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Thursday, October 6, 2016

"For Newcomers, GCR Overview & Misc" - Guest Post by islandwave8

Entry Submitted by islandwave8 at 6:25 PM EDT on October 6, 2016

For Newcomers & their misc questions,

Glad you got included on the boat before we set sail!

- For the person who wondered if still time to get currency - you can go today to the bank & buy Vietnamese Dong. (Call bank before hand to see if have.) It's cheap & a bank will have it now (if one doesn't, another will, call around). If no one has anything in stock and you have to wait for a mail order to arrive (frm bank or internet), you'll be able to exchange it with the general public, even if the humanitarian project redeemers go before Mon.

- For EVERYONE (you, your friends & fam, the people you meet), fyi - you can utilize, & refer anybody, to www.landachinaglobal.com to apply for a project. They are a direct conduit to the funds that are paying out the bonds & currencies. W Landa, it doesn't matter if someone didn't get currencies etc, because anyone can apply for $ to use for a project. Anything as long as it helps & doesn't harm. Small grant-style projects and full-blown write yourself a salary cause this is your new career humanitarian projects. They have a GREAT support structure to assist you in managing your project to success. Just think of what your passion is and create a project around it. After that, you're welcome to create another, and another. Same money we're getting w the currencies, just going direct to the headwaters. You can refer everyone you meet there, so they can create their own projects.

- Re "getting a synopsis of the whole GCR story"... That is not going to happen. There are too many details - we have spent every day for years personally unraveling the details of that storyline, It's all out on the internet to super sleuth if you care to, kinda like getting access to explore what's under the Vatican, and piece it all together through your own analysis. I'm sure at some point down the line, those historians inspired to troubadour things out to the public will make their movies and write their books. But that may be a decade or two or three down the road (as it'll take that long for them to sort through the historical details!)

The quickie quickie version:
The earth has been run by evil forces for this last chapter of human history (since Sumeria, and the transitional prior Atlantis period just before). This is God stepping in to thwart us going further down that trajectory (fema camps, continuing diabolical uses of humans for vile purposes, etc.). While those in the "civilized world" not at the mall or watching TV were preparing for revolution in the streets, (and the rest of the world was too beaten down to further protest complete slaughter), a batch of heros stepped in to assist fight the bad guys (this whole story has literally been a lord of the rings epic). Our heros & master chess players formed a team: old Asian families w massive gold stores leading the charge, a few good Euro royals in support (prob Denmark included, judging on their lovely energy), my personal favorite Putin at the ready to defend the integrity of life, God & human beings, China gov't playing quarterback, some benevolent galactic neighbors playing coach & assisting in thwarting the bad guys life-crushing shenanigans, American Republic good guy high-level military, who banded together in revolt of the corrupt US Inc. cancer that had infected the united States and it's beloved Constitution for the last 100 years. Other countries that had been been bullied by the non-human cabal machine ran to align themselves in cooperation w this team & it's new game plan. Most every world event you've been seeing aired over the last couple decades has been about this WW3 that's been playing out in the background. This new team won the day via making impeccable chess moves, working together, and having the $$ to make any change they pushed for (like taking back the various world agencies they had originally funded in the first place, but that had become rife w corruption, etc.). Sure, lots of the low-level bad guys were just in it for the money, but the greater glue of their side was about squashing all that is good & pure & sacred about human beings. Think the Christian Lucifer story to get the gist.

We had this new effective team align now to win the day because of one reason: God stepped in to make it thus, and they were willing servants to the Divine Will.

ALL the indigenous texts talk about this time on the planet, the "2012" type timeline, when this would happen. So, God's had this pre-written into the storyline for quite some time. Even Aborigines frm Aus 50K yrs ago had prophecies about this being the time "when the veils will be lifted". 

What is the bigger picture re this going from dark to light? Being subjugated to extreme suffering (think Medieval torture rooms ETC - it's been constant through this chapter), then God bringing relief?

We shall see it all clearer as we move forward into the next era. Maybe it is that the only will we will now ever want to follow w our God-given freewill is God's Will. Like a teen balking at his parents, then running away into the night to experience the darker elements of the streets, only to run back to home, w a renewed appreciation to stay on the Center Road. Certainly a plausible theory!

Re the currencies, bonds, prosperity programs, farm claims etc., the Asian Elders gathered all kinds of unrelated monies that were unpaid, unfairly defaulted upon, stolen by the dark side, as-yet-unpaid etc, and gathered them together into all pointing toward the same goal: that ea of these tiny tributaries (each w a OO7 spy novel espionage story of it's own), would now outflow & merge into a mighty Reset Amazon river, where the monies would leave the dark's hands and be put back into the hands of the light - so that we could all (dark's invited if they want to transform) flow out into the Ocean of Arising to our highest created-for potential - where life is revered and we all come together to make this planet & humanity beautiful and whole again, and then move into God's next as-yet-unforeseen but definitely feel-the-sweet-fragrances-of-it-coming chapter for our greater evolution according to the Divine Plan....

-- And a short msg to "G" & others voicing concern - if I had just stumbled upon the Reset info, I would think it was the same ol' NWO, just snowing us that's it's something new. But having spent 7 years daily watching the precise unfoldment, (being - like you - a savvy watcher for layers of usual super-slick lies), I truly have come to believe in the sincerity that this is really new, and that the agencies they have back under their control (yes, spring cleaning & policy refinement will continue, but for the most part..) are being sincere vs the old NWO two-face. The old Agenda 21 I believe is not the same Agenda 2030. It's having watched the on-the-court actions of all the players extremely closely for my time observing, as well as connecting it back to actions I observed from the 80's on, when this new team started becoming more visible to me. Yes, my opinion, but I was ready to bunker-up myself, and literally now feel that timeline trajectory has evaporated.

But everyone must follow their own heart's lead through this process, and trust your own intuition to guide you down the unfolding path. God brought you here for a reason - that's the useful arena to tune into & focus on.

All cheers & thanks to ALL involved w this process, and a big prayer for Divine Guidance to all of us unlikely-"Frodo's" going out with open hearts to make this world bloom again.

~ islandwave8



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