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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Tuesday 10/18/16 - Part 2

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 2 - Featuring rcookie

(10:00 AM)THE OBSERVER - http://www.dinarupdates.com/observer/ - Save as a favorite... for Daily Dinar Commentary, Notices and Call banners!!

1bobby says(10:01 AM):

NEWSTIME TUESDAY 10/18 !!!! 6:30 pm cst

“After Call – LIVE”!! 7:30 pm cst

w/RCookie, Mr White & Hutch

641-715-3640 pin 528733#

(10:01 AM)Josie was kicked out by Josie!

clay says to 1bobby(10:02 AM):

hey Bobby :)

1bobby says to clay(10:02 AM):

What's up amigo

clay says to 1bobby(10:02 AM):


clay says to 1bobby(10:02 AM):

how r you

clay says to 1bobby(10:03 AM):

enjoying the news on Mosul

1bobby says to clay(10:03 AM):

Doin great. Enjoying all the news as well. Looking forward to tonight

Ame96 says(10:03 AM):

GM Clay

(10:04 AM)Ame96 changed nickname to Ame!

clay says to Ame96(10:04 AM):

GM :)

Dr Dave says(10:07 AM):

GM All....Yes you too as always Clay

Ame96 says(10:07 AM):

hiya Dave

Ame96 says(10:07 AM):

is it cold up there yet?

Ame96 says(10:07 AM):

below 60 is cold 2 me

clay says to Dr Dave(10:08 AM):

lol GM Doc

Dr Dave says(10:09 AM):

its about 60 here typical north west stuff

1bobby says to Dr Dave(10:09 AM):

What part of the NW?

Dr Dave says(10:09 AM):

Vancouver Island

1bobby says to Dr Dave(10:10 AM):

Ah loved that ferry ride from Seattle to there

1bobby says to Dr Dave(10:10 AM):

or that area

Dr Dave says(10:11 AM):

did not make it to Seattle this year yet........canAda needs a RV

1bobby says to Dr Dave(10:12 AM):

lol so does texas

Dr Dave says(10:13 AM):

100 usd equals 132 cdn

clay says to Dr Dave(10:14 AM):

I need an RV :)

1bobby says(10:14 AM):

I used to love going fishing up at Loon Lake, givin em USD and getting more back than i thought I should have

Dr Dave says(10:14 AM):

hehe dont we all

clay says to Dr Dave(10:14 AM):


Dr Dave says(10:26 AM):

with cell phone service restored to Mosul..... i am sure coalition forces have a 1-800 kill-isis number to report these bad boys

clay says to Dr Dave(10:26 AM):


Dr Dave says(10:26 AM):

with UPS delivery of lazer guided missles to their front door

1bobby says(10:27 AM):

They did give a special number to call so citizens could point out ISIS locations :)

Dr Dave says(10:27 AM):

they should !!!!

1bobby says(10:28 AM):

i tjhought that was cool. They also dropped more leaflets asking for cooperation

Dr Dave says(10:28 AM):

game over.....

clay says to 1bobby(10:28 AM):

what a great idea

1bobby says(10:29 AM):

yeah both were excellent

Dr Dave says(10:30 AM):

no where to hide now.....

1bobby says(10:30 AM):

Lots of good stuff coming out of the COM meet as well. Budget has been sent up after changes made

Dr Dave says(10:32 AM):

wonder why they cancelled todays session....no quroum?

1bobby says(10:33 AM):

Good question. I think most has to do with the liberation process taking place. early stage kind of thing. there is an article coming about tomorrows agenda

1bobby says(10:36 AM):

Tomorrow. Parliament votes on the citizenship acquired abandoned law and discusses the power and water file .........just a headline so far

Dr Dave says(10:36 AM):

postponed Naijafi's interrogation a good thing with this Mosul thing going down

1bobby says(10:38 AM):

Yeah I think a lot of the interrogation process has changed after the Zebari one

Dr Dave says(10:40 AM):

have yet to see news on the UN's investigation on corruption

1bobby says(10:41 AM):

Kinda wonder if the Intl people are working behind the scenes and letting the Iraqi's claen it up> I've seen a few Integrity articles as of late

Dr Dave says(10:42 AM):

yeah a committe to investigate the COI

1bobby says(10:43 AM):

everyone needs investigating, or so it seems

Dr Dave says(10:43 AM):

particlarily there....hehe

1bobby says(10:44 AM):


1bobby says(10:45 AM):

The COM meeting today was excellent! Still waiting on full reports. Someone will bring it in

(10:46 AM)foamgod was kicked out by foamgod!

Dr Dave says(10:46 AM):

ammendments to all the banking laws......?

1bobby says(10:47 AM):

not yet. there was an ammendment to the Amnesty Law

jeffusa says(10:48 AM):

Iraqi police forces managed to recapture 56 oil fields from ISIS, south of Mosul, Al Mada Press reported on Tuesday.

Al Mada stated that “this morning, Iraqi Federal Police forces managed to recapture 56 oil fields from ISIS control near the area of Ain al-Gahsh in Qayyarah axis, south of Mosul.”

“Security forces are still achieving progress on all battle fronts to liberate the city of Mosul,” Al Mada added.

jeffusa says(10:48 AM):

cut off thier money ....

1bobby says to jeffusa(10:49 AM):


1bobby says(10:50 AM):

NEWSTIME TUESDAY 10/18 !!!! 6:30 pm cst

“After Call – LIVE”!! 7:30 pm cst

w/RCookie, Mr White & Hutch

641-715-3640 pin 528733#

clay says(10:58 AM):

Jeff (y)

(11:00 AM)Check out the "Current Iraq NEWS" Thread in the Forum - http://www.dinarupdates.com/forumdis...rent-Iraq-NEWS - All News - ALL DAY LONG!!

rcookie says(11:15 AM):

Abadi: We conducted an amendment to the General Amnesty Law in coordination with the political blocs

Political Since 10/18/2016 18:32 pm (Baghdad time)

Abadi: We conducted an amendment to the General Amnesty Law in coordination with the political blocs to follow ...

rcookie says(11:17 AM):

Urgent .. Abadi: launch amounts of compensation the victims Spyker

Tuesday 18-10-2016 | 7:12:15

rcookie says(11:20 AM):

Abadi: we opened safe corridors for civilians out with the approach of our troops from entering Mosul

Posted: 18.10.2016 | 14:54 GMT |

Last updated: 18.10.2016 | 15:18 GMT | Arab World News

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi


Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al



A + A A- Copy the link

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Tuesday, October 18 / October, the authorities opened safe corridors for civilians out of Mosul, to coincide with the approach of military forces from entering the city.

Quoted "Sumerian" for al-Abadi as saying that military units moving accurately and fully coordinated, emphasizing access to guidance to stay away from any target harms civilians. He denied occurrence of indiscriminate shelling.

In regard to connected, Abadi said that interference in Iraqi affairs is dangerous, pointing out that the Iraqi forces are fighting inside the country's borders only.

Source: agencies

Iyad Qassim

(11:21 AM)NWBeauty was kicked out by NWBeauty!

rcookie says(11:21 AM):

Iraq announces control of the 100 wells in the oil fields south of Mosul

Baghdad , October 18 (Petra) - The Iraqi government authorities: that its military forces recovered more than 100 oil wells in the south of Mosul fields after the expulsion Daesh them gangs.

The source said an Iraqi oil to Jordan News Agency (Petra) in Baghdad, Iraqi forces freed over the past few hours the oil fields in Qayyarah 50 kilometers south of Mosul, and includes 90 oil wells as well as the star field south of Mosul, which also includes dozens of oil wells.

He pointed out that these wells were producing oil and issued by the North Oil Company before the occupation of the terrorist Daesh connector on the tenth of June 2014.

The source added that the oil that is produced from fields south of Mosul is one of the sweatshirt and desirable global market where oil was Daesh gangs controlled over the past years on these oil fields and smuggled large quantities of oil from it.

The source noted that the competent teams extinguished the fire in these oil wells just announced that the engineering teams to raise mine planted by terrorist gangs Daesh.

- (Petra) AFP / q c

18/10/2016 - 17:54

rcookie says(11:24 AM):

Cabinet sends 2017 budget to parliament

Political Since 10/18/2016 18:20 pm (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD - balances News

Announced Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Tuesday, sending the draft 2017 budget bill to the House of Representatives.

Ebadi said, I followed at a conference / balances News /, that "the Council of Ministers sent the draft 2017 budget bill to the House of Representatives in order to vote on them."

Revealed Council, earlier, it agreed to amend the bill the federal budget for fiscal year 2017 Act, reducing Alinvqat.anthy 29/9 P

rcookie says(11:24 AM):


rcookie says(11:26 AM):

Iraqi army declares regain control of about 20 villages near the city of Mosul

[18 / October / 2016]


The Iraqi military announced Tuesday enables him to regain control of about 20 villages near the city of Mosul during the first 24 hours to recover northern Iraqi city of al-operation (Daesh).

He said Chief of Staff of the Iraqi army Othman Ghanimi in a statement quoted by the Iraqi media that the joint forces were continuing an advance of three axes in battle as planned .. Stressing that the battle is going fast due to the collapse of the defenses (Daesh).

Ghanimi said during his stay with the Ninth Division troops in the south-eastern axis of the connector, that some of these troops collar Hamdaniya area and another section continuous progress of the other axes.

Ghanimi said that "the international coalition forces provided air support us and everyone is satisfied with the performance where he supported all the joint forces, both Peshmerga forces or a counter-terrorism and the leadership of the federal police with all the requirements of the battle of arms and ammunition."

Iraqi Army and Mosul attack from the south-eastern and southern fronts while Chen Peshmerga forces offensive on the Eastern Front.

She said the media that Iraqi forces approached the city, while black smoke billowed above the site to organize (Daesh), which controls it, as a result of fires lit in an attempt to obstruct the incursion by troops and make airstrikes more difficult.

Reports indicate that the joint Iraqi forces in the battle include about 30 thousand fighters from the Iraqi army and Kurdish Peshmerga forces and tribes that live in the Nineveh province, where the city of Mosul, while holed from four to eight thousand gunman (Daesh) in the city.

rcookie says(11:28 AM):

Federal police announce release of more than 100 families have held "Daesh" south of Mosul

Tuesday October 201 618 17:21

Alsumaria News / Baghdad

Announced the commander of the federal police forces team Raed Shakir Jawdat, Tuesday, the liberation of more than 100 families were being held by the organization "Daesh" south of Mosul.

Jawdat said in a statement Alsumaria News received a copy of it, "federal police freed more than 100 families were being held by the terrorist in the village of Daesh Paljonah of the hand] advice in the south of Mosul."

He said Jawdat, that "the federal police freed the entire village."

The general commander of the armed forces, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, announced in the early hours of Monday morning, October 2016 17, the start of liberalization city of Mosul operations from the grip of the "Daesh," while the security forces have made progress in more than one axis.

1bobby says(11:29 AM):

little bit more on the budget......"He noted that "the budget bill was sent to the House after making adjustments and balances include taxes on non-essential items"

rcookie says(11:42 AM):


1bobby says to rcookie(11:43 AM):


rcookie says(11:45 AM):

Secretariat of the Council of Ministers: to exempt goods from government wage floors in Iraqi ports

wealth vamal Rating: 0

Posted By editor

Add a comment 12345678910 أضف تقييـم

Economy News / Baghdad ...

General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers decided to cancel the decision to exempt goods from the wages of government departments storage in the Iraqi ports.

A spokesman for Iraqi ports Anmar net in a statement, "The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers decided to issue the resolution 264 of 2016, which cancels its decision to 75 for the year 2014 on the exemption from the wage floor in Iraqi ports and that means exempt goods government departments from the wages of storage, which are damaged by ports considerable damage.

He added that all government goods exempt from these returns and thus this leads to a large accumulation of the cargo inside the port has been exposed to damage as a result be stored a long time since these departments to retract to rid its goods and remain filled, many of the stores or squares and thus affect the movement and flow of goods and this also affects the Other terms of the entry of goods will be a big Aktdad because of that, let alone returns that maximize resources in the event of completeness.

rcookie says(11:48 AM):


rcookie says(11:48 AM):

Abadi adviser: Iraq will receive $ 634 million from the International Monetary Fund

wealth vamal Rating: 0

Posted By editor

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Economy News / Baghdad ...

Financial advisor to the Prime Minister announced the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Tuesday, that Iraq will receive a second loan of $ 634 million after sending some clarifications to the IMF, noting that the talks led to a reduction of the budget deficit in half.

Saleh said in an interview, said that "Iraq will receive a second loan of $ 634 million out of $ 5.3 billion after sending some clarifications and technical details for improving financial management in Iraq, the International Monetary Fund during the 10 coming days," noting that "the first revision to these clarifications and details will be displayed the IMF Executive Board, while in the November 7 or 7 of December next, and when viewed will be launched this loan. "

Saleh added that "Iraq had discussed with the International Monetary Fund and World Bank during the last meeting with the IMF in New York, some of the technical issues related to the improvement of financial management in Iraq, especially the modified financial management Find in the era of the US civil administrator Paul Bremer, the Law No. 95 of 2004 in which the shortcomings and lack of financial governance, "pointing to" the existence of two paragraphs interceptor to amend this law, which will be adjusted by agreement will be presented to parliament soon, these adjustments and go about the legislation. "

Saleh pointed out that "Iraq also discussed with the International Monetary Fund 2017 budget and composition in terms of expenditure and income and places tunnels exchange also took some of the amendments and the agreement simple by including the deficit reduced to half," pointing out that "the first draft was the deficit 34 trillion dinars, while the total deficit after adjustment half this amount, note that the expenses taken into account some of the things like the war on Daesh and there are some other considerations related to receivables contractors, farmers, and other important things. "

(11:54 AM)garygs415 was kicked out by garygs415!

1bobby says(11:56 AM):

NEWSTIME TUESDAY 10/18 !!!! 6:30 pm cst

“After Call – LIVE”!! 7:30 pm cst

w/RCookie, Mr White & Hutch

641-715-3640 pin 528733#

(12:00 PM)Be sure to join the Dinar Updates “private” FaceBook Group… https://www.facebook.com/groups/571383766355188/ (go here and ask to join… then add some Dinar Friends!!)

Okie Dinar says to 1bobby(12:06 PM):

Hey there! You ready for a break?

1bobby says(12:07 PM):


1bobby says(12:08 PM):

lemme copy this bad boy

Ame965240 says(12:08 PM):


Okie Dinar says to 1bobby(12:08 PM):

Ok :)

(12:14 PM)1bobbycopy changed nickname to 1bobby!

1bobby says to Okie Dinar(12:15 PM):

You mind if i post an update from people within mosul?

Okie Dinar says to 1bobby(12:15 PM):

Of course not! :)

1bobby says to Okie Dinar(12:15 PM):

I hope it works

1bobby says to Okie Dinar(12:16 PM):

See More

What's going on in Mosul now?

A summary of what is happening in Mosul during eight and forty hours in the city:

1-flight continues to fly, it's clearly surveillance aircraft, planes don't stop from flying over the names of Mosul.

2-cool stranger in town, people come out for a few hours and then come back, end of life in the city at four o'clock in the afternoon.

3-ISIS exists inside Mosul, but they don't show so much, some neighborhoods disappeared including ISIS completely, especially life muthanna, alive, alive, unity of sugar, but their biggest in cook me and dignity, and despite the evacuate their positions in If their presence was noticeable.

4. Their numbers are very low in the region of the province and village dome and Walt was supreme and Walt was lower, these areas previously confiscated the Shiite Isis all the property of her family, and was always where their presence is weak, and now their presence hardly Mention.

1bobby says to Okie Dinar(12:16 PM):

5-industry following valley closed, there is no work, ISIS controlled fully, is the centre of factories booby-trapping and explosive devices, and production of big canisters i.e.d.s during the past two days.

6-still have prisoners in jails ISIS, we appreciate the number of people arrested between 2000-2500 prisoner all youth between the ages of 18-25.

7. We are sure of the existence of kittens name izzy challenges in these areas: Resurrection Life, the agricultural life hospital, sugar, Republican hospital.

8-still no show traces of the battle of Mosul, the population know the battles in the outskirts of the city, but we still didn't get into the status of alert, ISIS also seems quiet.

9-the conditions of humanity so bad, in the event of a siege of the city, it's in two weeks will end all supplies inside the city.

(12:17 PM)john09 was kicked out by john09!

1bobby says to Okie Dinar(12:17 PM):

10-the people prepare for the possibility of power outages, ISIS gave instructions for the operators of generators to stop work in the evenings, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon the next day.

11-ied planted all the roads, on the sidewalk.

12-ISIS is no longer used cars. Significantly, the more their use of records "the motor skull".

13-the dawn of this day implemented ISIS executed 12 detainees.

14 people trying to get out of Mosul at any price, a lot of people getting ready to run away any moment in which the battles, the fear of being caught between two fires, fire ISIS and fire forces liberated.

15-the fear of a second liberation, and from the post-Liberation obsession is the biggest serial two now.

16-the fate of the unknown and scary waiting for us after liberation, and feel reassured bay under the current circumstances and a moment after liberation.

1bobby says(12:17 PM):

That was posted 1 hour ago

1bobby says(12:25 PM):

Ok 1 more and i promise I'm outta here :)

jetset says(12:25 PM):

lots happening! c'mon, rv!

1bobby says(12:25 PM):

Agenda of the meeting number (23) Saturday (19) October 2016

October 19, 2016

First: reading any sceptical of Hadith.

Second: a vote on a Bill abandoning acquired nationality. (Legal Committee, Committee on deportees and returnees and emigrants) (7 articles).

Thirdly: the vote on the draft law on ratification of the Convention on the transfer of sentenced persons between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the United Kingdom of great lbertania and Northern Ireland. (Foreign Relations Committee, Finance Committee, Legal Committee), (2 articles).

IV: vote on the formation of a Joint Committee on the subject of media reports accusing some senior oil Ministry officials in corruption cases. (Committee on oil and energy and natural resources).

VA: first reading of Cameroonian law proposal with important health n. (Civil society organizations). (Article 37).

Vi: report romnakshh Ministry of electricity bill. (Committee on oil and energy and natural resources, the Commission for services and construction). (22 articles).

VII: report and discussion of the draft law on prevention of the use and proliferation of Green Hut for a thief to die. (Security and Defense Committee,Legal Committee). (2 articles).

VIII: proposal to amend article (49/I) of the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq in 2005. (Vegetative Attorney Hamid).

IX: a general topic for discussion regarding follow ml in water electricity. ( Reconstruction and Services Committee).

Start the meeting at: 10 am first.

1bobby says to Okie Dinar(12:26 PM):

Holler at me if you need to get away

Okie Dinar says to 1bobby(12:34 PM):

I will! Thank you so much for bring that stuff in! It's coming :)

1bobby says to Okie Dinar(12:35 PM):


(1:00 PM)Check out THE BLOG - http://www.dinarupdates.com/blog/ - for the latest Dinar News, Documents and Call banners

Okie Dinar says(1:05 PM):

NEWSTIME TUESDAY 10/18 !!!! 6:30 pm cst

“After Call – LIVE”!! 7:30 pm cst

w/RCookie, Mr White & Hutch

641-715-3640 pin 528733#

rcookie says(1:15 PM):

Iraqi parliament holds its tomorrow and vote on the abandonment of nationality acquired By Ziad al - Haidari 40 minutes ago

البرلمان العراقي يعقد جلسته يوم غد ويصوت على التخلي عن الجنسية المكتسبة

Iraqi parliament holds its tomorrow and vote on the abandonment of nationality acquired

Roudao - Erbil

The Governing Council of Representatives, on Wednesday, its regular, voting and reading of a number of draft laws.

Aljsh acts scheduled agenda includes that starts at 11:00, "vote on the draft abandon acquired nationality law, and vote on the draft law on ratification transfer of sentenced persons between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the United Kingdom of Brtania Great Britain and Northern Ireland Convention on the Law, and the vote on the formation of a joint committee concerning the subject of media reports accusing some senior oil Ministry officials of corruption. "

It also includes "The first reading of the proposed union with Health Professions Act, and discuss the draft report and the Ministry of Electricity Law, and discuss the draft report and prevent the use and spread of silenced weapons law."

The head of the citizen will Bloc Hamid vegetative "proposal to amend Article (49 / I) of the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq in 2005, and propose a general topic for discussion regarding the follow-up to the water and the electricity issue."

rcookie says(1:18 PM):

Abadi, held a news conference and send a message to all leaders in the region "who stands with Aldoaash will pay the price" (Details)

18-10-2016 08:41 PM Hits: 679

Orbit News -

The prime minister Haider Abadi , Iraq 's desire to improve relations with neighboring countries considering that message to all leaders in the region, while surprised that 'from the stands with Aldoaash at the last minute will pay the price for it.'

Ebadi said in a press conference that the 'military units moving accurately complete and coordinated among all ranks', noting that 'security forces have created safe corridors for the exit of civilians with the approach of our troops to enter Mosul , and there was no shelling We have directed to stay away from any target can be damaging to civilians'.

He said al - Abadi said 'our troops have the very high and ready morale to edit all areas of Nineveh and strive to support citizens in the usurped territories to counter criminality Daesh terrorist', noting that 'whenever approaching the edit areas louder sounds , as happened in Fallujah , but that the Aaoagafna'.

He pointed to al - Abadi, said the 'interference in Iraqi affairs is dangerous and our fighting inside Iraq 's borders', adding that 'from the stands with Aldoaash at the last minute will pay the price for it.'

He noted that he 'will be circulated media experience operating room and the opening of the headquarters of her in all the liberated areas', indicating that he 'will be all the dues of farmers Exchange 2016'.

The prime minister stressed that ' the Turkish delegation made proposals did not live up to the level of Iraq 's request , and we want the departure of the Turkish troops', adding that' the international coalition takes banditry between Daesh in Iraq and Syria. "

He pointed out that he 'been sent the budget bill to the House of Representatives after an amendment by the budget include taxes on material non - essential', stressing that 'reshuffled the general amnesty law in coordination with the political blocs in the House of Representatives. "

He added that ' the Council of Ministers approved the integration of the retirement of workers and the private pension fund project', noting that ' the Council of Ministers decided to launch compensation payments to the families of the victims of Spyker'.

He called on Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al - Jubeir that 'derives its information from primary sources and not to assess the situation from outside Iraq', adding that 'Saudi Arabia acknowledged previously that the 5000 terrorist Saudi blew himself up in Iraq' and expressed 'astonishment from Riyadh sticking sectarian dialect against Iraq' .

(1:25 PM)jfd was kicked out by jfd!

rcookie says(1:25 PM):

Urgent .. Abadi: understanding between the army and the Peshmerga did not happen 25 years ago and is the unity of Iraq

Tuesday 18-10-2016 | 7:03:28

Twilight News / praised Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, winning the understanding between the Iraqi army and the Peshmerga forces to participate in the battle of Mosul.

Ebadi said in a press conference held by the Council of Ministers building, "for the first time the federal security forces are fighting with the Peshmerga 25 years ago, for the first time since entering Iraqi Kurdistan forces to time."

He believed that this evidence of the successful understanding, which is for the unity of Iraq.

And get the Kurdistan Regional autonomy since the beginning of the nineties of the last century, after battles with Saddam Hussein's regime.

rcookie says(1:28 PM):

Daesh ordering the elements to burn their headquarters after the withdrawal in Mosul

a wish Since 10/18/2016 18:37 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - balances News

Local sources revealed from inside Mosul, on Tuesday, all issued orders regulating Daesh terrorist elements to burn their headquarters and their positions after the withdrawal and prevent families from out of their homes.

The sources said, the reporter / balances News /, that "the terrorist organization Daesh issued a series of instructions to the elements after frequent attacks received by the losses at the hands of the security forces and the Army Aviation."

The sources added, that "the organization recommended to burn all the elements of his military headquarters and the points after the withdrawal."

The sources pointed out, that "the organization has issued orders to prevent families from going out of the house and stay there for the purpose of their shelter from aerial bombing."

Said Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces, Haider al-Abadi, on Monday, the start of the process of liberalization of Mosul, while vowing retribution from terrorist gangs after liberation, calling on the people of the city to cooperate in order to resolve the battle Srie.anthy 29/33 h

rcookie says(1:29 PM):

EU announces support for the efforts of Iraq liberation of Mosul and calls for protection of civilians

Tuesday October 201 618 18:26

Alsumaria News / Baghdad

It announced that EU foreign minister Federica Mogherini, Tuesday, EU support for the efforts of Iraq's liberation of the city of Mosul from the control of the organization "Daesh", calling for the protection of the civilian population.

Mugireny said at a joint press conference with Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari held in the Belgian capital, Brussels, and I followed Alsumaria News, "The European Union stands with Iraq in these circumstances."

Mugireny She added, "The EU supports the liberalization of Mosul, a campaign to provide medical aid and assistance for the displaced."

She called Mugireny, to "protect the civilian population in the city of Mosul," arguing that "This is a sensitive and healthy for the organization Daesh city."

She EU foreign minister, as "I discussed with al-Jaafari, peace-building and reconciliation in a united and comprehensive and holistic Iraqi state."

It is noteworthy that the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi, announced in the early hours of Monday morning, October 2016 17, the start of liberalization city of Mosul operations from the grip of the "Daesh", the security forces have made progress in more than one axis.

Okie Dinar says to rcookie(1:34 PM):

Thank you so much!

rcookie says(1:38 PM):


(1:40 PM)john09 was kicked out by john09!

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