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Saturday, October 29, 2016

"How The War Was Won" - Guest Post by Bart

Entry Submitted by Bart at 2:49 AM EDT on October 29, 2016

Dear fellow Dinarians,

I’m a normal guy who makes no claims of contacts to worldly or otherworldly sources, but I feel I can help us all find more peace and more power by sharing a simple and true story. What follows is the story of why the RV, and the Prosperity Programs, and all the other similar programs and schemes have been touted as “coming tomorrow” for years, and why now it really is coming tomorrow(ish). As I begin my story please forgive the “spiritual journey 101” lead up. I’ll keep it short.

We as humanity share a mass consciousness, each of us participates in the movement of that conscious body through a learning process we call life. Our thoughts and actions influence our personal and collective experience. Hence the idea that positive thinking creates a more positive experience, while focusing on problems and negativity drags us down. This energy, which we call thoughts and emotions, actually creates the very world we see and experience. In this way, mostly from an unconscious place, we are literally creating this physical world experience.

The spiritual journey is one of accepting our role as a creator, and then seeking to find the control panel. In this way we become “light workers”, meaning we are working to shed light on the very process of creation. There is another team that works to keep the control panel hidden so that only those who agree with their goals can influence the experience we call life on Earth.

Now lets step beyond our normal 3D daily understanding of life and imagine that there are forces, light and dark, whose focus it is to guide the mass consciousness of humanity in one direction or another. These groups understand that the overall mind is steered by the input of the individual minds and that to influence the whole one must influence the individuals. They understand that to introduce something new into the established reality of the shared experience they must make room for the change in individual minds. Introducing a thought into one mind isn’t enough to influence the whole significantly and certainly isn’t going to change the experience of everyone and everything.

So if the “light” guides have a goal of eliminating the main control tool of the “dark” guides they would need to infuse enough minds with an idea counter to the idea that serves as the dark control tool. If the control tool is money and the beliefs involved in and around having or obtaining it, then the counter measure has to be to change the very beliefs in what it means to obtain or have money.

Enter the light workers and their battle with the beliefs they have been force fed from birth. Ideas such as; money is a necessary evil, one has to work hard to have money because it doesn’t grow on trees, the bottom line is all that matters, work hard so you’ll be safe in the future, what’s yours is yours and must be kept for a rainy day. On and on goes the list of beliefs we are taught. Beliefs that tie our survival to something called money. Beliefs that put us at war with every other person because money is in limited supply and we NEED it. After all, the one with the most toys wins, right?

So the light team starts their plan to undermine the existing control structure by putting out an idea that, in one way or another, you can invest $100 and get a million back. The idea was seeded into consciousness and bounced around for a while. It had a few different names, Nation, Charcoal, Bergaven, Dolphin, etc. and a few people found these concepts interesting and made room for them in their consciousness. So the process was begun, but to keep it building the idea had to be given energy, mental and emotional energy, and it had to spread. So the “hurry up and get involved now because it’s coming tomorrow” story started. This story garnered more energy that an “oh well it will come someday” storyline ever could. As the energy grew, little by little, person to person, “real world” events that could augment it also came into focus. Things like Farm Claims and other lawsuits found their way into a newly cast thought pool and along came more programs like Alpha and Omega. All of which had some “hurry, hurry, it’s coming tomorrow” element to build the energy. As the energy built the idea got a physical, hold in your hand, element attached - currency - and the “it’s coming tomorrow” story amplified as did the energy to create change.

You might think that this was unkind of Team Light but let me remind you that you signed up as a light worker, as a soldier for the greater good. At some point you offered your service to God, in one way or another, and God took you up on that offer.

So yea, maybe your life has sucked, you have been ridiculed and ostracized, you have been robbed of your dignity, you have struggled and cried and cursed the creator, but what did you think being a light worker would be like? A few hail Mary’s and a pleasure cruise? Really?

No, this has not been a pleasure cruise. You have had to battle an entrenched belief system from the inside out. You had to battle it in yourself and in your world. The beliefs about what was required to survive were thrown at you from every direction; your self, your family, your friends, the media, the entire world! You have battled through centuries of lies and deceit and confusion and deeply entrenched “real world truths”. You have battled to hold a belief that life could be good for everyone, so that life could become good for everyone! It all started with a thought and you my fellow warriors have grown that thought, that idea, from a seed to a reality! By holding true to the small inner knowing that these money options were not only possible but real, and by spreading and supporting these ideas you have waged a war to uproot a dark belief structure that was strangling all of life.

So now in these final hours, days, weeks, or months (depending on our conviction) please do not give up. Remember, every time you believe this is possible you volley a cannonball of light into the entrenched darkness, but every time you doubt or allow the wait to drag you down you are taking a hit from the enemy. This war is won but there are still some skirmishes to be settled, so hold the light. Be the warrior you have been for years and don’t forget you are doing this for all the world, for all of life! You have fought, and you have struggled, but you have lived, AND YOU HAVE WON!

Let us hold that reality and bless those who have fallen in this long battle. Let us bless them with our conviction and our joy for that is what they died to give us.




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