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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Thursday 10/6/16 - Part 4

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 4 - No Featured Members

Ame says(12:54 PM):

west Palm is bad Tampa was just fine

Ame says(12:54 PM):

no rain no breeze even yet

(12:54 PM).MOD.larrycopier changed nickname to larrykn!

larrykn says to Okie Dinar(12:54 PM):

thank you , have a blessed day :)

Okie Dinar says to larrykn(12:54 PM):

You too! Thank you so much!

Okie Dinar says to larrykn(12:54 PM):


larrykn says to Ame(12:55 PM):

its a coming :)

david334 says to Ame(12:55 PM):

Has it hit WPalm?

larrykn says to david334(12:56 PM):

I don't know lookin for the news

daytrader says to david334(12:56 PM):

On Weather Channel now. Leading ege rain, but not eye as yet.

david334 says to Ame(12:56 PM):

I pray its not as bad as they say

larrykn says to david334(12:56 PM):

looks like its getting close now

david334 says to Ame(12:57 PM):

Still 130mph winds

daytrader says to david334(12:57 PM):

Now 140

david334 says to Ame(12:58 PM):

Oh no thats bad

larrykn says(12:59 PM):

w palm beach winds at 32 mph

Ame says(1:00 PM):

sorry mail lady came

david334 says to Ame(1:00 PM):

All those people on the road stuck roads. bad call from the govenor

daytrader says to david334(1:00 PM):

22mph winds in WPB. Said highest winds in eye ring only 9 miles wide. Said highest sustained winds in WPB would be around 90.

(1:01 PM)Check out THE BLOG - http://www.dinarupdates.com/blog/ - for the latest Dinar News, Documents and Call banners

Ame says(1:01 PM):

thanks Trader

david334 says to daytrader(1:01 PM):

Thanks Day thats not terrible thank God Thx

daytrader says to david334(1:03 PM):

Haven't heard anyting re surge, but know that rain totals will be very high. Was in Biloxi when Camille hit. 200+ MPH winds. Was in concrete block building about 1/4 mile from beach. Ugly

Ame says(1:03 PM):

Gov Scott says 5-9 feet

Ame says(1:04 PM):

that is just teh surge then there are waves on top of thaT

david334 says to daytrader(1:05 PM):

Holy cow 200 Mph what happen obviously you lived to talk about it but it must have been moments of terror

Ame says(1:06 PM):

more likely hours Day

daytrader says to david334(1:07 PM):

Was in Air Force barracks. Has center hallway. Had all my people bring matresses and collect in center hallway. Spent over twelve hours in hallway.

david334 says to daytrader(1:07 PM):

WPalm has maintained their dunes I think after Sandy people figured out the purpose of flood prevention

david334 says to daytrader(1:08 PM):

Barracks hold up .....12 hours I cant imagine

daytrader says to david334(1:10 PM):

U shaped. Center leg was direct hit. Had people collect in the two outside legs. Windows didn't take direct hit.

Ame says(1:11 PM):

aafter Charlie went over my house ( eye I mean) we installed 150 MPH windows last October

larrykn says to Ame(1:12 PM):

I went thur Charlie in an 5th wheel lol that was fun

daytrader says to Ame(1:12 PM):

Camille eye went directly over us. Weird feeling isn't it.

Ame says(1:12 PM):

I bet it wasn't!!

daytrader says to larrykn(1:12 PM):

Oh wow. What a ride.

Ame says(1:12 PM):

deathly quiet day

larrykn says to daytrader(1:12 PM):


larrykn says to daytrader(1:13 PM):

we were in Myrtle Beach when a tornato went over us, it didn't touchdown but it really shook the RV , now that was a ride :D

daytrader says to Ame(1:13 PM):

Really strange feeling. Had about an hour to check on everyone before backside hit.

larrykn says to daytrader(1:14 PM):

yes when that low its you , you can feel it in your body

Ame says(1:14 PM):

when we went to look at these windows teh man gave me a lousiville slugger and told m,e IF I could break it I got all 13 windows installed free

daytrader says to larrykn(1:14 PM):

We all have much to give thanks for.

larrykn says to daytrader(1:14 PM):


Ame says(1:14 PM):

I stung my hands but it didn't break

david334 says to daytrader(1:14 PM):

Is the other side usually worse than the front or less powerful?

Ame says(1:15 PM):

same just oposit direction

Ame says(1:15 PM):

ohh srry U asked Day

daytrader says to Ame(1:15 PM):

That's some pretty serious window. Did you have to make structural changes as well to add the windows.

Ame says(1:15 PM):

nope this is a contractor's home its solid

daytrader says to david334(1:15 PM):

Same answer as Ame.

david334 says to daytrader(1:15 PM):

Thats no big deal we are all talking together

Ame says(1:16 PM):

well being the Newbie lol

daytrader says to david334(1:16 PM):

Only difference is wind shifts 180.

david334 says to daytrader(1:16 PM):

Ame stung your hands on what?

daytrader says to david334(1:17 PM):

Trees bent one direction and then get hit from opposite. They didn't stand a chance.

Ame says(1:17 PM):

when I hit that window as hard as I could with that baseball bat

Ame says(1:17 PM):


Ame says(1:17 PM):

he handed me taht bat and I smiled

david334 says to daytrader(1:17 PM):

Okay thats impressive glass

Ame says(1:17 PM):


Ame says(1:18 PM):

my power bill dropped in half since we installed them

daytrader says to Ame(1:18 PM):

Bet those were really cheap...not!

Ame says(1:18 PM):

he had a heat lamp behing it and U could barely feel the heat

david334 says to daytrader(1:18 PM):


Ame says(1:18 PM):

1K each installed

daytrader says to Ame(1:18 PM):

Not as bad as I thought.

david334 says to Ame(1:18 PM):

Insuramce rates offset

Ame says(1:19 PM):

I got 50% off cuz I saved teh owners life in Nam

daytrader says to Ame(1:19 PM):

Good for you on both accounts.

Ame says(1:19 PM):

which I did not know he saw my name and combat medic badge on my hat and we t alkes

david334 says to Ame(1:19 PM):

nice thats Karma in full display

Ame says(1:19 PM):

no effect on Ins I was dissappointed

Ame says(1:19 PM):

amen 334

Ame says(1:20 PM):

he is teh guy I got my Silver star from saving

Ame says(1:20 PM):

which again I did not kow

Ame says(1:20 PM):


david334 says to Ame(1:20 PM):

Typical insurance gougers. Why doesn't the gulf coast get bad storms shallow warm water?

Ame says(1:21 PM):

they do but they have to come vrom teh South

Ame says(1:21 PM):

Charlie was from teh gulf

hutch says to david334(1:21 PM):

Plenty in gulf coast, rita, gustav, oh and that pesky katrina

Ame says(1:22 PM):

ya them too

daytrader says to Ame(1:22 PM):

Thanks for your service. Was in Camron Bay. Flew into Hue Phi Bai.

daytrader says to Ame(1:23 PM):

Hue Phu Bai

Ame says(1:23 PM):

I was stationed in Saigon but weas never there ususally on a chopper somewhere

Ame says(1:23 PM):

and that statement "we have no troops............ " LOL what a lie that was

Ame says(1:24 PM):

anyhow taht was then and I am here now............

daytrader says to Ame(1:24 PM):

Lots of respect for all who went in on choppers to get our guys out. Thank You.

Ame says(1:24 PM):

the grass is a pretty green lol

Ame says(1:24 PM):

just doing my job

david334 says to Ame(1:24 PM):

Thats a huge medal god bless you I knw some people bronze star awrds brother in law Captain who had the radio man said it was brutal. West Point big deal Wall Street career waiting but couldn't get it together. came back home was never the same, gambling fired from jobs life can really be sad.

Ame says(1:25 PM):

well I have 2 bronzes too SMILE

dinarstudent says(1:26 PM):


Ame says(1:26 PM):

ptsd us horrible I kow...I have it

(1:26 PM)Mudder was kicked out by Mudder!

david334 says to Ame(1:26 PM):

Vietnam the veterns were treat like dirt that was a black mark inour history

david334 says to Ame(1:28 PM):

Wow you are an amazing person I mean it that unheard of. I cant believe you are alive. Thank God your with us you will bring good luck. I know. A silver and two bronze one in a million. Army or Marines ?

(1:28 PM)Pablo was kicked out by Pablo!

Ame says(1:30 PM):

also 4 pirple hearts

Ame says(1:30 PM):

but that was then and now is now :)

david334 says to Ame(1:30 PM):

The PTSD today is also compoundedby all the IEDs and the concussion effect even is your not scratch your brain can get a shot.

Ame says(1:30 PM):

don't I KNOW

david334 says to Ame(1:32 PM):

Seriously four purple hearts 8-|you had a guardian angel

Ame says(1:32 PM):

got my A$$ shot off is all from low crawling with a patioent

Ame says(1:32 PM):

glad I am/was skinny

david334 says to Ame(1:32 PM):

My writing is brain dead

Ame says(1:33 PM):

like I said I was just doling my job

Ame says(1:34 PM):

I just pulled up Fl weather taht hurricane is impressive wow

daytrader says to Ame(1:34 PM):

But you repeatedly did it at great personal risk. Again...Thank You

Ame says(1:34 PM):

yr all welcome

david334 says to Ame(1:35 PM):

Day is right on thank you so much. I missed the draft my brother went into the core. In hindsite I should have volunteered

Ame says(1:36 PM):

I enlisted living literally ON teh St Lawrence river which seperates US from Canada

david334 says to daytrader(1:36 PM):

day what is you take on the VNM ETF

Ame says(1:36 PM):

I went in in Feb and it was totally frozen over

david334 says to daytrader(1:37 PM):

Canton NY oldests college been there many times.

Ame says(1:37 PM):

Canton ATC then Potsdam State

Ame says(1:37 PM):

BS in Physchology

daytrader says to david334(1:37 PM):

That's the IShares ETF. I don't follow it. Primarily trade options and currencies. Options on ETF's aren't volatile enough for me.

Ame says(1:38 PM):

St Lawrence University

david334 says to Ame(1:38 PM):


1bobby says to Okie Dinar(1:39 PM):

1bobby has closed the private chat window!

Ame says(1:39 PM):

lovely Winters up there

david334 says to daytrader(1:39 PM):

Thats my goal when I can afford to. I sild research to big hedge funds. Then ended at Leham in Philly and lost it big.

Ame says(1:39 PM):

suntan weather LOL

david334 says to Ame(1:40 PM):

Yeah :)

Ame says(1:40 PM):

ok time 4 some lunch

Ame says(1:40 PM):


david334 says to Ame(1:40 PM):

Lehman evryone got 40%of comp in restricted stock kaboom never been the same.

david334 says to Ame(1:41 PM):

Nice to meet you

Ame says(1:41 PM):

ditto :)

daytrader says to david334(1:42 PM):

I am a technical trader. Do spend quite a bit of time on economic fundamentals though.

david334 says to daytrader(1:44 PM):

You would appreciate this a friend of mine who worked with me a Morgan Stanley was an option sales bought 50,000 0f the S&P 500 225 puts a week before Black Monday. He paid one steenth per contract sold at $55. That trade remains me of what we are doing. Lighting strike

david334 says to daytrader(1:48 PM):

I would love to talk to you about your business. Someday. I am pretty knowledgeble but what a great way to earn a living. Interesting content everyday. Are you a good technitian?

david334 says to daytrader(1:48 PM):

we can talk soon I need to find a job again. Take care

Ame says(1:49 PM):

Weather channel just said storm surge from Cape Canaveral north into SC 7-11 feet

daytrader says to david334(1:49 PM):

Good timing. IMO we're approaching another opportunity like that. Many have called that move several times over the last year or so, but have lost their shirt. Don't know what the trigger will be.

Ame says(1:49 PM):

I can not imabine 11 ' of water with waves on top

daytrader says to Ame(1:50 PM):

This can get pretty ugly.

Ame says(1:51 PM):

ok back 2 weather channel

david334 says to daytrader(1:52 PM):

You know the VIX got close to 08 levels a few weeks ago now back down in 30's that tells you something. Thats a one jumby derivitive .

Idaho says to Ame(1:52 PM):

Speaking of winter Silver MT in Kellogg, ID got 3 " last night....should be skiing in a few days. :D

david334 says to daytrader(1:53 PM):

Sorry its at 12

david334 says to daytrader(1:54 PM):

Skiing in Idaho great powder . I am depressed now

daytrader says to david334(1:54 PM):

Biggest problem I have with VIX is that it is heavily manipulated and IMO no longer is a good measure of real volatility.

david334 says to daytrader(1:55 PM):

interesting. I need to be more involved but been foucusing on paying bills.

david334 says to daytrader(1:55 PM):

I covered Steve Cohen when I was at Morgan when he was small

david334 says to daytrader(1:56 PM):

He is a piece of work

daytrader says to david334(1:57 PM):

VIX is mean regressing. Too many different derivatives on VIX that allow BIG money to cause the VIX to move at their will knowing it will immediately drop.

daytrader says to david334(1:58 PM):

Most never see the true personalities of "personalities".

david334 says to daytrader(1:58 PM):

You know different deal different time but black monday was cause by portfolio insurance selling puts against the holdings

daytrader says to david334(1:59 PM):

Should have been buying puts. :D

david334 says to daytrader(2:00 PM):

yeah who knew? todays market is rocket science and intuition. The high freq shops own the market no value added super scalpers

daytrader says to david334(2:00 PM):

Go out several months and look at open interest on $INX puts all the way down to 500.

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david334 says to daytrader(2:01 PM):

I but I forgot they were deep in the money puts I think? I am reagy to be put in a home

david334 says to daytrader(2:02 PM):

My friends put trade the SP strick was 50% below the market thats a one time trade

daytrader says to david334(2:02 PM):

Back to trading. Like to day trade last 45 min of market.

david334 says(2:03 PM):

why closing out positions?

(2:06 PM)clay changed nickname to .VIP.clay!

(2:12 PM).OkieDinarCOPY changed nickname to .OkieDinar!

Okie Dinar says to 1bobby(2:12 PM):

Thank you :)

Okie Dinar says to 1bobby(2:13 PM):

I'll be back :)

1bobby says to Okie Dinar(2:13 PM):

Very welcome. Thanks for copying

Okie Dinar says to 1bobby(2:13 PM):

You're welcome :)

1bobby says(2:16 PM):

Daesh impose a curfew in Mosul and arresting young

2016/10/6 20:10

[Oan- Baghdad]

According to an informed source, said Daesh terrorist gangs, imposed a curfew in the city of Mosul.

The source told all of Iraq [where] that "the terrorists of banned Daesh imposed a curfew in the city from 10 pm to 5 am," adding, "The terrorists launched a campaign of arrests of young people taking advantage of the hours of the ban."

The source, "The arrests have increased in the past few days and is still ongoing, after the emergence of resistance against Daesh with the approach of Mosul editing process."

And trading many Iraqis activists new photographs taken secretly inside the city of Mosul, a character show [mim] written on the walls amid talk of resistance within the city under the control Daesh by youth campaign called themselves [Mosul] Brigades.

(2:18 PM)woodywoodpecker was kicked out by woodywoodpecker!

Ame says(2:25 PM):


1bobby says to Ame(2:29 PM):

Thanks for taking care of me lol

1bobby says to Ame(2:29 PM):

I have another 1 for ya shortly

1bobby says(2:30 PM):

Across Iraq on the formal market next November

06 October 2016 09:56 pm

Live: the Board of Governors approved the transfer of securities and Bank across Iraq (BTRI), of the second market is included in the formal market Iraq market for securities.

Approval came after the Bank met the requirement determines the number of shareholders not less than 100 contributor, and identified the body early systemic circulation market share to be on 1 November.

And it was the Bank's profit tumbled in the second quarter , down by 73.3%, to reach 919 million dinars, compared with the same period last year of 3.44 billion dinars.

MrsBGG says to 1bobby(2:41 PM):

thank you for copying!

MrsBGG says to 1bobby(2:41 PM):

Thank you for bringing in the News!

MrsBGG says(2:41 PM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/MadDScout & 1Bobby in the DU CHAT ROOM – Oct 6th 7:30pm EST

1bobby says(2:41 PM):

nk you ma'am

1bobby says(2:42 PM):

ok so much for new keyboard geeeez

1bobby says(2:42 PM):

Thank you Mrs BGG

futuremoney says(2:43 PM):

how can a bank loss 75 percent profits????? wow

1bobby says to futuremoney(2:47 PM):

I agree. Are you reading it to say they've also reached rehabilitaion status?

MrsBGG says to 1bobby(2:54 PM):

lol you are welcome!

futuremoney says(2:56 PM):

yes...evidently they were reaping great rewards by using corruption!!!

1bobby says to futuremoney(2:58 PM):

ok cool. That's what I was reading into it as well. Thanks

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