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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

KTFA CC Highlights by FrostyTheSnowman 10-12-16


FrostyTheSnowman » October 12th, 2016

Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26: I made a post today on our forum and I said that the volume that we bring to you on our conference calls is in your control. We should have a symbiotic relationship in our studies … but unfortunately sometime, that’s not the case.

Every cc is extremely powerful. Doodlebug just posted that “we always learn something new” – that’s good, then mission has been accomplished.

Tonight is nothing more than a continuation of our Monday CC. It was a very powerful call – IMO.

Frank26: I’m going to tell you some things that will match the color that I’m wearing right now (red suit, red tie, red shirt, red handkerchief) along with some red eyes.

Iraq knows what it is doing.

Abadi, Allak, CBI they all know what they are doing because they are being guided by the IMF.

What does the IMF want Iraq to do?

Build a Disneyland in Iraq? (No).

To give everyone a new pair of shoes? (No).

They want Iraq (the CBI) to finish their reform by lifting the value of their currency.

Do you think they know what they are doing? We get frustrated because we can’t see the whole picture.

Do you remember when we talked to you about Fallujah and Mosul … monetary reforms and economic reforms.

When we used to talk to you about Fallujah … a lot wondered why. Same with Mosul. No one was talking about them, but we were. Later the rest of the internet caught up.

We told you 2x2x2+1 … well, that has long gone.

We called Mosul a big FAT LADY … blocking our view to see the monetary reform.

I said they know what they are doing about 10 or 12 times last Monday.

At the end of last month, the IMF met with the CBI / GOI … and they told them they had not completed what they were supposed to do. That is when Iraq got chewed-out for not doing what they were told to do.

When they came out of that meeting (with their tails between their legs) … they started moving … not adding value to the currency … but SECURITY in the GOI / CBI.

Corruption is going away … just like terrorism.

In the last 2 weeks, corruption has been corralled.

They had another meeting with the IMF (about 2 weeks ago) – in Washington, DC … then at the UN in New York. They didn’t want anything from Obama.

Abadi went back home and like solid punching blows (right … left … right … left … right … left) … things started to happen.

Maliki and his buffoons have been melted down to nothing.

The auctions keep going down, down, down … less and less to steal.

The constant movement of the MR exploded after they came back from DC.

The only way they will enter ARTICLE 8 is to complete the list of things they were told to do.

On the 7th, 8th and the 9th of this month, they met once again.

POST #112 (yesterday’s thread) … a lady CCC316 … pay attention to this article that WS brought to you. This is the report. Not an opinion or guru. This is the basics of the report from the IMF. Did they do the things they were told to do? Yes they did.

Can they have the loans now? That takes us up to last Monday (the 10th) --- we told you about 10 days ago they were going to have more meetings … and more meetings .

So, if they’ve done everything … they should be rewarded. The IMF wanted things done step-by-step … and they did them.

Don’t be so prideful to think that they (Iraq) needs to tell you everything they are doing.

“Once agreed upon additional information has been (past tense) provided … and implemented!”

What did we tell you? BEFORE NOVEMBER!

Those things are part of the monetary reform process.

It’s nobody’s business to know everything they are doing.

The IMF is coming out very boldly … they have implemented the steps … and Saleh tells the IMF that they completed the steps. TA-DA!!!

In this article, it says that the IMF is very pleased.

Do you see why Mosul is important … (not only to the Kurds).

Look at the next part … SPECIALIST … INTERNATIONAL … FINANCIAL … RADICAL REFORMS … (all to finish the reforms for their country).

A RADICAL REFORM of their economy!!!

The IMF loan to Iraq is for its commitment.

The IMF will give them their loans would be given to them in batches.

Batch #2 is about to be given to them … PRAISE GOD!

We are sick and tired of their waiting … and the IMF is sick of waiting too … plus the USA.

We are proud of you junior.

There are 13 loans … we told you that weeks ago … and the IMF is very pleased with what they accomplished.

The IMF is REWARDING THEM … and they will continue to reward them … IF … they continue the process of their MR.

They reviewed the SBA. They came out happy.

Now, I want to tell you, they gave them more homework. What is it? None of your business … but you’re going to see it.

If they do accomplish these next steps … (we know what they are) … then in November the IMF will review it again … and they will get their loans. (Raise the value, and welcome into Article 8)

Family, that I love so much … Iraq, Abadi, Allak, CBI … they are about done.

You should FRAME this article.

This article should NOT be in black … but in RED!

Now that they have accomplished these steps, they will get the loans.

That’s why the IMF is so smart … increments in 13 … all in batches as Iraq progresses which equals the reforms of their currency. Iraq has no choice. Iraq is lacking options.

There are no more options. There is only one thing left to do … the monetary reform … and praise God … IMO … they are doing it.

The 2nd loan … IMO … is a competition. They will probably meet November 1st.
Frank26: I told you Delta has been following the money on the spreadsheet and a lot of info is posted in Arabic. It’s only for the middle-east … not the infidel to see.

I the translation of the CBI website, we see this … but it’s not like the article … which is a lot more clear. That is why I’m keeping Delta away. Delta understand/comprehends so much more than what you and I do. That’s why it comes in batches.

It is very clear they are working now on their 2nd batch.

Unless they IMPLEMENT … they WON’T get the 2nd batch.

The 1st batch was done in July of 2016.

Everyone was at the meetings on the 7th, 8th and 9th.

The only one that is able to talk about this meeting is the IMF. TA-DA!!!

Frank26: About 2 weeks ago, WS (WalkingStick) released an article about the 2017 budget is in discussion within the CBI … about the exchange rate and oil.

Why would they want the loans IF they are going to raise the value of their currency?

Yes, it will increase the value … just like we talked about on Monday.

I want you to give thought to what I’m about to tell you.

Don’t get overly excited about this …nor overly depressed either … sit up straight and be an adult to what I’m about to say … this is IMO … it could happen … it could NOT happen. But we want to talk to you about it.

They declared another holiday. It’s tomorrow!!!

When you stop and think very seriously about this.

They are closed Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat … and supposedly they will be back Sunday … that’s right after the middle of the month. What have I been telling you about that time period for this month?

Again, this could happen … it could not happen.

Now … if for some reason they decide to lift the value of their currency on Sunday … the banks in the United States of America will be closed.

If you decide on Monday and you wanted to go out and look for a place to exchange some of your currency … it is possible that you will NOT find the information that you’re looking for … at the banks in America.

Why would I suggest such a thing?

Because they have to go into Article 8!


They have to go into Article 8.

Flipping the switch to change the rate is no problem … but entering Article 8 after they flip that switch is an issue with the IMF, Iraq, CBI, GOI, etc. Let them finish it!

The CBI website also needs to be updated so the INTERNATIONAL world can catch up.

Oh my goodness … it’s (CBI website) has been down … hasn’t it?

The rate might show up … it might not show up … that’s IF they raise the value.

I’m preparing you for when they do raise the value … whenever that may be … and I’m only using as an example the coincidence that have shut down 4 days … and come back on Sunday … when you can’t even go into a bank … this may take about a month. Hence the reason why the IMF says … we’ll talk to you in November or December.

Does this all make sense to you family – that I love so much!

For the very, very old-timers … you’re welcome!

This is what I called “then” … as the movement from EAST to WEST.

Then this INFORMATION would go INTERNATIONAL and into the US banks.

If the rate changed on Sunday, our banks would be closed … and maybe you think there will be a rate on Monday … but it’s possible that they won’t be able to do that internationally – just yet.

They have to enter Article 8.

Maybe the banks would be ready … maybe they wouldn’t be ready.

They must be in within 2% compliance with Article 8 parameters.

The IMF has a list of conditions/recommendations for the CBI and GOI.

Since they added another holiday … it is a possibility.

The BONDS … what happened to them? How come they disappeared? (I’m not going to tell you).

Have you noticed that Obama, Al Gore, Joe Biden, former President Clinton .. have you noticed that they are on a campaign … talking left and right … about all kinds of things … why are they smiling so much? Why are they campaigning “happiness.”

Obama is not going to get any credit … but the next person in that seat may get to take some credit.


IMO – the lower denoms are in the banks … especially in Mosul … where they don’t want you to know about it.

Interesting … a couple of days ago parliament said they want the budget. (Dude … they need to change the rate).

How are you all doing?

Are you happy?

You can go to the CBI website … it’s up … but it wasn’t a few hours ago. Up and down, up and down.

The CBI is not so undisciplined now. There is a purpose.

It’s not what Iraq specifically wants … but it’s a part of the monetary reform process … and we (IMF) keep track of everything.

It’s like THOR (Marvel super hero) came into Iraq and used his hammer to tell them what to do).

Terrorism is almost accomplished … according to this article … “we are within a few hours of liberation” --- IMO … so we may be with the MR.

Remember what I said on Monday … you will NOT see a rate change during their working hours. We’ll have to wait until Monday to see.

You can’t hide REWARDS from the IMF.

I love how they make a holiday to “cover it up.”

Did you miss an attempt for WS to talk to you?

You have no idea who WS is … and you’ll never be able to meet him.

He and teams are very protected.

They tried to tell you something.

“Transitional Rate” – they are going thru it right now. IOO … you will see the rate transition from 1,000 to 1 … in the blink of an eye can change to 1 to 1.

Don’t panic IF there is an indication of a transitional rate … must travel East to West … they will be rewarded.

That article (7th, 8th and 9th) is the review of why they will get the 2nd installment loan. It talks about November/December … and IMO … more stipulations may occur. If they accomplish them … in 2016, we may see a rate change, and they will see the loans.

I’ve asked WS to release some articles for you.

They refer to using a new currency in 2017 … please go study them.

If you are not a member of our forum … go to KTFAlways.com … create a user name and password and join us.

As we wind down now … I’d like to send a “shout-out” to our friends in Australia. Cheers! Also a “shout-out” to my friend (Alan) in Canada … he has been watching the USD. (Now 98.2) – how is it that the USD is so powerful?

What is the 2nd loan for? The continuation of their economic reforms. The IMF opens the doors to give them loans which will establish a TRUST and a CREDIBILITY of their currency responsibilities within Iraq. In essence, it becomes a trust of a trust.

Bulgaria asks if Iraq is making payments … are they making them? IMF says yes … and so other countries can do business with them.

“The Army Chief of Staff of the USA – within a few hours separates them from the liberation of Mosul.”

Let my MOSUL go ISIS … before they kill you.

A few hours separates the liberation of Iraq.

KTFA is a Christian based organization. When we are in FAITH … we rest assured.
They have given you Jericho. Praise Him … He is our God … the only one and true God.
Amen, Amen, Amen.


Shabibi will not return. He’s old, he’s tired … he’s going to retire. He’s done a damn good job.

New Governor of CBI? Yes, we believe he will be replaced later.

No … Abadi is not going anywhere.

Can they rebuild Iraq with rate change? Yes, very easily

Missing Ministers? They aren’t missing, IMO … they are being protected.

I believe the USD will go up and down, up and down as it follows oil

Is WWIII a possibility? Yes, but not with Russia.

When this pops … I’m going to my church to pray and give thanks!

CC ended in prayer.

PLAYBACK LINK: https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback_rudd/?n=OTQCw/uwJIf



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