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Friday, October 14, 2016

"Humanitarian Project Ideas" - Anonymous Guest Post

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 2:27 AM EDT on October 14, 2016

These are the Humanitarian Project Ideas I have with the Zim Redemption. My focus is more on the animals as I think so many redeemers will have solutions for the people. I really love animals and want to be a steward/force for them. However, I want to also help people who are suffering because of natural or man made disasters. Long term humanitarian people plans, I leave to all of you as I will have my hands full with the animals. By the way I am dreaming big and globally because of the high Zim rates that I expect will materialize any day now. :)

For People:

Haiti, Dominican Republic

- Send Food, Medicine, Clothing and temporary shelter. I don't want to go through a foundation or agency for this as they have been burned before. I am talking about actually finding cargo planes and cargo ships to do this working with the US Republic and Haitian government. I want to give the food and supplies out directly to the people from the docks and harbors if possible.

- Help them build permanent shelters using ICF home building (Insulated Concrete Forms) which is a way to build earthquake and hurricane resistant shelters with reinforced concrete and it can be built fast. Work with ICF manufacturers to actually send the materials, equipment and skilled ICF builders. Have these builders teach willing citizens to learn how to build these homes so it can go faster and give them a new marketable skill. Manufacturers include: Buildblock.com, ApexBlock, etc.


-Send food, medicine, clothing to the people of Venezuela. Because their economy crashed they are suffering.

Flint Michigan

- Upgrade the plumbing (that was a good idea, whoever posted this before).

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

- Fix this, working with governments. This radiation leak has to be stopped.

North Dakota Pipeline

-Help fund the Native Americans fight the North Dakota Pipeline. Help to come up with a solution that doesn't risk the water supply, preferably an alternative source of energy, but in the short term what can be done?

For Animals: This is my main focus for long term plans

-Fund no-kill animal shelters - expand them for over flow from SPCA & County animal shelters so they (SPCA, county shelters) no longer euthanize animals unnecessarily.

-Create low cost/no cost vet clinics - work with existing animal shelters for this if possible.

-Consider a sliding scale pet insurance with 100% coverage.

-Offer landlords compensation/incentive packages if they will allow animals in rentals.

-Invest in lab grown meat research, production and distribution. Mosa Meat (hamburger), SuperMeat - Chicken, Amit Gefen Gefen, bioengineer and professor at TelAviv University chicken breast, PerfectDay dairy products by brewing milk, Hampton Foods egg product (invested in by Bill Gates so a little concerned about that).

-Save existing newborn calves of dairy cows and buy the diary cows when they retire to be reunited with their calves in a sanctuary or global sanctuaries for this purpose.

-Save unwanted chicks in the large scale processing of chicken meat and eggs, provide them with a place to live out their natural lives.

-I still need to research veal and pigs and how to save them, stop suffering, and come up with alternatives. Adding that to the list.

-Work with and fund animal psychics and people who can communicate with animals to better communicate with the animals and learn what they want and need.

-Work with Ceasar Milan, the dog whisperer, to train people and help save the aggressive animals from being euthanized whenever possible.

-Help the seals who are dying on the West Coast and stop all clubbing of baby seals for fur.

-Find or create alternatives to stop the fur and animal parts (ivory, gorilla hands, etc.) trade.

-Save the 45,000 wild mustangs from the BLM, send them to existing Wild Mustang sanctuaries and fund them for upkeep and care of these horses and also to expand land holdings as needed.

-Donate and support all legitimate ethical animal non-profits.

-Work with larger ethical animal groups to promote and market animal rights legislation.

-Invest in and/or provide sanctuaries for wolf protection. No more killing wolves.

-Invest in a machine technology called the "Ocean Array", that removes plastic from the oceans.

-Clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the Pacific Ocean.

-Donate to environmental clean-up companies.

-Donate/support fixing of Fukushimi radiation leak.

-Donate and help expand native animal rescue organizations.

-Donate to existing global animal sanctuaries (Virunga National Park, Dian Fossy Karisoke Research Center, The Lion Whisperer, https://www.youtube.com/user/LionWhispererTV, and other international animal sanctuaries.)

-Create new global sanctuaries one or more on every continent. Staff them with animal lovers from all walks of life who want to provide love and care to the animals, including veterinarians and provide a community for these employees near the sanctuaries. Have housing, superb pay and benefits, flexible hours, day care, medical clinic, school, and flexibility to transfer to other international sanctuaries when desired. I think the African one might be the favorite.

-Start veterinarian school/schools, offer graduates work at any new sanctuaries or shelters.

-Offer help and aid to local governments in the event of natural disasters to help with animal rescue (Animal Red Cross)

-Open a hotline for reports of neglected, abused, abandoned animals that need saving. 

-Work with local, regional or national governments to save animals reported on hotline.

-Invest in biodegradable options for plastic, packaging.

-Invest in alternatives for fishing nets that are biodegradable.

-Stop illegal sonar in the oceans.

-Promote the assigning of economic value to animals so the value of animals has to be factored into the cost of development projects and resource extraction projects. For example if you will cut down this patch of rain forest then the relocation and the destruction of these animals natural habitat will have a cost to you that you must factor into your costs to do this.

-Donate to anything else related to the ethical treatment of animals that I have not thought of yet.

I believe animals have inalienable rights too that must and should be honored and defended.

Other Ideas I am toying with

-If there are any restrictions or censorship on free speech or truthful information create a whole new internet or a whole new cable system that defends our ability to receive the truth. 

-Create a new television channel/channels for YouTubers that provides a free alternative to YouTube because of censorship.

-Donate to all my YouTube favorites so they can keep up the good work.

-Put up YouTube videos, success and feel good stories of all the happy healthy animals.

I know, I dream big and in detail. I almost feel sorry for my Family Office. Haha :). Hope this helps all of you with ideas. Peace and divine love to you and yours. The divinity in me honors the divinity in you. Here is to a better world.



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