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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Thursday 10/6/16 - Part 1

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 1 - Featuring BGG

larrykn says(6:36 AM):

GM everyone :)

(6:52 AM)magnetlady changed nickname to *.MOD.magnetlady!

magnetlady says(6:53 AM):


magnetlady says(6:53 AM):

Had to restart my computer malware did a routine search last night.

larrykn says to magnetlady(6:56 AM):

gm Mags :)

magnetlady says(6:59 AM):

Wow wa 56 when I got up yesterday, today its 60.

magnetlady says(7:00 AM):

Really getting that fall feelling in the air

(7:01 AM)Check out the "Current Iraq NEWS" Thread in the Forum - http://www.dinarupdates.com/forumdis...rent-Iraq-NEWS - All News - ALL DAY LONG!!

larrykn says to magnetlady(7:01 AM):

yes its been nice out here to

larrykn says to magnetlady(7:01 AM):

warming up for the weekend tho

BGG says(7:02 AM):


larrykn says to BGG(7:02 AM):

GM how are you doing today :)

larrykn says(7:04 AM):

looks like they are working on corruption some more :)

larrykn says(7:04 AM):

Industry review the previous contracts of partnership and investment because of corruption.


Industry and mineral Minister Mohammad agency Sudanese sheyaa Thursday, forming a Committee to review all contracts and investment agreements concluded by the Ministry during the past six years, and assured that those contracts tainted by "corruption as well as the adoption of incompetent companies, stressed the need to support the fair and personalities capable of responding to positions of responsibility.

Mohammed sheyaa, in a statement, received a copy of "news," it was forming a Committee to review all contracts and investment agreements concluded by the Ministry during the past six years ", noting that" the Commission will evaluate all contracts in the light of this assessment will terminate the contract and keep reluctant contracts carried out the contract with the Ministry.

He added, "there are about 170 participation contract and its former investment Ministry will be reviewed and evaluated by the Commission", explaining that "it was supposed that these contracts purpose in rehabilitation of factories and laboratories contracted by the Ministry of rehabilitation, but due to the non-specialized companies selected contracts not solemn resulting reluctance of most of them."

Sudanese, stressed that "those contracts did not take into account product development or add new production lines, as well as suspicions of corruption that accompanied the conclusion of those contracts."

The Sudanese, he said that "fighting corruption in State institutions need considerable support not only to expose the corrupt as it needs to steer support to persons who have the dispassionate ability to issue positions of responsibility for the salvation of this phenomenon which has become a danger to society."

larrykn says(7:06 AM):

Integrity: Prison my client banks for government stealing billion dinars and a half

2016/10/6 14:13

[Where - Baghdad]

Announced that the board of my client's integrity prison for stealing government banks billion dinars and a half billion.

The statement said the board received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "circle of investigations into the board integrity disclosed its issuance in absentia judgment against my client banks government; for their feet together and agree on the estimated one billion and a half billion dinars, theft of public money, indicating that the competent integrity issues Criminal Court sentenced in absentia the right of every convicted [A.kh.a] and [A.k.a] spends in prison for each one of them, based on the provisions of Article [444 / Fourth and eleventh of the Penal Code.

He explained, in the gallery talking about the details of the case that the convicted Okdma agreement and subscribe to steal one billion four hundred and ten million dinars from the state's Rafidain Bank, noting that the convicted [A.kh.a] withdrew the amount under the instrument from his account in the Rasheed Bank - Mutanabi Branch for the benefit of the convicted [A.k.a] who check in and then withdrawn from the Rafidain Bank - branch of brotherhood, without verifying the existence of sufficient credit covers the amount withdrawn.

The statement added that he "supported the statements of the legal representative of the Rafidain Bank and the recommendations of the ongoing administrative investigation of the Office of the Inspector General of the Ministry of Finance charges against the guilty as well as the presumption of their escape from the face of justice, which brought the court sufficient conviction to make it a crime, so I decided to sentence them under Article wisdom.

He noted that "the decision to sentence convicted criminals to ensure the support of booking their money movable and immovable property, and giving the right hand of the affected request compensation if the acquisition of the decision issued against them have become final.

magnetlady says(7:06 AM):

Morning BGG

larrykn says(7:08 AM):

Abadi invites investment bodies in the provinces to cooperate with investors and give them assurances

2016-10-06 at 12:41

Baghdad – the balance of news

The Premier called Haider Abadi, Thursday, investment bodies in the provinces to cooperate with investors and give them assurances and provide an enabling environment for them, and stressed that the liberation of the city of Mosul.

Abadi stressed during his chairmanship of the thirteenth meeting-the second session of the supreme body for coordination between the provinces, according to the statement/balance "News Government citizen service and that local governments have an important role in this matter," Noting "the importance of moving possibilities in ministries and provinces to resolve difficulties and providing services.

Called Governors and provincial Council members to "cooperation and integration in the transfer of powers properly and thoughtfully to the success of this experiment emphasize continued to serve the citizen."

He noted that "the international community looks to Iraq that other the right way and stronger than before, indicating that some had wanted three years ago Director army of some provinces and now all are shielded by a safety valve.

"The liberation of the city of Mosul on doors and our human editing of terrorism aldaashi is a higher goal," he said, adding that "terrorism wants to bring an information gain by bombings in Baghdad and our actions."

"The constant financial challenge because of low oil prices and our planning for the coming years, not one year or an electoral period, but work for the good of the country and the citizen", adding "we reduced government spending by 50 percent, which is good, although the war we're fighting."

Provincial investment bodies called "for cooperation with investors and assurances and provide an enabling environment for employment creation and development of the country and reduce dependence on oil."

He stressed "the importance of the rule of law with organized crime syndicates and other regiments are dedicated to achieving security in the provinces that are exposed to the threat of mankind there are requests from some provinces and responded to them."

"The absence of foreign fighters are fighting with our heroine and the functions of the coalition forces are training and consultancy and armament and wegsti support

larrykn says(7:08 AM):

Renewed emphasis on the "rejected Abadi Turkish troop presence," Noting that "there are contradictory statements from the Turkish side there is no request from the Government for their incomes."

larrykn says(7:09 AM):

Bayati: Abadi puts final touches to three portfolios

2016-10-06 12:51 p.m

Special balance news

Abbas Bayati, a member of the House of representatives, Thursday, the Prime Minister Haider Abadi puts final touches to three portfolios for voting within the Council.

Mowaffaq, l/balance of news, that "this Parliament session, today, does not include the votes on the Prime Minister."

He added that "the Prime Minister Haider Abadi puts final touches to three portfolios, namely Interior, industry and commerce, the readiness of their candidates for the vote in Parliament."

larrykn says(7:11 AM):

I don't understand how the world can do business with a debt like this

larrykn says(7:11 AM):

IMF: global debt $ 152 trillion


He said the International Monetary Fund, the world swim in size to $ 152 trillion in debt , but that did not prevent the record level of the organization to encourage some countries to increase spending to boost growth.

The IMF said in a report that the global public and private debt amounted to 225 percent of global economic output last year , up from about 200 percent in 2002.

The fund said that about two - thirds of the total in 2015 , or about $ 100 billion owed to private borrowers , pointing out that the growth of private debt usually leads to financial crises.

The report coincides with Christine Lagarde urged the Director of Monetary Governments of the Member States in a position to borrow and spend more fund to do so to boost growth , which suffers from a persistent weakness

larrykn says(7:13 AM):

Human Rights Watch calls Abadi to prevent violations during the Battle of Mosul


Roudao - Erbil

In the letter sent to the Iraqi prime minister, Haidar al - Abbadi, the organization "Human Rights Watch" he said that "the Iraqi government must undertake to prevent implicated the armed forces elements in violations of the laws of war from participating in the planned operations have against al (Islamic state armed extremist) also known as (Daesh), in Mosul. " The organization added that it "must be among those barred from participating elements (Popular Mobilization Forces troops), a group of allied armed forces with the government, and the government must ensure the protection of fundamental rights and non-discrimination in security screening and detention of prisoners during the Mosul operations, where he remains about 1.2 million civilians were present in Mosul, Iraq's second city, which is dominated by the Daesh in June 2014 ".

She highlighted the "Human Rights Watch" Research in the wake of regaining control of the city of Fallujah from al Daesh process in May / May 2016, that the "popular crowd elements and at least one of the Iraqi federal police component, had beaten men were captured, and tortured and executed them on the ground, Hide forcibly with civilians, including children, and resorting to smear the bodies. "

And already the international organization that has revealed in the past about "massive violations committed by the popular crowd forces, including the destruction and looting of property of civilians in the (science and Omerla and Albu-Ajeel role and parts of Tikrit), after regaining control of those areas of the Daesh in March / March and April / April 2015".

FAO said Abadi, that "prevents the armed forces led or controlled by, and has been implicated in violations of the laws of war, including the" Badr Brigades "and" Hezbollah "and other groups Brigades, part of the popular crowd, from participating in the planned recovery of Mosul operations, and that the authorities to take measures to protect the fleeing civilians, who are in the camps of retaliatory attacks. "

Human Rights Watch also documented "the recruitment of children 2 of tribal militias ago, Mdahumican from the government (the crowd clan), and Charcan in the fight against Daesh, the Iraqi government has demanded to stop dealing with the armed groups that recruit children, and that did not Tsarhhm from its ranks."

In light of the violations witnessed by former special operations to restore areas under the control Daesh, Human Rights Watch for Ebadi also made recommendations "to prevent violations during any acts of examination and detention in connection with the process of Mosul."

The organization said that "if the Iraqi forces and Kurdish prepared centers to check Mgadra Mosul, it must be under the supervision of the Iraqi security forces or the Kurdistan Regional Government all forces, not any armed forces committed violations, the authorities must ensure that exceed these checks a few hours, and that anyone prolonged detention is treated as a detainee and ensure the protection of detainees him all the measures under Iraqi and international law, must also belong anyone not supposed to Daesh or suspected criminal activity because of sex, age, religious or tribal origin community. "

She told Human Rights Watch expressed concern that "Iraqi law sets the age of criminal responsibility in nine years, if the authorities examined the children who leave Mosul and suspected that some of them have been recruited or used as

larrykn says(7:14 AM):

soldiers by Daesh, it must be treated concentrated on rehabilitation and reintegration to society, not detention or prosecution. "

Since the Fallujah operation Abadi government has refused to announce any information on the number of dead and prisoners of war during or after the process, despite repeated requests from Human Rights Watch access to this information.

larrykn says(7:15 AM):

New high dollar in local markets


The dollar rose again in local markets on Thursday.

The exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar today:

Bursa-Baghdad 131.250 dinars, while the Stock Exchange Wednesday registered 130,500.

Sale and purchase prices in Exchange stores:

Sale price = 131.750 dinars.

Purchase price of USD = 130.750.

larrykn says(7:18 AM):

The parliamentary energy demand intensified efforts to invest in natural gas


The National Alliance mp student and member of the Parliamentary Committee on oil and energy Razak mheibes to intensify efforts to invest the associated gas to extract oil.

Mheibes said in a press statement, Elio Thursday, that "the oil sector is important and is the backbone of the country's budget, calling on the Government to" give great importance to this sector and also the Parliamentary Committee on oil and energy, priority oil and gas legal vote and vote on the Iraqi national oil company, are two of the most important laws that must vote on it ", stating that" voting on laws that would regulate the country's natural resources and differences between Baghdad and Erbil. "

He demanded "intensification of efforts to invest the associated gas to extract oil," adding that "the gas fields in the Western provinces would bring balance to optimally developed."

Mheibes called "bozrarh actress State industry should heed to the natural resources which were invested so far, and other minerals that help the big money and money if invested."

Mighty oil Minister allaibi confirmed on 21 September last, that his strategy to develop Iraq's oil industry through the open door of the investment.

He said the oil Ministry spokesman Assem Jihad said that "the Ministry is interested in developing the gas sector through working on investment optimization for associated gas to oil operations."

larrykn says(7:21 AM):

A meeting between oil producers from within the "OPEC" on and off in Istanbul


Roudao - Erbil

Said Algerian Energy Minister, Noureddine Bouterfa, on Wednesday evening, a meeting between oil producers within the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries "OPEC", and outside, between the eighth and the tenth of this month in Istanbul , Turkey to discuss the situation of the market.

Bouterfa said to the media: "We will hold an informal meeting in Istanbul between the Turkish Countries (OPEC) and other oil producers in the International Energy Week, which is held in conjunction (rapporteur between 8 and October 13 / October) of this."

According to the Algerian minister, the "Autism Countries (OPEC) after the Algiers meeting will facilitate negotiations on the rebalancing of the oil market, and it also will examine the market situation at the Vienna meeting of the official end of November / November next."

And it announced that "OPEC" last week that its members reached an agreement to install a production ceiling at 32.5 - 33 million barrels per day during the Algerian meeting, "informal", which turned into an informal meeting exceptional, and its decisions are binding and described as "historic".

And crude oil prices hovering at the moment within the scope of 50 - $ 51 per barrel, for reasons related to the reports of falling US oil inventories, while in mid-2014 stood at its highest level ever at $ 120.

larrykn says(7:24 AM):

Tensions between Turkey and Iraq tops the headlines of the day


Roudao - Erbil

Exports Turkish military intervention in Iraq issued today Iraqi newspaper headlines, which focused on the peak of the crisis in the wake of Turkey to increase its forces in Mosul, as Yale Headline - grabber:

Newspaper Range:

-altotr Between Iraq and Turkey culminates summoned the ambassadors of the two countries.

-foren Affairs: Daesh foreign fighters caused the loss of strategic battles in Iraq.

-alebadi Ask the National Alliance "freeze" interrogations for a few months.

Mashreq newspaper:

-alozmh Between Ankara and Baghdad .. and escalate the battle against Daesh on the doors .. politicians are beating the "alarm" and warn: Turkey threatens Iraq with "water war" .. and seeks to occupy directly to the connector.

Framed to get the money .. Martyrs Foundation warns of persons posing described.

Newspaper, the new evidence:

-alberlman Turkish is not the guardian of Iraq and the country is facing a huge project for shredded.

-altsoeh Historical! .. National Alliance, which is desired by the people of the majority it work on the big initiatives.

-naib Kurdish reveals "an American auspices" of the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil.

Newspaper People's Road:

-alhdithi: We seek through the international community to end the presence of Turkish troops.

-External Iraqi calls for the Turkish ambassador and its Turkish counterpart reciprocate.

-alraoa Lying Krhot: Administrative Justice in order to decide on the issue of sack me.

Zaman newspaper:

-tsaid Diplomatic standoff between Iraq and Turkey.

-khbayr For "time": Iraq has become an arena for money laundering.

-alebadi Submit candidates for the vacant ministries to Parliament today.

larrykn says(7:25 AM):

Parliament holds its interrogation of al-Jaafari


Roudao - Erbil

Hold the House, its regular, on Thursday, to question Foreign Minister Ibrahim al - Jaafari.

And it includes the agenda of the meeting, according to the information department of the parliament "vote on the draft support doctors law, voting in principle to the draft second amendment to the law the abolition of the legal provisions that prohibit courts from hearing lawsuits No. 17 of 2005, the first reading of a proposal to protect the diversity and prevent discrimination law."

It also includes directing "an oral question to the Foreign Minister of MP Hanan al, and report and discuss the draft law of the government banks, and report and discuss the Iraqi National Paralympic Committee Act."

The table also includes a "report and discuss the first draft amendment to the law take care of minors No. 78 of 1980, a report and discussion of the proposed First Amendment law of the Companies Act No. 21 of 1997 as amended, and the report and discuss the proposal of the First Amendment to the law of the Iraqi Media Network No. 26 of 2015 Act, and report and discuss the proposal ownership of low-income residential land law. "

It would be "for the discussion about the follow-up to water and electricity file, and the formation of a joint committee on the subject of media reports accusing some senior Oil Ministry officials of corruption issues" on the agenda ".

larrykn says(7:26 AM):

Iraq submit a request for an emergency UN Security Council session to discuss the "overshoot" on Turkish territory


Twilight News Iraqi Foreign Ministry / said on Thursday it had submitted a request to the UN Security Council to convene an emergency session to discuss the "overtaking" Turkey on Iraqi territory, referring to the presence of hundreds of Turkish soldiers on the outskirts of Mosul, north of the country who are considered by Baghdad, "an occupying power". The ministry said in a statement responded to the Twilight News, she "made a request for an emergency session of the Security Council to discuss the Turkish overtaking on Iraqi territory and interfering in its internal affairs." He added, that "the Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations, Ambassador Mohammed Ali Hakim delivered a formal request to the President of the Security Council, the current Mr. Vitaly Churkin, to convene an emergency meeting of the Council to discuss the excesses and interventions Turkish side in addition to the decision of the Turkish parliament, which it renewed the continued presence of infiltrating Turkish troops inside Iraq." The Turkish parliament voted last week in favor of the extension of the military operation in Iraq and deal with "terrorist organizations" in Syria in an apparent reference to the Kurdish fighters and militants organize Daesh. Word of the Iraqi parliament on Tuesday evening to condemn the decision of the Turkish parliament and call Ankara and its force of 2,000 troops to leave Iraqi territory. And it summoned the Ambassador of each country in the other State escalating diplomatic standoff with the worsening tension on this Almousua between the two sides. The Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the request included "ask the UN Security Council to shoulder its responsibilities towards Iraq and a decision would put an end to the violation of the Turkish forces and the Iraqi sovereignty and the lack of respect for the Turkish side to the principles of good neighborliness through the launch of the comments provocative." The statement also stressed "the need to intensify international efforts to support Iraq in its war against the terrorist gangs Daesh especially with the imminent launch of the city of Mosul editing operations." The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, warned on Wednesday that Turkey keep its troops in Iraq could lead to a "regional war." He said Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu born Chaooh The Ba'shiqah camp in Iraq, the focus of the dispute between the two neighbors was held to train local forces to fight the organization Daesh though Baghdad is aware of this. Most of the Turkish troops stationed in northern Mosul Ba'shiqah base to assist in the training of Iraqi forces and Kurdish peshmerga fighters of the year. Chaooh Ihsanoglu said in a press conference "held Ba'shiqah camp with the knowledge of the Iraqi government ... Baghdad officials visited the camp and even gave financial support to him in the past." Iraq's central government says it never extend an invitation to such a force of Turkish soldiers as occupiers and considered.

larrykn says(7:29 AM):

The transfer of more than 1,600 displaced people from the camps of Hawija to Depkh


Shafaq News / The Ministry of Displacement and Migration on Thursday for continuing to evacuate and move the displaced from areas that are being liberated from the terrorist organization Daesh to camps in safe areas and the distribution of relief aid, including urgent. Representations ministry department official in the province, Mohammad Ayad al-Husseini said the ministry's branch in Arbil, the evacuation and transfer (1621) thousand displaced people during the last two days of Hawija and villages affiliated to Depkh camps belonging to eradicate drunk. He noted that the ministry has allocated 38 buses to take them to camps in Depkh, with distributed branch of the ministry of food aid and domestic them upon arrival in the camp.

larrykn says(7:31 AM):

Barzani: areas liberated by Alپeshmrگh Kordstanih will not withdraw from it


Twilight News / announced Security Council adviser to Barzani of the Kurdistan region, the areas controlled by the Alپeshmrگh forces currently are Kordstanih areas will not withdraw from it. Barzani said during an interview televised within the report, told Sky News that he does not there are any reasons for the Alپeshmrگh to leave these areas and withdraw. In response to a question on the liberalization process of the upcoming Mosul said Barzani Mosul battle will be a very tough battle, pointing out that according to information he had, the organization "Daesh" terrorist intends resistance and dug many tunnels in the city.

larrykn says(7:33 AM):

IOM, Italy Support Stabilization in Diyala

Iraq, October 6, 2016

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has provided funding for IOM to implement a project to contribute to stabilization of conflict-affected communities in Diyala governorate, Iraq.

The one-year project aims to foster social cohesion, reduce tensions between local communities and displaced Iraqis and returnees, and support the role of women in peace and security.

Since January 2014, more than 3.3 million Iraqis have been displaced due to the ongoing conflict. Diyala, one of Iraq’s 18 governorates, is in the centre-east of the country and hosts over 86,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs); nearly 90 percent of them (more than 77,300) are from within the governorate, over 4,400 are from Anbar governorate, and nearly 3,300 are from Salah al-Din governorate.

The number of IDPs in Diyala is expected to rise as a result of military operations to retake Mosul. Diyala governorate also hosts over 167,000 returnees, that is, formerly displaced persons who have returned to their locations of origin; these account for approximately 18 percent of all returnees across the country.

The community stabilization project will involve four communities in Diyala governorate. Activities will include the establishment of a community centre; social events such as community theatre and sports matches; and meetings with community leaders. The activities will enable participants to engage in meaningful communication in a safe social space.

Training will be provided for community focal points on psychosocial support and peacebuilding. Caseworkers and trained focal points will facilitate sessions for IDPs and host community members to identify grievances and painful experiences that might fuel tension, and create forums for dialogue to promote mutual understanding between population groups.

The project also aims to promote the role of women in peace and security at the community level. IOM will seek the assistance of local women’s organizations in Diyala that are working towards the implementation of the Iraqi National Action Plan on UN Resolution 1325, “Women, Peace and Security”, which reaffirms the role of women in conflict prevention, peacekeeping, humanitarian response and post-conflict reconstruction. Training will be also provided to selected women in

larrykn says(7:33 AM):

peacebuilding and conflict mediation.

larrykn says(7:34 AM):


subgirl says(7:35 AM):

Please pray for Florida and the East coast for today and the next few days... Hurricane Matthew is coming up the coast...

larrykn says to subgirl(7:36 AM):


larrykn says to subgirl(7:36 AM):

gm :)

subgirl says(7:36 AM):

There are several people in this room that live in Florida so keep them in your prayers...

subgirl says to larrykn(7:36 AM):

GM :) larry

subgirl says to larrykn(7:37 AM):

brb :)

rustynail says to subgirl(7:39 AM):

thanks for the concern for all of us here in fl ,, we have been here before and will again,,, the grace of God goes with us.

larrykn says to rustynail(7:40 AM):

what part of fl are you in

rustynail says to subgirl(7:41 AM):

just out of major harm ///25 miles south of Valdosta ,Ga.

larrykn says to rustynail(7:42 AM):

My mother in law lives in New Port Richey, praying the storm stays along the coast an not comes inland

rustynail says to larrykn(7:42 AM):

we will catch h*** but it will be about like that last storm.

larrykn says to rustynail(7:43 AM):

I've been thur 4 on them, never did like them but we went thur them ok

larrykn says to rustynail(7:43 AM):

Charlie is the one that scared me the most

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