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Friday, October 21, 2016

"Grasping the Concept of the RV" - Guest Post by KJG

Entry Submitted by Kenneth J. Goodrich at 4:40 PM EDT on October 21, 2016

Grasp this concept about the RV.

Can laws be based upon illusion? Ours is a world of lies and illusions. Ours is also a world of laws and truth and light. The Illuminati/Cabal know this and use it against us to prevent our awakening. We are awakening now and it is creating fear and anxiety in the cabalistic world. “I am a patient God. I patiently await awakening man. Awakening man is he who knoweth the Light of Me in him.“

When we begin asking questions that cause others to question their truth it causes barriers to pop up all built by their own ego, and ours. Truth must filter in through old programming and it is not always easy to do even when you ask for it.

We have had one great master demonstrating truth of his being and that is Jesus. The Great Divine Director in the Cave of Light taught Jesus, with Saint Germain and Kuthumi, and many others. The knowledge the Divine Director taught Jesus and the other masters was of whom they truly were. All mankind is God in the flesh, that they were the “I AM PRESENCE”, and when they say the magic words, “I AM” they are sending God into action to perform their calls and statements. When the phrase, " 'Mighty I AM Presence,' come forth!" is used, it is always a Call to the "God Presence" to pour forth or release the Outpouring of Perfection that the one making the Call desires. Man can say rightfully and truthfully and with the divine permission of the heavenly realm, “I am God,” without saying, “I am the God.”

From the “I AM DISCOURSES” I give you these explanations. In all the Universe there is but One Power, One Light, One Substance, One Intelligence—"I AM"—the Power of the Godhead; announcing Its Authority at your focus of activity in the physical octave. Remember, as you refer to the Godhead, use Those Words—"I AM"! Do not follow Those Two Words with any negative expression or feeling; because if you do, then in your Call to the Presence, you make that negative activity tremendously more powerful in your Life. Do not ever say: I am sick; I am broke; I am limited. Don't do it, because then, you qualify the Power, which you are calling forth, to produce that very quality and experience for you.
In every language, which was used during those many civilizations—the Words, "I AM" as written in English today are there; showing Those Two Words are the Power of God.

Mankind needs to learn to use Those Words, as We do. In any crisis, if the Individual did not think of anything else just for the moment, and would say: "I AM," "I AM," "I AM," It would release the Powers of the Presence into action! Oft times it would perform a so-called Miracle for him or her, then and there! That is the Power of those Two Words; and there are no two words in the vocabulary of human experience, which release the Power Those Two Words do. The Words, "God," "Divine Mind," "Divinity" and all other Terminology used to express the Godhead, do not contain the Power the Words "I AM" do. That is the Reason why Beloved Saint Germain has brought This Use of the "I AM" forth to mankind at this time. It is the Power which sets the people Free! Why? Because It is their own Life!

Why do lack, disease, limitations and these things exist? Because of the lack of understanding, and because mankind had forgotten this "I AM PRESENCE." They had forgotten the use of these Words "I AM." Why are They so important? Because when you speak the Words "I AM," you are announcing Divinity or the Godhead at your point in the Universe, and there is no power of human creation that can stand against those Words!
The Words “I AM” are the Mightiest Words in any language that ever has come forth in the use of mankind in four and a half million years. They are the Power of Light! They are the signal to all the Forces of Light, when you utter those Words, to come into action at your point in the Universe. They are an Acknowledgment that you are God Beings and that the Power of Light in you is the Power of God, the “Mighty I AM.”

“Your attention is your power of concentration. Your feeling is your power of qualification. Your mental picture is your power of visualization.”

We in humanity keep looking out when the answer is always within. The more we place our hopes and dreams on outside sources and forces, the more we feed the illusion. We live our lives by Choice or Chance explain Rod and Pauline Woodbury from their book of this same name. We either reach for our desires or eat at the table of the collective consciousness of our programmers. What is our desire as lightworkers who own foreign currencies? What do we require? I AM the answer.

If you wish to project your thought to a distance, you have but to clothe it with your picture and vision. To make a form tangible to the outer senses, it must be clothed in the atomic structure.

Let’s qualify man and his powers. The secret of light is that all power is from the one and all power returns to the one.

God says these truths:

"I am the Light; I alone AM."
"What I am thou art. Thou art the Light. Thou art One with Me."
"Man may know me by desiring to know Me."
"To know Me is to be Me. Through My Light alone can man know Me."
"Man is Light when he knoweth that he is Light."
"Man is Me when he knoweth that he is Me."
"All men will come to Me in due time, but theirs is the agony of awaiting."
"I am the One Whole, the ALL."
"Glorify thou Me, the One Whom I am, for I am ALL, and no other is. "I, the sexless One, am Unity."
"What I am thou art, for thou art Me; thou art the Whole."
"Glorify thou thy Self for in so doing thou art glorifying Me."
"I, the One Whole, am knowing Mind I exist to think. All thinking is Light of My knowing but My thinking is not Me."
"I am Creator, creating with My thinking. "Out of My Light of knowing are My two lights of thinking born as sexed pairs of opposites for repetition as sexed pairs of opposites.
"To think is to create. I create with Light. Nothing is which is not Light. "I think idea. Light registereth My idea in the two sexed lights of My thinking, and form is born in the image of My thinking. "Form hath no existence, nor have My imaginings. These exist not, for they are not Me. I alone existeth; I, the ALL. "I create my imaged body with the inbreathing of My pulsing universe of Me. "My universe is My image; but My image is not Me. "All things are My image, but they are not me, e'en though I am in them and they in Me."
The universal one says, “I am within all things centering them, and I am without all things controlling them.” “I, with man, am creating man in my universal image. What I am, man is. I think idea; and the form of my idea appears in the pattern of my thinking. I think man; and man appears in the pattern of my thinking. Man thinks man; and man appears in the image of man’s thinking. Man’s thinking is my thinking. All thinking things are thinking my thinking. All creating things are formed in the image of my thought imaginings to manifest my thought imaginings. The universe is my image, creature of my imaginings.”

These were excerpts from the Divine Iliad.

"You are the decreer for your world. Decree a thing and it shall be established unto you." Words are cups that carry the qualities, which you express.

You live by Choice or Chance, so what is your desire? I AM. What is your requirement? You require your foreign currency to be exchanged at the high rates for the purpose of lifting up humanity. The answer is in your perception and perspective.

I am the resurrection and the life.

I am the currency exchange and the abundance blessing.

“I AM.”

The universe is now rushing to make your decree come to fruition because the universe is light. The collective consciousness of the universe has crushed the negative thoughts of the cabal at your focus of attention.

I, Christ, your Mighty I AM PRESENCE, speak to thee ___your name here___. Awaken thou, and be thou perfect.

Kenneth James Goodrich

The Real student of Light faces the Light and sends the Light before him.

America! America! My blessed I AM Country! The Light of God that
never fails. America! Tis Thee. America! America! The Cup that holds the
Christ-Light that will light the planet wide. America, my love for thee, let
her freedom reign without divide.

Kenneth J. Goodrich



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