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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

KTFA CC Notes by Aggiedad77 from Last Night 10-3-16


Aggiedad77 » October 4th, 2016

Here are the Notes from last night's CC Family....enjoy Aloha Randy.

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and 
cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes for Monday 10-03-2016

Frank26: Let’s get started…….what I want to do is start out with articles….and I will go through them as quickly as I can….

The first thing I want to do is tell you about an article that came out three days ago that says….”Three Presidents From the GOI Will Hold a Meeting With the Leaders of the Blocs”…..blocs…what…political groups….so three presidents….do you think they are all from the GOI….do you think that one might represent the Kurdistan Region…..one might represent Baghdad…..one might represent another region…..

If they do what are they going to do….well they are going to talk about the legislation of the Election Law…..why….because all provinces….all areas within Iraq are preparing themselves to deal with the international world….

Frank26: There are articles that came out that say the citizens of Iraq are actually trusting the banks in Iraq….I hope you got to see that….that is important….it is an important part of the Monetary Reform….we even told you there were projects being done to convince the citizens….if you look at your notes from last week….that is kind of big….and then for them to tell you we are taking you from this black, to a grey list, to a white list.

Do you know what a white list means….it means their banking structure has no restrictions on it….excuse me Mr. Financial Advisor…Salah….advisor of Abadi….once again can you repeat yourself….yeah…I told the IMF that we’ve implemented everything they wanted us to do….was that why they moved you to white….no comment….

Is that why you guys are white and your currency is now unrestricted, ready for the international world….no comment….

Is that why you guys are not on the FATF list….is that why you guy’s credit rating has improved….no comment…...

Is that why the security and corruption of your banks has improved….no comment….
Is that why the money laundering no longer an issue and not talked about anymore….no comment….

Is that why the money that was being stolen is not going to the terrorists…ISIS….anymore….no comment….

Is that why legislation has been passed by the GOI to help you go from black, to grey, to white….no comment….

Is that why the banking structure has been restructured again to remove the threats of the banking system….no comment….alright fine then don’t talk to me.

Of course all of our conference call is in my opinion….so let us continue….I would like to tell you something about the bonds….I told you we would get back to them in a minute…..and here we are….what I want to tell you about the bonds is that IMO….yes it does appear that the US will not back up the bonds that Iraq’s GOI wants to sell….why….

Do we blame Obama….do we blame somebody…..I don’t know if there are any fingers to be pointed at anyone….per se….but you know me I like to teach with illustrations and examples….and if you remember….back in December the IMF came to the GOI and the CBI….and they said….listen junior….

And grabs junior by the ear….spanks them on the bottom a couple of times and said….we are going to help you….we are going to take you into the international theater by the first half of 2016 and you are going to raise the value of your currency…..ok….and you can get with us 1 to 1….you can float your currency….it was suggested….you saw all of that…..well here we are…and we are on a precipice of coming to an end with their Monetary Reform…with the Financial Advisor of Abadi coming out and saying that we’ve done everything.

Well if they have done everything….do you remember what they get Family…they get loans don’t they….by George they sure do get loans don’t they.

I have not seen the CBI website show me a new rate for the Iraqi dinar….now because I don’t see a rate up there….they have not changed it officially…and they can talk all they want…and they can make all kinds of claims….you can bring the UN….you can bring King Kong…you can bring whoever you want to police your country….your banks….your government….you can remove terrorism….you can deal with corruption….but do you want the loans….yeah the $640 million dollar loan….do you want that…..you are going to get these loans when you do what….when you raise the value of your currency….

Well Family I don’t see them lifting it….and I do see the US guaranteed Iraq that if they do lift the value of their currency they would get these loans….and it is IMO for that same reason they are not going to get the bonds….until they raise the value of their currency…

The US Congress will not guarantee the Iraqi bonds due to the corruption that is still going on…..they have not got a handle on it….and therefore they have not raised the value of their currency….well then I am sorry….I know we promised you those loans…but have you done what we told you to do…there is just one thing left to do….one thing….and you haven’t done that….

And it is not troublesome to me….it is not bothersome to me or my Family….or my TEAMS I should say….but what I find interesting is that we are sticking to our guns….we will not give you any loans….we will not give you any guarantee on bonds until you lift the 000’s….until you raise the value on your currency….this is what we have asked of you…..and this is what you have not done yet.

So when you see there are no loans….and then you saw yesterday there are no bonds….this is not bad news and I don’t care what the other gurus say….this is fantastic news…..this is Mom and Dad putting their foot down and telling junior…..you have not finished cleaning your room….so you are not going outside…..you are not going to get anything sweet.

Now I want to tell you another thing….from this point onward in our studies….the Economic Reforms and the Financial Reforms…both of them are of equal value….so when you see in the articles and they tell you they are working in their reforms….understand that mention of reforms is talking about their Economic and Financial Reforms.

Also I would like for you to know that another important thing occurred over the weekend that apparently just went right past everybody….Iraq went through a National Reconciliation day…that is huge….do you know what that is….do you have any idea….that is like our 4th of July….and on this day they came out and they told the citizens…..we got plans…..Mosul awaiting the battle….it is a surprise and peek….really….

What does that mean…..well the Zero Hour is still unknown….Abadi receives the full plans to the liberation of Mosul….ok that is good…and that is what they are telling their citizens…that Mosul is very soon to be given to them…..and it was told to them on a National Reconciliation Day….this is like the 4th of July….this day stands for unity…..it stands for one…and on that day there was a lot of agreement within the GOI and to say the same thing and to say it to the citizens….

This is an indication of trying to be united….to show the rest of the world….and to put up a front to the investors of the world that Iraq is unified…..I found that to be very powerful.

Barzani is in many of these meetings by the way.

Yes Mosul is imminent….yes they said that at their National Reconciliation Day….yes there is a deal with the Kurds….and the Kurds were cut into Mosul….but I don’t know the parameters of it yet.

So we come to find out today….you did…through the article that WalkingStick put out….let me finish and tell you…..there have been 300 companies that have been blacklisted….they helped steal money out of the CBI auctions….that is great….if you have cancer and the doctor says to you….well I got rid of 90% of the cancer cells….is that great….and in this case the agencies that are over there finding the money that has been stolen from Iraq….they say well we found 300 companies that have been stealing from Iraq and you should put them on a black list GOI and not ever do any business with them….that is great.

Now what I am about to tell you I do not believe you know…and of course everything is IMO until you read it somewhere else….IMO Family the US Treasury….they just put their hands into the CBI…and it goes hand in hand with the US Congress not backing and guaranteeing the Iraq bonds due to corruption that is still going on….but mainly IMO the US Treasury with these groups have reached into the CBI auctions….to do a choke hold….to choke off the corruption….the currency sales that are corrupt….

You saw two auctions today….one from Sunday….one from Monday….what you saw and did not pay attention to…..was that one of those auctions….Sunday was tremendously low….IMO we got a hold of it….we wrestled it to the ground and it barely came out….today’s auction that came out….once again the numbers are decreasing aren’t they.

Do you understand what I am trying to tell you about the US Treasury….and the auctions…..they must stop the MCP. (Multi currncey policy)

Do you understand these UN groups….good.

One more thing that I would like to tell you that your probably don’t know….tomorrow in the afternoon time….in Iraq……Abadi is going to go on Iraqia television….and he is going to talk to the citizens….not you….he’s going to talk to the citizens about Mosul….what do you think he is going to say to them.

I would also like to tell you the Accountability and the Justice Laws are secondary to the Amnesty Law….these laws are being worked on and they are being amended and you are soon to see them….they are important because they bring Iraq together….this Accountability and Justice Law brings Iraq together Family…..and Maliki never used this law because he was not about unity….he was not about stability…..he was not about security….and that is what the Accountability and Justice Law does….it brings these factors into the ministers….and it shows they are all working together….even with the citizens helping with this type of unity within their own government…..I believe the speech tomorrow will have a little about that too.

Yes they finished their National Reconciliation Day to show better unity within the people…..you don’t see protesting….you don’t see fighting….you don’t see bad things from the citizens….you see unity.

They are not being very transparent with the media either….that may be why you are not getting this information….and these two things…the Accountability and Justice Law and the National Reconciliation Day….are you ready for this….they got everything to do with the Monetary Reform of the Iraqi dinar.

They are going into more holidays so be aware of that and don’t let that bother you…and like I said….starting tomorrow Iraqia television is talking a lot with the Iraqi citizens for a few days….and they will start with Abadi talking about Mosul.

Family the IMF gave them until before November to raise the value of their currency if they want these loans….and now if they want the bonds….that is not something we are deviating from.

This National Reconciliation Day brought a lot of unity to the government and to the people…..this is an indicator of all those entities to be united to show the world and the investors that Iraq is united…..and everybody that I know in the GOI have agreed to these two factors that I just mentioned…..yes Iraq will not get the support of the bonds until they raise the value of their currency…..

They will not get loans until they raise the value of their currency….and the US Congress is refusing to back them and to give a guarantee until they raise the value of their currency…..Congress does not say this…..”until they raise the value of their currency”….but I do….IMO…..and it is for this reason that DELTA wanted to come onto our forum and post…..Frank Code RED.

The auctions are dropping significantly….they are getting lower and lower….because the dinars that are left in the country are becoming less…and less….yes the citizens have kept some dinars….but mainly the auctions are being policed and that is what is causing less and less Iraqi dinars….and they are converting to their electronic system.

Iraq is following the IMF regardless what pace it takes.

IMO and my TEAMS opinion….the GOI has roughly 18 things left that they must accomplish…..whereas the CBI really only has one thing to do….that is to raise the value of their currency…..I told DELTA no….no I’m not ready to put that up yet.

We’ve had emergency conference calls but I have never used the color red in the manner that I promised you that I would.

When they do raise the value of their currency….in-country they will qualify for Article 8 through the IMF….outside of the country….it will come to you…wait for it….or if they accept Article 8 at the very same time then they may raise the value and release it at the same time….but we don’t know…..it may take up to three days….it may take up to a month….that is why I say to you….take your time…..it depends on what the IMF does with the laws and rules and regulations of business.

Inside….IMO…my strongest opinion it will be 1 to 1 with the American dollar….but that is a neutral event inside of Iraq because they are still using the USD’s right now…and in Iraq there is a physical shortage of cash….in Iraq they got no choice but to use the USD until they raise the value….and yes….it IMO….the LD’s are in position and waiting for the value to give them life.

If the rate is in the budget as we feel that it is….then the rate would be released before the budget is released……it is a 90 trillion dinar budget and I told you they are only expressing the budget in dinars not USD….this is huge.

Is China bringing strength that Iraq needs….or is Iraq bringing strength to a basket that is filled with other currencies that the Chinese Yuan has just joined…..IMO I believe the Iraqi dinar will not be put in the basket but will be used to support the basket…..that is how powerful the Iraqi dinar is….the Chinese Yuan is not ready to be among the big boys yet….yes it is a big currency….yes it does have a big footprint in the financial world….but it is too brand new….the currency has only been used for a decade and a half so far globally…..China had its Great Wall and kept everything behind it….it wasn’t until the days of Ronald Reagan that things opened up.

The Chinese Yuan belongs in a basket that needs powerful help from a currency that will be 1 to 1 with the USD….because there is no other powerful currency on this planet like the American dollar.

By the way the increase in oil that I talked about is for their credit rating…oil is climbing….the value is going up….I told you this two weeks ago….from $37 it was adjusted to $43 to help the budget….to launch it….then within the next three months….it is already in the $50 range I believe….you are going to see it hit around $60….within those three next months you will see it double to about $120….it will then be brought back down to $60 and maintain itself….you’ve already seen….we’ve proved to you….every entity that is involved with refining oil it is important to do this to have it happen…they have agreed…and the low price was there to deal with ISIS…now that they are being dealt with….the prices must go up…this is not a coincidence….this is the plan.

Back in May if you look at your notes we told you these gas prices were going to start….they keep telling you about 2017….but they never ever tell you we are going to revalue in 2017….they don’t even talk about 2016….to us that is a big indicator….they don’t want you to pay attention to what they are doing right now.

Wednesday it is possible I will talk to you about Mosul….it depends on what Abadi says tomorrow or Wednesday….but I would like to tell you that Iraq has four Central Banks….one in Baghdad….one in Erbil….one in Basra….and one in Mosul….ten banks were blown up by ISIS in Mosul…..this money….where is it…..look for Basra to become the next financial capital.

Dismissed with a prayer.



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