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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

"For Entertainment Purposes Only" - Dr. Clarke Update 10-25-16

“FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY”....we just couldn’t help ourselves.

We have a few questions for you to consider:

Do you really believe that Iraq would substantially increase the value of their Dinar currency, and ALSO become Officially International in status, right in the middle of, and at the height of a major battle happening (ie; Mosul), for the sovereignty of their country?……and really, by extension, the perceived Security and Safety of all nations, around the world?

Do you think that the status of Raqqa Syria and Russia, has anything to do with the timing of Iraq?

If you were a country wanting to do business with Iraq, would you initiate your business inside Iraq, with a major battle going on?

Do you believe the exchange rate of Iraq’s Dinar currency would be higher right now (Today), if it substantially rose (in-country), and immediately became Officially International and offered on the Forex market for all other countries & people to trade, while this battle of ISIS is going on - or do you believe the exchange rate would be MUCH higher, once the Battle of Mosul is completed and Iraq has announced to the world, that it’s basically (ISIS Free), and the country is now Safe & Secure for the future?………and would you say that Iraq would benefit MUCH more, entering the International Currency market, AFTER ISIS is officially defeated and cleared, for the world markets to see that NOW, Iraq is a Great place to do business, because it’s overall Market Value just went up, with the clearing of ISIS?

Do you believe that Iraq could substantially raise the value of their Dinar currency within the country, at ANY time, but NOT declare it an Official International Currency, sometime thereafter? Do you believe that Iraq, right now, at this moment, would benefit and the people would benefit from it?


Do you think there is ANY correlation, to all the worldwide activity that is going on in Iraq right now, and the U.S. officially naming a Brand New President, in less than 2 weeks? (not that this person will actually be sworn in by Jan. 20th, which remains to be seen)

Do you believe that Iraq, U.S., U.N., IMF, Russia and many other coalition countries, have been involved in a Plan, for quite some time, to benefit from Iraq, eventually substantially raising the value of their currency, back to and beyond it’s prior value, before George H. Bush and the war?

Do you believe that especially the U.S. (and other countries), wants to be paid back and Benefit from all the Billions of dollars, that it’s spent on Iraq over the past 15 years? Does a country EVER do these Major types of things, for Free?

Do you believe that there is a Major Reason Why Kurdistan is very happy and cooperating, like never before, right now? (maybe that begins with an “H”)

Do you believe that Everything in the world, even Currency Markets, Governmental Agencies and worldwide organizations, such as the IMF, are always “LOGICAL” and Completely “PUBLIC” in their actions, decisions, and agreements - because maybe they’ve always shown a record and pattern of doing things a certain way, so that it appears consistent - ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO THEIR MONEY, THEIR CURRENCY, for instance?

Do you believe that the status of ISIS, as a worldwide security threat, is the reason WHY, many other currencies have NOT YET, substantially raised in value (such as the VN DONG)? Basically NONE of them?

Do you believe that, in order for IRAQ to substantially increase their Dinar currency value (in-country, without being officially an International traded currency), Iraq must have all Major Parliament and Technocrat positions filled, AND All substantial LAWS voted on, approved and in place, for them to do so?

Do you believe that Iraq could go weeks or months, with a substantially increased rate within their own country (status like they have now, but higher rate) and NOT declare themselves as an Internationally Traded Currency (Article 8 compliant)?

Do you believe the currency AUCTIONS, ARE ANY KIND OF INDICATOR, AS TO WHETHER OR NOT, IRAQ will suddenly raise their rate, and/or declare International status?
Do you believe that IRAQ is MUCH DIFFERENT, than any other country, financial situation, financial status, financial economy, political status, world status, and market status, war status (ISIS), that’s EVER BEEN IN PAST HISTORY?…….and therefore, there are NEW RULES that have been and ARE being put in motion, as a result?

Do you believe that Iraq could go on for the foreseeable future, (weeks, months, years) keeping their currency rate in the 1166-1300 range, and still recover anytime soon, from ISIS damage & destruction, as well as overall economic conditions, as a result of the past 15 years?……..Do you believe the IMF loans are sufficient to cover most of the cost of rebuilding and supporting Iraq, AFTER ISIS is defeated and gone?

Do you think the price of OIL now being, and for the past 3 weeks, at $50+ per barrel, has anything to do with Iraq’s future revenues (as well as the entire Middle East, Russia, U.S., Venezuela, Canada and virtually every major country worldwide)?……..and do you believe that if the price of oil continued to raise over the next few months, to even $90/barrel, over double what’s in their 2017 Budget, that would substantially benefit them, not to mention, all other countries and their cash flows……especially Russia, for instance?……..and do you believe that this increase in OIL revenue, has anything timing-wise, to do with Iraq substantially increasing the VALUE of their currency, and an International status, given their dependence on oil?

We could go on……..
You wanna know what we Think?…….well, we’re going to give you our “LOGICAL”, AND our “ILLOGICAL” Reasons.

​Read it all, and DON’T jump to any quick conclusions, please:

Here’s our “LOGICAL” Reasoning:

We still stick to that APRIL, 2017 time frame, we gave you last post (10/10/16 Post) (please keep reading ALL this post today). We’ll explain……and without sighting a MILLION articles, to try and PROVE anything, to you. Plenty of other people are doing that for you, already. WHY APRIL “LOGICALLY”?……oh, this is Fun…..because,

1. It will take the coalition at least 2-3 months to cleanup ISIS, from Iraq AND Syria - and then a couple more months to make sure everything is FINE, assessed, evaluated and announced going forward. Don’t forget Raqqa Syria - it’s the 2nd home base of ISIS, in tandem with Mosul, and so it’s just as Important to this whole currency and world political game.
2. Laws need to be passed.
3. Technocrats need to all be seated.
3. IMF needs time to check, double check and re-check everything within the new government, money flow, diversification, bank systems etc.
4. U.S. President firmly in place, through 1st Quarter (Iraq’s)……and Iraq needs to get through the 1st Qtr. in the new Budget, so they can find more things to change & improve.
5. IMF historically likes to make substantial currency rate changes in APRIL, since it’s their new fiscal year.
6. Iraq has repeatedly in the past, said they’ll delete the 000’s in 2017…….PLUS, we just feel that the “Springtime” is about New Beginnings, and that just seems like a really great time to start a new increased currency rate in Iraq, which seems “Logical”, doesn’t it?

So, here’s our “ILLOGICAL” reasoning:

1. Iraq, through the CBI, will post and then announce, a substantially increased rate within the country, which WILL NOT be of International status, to Begin with right away, out of the blocks. This is easy for them to do, and can be justified, at any time, just for “in-country” increase of purchasing power of goods & services. This will start moving their money in new ways, and give the citizens and businesses WITHIN IRAQ, time to adjust - which is Super Important - plus instill confidence in their government, banks and overall attitude, going forward. We don’t feel this will happen, while at the HEIGHT of battle, in Mosul. It will be toward the end of the battle, if not completely after the city is declared a Victory. We feel that this is why the 2017 Budget is way ahead of schedule right now being put in place, in preparation for this. So, our estimate, based on Iraq’s timing, primarily of Mosul’s progress, for an OFFICIAL “in-country” substantial increase, is closer to December 1st. If they can publicly justify the imminent end of Mosul, then it could happen sooner.

HOWEVER, HERE’S THE 2ND PART OF THIS “In-country” rate increase.

We firmly believe they want to coincide this “in-country” rate, and give it enough time to settle in and be manageable, in order to then announce Publicly, an OFFICIAL International Tradable Currency, by JANUARY 1, 2017, which is the official start of their 2017 Fiscal Year - which means, we think this announcement will take place sometime, right BEFORE JANUARY 1st, 2017 - perhaps the Last Week of DECEMBER 2016. This ALL depends now, on whether Mosul is Liberated or not, in order to announce this International status - BECAUSE, if Mosul is Liberated, and if Raqqa is Liberated, THEN THEY CAN ANNOUNCE TO THE WORLD, THAT IRAQ IS TRULY ISIS FREE, SAFE, SECURE AND OFFICIALLY READY FOR BUSINESS.

It will also allow the exchangeable value of the Dinar to raise MORE SUBSTANTIALLY in the Forex marketplace, since they are ISIS free - which is very important to all other countries, and their value with Iraq. Otherwise, without Iraq ISIS free, which is represented by Mosul primarily, and by extension Raqqa, Syria still housing ISIS, the question as to their Security and Safety, is still looming, and the value in the marketplace, would not be anywhere near as Valuable, otherwise - “outside the country”, in the marketplace.

Friends, in other words, the value of the currency will be much higher at exchange time, if ISIS is declared officially removed from the country of Iraq - which is a Good thing for Everyone, exchanging the Dinar, including all the countries that want to be paid back, in their support of Iraq over the years. In addition, this gives the price of OIL a chance to rise significantly, to also help move more money into Iraq, AND other countries, trading oil, like Russia, the U.S. etc. - again, a sort of “pay back” for all the money spent, especially the past 2 years.

Additionally, the U.S. election will be over, although the the new President will not officially be inaugurated into office, till Jan. 20th…….but, close enough. Yes, this is a factor, since the U.S. is the Primary Benefactor, on the subject of Iraq.

Now, we’d like to say this very strongly. Iraq’s situation IS NOT, Logical! NOTHING about this whole ordeal, including the currency change, is LOGICAL, nor can be proven, by “Generally Accepted Accounting Standards” or world currency markets or IMF past actions or ways of doing things - It just MAY APPEAR to be the case, as some would make a case for. There’s NEVER been a situation like Iraq, in our history - because there’s never been an ISIS element and related Corruption like this, on this worldwide scale, coinciding with the world’s political and currency markets. So, the “Standard Rules” that everyone thinks should apply - for the most part, Do Not.

We’ll give you one BIG example of how this “Logic” hasn’t worked: Why did the U.S. announce way in advance, the start of the battle of Mosul? Why? That makes no sense, right? No Logical sense, and it seems like a bad move on the Coalition’s part, right?….even as some politicians are making it to look. However, Logic doesn’t play into one of the most, soon to be, successful military strategies, ever put together. Do you know WHY they announced this ahead of time, for the World to see? We’ll tell you. It’s because, in the weeks and months leading up to this official battle, all this coordinated groundwork was taking place, including as much Safety as they could allow of the Citizens of Iraq - AND the most important part of this, is the fact, and you’re not going to read this anywhere in the news or know about it, till now - is that, during all this time before the announcement of the start of Mosul, the coalition forces were building a WALL OF FORCES, COMPLETELY CIRCLED AROUND THE OUTSIDE OF THE CITY OF MOSUL, to pick off and intercept every one of those ISIS folks trying to escape back to Syria and anywhere else. They’ve been picking them off, ALL OF THEM, as they’ve tried to escape, like ducks on a pond. They’ve had nowhere to go. Completely Trapped. This strategy has taken most of 2016 to complete.

The reason we talked about an earlier time frame for official currency increase, like the 1st week of SEPTEMBER, is because they had initially thought, the Mosul project would have been further along by then, allowing this whole process we just described, to have taken place then. But, the timing was extended, primarily because the cleanup of ISIS folks, and their internal corrupt political partners, was not completed enough, and the Mosul project outside the city, was not complete enough, encircling the city, to limit their escape. Yes, they’ve also been busy shoring up the new Iraq government too, but it’s Mostly been about the Final Elimination of ISIS in Iraq. So now, you see the quick progress of the forces, to head into the city, limit as many casualties of civilians as possible, and take out the Heart of the ISIS forces, and leaders, with nowhere to go.

Iraq cannot demonstrate its True, Complete Value in the marketplace, which includes it’s currency value, with ISIS still officially, located and operating within the country. But once, it’s Officially gone, THEN, almost instantly, Iraq’s value in the eyes of the World markets, will skyrocket, from then forward. Until then, they still have Value, but NOTHING COMPARED to when it’s ISIS free.

That, my friends, is when you’ll see the Dinar’s International Exchange Rate, truly hit those high numbers, everyone is hoping will occur - but not before……and thus, the wait till Iraq is ISIS free, will have been worth it, and not for some premature very low rate, because their World Value, was minimized, for Security & Safety issues, within the country. This, as well, has been in the “Plan” for Iraq, U.S., and other countries connected with this full liberation, and “Pay back” for time and money spent in the endeavor of Iraq, the past 15 years.

Also, please understand that many other currencies, such as, and especially the VIETNAMESE DONG, have been held at bay, as to it’s value in the marketplace, due primarily to the status of ISIS worldwide, and specifically in Iraq & Syria. The reason, is that, for Everyone to go forward in the most beneficial way, from country to country, market to market, and to be Fully Secure and Safe to transact business, without the major threat of THEFT, HIDING OF FUNDS etc. through certain ISIS connected politicians and business people, and connections, who by the way, have currency also - it’s taken this long to clean up the system enough, for many of these different currencies and countries to move some values up. They did not want to risk it before, knowing many have had currencies, awaiting large movements upward. I know, most will argue this is NOT the case, but it is.

​Watch all the movement, in the weeks and months following the liberation of Mosul & Raqqa, and how some of these currencies will start moving upward in value……and of course, some others will begin a downturn, as a result of world economic balance. Again, is this “Logical”?….well, we say NO, because it’s NEVER happened before, quite like it’s going to happen in the future. Case in Point: “Is there ANYTHING that’s Logical about this U.S. Presidential Election, as to what has EVER happened in history before? NO. Friends, we’re living in unprecedented “ILLOGICAL TIMES”…….that is now the Norm. New Rules are being set on EVERY LEVEL.

ONE OTHER THING with regards to “Logic”. Why does a country decide to substantially raise the value of it’s currency?…….BECAUSE THEY DECIDE TO. THAT’S IT. They just decide to, and for many reasons, mostly known to them, whether justified or not……yes, you could say markets decide supply & demand, and some of that is true, but it’s JUST BECAUSE THEY DECIDE TO……case in point: Japan, Germany, Kuwait…..and a very long list of others, over the past 100 years.

Now, something else. We fully expect something very BIG to occur, by the end of this week (Friday-Saturday) Worldwide, that will be a major “Game Changer”, for Everyone. Everyone, meaning across the world, and with reference to you Investors, as well. It’s BIG. We won’t speculate on the specifics of this, but all we know, is that it’s coming, and it’s happening this week. It will be as obvious as Trumps leaked video tape or as obvious as some of Clinton’s leaked emails - but in fact, we think it will be much Bigger. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, and NO THIS IS NOT A “BUSINESS AS USUAL” type event. It will be a complete SHOCK & SURPRISE, and it will affect the globe. How do we know. We just Know……It’s Time. This will play into a Positive for Everyone, and move things along, more quickly, even as it relates to your currencies.

One Final Thought. Pray and Meditate, for the innocent citizens of Mosul and Raqqa, and for all of Iraq & Syria, that these battles will come to an end, as soon as possible, and with as little pain and suffering, as possible. Also, for all the Coalition personnel, soldiers & their families, as well as, ISIS related families who don’t support them……It’s been enough……and You’ve Personally waited and suffered enough as well, through the “Empowerment & Dis-Empowerment” of Money, on this Currency Venture.

It is our Full Intention, for the Very Best for ALL…….wanting NOTHING in return from Anyone, except for the successful completion, of EVERYONE to Benefit to the Maximum, from this endeavor. We’re not promoting or recommending the buying of ANY currency or Anything Else for that matter, and in fact, we say, sit tight with what you have or sell it….that is your personal choice, because everyone’s situation is different.

…….and since we now have Zero Credibility, well, you can do what you choose with these words…..but we hope you Benefit in some way. Watch what happens next……We hope you’ve enjoyed the “Entertainment” today. - All In our Opinion, as things stand at this moment.

Dr. Clarke



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