taxes and tariffs applied, which in effect cuts off the corrupts hands from the gravy train. That said, I sense a sweet smell of perfume coming from Mosul, not sure if it is white rose pedals or what.. But, after what I heard last night in the debacle (lol) one of them spoke of how ridiculous it is for the MEDIA to suggest we are going into Mosul with a public time line. Way to much BS. We can see it for what it is worth now far clearer than even them imo.

I will say, the Kurds getting the Borders in line with revenues, the IMF wants in regards to Iraq ceasing MCPs for to be compliant with Article 14 and gearing for to be compliant and accepting the challenges and or obligations for reporting currency issues for Article 8 are fully in process, as if we read the TEXT from the IMF they are clearly in process in doing so (Monitoring them think Amman, NYC and again NYC this weekend) . Take note from articles as well that in effect the USA (O) asked for Reforms to be completed by November. My view is per Teams (wink) that the RITrain left ahead of schedule and is still making time! jmtc We may just not be able to truly see it yet. Must be a bit foggy and over cast? lol

I liked the construction, I liked the format … it’s talking in reference to the meetings with the IMF/CBI.

CC ended in prayer.

PLAYBACK LINK: https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback_rudd/?n=OTQCw/uwqtN



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