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Saturday, October 22, 2016

"Is this Holding up our GCR/RV?" - Guest Post by Lucinda


In response to Anonymous concerning my post "What God Are We Praying To?"

Is Our Allegiance to Yahweh Holding Up Our GCR/RV?


By Lucinda

Thank you kindly Anonymous for your feedback. It is greatly appreciated and just what I was hoping for! In my response to your feedback below, please know I respect your comments. And, my replies are meant to clarify and emphasis some points, rather than criticize yours, which are all very good. And I hope you and others will feel free to critique my posts whenever you feel so compelled.

You wrote:
OK, this needs to be addressed. It seems there are two groups that most of our little subculture can be separated into. Either very Christian on one hand, and on the other the New Agey/celestials/annanuki/ascended ones/aliens/hollow earth/etc. folks.

I discuss galactics and celestials together. Yahweh is in direct control of the demons and the cabal; the Secret Space Program and the surface governments. It is all blended together to ensure Yahweh's survival. Its modus operandi is the same throughout history: It demands the cabal perform ritual sacrifices and commit rape and murder in staggering numbers. If they don't, it will kill their loved ones. Same as in the Dead Sea Scrolls with Moses and the tribes of Israel....Obey Yahweh's command to kill others, or watch your family die.

Yahweh has countless names. I call it out by the name it gives itself in the Dead Sea Scrolls. But it's also known as the Yaldabaoth octopus, Prime Anomaly, Baal, Bel, Satan, Lucifer, Demiurge, Devil , Baphomet, Beelzebub, Jehovah, the Judeo-Christian God, many more. One of its many tricks is to disguise itself under a variety of names, and play the role of both God and Satan.

To briefly recap my premise: Yahweh is an evil entity composed of etheric and astral plasma, conjured from the soul plasma of logos Lucifer. It was attached to the powerful Ark Stone demiurge (Ark of the Covenant) in a black majik ritual by Moses, who was a highly trained alchemy priest in Egypt. It was used to hijack and corrupt our planet, and then our universe.

Hence we are quarantined from the pure universes of love and bliss. I discuss this in detail, i.e., where and how the Ark Stone originated, in other posts.

All evil, hostile beings are products of the corrupt demiurge: reptilians, greys, mantids, archons, demons...the list is endless. All galactics and humans are implanted with control devices, and subjected to covert harassment.

You wrote:
And I think we are starting to annoy each other a little bit.

We are heavily programmed by the dark to reject the truth and believe their lies. The truth can be annoying or even irritating when it doesn't fit with what we've been indoctrinated to believe all our lives and throughout history. In fact it evokes rage in some, depending on how deeply one is programmed. I was highly programmed...worse than most. Then I discovered EVERYTHING I was taught was a lie. The relief literally felt like a ton of bricks had been lifted off my shoulders.

You wrote:
We each cause the others a bit of eye rolling. One side thinks the other are low vibration primitives and that side thinks the other to be whackjobs. I'm personally trying not to have these attitudes, but I think they are out there.

Indeed I get some eye-rolling, LOL! But I hope someone out there is saying, to the effect:

"I never understood how a supposed God of love could be so cruel...why does Yahweh demand so many blood sacrifices?! Why would God wipe out a nation of hundreds of thousands for a slight affront?! (read it in the Dead Sea Scrolls). I do not consent to this entity's control over humanity."

This is not just a bible story of long ago. Yahweh is here now...never left. So many people are praying to it, the Judeo-Christian God, which gives it more support and power to carrying out its crimes against the humanity. They are often rewarded with extra harassment so they will pray more. Others do not pray to it but are still subject to its manipulations because: when consent is not denied, it is assumed. It's Yahweh's law, and Yahweh rules our world by legal contract with the higher realms.

We have a caveat fortunately, that few know about and I am spilling the beans: we can deny consent. Until then, we are LEGALLY subject to its jurisdiction. And higher realm intervention is not allowed. I believe the GCR/RV is a form of intervention.

(Prime Creator has no such contract, but it is involved in much higher efforts to assure our Ascension, such as sending pure energy waves and supervising the Nemesis Constellation. It does not micromanage earthly things, like the GCR/RV, which it leaves up to the celestials. We need these funds NOW to uplift and empower humanity.)

If we want to stop the cabal shadow governments from interfering with the RV, we must stop Yahweh. The cabal cannot refuse its demands...they are under tight control. Same for its reptilians, STS galactics, et.al. So what good does it do to focus our energy on them? Mosul is taken, then lost, then retaken, then lost. I am proposing we try something we have never done before to end this weariness: deny consent to Yahweh. Call it out for what it is: humanity's greatest enemy.

I think allegiance to this entity is holding up our GCR/RV, due to laws and contracts between Yahweh and the higher realms.

You wrote:
Now, I know where orthodox Judeo-Christian theology comes from. I am not sure of the sources of the other side's doctrine.

I do much of my research, but not all, in the archives in France:
Us Desposynies, History of the Holy Grail Family

You wrote:
I'm sorry for those who had bad experiences with religion but God isn't really responsible for people screwing up what He's really saying and wants from us. I know plenty of well-adjusted and super-loving people of traditional faith.

Yahweh is 100% responsible for all the bad experiences and suffering of mankind. Our lives are scripted from start to finish to generate our quota of low vibrations to feed it and all its minions, like the inter-dimensional archons. The archons are sent in to pester us when we are generating too much love and not enough hate and fear. When we are in deep emotional crisis, i.e. during a breakup with a spouse (which they cause), the dark makes multiple copies of our timeline to increase the harvest. This severely weakens us.

We are also chemtrailed, GMO'd, vaxxed, implanted, HAARP'd, ELF'd. We are subjected to Yahweh 's manufactured weather catastrophes. We are recycled in its reincarnation trap, and memory-wiped so we will not excel beyond its control. We are fed lies from its corrupt educational and religious institutions, media...the list goes on ad nauseam. Most humans are struggling to survive.

Some are attacked more than others by the dark. I too know of well-adjusted, super-loving people of traditional faith. I think their lives would be even better if they knew the truth about Yahweh. LOL!

What Yahweh really wants from us is to sign over our spirit essence so we cannot ascend.

You wrote:
And I'm sorry if the old testament can be harsh. Sometimes God went to great measures to either protect or teach His people. Also, sometimes we just want to see grace and love all the time, but justice is part of His character too. He does give a lot of chances.

Yahweh does not protect people. We survive in spite of it. It didn't protect the Israelis, in the days of Moses, who cautiously obeyed its volumes of laws to the letter. It was relentlessly cruel to them. The only thing it ever teaches is fear.

This is much more than a stern father wanting to keep his children in line. This thing wants blood sacrifices. It wants nonstop war. And that is what it gets!

You wrote:
And as far as I've ever seen Yaweh is the father of Yeshua, not his adversary.

Yahweh is not Yeshua's father. The dark wants us to believe that of course. I thought that for most of my life. Yahweh is a mortal blob of etheric astral plasma, attached to the Ark Stone demiurge. The demiurge gives it the power to create negative timelines. Yahweh cannot create anything on its own without the demiurge, and its minions and us slaves.

Yeshua's mission on Earth was to defeat Yahweh and the powerful Ark Stone demiurge to which it is tenaciously attached. To do this, Yeshua needed his own demiurge which was given to him, from Prime Creator, in the form of the Grail Stone (Holy Grail). He was attached to the Grail Stone, by John the Baptist, during his baptism ceremony.

After that, Yeshua had the power to perform miracles of all kinds, like bringing Lazareth back to life and healing the sick. And he reduced the power of the corrupt demiurge and Yahweh by one half which was a profound accomplishment. He will return to finish the job along with us when we are ready. He may be waiting for us to wake up to the truth about Yahweh.

There are major differences between these two:

Yeshua never condoned ritual sacrifice and cautioned against it. Yahweh demands nonstop sacrifices of animals and humans.

Yeshua says we are all equal and perfect in the eyes of our true Creator. Yahweh says we are all sinners and we must surrender and ask for forgiveness or we will perish in hell.

The Jewish religion does not acknowledge Yeshua as the son of Yahweh. In fact it doesn't acknowledge Yeshua at all. They would know if he was the son of their God.

You wrote:
All I've seen says Yeshua refers to his Father in heaven and he comes from a line of people who worship Yaweh. He never corrects or refutes the obvious conclusion of who His Father is.

Indeed his tribe did descend from a line of people (King David) who worshiped Yahweh. But Yeshua never said Yahweh was his Father. And he never worshipped it. Yeshua's Father of whom he spoke is Prime (Our True) Creator, an entity of pure love whose only concern is bringing love and bliss to all its creations.

Unlike Yahweh, PC is unconcerned with obedience and worship, and for that matter, prayer. In the pure universes, from which we are quarantined to prevent their infection, there is no need for prayer or worship...no need to look further than oneself to instantly manifest everything desired. (We manifest too, but the dark keeps that a secret. And things take longer to manifest, sometimes years.)

Our once-pure universe was hijacked and trapped in an anomaly of unprecedented low frequencies, where our powers of manifestation are severely compromised. This was never meant to be, and thusly, there is no "universal code" for the processing of prayers or worship, as that would be "illogical", same as in the pure universes. All universes are created with copies of the original divine source code, also known as The Word.

That said, we are connected to our true Creator by our immortal spirit, same as in the pure universes, which resides in our astral hearts and transcends all dimensions. Our Creator knows way more about us than we know about ourselves via this connection, and wants to give us love, bliss and abundance. But only a small amount can reach us due to the massive efforts by Yahweh to separate us. And worship and prayers to this beast, from church congregations all over the world, make it even more difficult.

Yeshua taught us there is no need to worship or pray to any being, including himself. And that we reap what we sow, meaning we manifest our own timeline events, be they prosperous or tragic. (The Lord's Prayer was not written by Yeshua, as purported in the bible. Too much to read here at this time, but I got it covered.). Yahweh uses our ability of co-creation against us...another secret.

Note: Rather than praying, which is asking for something from someone outside oneself, give thanks to yourself for all the wonderful things YOU brought into your life. And send out love and gratitude to everybody. I often send my love and gratitude to Yeshua and Mary Magdalene and the celestials.

You wrote:
And as far as the Davinci code stuff about Mary Magdelane and children; stuff like that seemed to be aggressively refuted by those close to him in the first century, not buried with revisionist history by the Catholic Church centuries later.

I get my information from the French archives, see link above, which have been authenticated and are not in control of the Vatican. Yeshua and Mary Magdalene were indeed married, with children, David (John the Baptist's son, whom they raised after John was decapitated), Tamar Damaris (daughter), and Yeshua II the Justus (son). The archived transcript is a compelling love story. I feel very close to them, and the whole family, after reading this beautiful, fascinating story of their insurmountable love.

They want us all to be part of their family...and NOT worship, kneel, pray to Yeshua or anyone else. But,...be in equal standing as a brother or sister. That's why I do not call him Lord. And why I call them my family. Many people fell down on their knees before him, including Pontius Pilate, trembling uncontrollably in tears because of his overwhelming aura of love. But he gently, lovingly helped them to their feet and said we are all equal and all children of God (meaning our true creator). And he said WE will accomplish greater feats than he did.

MM was a princess, daughter of the King of Judah. She had eyes only for Yeshua from the time they were children. As they grew up together, they worked tirelessly, devoting their lives to bringing us the truth. Every weary traveler who came to their kingdom was treated like royalty, no matter how sick or desperate. MM was the first to wash feet and feed and comfort. Every soul that became enlightened was a huge victory and cause for a celebration.

The Vatican's portrayal of MM as a prostitute is predictable. They very aggressively refute the truth. Have you noticed they do not allow any women among their ranks? They would never allow a woman to have equal status in their fictitious stories of Jesus. But, again, they're just following orders from Yahweh. I can't criticize them, or anyone else, for what is out of our control.

Yeshua's family were Nazarenes whose doctrine taught equality among the sexes and to be in service to others. And that love and compassion can conquer all evil.

You wrote:
However, I and people I know have had real experiences with God. Ones that are perceivable with senses and not just feelings. Maybe it was a bad presence trying to perpetuate a lie, but it sure felt benevolent.

I have experienced my own divine intervention several times under very dire circumstances. (Angels will break Yahweh's contact of nonintervention to help us sometimes, but it is risky for them). And YES it was very real, with an angel coming to my aid. And I can tell you they really have feathers! LOL! I was invited to press my hand against the chest of a huge angel...I felt a supernova of bliss! I felt his heart beating powerfully, his body vibrating intensely with sparkling energy, and his warmth and love! I still get emotional.

So great that you had a real experience, too!

You wrote:
Maybe it was the Yeshua as you understand Him. But if it was, he did not bother to correct my understanding; my theology, my doctrine, for some reason.

This might have been left on the cutting room floor when the KJV Bible was composed 300 years after his departure. LOL! But I know what you mean. It is so hard to find any direct, unambiguous answers to our questions to learn truth in this world.

You wrote:
I want to know the real truth, but I'm going to need to see or experience more than postings on Dinar news sites to move me from where I am. Which, as I said is based on something more real than just an old book and how I was raised.

So good that you want to know the real truth, based on what you experience, rather than what you read here or have been raised to believe.

Indeed the Dead Sea Scrolls is a very old book but it is as close to the hard evidence as I can get, at this time anyway.

As to how I was raised, I was steeped so deeply in the dark depths of fear, that it made me undauntedly determined to expose the real Yahweh for what it is. Kathy's death was traumatic to a large community...all of her dearest friends couldn't fit in a small stadium. She was my classmate, my peer, and my source of inspiration in a fearful, painful world.

And I admired her strength of spirit, and for the love and compassion she gave to the many horses in her care. The Baptist church leaders justified her death, which they clearly caused, by saying it was God's will, their God being the Judeo-Christian god, Yahweh. And that she disobeyed God. With every soul I can help see the truth about Yahweh, I do so in honor of her magnificent spirit.

I agree with you that a real experience is needed to prove this is true. But how?

I know it sounds incredible that laws are enforced and contracts are upheld in the higher realms. And, that by simply holding the truth in our hearts we can enforce the termination of Yahweh's contract of control over us. I can't prove it to anyone.

However, as a collective, or individually, we could try an experiment! Just sayin', wouldn't hurt! and maybe it would help: In our hearts we could acknowledge Yahweh for what it really is and then deny consent to its control. THEN, and only THEN, can the Angels LEGALLY surround us at all times with their abundant love and protection...with no risk to themselves. Invite them into your life...they are thrilled to help us...they know what you need without any explaining, and they'll be there before you even know you need them.

And feel gratitude and happiness for all the abundance, even before you get it. Your gratitude will bring it to you! This works for me, big time! ..for several years now!

And one more important thing: let go of all anger and fear. This may require some practice. It was very difficult for me, but I pulled through some precarious times by refusing to feel fear...and all was well in the end. And it helps to remember people are set up to fight with one another to feed the critters...so feel compassion for them rather than anger.

And maybe we'll get our RV! Try anything, right?

Again, much gratitude to you, Anonymous who posted the response.

Feel free to copy and share with everybody.

See my other posts at

"What God are we Praying to?" - Guest Post by Lucinda.

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