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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Guest Posts Regarding Humanitarian Project Ideas 10-16-16

All ideas submitted today regarding humanitarian projects will be added here. This post will move to the top of the main page every time a new idea is added. ~ Dinar Chronicles

"2 GREAT Trends" - Guest Post by One Who Believes

How big can you go?

How much ZIM and Heart do you have? These are just a few ideas that I have thought of which could be done anywhere. I would love to see some other Ideas that you have. It would be a great service to the World for you to share your ideas with us all. It is so easy.

Just post your ideas here on Dinar Chronicles by sending an email with your Ideas and plans to: UniversalOm432Hz@gmail.com Then we can all see them.

Your Ideas will be posted for us all to consider and copy if they suit our desires. We are all in this together and frankly, those who are reading this post, ARE THE ONES who will take action on them to help and change the World.

"The Next Big Step is here" - Guest Post by One Who Believes

Imagine your great ideas, spreading throughout the World in every country and town. This is the next step. After the Funds, come the Ideas, then comes the action. Let us utilize this information resource by both sharing our ideas there, and then implementing as many of them as we can.

Thank You Patrick for setting up this great Community Resource for us all to Help The World in the most efficient way we can. After the Money, Ideas for Projects is the MOST IMPORTANT THING WE COULD HAVE AND SHARE. I for one, am Very Grateful for this wonderful resource. My wish is that people are able to find enough ideas to match the funds they have available. 


Guest Posts Regarding Humanitarian Project Ideas 10-11-16

Guest Posts Regarding Humanitarian Project Ideas 10-12-16

Guest Posts Regarding Humanitarian Project Ideas 10-13-16


Humanitarian Project Ideas for October 16, 2016

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 5:52 PM EDT on October 16, 2016

I want to purchase Healing machines and place them in a mobile home to bring them to small communities, old age homes and native reserves and other locations to help heal people.

Entry Submitted by Gena at 6:30 PM EDT on October 16, 2016

I live just outside of Chicago ...30 miles west,

Homelessness has always had me by my heart strings....I have always helped anybody in need ...my last dollar would go to them...for I always knew that God always took care of all my needs ...and still does...I Am very grateful indeed. Back in the early ninety's I was calling around to start up a way of taking these people of God off our streets, and give them there dignity back. Letting people know to Stop turning your cheek and pretend that they don't exist.

My thoughts back then and now... were to buy up abandon apartment buildings...Hotels etc. Re-store and furnish them with bedding/beds furniture clothes..etc...from donations from our communities.

Help from many diff. support groups to help re-integrate back into society. all at no cost.

A dream that has pre-occupied me lately ...is to buy a hotel in most large cities or any areas for that matter where needed . bring them all in out of the elements ..and give them the VIP treatment ....The hotel would run as usual with employment the same or less...and they would have daily room service, cleaning and food service...abilities to use all accommodations ...pool, work out rooms...stores...restaurants, cleaners...etc. while we build and find them their own homes. I would pay the staff extra for their part in helping our humanitarian project.

Also to start in my area and then keep branching outward and fund all families in need ...cars..homes renovations roofs...new siding..monetary and so on...
infrastructure rebuild... schools.. churches ..streets ..buildings...parks...forest cleanups of downed trees bridges etc

And to visit food pantries.. people shopping in low income stores...driving troubled cars or on bikes... and hand them an envolpe of cash or check, with enough means to live as they should have always been living....with no worries and joy to be alive. And say to them ... This is a gift from OUR BEAUTIFUL GOD to YOU... and to pay it forward someday soon. even if its only kind words to another in need, or a smile of LOVE from the HEART.
In love and Light ~ Amen

All are ONE


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 6:39 PM EDT on October 16, 2016

1. I would like to help single moms get an education without causing entitlement. Working with people of poverty now, entitlement quickly becomes an issue when things are given for free. So my idea is to pay fully for college and housing for one year. Each year after that they pay a percentage more. They would take classes in addition to college on finances, relationships, parenting. They would also be required to volunteer a few hours a week.

2. I work with an organization in Ghana Africa and I want to give them a sanitation infrastructure as well as build a high school and fund teacher salaries for 10 years.

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 6:47 PM EDT on October 16, 2016

By 2050 the world will not have enough food to feed the world.

What I want to do is build a greenhouse by 5 acres by 3 acres, 4 floors high.

The bottom floor will be growing fish. The other top floors will be top vegetables to grow, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce,beans,okra, etc.

May go 5 floors high with rabbits, chickens on top floor so smell won't be bad.

Will build one by every big city.

Cost $25 million.

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 7:29 PM EDT on October 16, 2016

Buy up as much stock in Monsanto, get on the board, stop them from killing bees and forcing GMO into our food.

Purchase "problem child" properties from those who refuse to repair, upkeep and control their tenants. Once purchased, either renew the property to house those you know who need help or tear the building down and plant wildflowers and clover for bees.

Walk into any laundromat, spot a senior citizen, chat them up, go buy them a new washing machine and dryer. Have it delivered and installed. If they need help with accessing it due to poor housing design, fix it for them. If they need help paying for detergent, buy enough stock in Proctor & Gamble that the dividends will keep them in detergent for the rest of their lives. Stock stays in that family and cannot be sold per agreement with recipient.

Contact the warden of your state penitentiary, ask which prisoner is due for release and would be an exceptionally good candidate for help. Give this person a good used car, a decent wardrobe to go job hunting in and three month's worth of food and prepaid housing. This gives that person a solid start. If they are unemployed, keep them safe and fed but push them to get hired. Give them three months to get a job. Warn them that this is temporary, not permanent.

Help those in your community who are eating just one meal a day at your local soup kitchen. Volunteer there, find out who needs help and then buy them enough food to get their place stocked. If they are unemployed, keep them safe and fed but push them to get hired. Give them three months to get a job. Warn them that this is temporary, not permanent.

Toys for Tots, backpacks, winter coats, boots, gloves for kids.

If it is still standing, contact the school where you went as a kid, find out what they need to make life better for the students and teachers. Focus on things that aren't tech related as this could become a drain. If the place needs landscaped, powerwashed and painted, hire it done. If the kids need help with science, math and English, hire an after-school tutor.

Pay off past due property taxes for those that you know.

Provide a $12,000 annual scholarship to the kid that wants to go to an in-state college and help them do it.

If you see a homeless person, don't be afraid to ask them what they need. Help them with food, hygiene, safety and housing. Put them in touch with every volunteer organization that is available in your community so they can begin getting a foothold towards a job. Find them a shelter and get them placed so they aren't living in frigid conditions.

Pay off the student loans of every member in your extended family.

Hire Vets who are staying at Volunteers of America homeless shelters to do work around your home and business. They need the money, would like the work and it would give you a chance to help our own.

Buy as much land in the Amazon Rain Forest as you can afford.

Contact your local Goodwill, ask to speak with their employment counselor. Offer to help Goodwill by paying for training, licensing or education for those people who are lacking just one semester or one certification to gainful employment.

If you know of a person who is in a very abusive situation, pluck them up and dust them off! Reset their life by moving them out, getting them transportation and leaving them with enough of a financial cushion that they can function on their own without the economic choke of their abuser.

Your local SPCA and no-kill shelter always needs help with utilities, postage, pet supplies, meds, leashes, toys and cleaning supplies.

If you know of a family who has a child or spouse that is dealing with a terrible disease, quietly pay off their mortgage - you will have saved them from ever being homeless and the stress of that big bill will make life sooo much easier for the caretaker.

Spend time volunteering at a local senior citizen center. You will suddenly find out that many of our elderly are not making it and they are too old to work. Help them by buying food and getting their utilities paid up. Find out what they have in terms of income and then quietly purchase an annuity to make up for the shortfall. Annuity stops at their expiry.

Pay to remove stumps from public property, notably the parkstrip between the city sidewalk and the street.

Offer to help renew an aging park by installing either a new gathering place, updating the bathrooms and drinking fountains or putting in a new ball diamond/basketball court.

Pay for the groceries of the person behind you without ever letting the cashier say anything until after you've left. Do this for senior citizens and single parents.

Once a month from March through October, plant a tree where one is needed.

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 7:49 PM EDT on October 16, 2016

I want to close all refugee camps in the world, including Haiti.

I will do whatever it takes to give the current refugees a home, a job, and a community.
Each refugee/family will have an interview and have the opportunity to be placed elsewhere in the world, with a home and a job, or to stay in the area.

Those who choose to stay in the area will be put to work building the new , city/community. This community will eventually have all of the infrastructure needed, including but not limited to: schools, businesses, homes, hospitals, medical offices, roads, internet, phone service, areas to grow food, animals for farming, a food distribution system, clean water, sewage disposal, security.

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 8:58 PM EDT on October 16, 2016

This is an immediate need for those displaced or totally devastated by Hurricane Matthew

Housing , food , clothing , hygiene products ( babies on up to elderly ), cars , medicine , school supplies , etc.

This is to cover those outside the US as well as along our southern states .



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