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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Wednesday 10/26/16 - Part 2

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 2 - No Featured Members

(9:02 AM)Check out THE BLOG - http://www.dinarupdates.com/blog/ - for the latest Dinar News, Documents and Call banners

kalis says(9:04 AM):

??? they are still fighting in mosul correct ?? the new cnn said they have few week per carter ?? correct

1bobby says to kalis(9:07 AM):

We're what 9 days into the push towards Mosul? So far the news has been good

1bobby says to kalis(9:08 AM):

Gotta remember Fallujah took 5 weeks

1bobby says(9:09 AM):

Bankruptcy puts the Tigris-Euphrates and North banks, Dar es Salaam under guardianship.

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 06:31:59

The parliamentary Finance Committee member, said Haitham Al-juboori, there are four banks will be under civil government custody soon after the bankruptcy of banks (Tigris and Euphrates North of Dar es Salaam).

Jabouri said, "many private banks will be under State Trusteeship because of bankruptcy because banks rely on deposits and transfers, but not citizens depositors placed their money in banks for fear of bankrupting those banks and lack of guarantees for depositors.

"Private banks which will be a ward of the Government soon are both (Tigris and Euphrates North of Dar es Salaam), these banks going bankrupt due to the Bank's owners had a range of business dealings, there wasn't a good financial returns, and why capital can."

Private banks suffer (private) in Iraq from lack of attention by the Government, causing many problems between them and Government banks on the one hand and between them and the Ministry of finance as a result of the prohibition of State institutions dealing with private banks.

kalis says(9:13 AM):

ok well need to go take care all of you

1bobby says(9:14 AM):

Stay safe

Ame963255 says(9:17 AM):

tinme 2 start getting ready 4 Oral Surg at 1300 be back later today....I hope

Ame963255 says(9:17 AM):

be well All

1bobby says(9:18 AM):

Good luck

1bobby says(9:27 AM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/RCookie, Mr White & Hutch – TONIGHT, Oct 26th 7:30pm EST – In the CHAT ROOM!!

woodywoodpecker says(9:29 AM):

they have dropped that about making those National Guard guys pay back that bonus money in Calif.

clay says(9:29 AM):

AME good luck

Pablo says(9:30 AM):

The central bank has raised the value? Raised it to what?

clay says to Pablo(9:31 AM):

not yet going to

clay says to Pablo(9:31 AM):


Pablo says(9:33 AM):

Hopefully very soon.

Pablo says(9:33 AM):

I've got a wife that is getting anxious to go shopping. :)

1bobby says(9:35 AM):

J.C Penny has a 30% sale this weekend

1bobby says(9:36 AM):

I take mine to Family Dollar. Nothing over a dollar. Or so they say

(9:40 AM)Pablo was kicked out by Pablo!

clay says to 1bobby(9:43 AM):


1bobby says to clay(9:47 AM):


1bobby says to clay(9:47 AM):

I let her shop, she let's me golf. Sounds fair

dinarmassa says to 1bobby(9:49 AM):

I have the same agreement with my wife, been married 40years, it works

1bobby says to dinarmassa(9:52 AM):

And to think people write a book about happiness in marriage. We figured it out :)

1bobby says(9:58 AM):

The Council proposes to the Parliament amended the federal budget

2016-10-26 17:13

[In Baghdad]

The Economic Council, presented a proposal for amendment to the federal budget bill for the year 2017, to the House.

Council Chief Ibrahim Al-Masudi in the statement all Iraq [where] a copy Wednesday, that "given the necessity and the urgency to maximize resources and providing job opportunities to encourage and support national industry, so we propose amending article 36 and 28 of the law on the federal budget for 2017.

He said that the amendment added paragraph II includes article 36, except what stated in the first exempt from duties for raw materials and components imported by public sector companies productivity, which are named for their uses exclusively in production processes.

He added that the amendment includes, add [and any local product] on article 28 are as follows, federal ministries and provinces and those not associated with the Ministry in buying their products from federal ministries [and any local product] ".

He stressed that "no less than the added value of these products and manufactured [25%] of import cost for added value and that the local product prices are not higher than those imported by more than [10%] taking into account the specifications of quality and quality".

(10:02 AM)THE OBSERVER - http://www.dinarupdates.com/observer/ - Save as a favorite... for Daily Dinar Commentary, Notices and Call banners!!

1bobby says(10:02 AM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/RCookie, Mr White & Hutch – TONIGHT, Oct 26th 7:30pm EST – In the CHAT ROOM!!

1bobby says to SRW(10:03 AM):

lol That's classic

(10:05 AM)Pablo was kicked out by Pablo!

1bobby says(10:06 AM):

And I still suck at whisper messages

MrsBGG says to 1bobby(10:11 AM):

Good morning :)

MrsBGG says to 1bobby(10:12 AM):

Thank you for coping!!

MrsBGG says to 1bobby(10:12 AM):

Iraq is on fox News right now...

MrsBGG says(10:13 AM):

For anyone who wasn't here last night for the News Time, here is the link http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...HUTCH-Tuesday-

Oct-25-2016 :)

clay says to MrsBGG(10:14 AM):

GM :)

1bobby says to MrsBGG(10:14 AM):

Good Morning and Thank you

clay says to MrsBGG(10:14 AM):

about Mosul?

1bobby says to MrsBGG(10:15 AM):

I missed it grrrrrrrr

MrsBGG says to clay(10:16 AM):

Good morning :) Yes that they were getting civillians away from the front lines...

MrsBGG says to 1bobby(10:16 AM):

No worries! We have the bestest News right here @ DU!!

1bobby says to MrsBGG(10:16 AM):


MrsBGG says to 1bobby(10:17 AM):


1bobby says to MrsBGG(10:17 AM):

I did see on FB that ISIS executed 100's of civilians outside of Mosul. Hope they contain this quickly

MrsBGG says to 1bobby(10:19 AM):

no words.. yes , we can pray for Iraq

clay says to 1bobby(10:19 AM):

yes very sad

1bobby says to MrsBGG(10:19 AM):

Every day

MrsBGG says to 1bobby(10:20 AM):


MrsBGG says to 1bobby(10:21 AM):

I do know there is always hope with Jesus :)

1bobby says(10:23 AM):

I wish I could bring in the video of Christians returning to Bertella Iraq. It's on FB and was amazing

MrsBGG says to 1bobby(10:23 AM):

One the dinar face book?

1bobby says(10:24 AM):

Yes ma'am

MrsBGG says to 1bobby(10:24 AM):

will go look ..did you put up the article?

MrsBGG says to 1bobby(10:24 AM):

or video?

1bobby says(10:25 AM):

Yes it's a video from Mosul Eye

MrsBGG says to 1bobby(10:25 AM):

okay will go look, thank you!

1bobby says(10:25 AM):

you betcha

MrsBGG says(10:30 AM):


MrsBGG says(10:30 AM):


MrsBGG says(10:30 AM):

Praise the Lord they are being liberated!!

1bobby says to MrsBGG(10:30 AM):

Very cool. I didn't know we could do that. Thanks

MrsBGG says to 1bobby(10:31 AM):

don't know either, but it is a very neat video!! :)

MrsBGG says to 1bobby(10:31 AM):

You are welcome!

MrsBGG says to 1bobby(10:31 AM):

Thank you for the find!!

1bobby says to MrsBGG(10:31 AM):

Loved that video

MrsBGG says to 1bobby(10:31 AM):


MrsBGG says(10:32 AM):

For anyone else who hasn't watched it, very neat video about what's going on in Iraq...

j10000 says to MrsBGG(10:32 AM):

Thank you Mrs BGG

MrsBGG says to j10000(10:34 AM):

you are welcome, thank 1bobby, he brought it in!! Thank you 1bobby!

clay says to MrsBGG(10:34 AM):

Thank you

clay says to j10000(10:34 AM):

hey buddy

MrsBGG says to clay(10:34 AM):

you are welcome , again 1bobby found the video!

1bobby says(10:34 AM):

I enjoy people seeing that. Brings humanity into a senseless situation

MrsBGG says to 1bobby(10:35 AM):

yes, and please feel free to bring in anything like that...!

j10000 says to MrsBGG(10:35 AM):

Bobby thank you for all you do here. You and everyone else are fantastic! Very appreciated.

1bobby says to MrsBGG(10:35 AM):

Will do

1bobby says to j10000(10:35 AM):

Yeah this is a crazy good team for sure

clay says to 1bobby(10:35 AM):

thanks bud

j10000 says to clay(10:35 AM):

Hi Clay. Hope you are well. How is moma?

MrsBGG says to 1bobby(10:35 AM):


1bobby says to clay(10:35 AM):


clay says to j10000(10:36 AM):

shes doing great thanks how are you and yours

j10000 says to 1bobby(10:36 AM):


MrsBGG says(10:36 AM):

Matthew 16:18-19New King James Version (NKJV)

18 And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. 19 And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed[a] in heaven.”

MrsBGG says to j10000(10:36 AM):

Good morning :)

j10000 says to clay(10:37 AM):

We are good on this end. Peaking of END.....I am ready to end this crazy investment

MrsBGG says to j10000(10:37 AM):

Yes we are blessed with an amazing team here!! Whoo hoo!!

j10000 says to clay(10:37 AM):


clay says to j10000(10:37 AM):

4 sure we have been here a long long time

clay says to j10000(10:38 AM):

from Madscout

clay says to j10000(10:38 AM):

Coinciding with the victories of our security forces in Mosul. The Central Bank raised the dinar against the dollar

Central Bank officials confirmed yesterday that the Iraqi dinar price final price us dollar coinciding with victories of our security forces are advancing towards the liberation of the city of Mosul, the source said in a press statement singled out by the news that the Central Bank decided to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar financial mechanisms within its own policies stating that those mechanisms are subject to the principle of supply and demand in the domestic market. The source said the Iraqi dinar during the coming few days will witness a significant rise in the price of the US dollar.

Site Editor: 2016-10-23

j10000 says to clay(10:38 AM):

my wife wheels my office chair around the house I have been in this so long

clay says to j10000(10:38 AM):


j10000 says to clay(10:40 AM):

I read that. Love hearing it just want to see it.

j10000 says to clay(10:41 AM):

great positive news continues. Cannot remember a bad news day.

daytrader says to clay(10:46 AM):

GM. RC did a great job of discussing that article last nite. If you weren't able to listen to the call, BGG should have it up some time today.

daytrader says to 1bobby(10:48 AM):

I watched the FB video. That was really good. Not on FB as don

daytrader says to 1bobby(10:49 AM):

don't have time to split between the two. Really appreciate what you and so many others have done to help make this site so good. Thanks

clay says to daytrader(10:50 AM):


clay says to j10000(10:50 AM):

not lately

SRW says to j10000(10:50 AM):

Why has this taken so long we ask.. Not until 2014 did U.N. countries move in and help with military assistance and help with Islamic Terrorism. Just this year agencies have moved in to help with theft and corruption and financial oversight and IMF corrective measures.. So, in essensece not until this year could Iraq step out of the quick sand they were in. Yes, It's been long for us, but a nighmare for the people of Iraq. Pray for the Iraqi people and good sound Political decisions and we will see a return on our investment. IMO

daytrader says to SRW(10:51 AM):


Railman says(10:52 AM):

Good Morning Everyone, Is there a link to listen to last nights call?

clay says to SRW(10:53 AM):


daytrader says to Railman(10:53 AM):

Not yet.

daytrader says to Railman(10:54 AM):


Railman says(10:54 AM):

Ok, thank you. I'll look for it later

1bobby says to daytrader(10:54 AM):

Very welcome

1bobby says(10:55 AM):

Am I allowed to post the playback number for the call. It's not a link, just something you can listen to on your phone or whatever

clay says to SRW(10:55 AM):

later all lunchtime

1bobby says(10:58 AM):

I'll wait till i get an ok. Being fired sucks

MrsBGG says to 1bobby(10:59 AM):

yes, that's fine :)

MrsBGG says to 1bobby(10:59 AM):

Thank you!

MrsBGG says to clay(11:00 AM):

see ya! Enjoy!

SRW says to 1bobby(11:01 AM):

Thankyou for your time and effort Bobby. Don't think anyone is going to fire you for helping others. That call was great!! (y)

1bobby says to MrsBGG(11:02 AM):

Thanks............641-715-3639 Access code 528733#

(11:02 AM)Check out the "Current Iraq NEWS" Thread in the Forum - http://www.dinarupdates.com/forumdis...rent-Iraq-NEWS - All News - ALL DAY LONG!!

1bobby says to SRW(11:03 AM):

I agree. Get's better every week. Love the addition of Daytrader!

SRW says to 1bobby(11:07 AM):

Daytrader is a great addition to the calls!! (y)(handshake)

1bobby says to SRW(11:08 AM):


j10000 says to SRW(11:09 AM):

we are in complete agreement. Was impossible before now.

(11:16 AM)woodywoodpecker was kicked out by woodywoodpecker!

1bobby says(11:16 AM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/RCookie, Mr White & Hutch – TONIGHT, Oct 26th 7:30pm EST – In the CHAT ROOM!!

1bobby says(11:19 AM):

Jumaili discuss with the envoy of the US president reconstruction after the liberation of Mosul

Views 18 Date 26/10/2016 - 18:53

Economy News / Baghdad ...

He met with the Minister of Planning, Dr. Salman al-Jumaili envoy of US President Barack Obama for the international coalition Macgork Brett, who is visiting Iraq.

And Zcarpean to the ministry, "Economy News" received a copy of it, said Planning Minister Salman Jumaili discussed with the envoy of US President Barack Obama for the international coalition Brett Macgork developments in the field of battle to liberate Mosul and the international effort in support of Iraq in this battle that counted the parties that it will be the last to eliminate the organization Daesh terrorist around final in Iraq, the meeting was attended by the US ambassador to Iraq, Douglas Allen Silliman.

He added that the meeting also saw discussion of the procedures and arrangements taken by the Iraqi government to re-displaced people to areas that have been released after providing all the basic necessities of life to them that.

He called on Minister of Planning during the meeting, the United States and the international community to help Iraq and support to enable it to carry out the process of restoring stability and ages of the liberated areas, noting that this support, which represents an international commitment on Iraq, which fought a war against terrorism on behalf of all humanity, is achieved through a focus on recovery liberated areas economically through the implementation of developmental, cultural, educational and social projects, which would prepare a repellent for terrorism and extremist currents community

For his part, the envoy of President Obama's continued support of the United States to the efforts of the Iraqi government in its fight against terrorism, pointing out that the international community is supportive of these efforts also aim to enable Iraq to confront security and economic conditions facing and thus contribute to the reconstruction and compensation for serious damage to its operation as a result of the fight against terrorism, praising at the same time plan to edit Mosul and tournament outstanding Iraqi security forces, which is progressing steadily to achieve its goals in the decisive battle of liberation

To accept that the two sides during the meeting, the bilateral relations between Iraq and the United States in economic and trade fields and ways of developing them.

SRW says to woodywoodpecker(11:19 AM):

Woooooodyyyyyy!! Dang that had to hurt!! You okay down there buddy. You don't look so good, why you walking in circles and mumbling?!! :D

woodywoodpecker says(11:21 AM):

cause Hillary just came on TV

SRW says to woodywoodpecker(11:21 AM):


woodywoodpecker says(11:22 AM):


1bobby says(11:23 AM):

Economic Board shall submit a proposed amendment to the draft 2017 budget law

Views 21 Date 26/10/2016 - 19:02

Economy News / Baghdad ...

Economic Council, announced Wednesday, submitted a proposal for amendment to the draft federal budget for 2017 Act, to the House of Representatives.

Council President Ibrahim al-Masoudi said in a statement obtained by "Economy News," a copy of it, that "because of the necessity and the urgency to maximize resources and provide jobs for the purpose of encouraging and supporting the national industry, so we propose to amend Article 36 and 28 of the federal budget for the 2017 law."

He added that "the amendment includes: Second paragraph added to Article 36 which, as an exception and what is mentioned in the first exempted from duties of imported raw materials and components by the general productive sector companies which are contained in its name and its use exclusively in the production processes."

He said President of the Council, that "the amendment includes, adding the phrase (and any local product) on Article 28 to be as follows, federal ministries, provinces and departments not associated with the Ministry is committed to purchase their requirements from the federal ministries products (Wi local product)."

He said al-Masoudi, "that at least the added value of these bundled products and manufactured on (25%) of the cost of import value added to them and to the local product prices are not higher than the imported counterparts by more than 10%, taking into account the quality and quality specifications."

1bobby says(11:23 AM):

MadScouts awake. Thank you

1bobby says(11:24 AM):

Council President Ibrahim al-Masoudi said in a statement obtained by "Economy News," a copy of it, that "because of the necessity and the urgency to maximize resources and provide jobs for the purpose of encouraging and supporting the national industry, so we propose to amend Article 36 and 28 of the federal budget for the 2017 law." Check out that quote

1bobby says(11:24 AM):

Actually I copuld re post every paragraph lol

SRW says to 1bobby(11:27 AM):

He said al-Masoudi, "that at least the added value of these bundled products and manufactured on (25%) of the cost of import value added to them and to the local product prices are not higher than the imported counterparts by more than 10%, taking into account the quality and quality specifications."

Now they are thinking and not throwing shoes.. Get r Done.. GOI!!

1bobby says to SRW(11:28 AM):

Shoes and bottles lol

SRW says to 1bobby(11:31 AM):

Parliament sign at doorway to HOR.. Please remove shoes, and leave all drinking containers at door!! Thankyou and may our day be a productive one! :D(H)

1bobby says to SRW(11:33 AM):

:D The throwing of bottles during the shakeup seems like ages ago

1bobby says(11:35 AM):

Planning: low inflation for the month of September rates. . The annual rise by 0.3%

26/10/2016 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 104

Baghdad / term

Central Bureau of Statistics announced in the Ministry of Planning, on Tuesday, on the decline in inflation during the month of September, while noting the annual rise of 0.3%, indicating that the survey did not include the three governorates of Anbar, Salahuddin and Nineveh, as a result of the security conditions there.

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Planning Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi said in a statement received "long", a copy of which, "The Central Bureau of Statistics of the Ministry of Planning and completed the inflation report for the month of September 2016 on the basis of field data collection on the prices of goods and services components of the consumer basket of selected sample of outlets sales in all governorates of Iraq, "noting that" these rates are calculated goods and services of food, rent, transportation, communications, health, education and other include making is keeping consumer. "

He Hindawi that "inflation for the month of September fell by 0.2%, compared with last August that inflation was a 0.8%", noting that "the decline was influenced by slightly higher prices for food and beverages by 1.1% and goods and services by 0.3%." ..

He Hindawi that "the annual inflation index during the period from September 2015 until the month of September 2016 has witnessed an increase of 0.3%," explaining that "this increase was influenced by lower food and beverage prices rose 1.4%, in addition to the rise in tobacco division by 8.9%, as well as lower clothing section 6% "..

He Hindawi said the annual inflation also hit by rising housing department by 4%, the higher the health department by 1.5 and higher transportation section 0.4 and higher communications department by 2%, while the entertainment division fell by 6% percent, higher section of restaurants increased 3.8% and the high section of goods and services 4.2% "..

Hindawi pointed out that "the survey, which was conducted during the month of July did not include the three Iraqi provinces because of the security situation witnessed in these provinces," explaining that "the provinces not covered by the survey included the price of Nineveh and Salahuddin and Anbar."

The Central Bureau of Statistics and Information Technology through January 2012, it will begin the use of mechanization in the collection of the different prices of time Schedule specific rather than paper form in place earlier, emphasizing that it will contribute to the speed of price collection, accuracy, and correct calculation in case of errors.

SRW says to 1bobby(11:36 AM):

I have an idea for Maliki... It isn't a bottle either.. Boom or splat would be closer.. (H)8-|

1bobby says to SRW(11:38 AM):

I think myself along with 30 million or so in Iraq would agree with ya

1bobby says(11:39 AM):

Agriculture giant launches and medium enterprises loans

Views 16 Date 26/10/2016 - 18:52

Economy News / Baghdad ...

The Ministry of Agriculture, on Wednesday, announced the launch of loans within the agricultural initiative as well as the Central Bank project loans to finance giant projects generating profit, noting that those loans designed to activate the agricultural sector.

Technical Undersecretary of the Ministry Mehdi ligature Qaisi said in a press statement, "The ministry has formed a special committee to consider the economic feasibility of the giant and small businesses generating profit and financed by the central bank as factories or canning food products giant poultry and dairy factories."

Qaisi said that "the Committee began to take over those projects through their sites and study the feasibility as well as a few notes, if any, to evaluate the performance of the project," noting that "the aim of the move is to reduce the reliance on unilateral economy and activating the agricultural sector further over the coming period."

While noting that "The ministry has also launched in loans to finance the purchase of agricultural machine and field development which is within the agricultural initiative as well as the completion of delivery of meals remaining loans to farmers," explaining that it "will be the announcement of the new names included in the loan."

1bobby says(11:40 AM):

Launch em baby

1bobby says(11:44 AM):


BAGHDAD / revealed the parliamentary finance committee, on Wednesday, for the allocation of about one billion and a half million dollars from the international and German Islamic banks for the .reconstruction of liberated areas of Daesh He said committee member, Rep pros Hamadoun, in a press statement, "The federal budget for 2017 was approximately the 100 trillion dinars, of which 75 trillion for the operational expenses and the rest of the investment, which put them 500 billion dinars for the reconstruction of ".the provinces, including Kurdistan region

The Government has adopted the cause of the reconstruction of" liberated areas of the organization Daesh what you get from loans and grants other countries," indicating that "the state takes loans from several international banks, including the Islamic Bank and the German ".bank

She pointed out that "these banks are ready for the reconstruction of liberated areas, one of them count for the reconstruction of those ".areas She said Hamadoun, said that "the German loan is $ 800 million, whilst the loan from the Islamic Bank is $ 600 million, which is equal to a whole billion and $ 400 million is equivalent to one trillion and 400 billion dinars, in addition to the 500 billion dinars from the budget, will be a whole is allocated for the reconstruction of cities liberated and infrastructure which, in addition to what we receive from other " .countries or banks in the future in the same regard


1bobby says(11:44 AM):

From Mr Washington over on FB

sheila3 says to 1bobby(11:51 AM):

iam here when your ready for a break :)

1bobby says(11:52 AM):

ok cool. Lemme do 1 more post then a copy

1bobby says(11:52 AM):

Oil Minister announces the launch of 12 oil fields for development and investment

2016-10-26 15:41:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

The Oil Ministry announced on Wednesday the launch of 12 oil fields for development and investment, described as (medium and small) in central and southern governorates, indicating that the contracts would be awarded in advance of international oil companies qualified individually or in the form coalitions.

The oil minister said Jabbar Ali Hussein Allaibi in a statement that " The ministry called on international companies eligible to contribute and compete on the development of oil fields in the provinces of Basra, Missan and central governorates , " explaining that " the development would be in Sinbad , Umm Qasr and Raji fields and Abouchamh in Basra, and the fields Kumait and light and architecture and Dima and Dujaila in Maysan, as well as coral fields and rump and West Kifl in the Euphrates. "

He Allaibi " The ministry will give the development of the fields to international oil companies pre - qualified contracts individually or in the form of coalitions , " he said , adding that " the development process will be in two phases, with an emphasis on exploitation and investment optimization of associated gas."

For his part, Director General of the Department contracts and petroleum licenses Abdul Mahdi al - Amidi said that "his department has provided information and data for the fields in the form of portfolio information delivered to companies eligible wishing to participate , " noting that "non - qualified companies wishing to participate , it should provide information and documents related to the potential technical, financial and legal position have proper health and safety, security and the environment no later than next November 30 for the purpose of rehabilitation. "

He pointed out that "companies must participate, submit their proposals for the contract as business and financial models to the ministry / department of petroleum contracts and licenses."

As he said ministry spokesman Assem Jihad said , " The ministry will forward the contracts to develop the fields based on the principle of direct bilateral negotiations between the ministry and companies after the agreement on the terms and conditions of the contracts," adding that "winning contracts companies will also provide funding, expertise and modern technology, equipment, machinery and services other, with an emphasis on running the Iraqi labor. "

Iraq has signed, during 2009 and 2010, the contracts with several international companies to develop some oil fields in the two rounds of licensing the first and second, and those contracts have focused mostly on the fields of the South, also signed contracts with international companies to develop and invest natural gas for three gas fields within the third licensing round.

Continue to Part 3 | Link to Part 1



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