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Friday, October 7, 2016

Excerpt of COBRA's Update Interview for September 2016

Lynn – Is the cabal distancing themselves from Hillary with all these issues that have occurred lately?

COBRA – They’re doing damage control. The Rockefeller faction wants to save that presidency that candidacy but they might not be successful. I will not comment how this will evolve in the future. They still have some hopes for Hillary to win. And you might get some surprises in the next, I would say, few weeks. There might be sudden changes in direction in many aspects of this situation.

Lynn – The polls in anticipation of the U.S. election show Trump and Hillary running very even. Do you think this true?

COBRA – Yes it is true, but again I would say do not put too much attention and energy into this election. It is a distraction. (OK, thank you)

Richard – Cobra, we keep hearing about Martial Law being instituted in the United States but you have said it would never happen. Is this still your view of this subject?

COBRA – I have already answered this question; it will not happen. (great, thank you) Not in the way people are asking this question.

Richard – Could you elaborate on that?

COBRA – When The Event happens it can appear that the martial law has been initiated but it will actually be The Event and the mass arrest of the Cabal. (thank you very much)

Lynn – Banks keep getting away with financial terrorism and their crimes always go unpunished. They print large amounts of money from nothing, cross collateralize their bad loans with all the other crooked banks and even create large amounts of money writing cashier checks to themselves and depositing those same freshly written cashier checks in their own banks. How do these entities, who are the main financiers of ALL evil, ever going to run out of cash if they are still being allowed to keep doing these massive financial frauds? What is the resistance movement going to do about this?

COBRA – They will trigger The Event when the time is right and believe me they are running out of cash. The Cabal needs more cash than it is getting that’s why they are so desperate. They need a few billion each day to maintain the quarantine. (wow) (I’m glad to hear that)

Richard – Cobra, it is said that all power has been taken away from Obama by the military and that he does not have any more to say or power in the White House as President of the USA. It is said that he is only there for show and others within the military are calling all the shots, is this true?

COBRA – As I’ve said the current president is always just a puppet since the time of JFK. The president does not have any real power and the ones who are having the real power is the Cabal and the Military Industrial Complex. (OK)

Richard – So the positive military has no effect on them anyways?

COBRA – A little bit but not enough. (got cha, thank you)

Lynn – Cobra, if the coup in Turkey on July 15th was led by the Light Forces and if Russia is supposedly siding and fighting on behalf of the Light Forces, why did they hide and protect Erdogan while the coup was happening and why did they help President Erdogan get back into Power?

COBRA – I don’t see where Russia was supporting Erdogan. I don’t agree with that statement. (OK)

Richard – Cobra, is the U.S. Federal Reserve Collection agency also known as the “Internal Revenue Services” or IRS still actively stealing money from the people of the United States?

COBRA – Yes, of course, isn’t this obvious? (yes)

Richard – Why is this still being allowed by the Military if it is only filling the pockets of the top members of the Cabal?

COBRA – People need to realize that before The Event the whole circus will go as usual. There will not be drastic changes before The Event.

Richard – So the whole talk of the Federal Reserve System being shutting down on Oct 1st is not true?

COBRA – No, it’s not true. (got cha, thank you)

Lynn – PayPal takes a chunk of money up front before depositing the remainder into an account. Although this method of money transfer is convenient it is also costly when we are attempting to send as much money as possible to our brothers & sisters in Malawi. I would like to request that if you wish to help with the “Feed Malawi Project” or donate to Prepare for Change please send a check or money order to this address: 4530 Whittier Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90022. Please put a notation that it is for PrepareforChange.net, use the letters “PFC” or “Malawi”. Thank you for your help.

Lynn – Is it true that the organization known as the Republic of the United States is now in power in the U.S. instead of the old United States Inc.? Cobra, can you tell us a little bit more about this?

COBRA – OK. The answer is no, and I think this is obvious. When the real Republic and I’m not speaking about that particular abbreviation, I’m speaking about the REAL republic will be in place it will be very, very much evident. And there will be no doubt about it.

Lynn – So do you think that we will have to wait for The Event before that to occur?

COBRA – Exactly. It is all coinciding with The Event. It’s part of The Event. (got it)

Richard – Cobra, is the RV set to go this week?

COBRA – The answer is no. (thank you)

Richard – When the financial reset is taking place, will all of the global debt be fully erased including credit cards, home loans and student loans?

COBRA – Student loans, yes, and most of Credit cards, also yes.

Lynn – How about home loans?

COBRA – The vast majority of them, yes.

Richard – Are the light forces behind Satoshi Nakamoto the founder of Bitc

COBRA – Actually, yes Bitcoin was one of the projects of the light forces to create another dent in the Matrix. (very nice, thank you)

Lynn – There is a lot of chatter about the financial re-set and currency revaluation or RV everywhere on the internet. Is it a possibility that we can entertain or that you can you tell us about the substance behind all of these RV commotion currently going on over the internet now?

COBRA – OK. I would say that unfortunately the vast majority of so-called Intel now in the alternative media is not reliable.

Lynn – Are the rumors that at the time of the Financial reset the U.S. Dollar will be devalued around 50% of its current value?

COBRA – Yes, that is quite a big possibility that at the time of The Event the US dollar will be quite significantly devalued.

Richard – Cobra, what can you tell us about the Russians making peace with Japan and what we can expect from these negotiations between the Russian Federation and a still Cabal controlled Japan?

COBRA – Russia has a policy of maintaining peace with all its neighboring countries promoting balance and promoting relations and this is part of the same process. (got it, thank you)

Lynn – It just came out on the website “Veterans Today” that Israel used a Nuclear bomb in Yemen! Why are the Light Forces permitting the use of Nuclear Devices after you said in the past that the use of such of these highly advanced nuclear devices would no longer be allowed to be used on war against humanity?

COBRA – OK. The nuclear weapons that are being used have a very low yield which is equal or lower than conventional bombs. And this is, I would say that the dark forces are challenging the patience of the light forces to go as far as they can get away with and they are always dancing on this border quite drastically, so this is what is happening. (wow, thank you)

Richard – Cobra, it looks like there are some ongoing changes in the direction Germany is taking possibly away from the Cabal. This may be reason why the political party of current Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel represents a loss of power in the last elections. What is really happening in Germany?

COBRA – OK. There are two main factions in Germany. One is pro Cabal and one is beginning to realize that that is maybe not such a good idea and more and more of the, I would say people with sanity are going against Merkel and against this association with the Cabal. And I would say there is quite an intense conflict in Germany taking place right now and there are also some other things taking place that I will not disclose at this moment and that I would speak about or release in the near future. (thank you)

Lynn – Cobra can you give us a current update on, if there are negotiations going on with the “Red Shields” also known as the Rothschild’s financial crime family?

COBRA – I would say that there are still some negotiations but it is not as intense as it was because the light forces have given them a chance. The Red Shields were not quite much cooperating and they have lost their chance at that point, so most likely they will be just removed at the time of The Event. That’s the most likely time-line at this moment. (thank you)

Richard – Cobra, what do you honestly foresee as the future of the Rockefeller’s, Bush and Clinton crime families known for their unique cruel, ruthlessness and violent behavior against humanity?

COBRA – They will see the inside of the galactic central sun. (wow, nice, thank you)

Lynn – What is currently going on with the liquidity problem within the German Deutsche Bank?

COBRA – OK. Deutsche bank is having quite much liquidity problems more than they will admit. Of course the Cabal will use their tricks to suppress and cover this and pretend that it’s “business as usual.”

Lynn – Do you think they’re going to be allowed to go bankrupt?

COBRA – No, most likely not. Most likely they’ll do some high magic and everything will be OK. (thank you)

Richard – Cobra, what do you see as the future of the “Clinton Foundation”? And what can you tell us about the money laundering activity going on there for years implicating most politicians in Washington DC?

COBRA – OK. Most likely the whole situation again will be suppressed and will not reach . . . I would not say that justice will prevail in this situation before The Event. (thank you)

Full Interview Transcript: COBRA: Prepare for Change Interview -- September



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