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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Wednesday 10/26/16 - Part 3

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 3 - Featuring rcookie, firefly & BGG

sheila3 says to 1bobby(11:52 AM):

ok,thanks :)

sheila3 says to 1bobby(11:54 AM):

thank you for copying :)

1bobby says(11:57 AM):

You betcha. Thanks for the relief. If ya need to get away, just lemme know

(11:57 AM)1bobbycopy changed nickname to 1bobby!

sheila3 says(11:57 AM):

your welcome :)

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rcookie says(12:02 PM):

The central bank denied three private banking company and 99 banks from entering sell the currency window

Author: AR, HH

Editor: AR, HH

10/26/2016 10:55

Number of Views: 991

Long-Presse / Baghdad

It decided to CBI, on Wednesday, depriving the three and 99 private banking company from entering the window banks sell the currency, while the reasons attributed to the violation of the laws and regulations of the bank for the purchase and sale of foreign currency.

A source at the bank in an interview with (long-Presse) that "the Iraqi Central Bank decided today, deprived of three private banks and 99 banking company from entering sell the currency window," noting that "deprive these companies and banks comes due to the violation of the laws and regulations of the Central Bank for the purchase of and sale of foreign currency. "

The source, who asked not to be named, said: "The three banks are, the regional Islamic Cooperation, and Melli Iran, Barcan," pointing out that "the banking companies that have been starved in a number of provinces, including Baghdad, Nineveh, Anbar and Kirkuk and Karbala."

The Central Bank of Iraq counted on Monday, (29 August 2016), the foreign currency sale "window and a means to ensure stability," the dinar exchange rate to meet the Iraqi economy requirements, while assuring "a greater role" for government banks to buy and sell the dollar and the development and verification sources of funds used for the purchase of hard currency.

The Central Bank of Iraq was established independently as a bank under a law issued on the sixth of March 2004, as an independent body, which is responsible for maintaining price stability and the implementation of monetary policy, including exchange rate policies being sessions a day for buying and selling currencies.

rcookie says(12:04 PM):

Parliamentary Integrity reveal suspicions of serious corruption in the Ministry of Electricity with 90 contract

Political Since 10.26.2016 at 11:20 (Baghdad time)

Special - balances News

It revealed the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Wednesday, about the presence of 90 contracts in the Ministry of Electricity graduate suspicions of corruption, including the decades and reached its material prices increased 100% for real prices in the global market.

The committee member said Taha defensive L / balance News /, that "we have received serious information about the corruption of the contracts for 2013 files into the present day and is up to 90 contracts, including contracts for materials prices up where the increase amounted to 100% of the real prices in world markets."

Defensive He added that "these contracts belong to the Euphrates East Electricity has been formed an investigative committee has been some of the contracts of the past few years and make sure you check the existence of suspicions of corruption and raised recommendations to the Minister of Electricity to take measures to those contracts."

He said the "estimated price is too high, where Us a number of companies producing, processing and materials that are imported and found a doubling of prices 100%, as well as the manipulation of the origin and technical specifications required in the conditions required for decades."

A number of economists and politicians that the Ministry of Electricity of more ministries in which the corrupted files, and no access to the results to reduce the blight that destroyed the Iraqi economy and poor delivery of services in the field of energy Alkahrbaiah.anthy 29

From: Flaih slain

sheila3 says to rcookie(12:04 PM):

good afternoon,and thank you :)

rcookie says(12:06 PM):


rcookie says(12:06 PM):


sheila3 says to rcookie(12:07 PM):


rcookie says(12:09 PM):

Judicial investigation offices accomplish more than 1580 cases during the last month

Local Since 10/26/2016 13:04 pm (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

The federal judiciary announced, on Wednesday, for the resolution of the judicial investigation offices across the country, more than 1580 cases during the last month. She explained that while the percentage of completion was high in many of the presidencies of the Courts of Appeal.

A spokesman for the authority Judge Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, "the judicial investigation offices settled in the past month 15812 case before in front between the closure and the assignment of the case to the competent courts."

Bayraktar said, "The discount rate was 226 per judge whose number is 70, distributed in 66 offices."

He continued, "The Office of the achievement of Babylon, ranked first in the number of cases, followed by resumption of the presidency Rusafa court."

He noted the spokesman, noted that "the presidencies of the resumption of Dhi Qar and Basra, Salaheddin, Al-Muthanna, Karbala, Qadisiyah courts achieved high rates of resolution of up to 80%, which displayed in front of her," .anthy 29 / A 43

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rcookie says(12:13 PM):

Central Bank announce the list of B102 deprived from entering the company sell the currency window

26-10-2016 03:30 PM

The CBI has decided to deprive the three private banks and 99 banking company from entering sell the currency window,

The central bank attributed the reasons to violating the laws and regulations of the bank for the purchase and sale of foreign currency. A source at the bank is that the three banks, the Islamic regional cooperation, and Melli Iran, Barcan ', pointing out that the banking that have been starved in a number of provinces, including Baghdad, Nineveh, Anbar and Kirkuk and Karbala companies.

rcookie says(12:15 PM):

Commander of Nineveh operations: we will enter Mosul before the end of the month

October 26, 2016

During the restoration process of Mosul, Iraqi forces

During the restoration process of Mosul, Iraqi forces



View Comments

Iraqi forces said they have become just three kilometers from the east side of the connector, expressing optimistic about the possibility of Iraq's second city to enter in the coming days.

He explained the commander of Nineveh operations Major General Najim al-Jubouri in contact with "Radio Sawa" on Wednesday that the pieces that have made significant progress on the ground will continue its pressure on the organization of the Islamic state Daesh, likely reaching the threshold of the city or enter some neighborhoods by the end of this month.

Storming imminent advice

It is scheduled to start the process to restore the entire area] advice from the control Daesh, according to the commander of Nineveh operations, referring to the liberation of more than 1,500 people were being held by the organization and transferred to Qayyarah area.

Tilkaif restore gas plant

The remarks come Jubouri, while Iraqi forces regained Tilkaif gas plant northeast of Mosul, after tightened the ring on militants Daesh deployed in the district center.

A statement of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense to the importance of this axis, which is six kilometers from the Arab neighborhood, the first neighborhoods of the northern city of Mosul axis.

In the eastern axis of the city of Mosul, anti-terrorism forces seized control of new villages, most notably Tobzawh, by device commander's comments in Mosul Operations Lt. Gen. Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi.

Surround castles area

In a related development, quoted by the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA), a security source on Wednesday that Iraqi forces cordoned off the area south of Mosul castles from all sides, and is waiting for the zero hour for the storm and restoration of Daesh.

Source: Radio Sawa / Free / Agencies

rcookie says(12:17 PM):

26-10-2016 03:21 PM Parliament Speaker: political and social map of the post-Daesh may be "shocking"

Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri said that the political and social map of the post-Daesh may 'be shocking.'

He said al-Jubouri, during his speech at the Third East Forum Middle Studies, which will be held in the city of Arbil, 'we can peace and form the option industry and his way war is not our choice mostly, but we can define an end after the other parties imposed on us its beginnings'.

He added that 'the political map, social or intellectual in post Daesh will never be the same before June 2014, conditions are imposed on us a new type of attitudes may be shocking in some detail, we may have to reconsider many of the files that Aglguenaha previously We thought it had been resolved. '

He pointed out that 'Daesh will not remain on the old pattern after the defeat in Mosul soon ... going to think in new ways and produce a new generation of terrorism may be more capable of dealing with the stage and meet the challenges of circumstances.

He stressed Jubouri 'We have to rethink many of the postulates that we thought it constants, including the Constitution, it is important that this be the social contract after the changed circumstances, it is important that the constitution is in line with the requirements phase requirements of the envelope'.

(12:22 PM)Josie was kicked out by Josie!

Elane says(12:30 PM):

Great find Rcookie: re: 102 business cut fromthe currency window...

sheila3 says to Elane(12:34 PM):

good afternoon :)

Elane says to sheila3(12:35 PM):

Hi there!

SRW says to rcookie(12:38 PM):

Thanks for the news Rcookie!! Can't imagine what newstime will be like tonight! Huge progress being made on a daily basis!! (y)

sheila3 says(12:40 PM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/RCookie, Mr White & Hutch – TONIGHT, Oct 26th 7:30pm EST – In the CHAT ROOM!!

_firefly_ says(12:49 PM):

“Once agreed upon additional information has been provided and agreed prior actions have been implemented, the IMF Board will consider the first review of the SBA, likely in November

Elane says(12:49 PM):

SRW.. thats for sure!

Elane says(12:49 PM):

Thanks FF

_firefly_ says(12:50 PM):

and agreed prior actions have been implemented,

sheila3 says to _firefly_(12:50 PM):

hey :)

_firefly_ says(12:50 PM):

and agreed prior actions

_firefly_ says(12:51 PM):

have been implemented,

Soonergirlie says to _firefly_(12:51 PM):

thanks, good to see you

_firefly_ says(12:51 PM):

Hi all :)

_firefly_ says to Soonergirlie(12:52 PM):

Thank you and ditto :)

Elane says(12:52 PM):

it IS good to see you

(12:52 PM)woodywoodpecker was kicked out by woodywoodpecker!

Soonergirlie says to _firefly_(12:52 PM):


_firefly_ says to sheila3(12:52 PM):

Hey luvy :-*

sheila3 says to _firefly_(12:52 PM):


_firefly_ says to Elane(12:53 PM):


_firefly_ says(12:55 PM):

Quiet room :)

sheila3 says to _firefly_(12:56 PM):

yes it is ({)

_firefly_ says(12:56 PM):

You folks should be dancing in the streets :)

sheila3 says to _firefly_(12:57 PM):


dale says to Bigdog(12:57 PM):

Good to see you firefly

BGG says to sheila3(12:57 PM):


_firefly_ says to dale(12:57 PM):

TY, you as well my friend :)

sheila3 says to BGG(12:58 PM):

hey,good to see you :)

Elane says to _firefly_(12:59 PM):

Very happy ff with the news.. best ever

Soonergirlie says to Elane(12:59 PM):

yes Elane, the news has been awesome

Elane says to Soonergirlie(1:00 PM):


_firefly_ says(1:00 PM):


Elane says to _firefly_(1:00 PM):


Soonergirlie says(1:00 PM):


_firefly_ says(1:01 PM):

Prior agreements to be impldmented huh?

woodywoodpecker says(1:01 PM):

Hi Mr Fly...always good to see you

_firefly_ says(1:01 PM):

Love that sentence

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_firefly_ says to woodywoodpecker(1:02 PM):

Hey buddy and TY :

_firefly_ says(1:04 PM):

This is the Arabic side

_firefly_ says(1:04 PM):

Iraqi authorities continued its discussions with experts from the International Monetary Fund in Washington DC during the period 6-10 on the first review of the standby agreement of duration 36 months credit, approved by the IMF Executive Board on 7 July 2016 (see press release No 16/123).

In this regard, Mr Christian jaws, head of the IMF mission to Iraq, made the following statement:

"The Iraqi authorities made good progress towards completing the first review of the standby credit agreement.

"Once you submit the requested additional information and the implementation of actions agreed presets, the Executive Board will consider the first review of the standby credit agreement, which is likely to be in November or December.

"During the discussions, the Group met with Dr Ali Mohsen Ismail relationship acting Central Bank Governor, Dr Fadhil Nabi Othman, Deputy Minister of finance, Dr appearance in favor of a financial adviser to the Prime Minister, and other officials from the Ministry of finance and the Central Bank of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government representative. The Fund's team would like to thank the Iraqi authorities on good cooperation and frank and fruitful discussions. "

Communication Department, International Monetary Fund

Media Relations Department

dinarmassa says(1:04 PM):

Has anyone seen if last night's call was posted yet

BGG says to dinarmassa(1:04 PM):

Working on it now.

_firefly_ says(1:05 PM):

"Once you submit the requested additional information and the implementation of actions agreed presets, the Executive Board will consider the first review of the standby credit agreement, which is likely to be in November or December.

_firefly_ says(1:05 PM):

and the implementation of actions agreed presets,

dinarmassa says(1:05 PM):

you're a good man

_firefly_ says(1:06 PM):


_firefly_ says(1:08 PM):

These words are what we've been waiting for for so many hyears !

_firefly_ says(1:08 PM):


_firefly_ says(1:10 PM):


JD1 says(1:11 PM):

thanks fly great to see ya

loop says(1:11 PM):

Samir Abbas Alnasiri *: see the economic reform after Daesh


What occupies the street and popular economic and currently is taking place from the discussions and interactions of political, security and humanitarian in the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives and stakeholders is the subject of liberalization of Mosul, and what are the visions of [...]

What occupies the street and popular economic now and what is going on now of discussions and interactions of political, security and humanitarian in the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives and stakeholders is the subject of liberalization of Mosul , and what are the visions and orientations after Daesh and the effects on the reality faced by Iraq at the present time it is how to bypass security and its economic crisis and financial afflicting more than two years because of falling oil prices on the world market and the costs of the war on terrorism and the misuse of public money management and financial and administrative corruption and quotas that caused the leadership of the economic institutions of the people is competent and incompetent and the dimensions of competent and independent from participating in the management of these institutions technocrats. in addition, and this is important, the lack of an economic approach to economic and a clear strategy features and goals and not to involve the private sector in managing the economy and the weakness of support and assistance for his contribution to the diversification of non - oil budget resources and the transition to the economy of rent - seeking to production.

That we're interested in all of this is what are ( the vision for economic reform after Daesh) in terms of the allocation of resources in the budget and take advantage of loans and grants and international aid in the reconstruction of cities liberated and activate and stimulate the private sector and encourage him to contribute with the government in the implementation of their plans as well as the rehabilitation of human resources in the removal of the war on terrorism and the decline in world oil prices and the suffering of the government and the people displaced from the economic and security crises and examine the reality of the Iraqi economy during the past effects ( 2014-2016 ) as well as a strategy and the vision of new economic economic reform for the next five years beyond the expulsion Daesh and the liberation of all occupied lands , and specifically for the years ( 2017-2021) , as follows: -

1. Allocation of 50 percent of the assignments was to monitor the costs of the war on terrorism for the purposes of the reconstruction of liberated areas in addition to the allocations reconstruction fund allocated to international and grants for this purpose.

2. Establish a body or a large enterprise competent for financing small and medium enterprises and the formation of banking system of cooperation and coordination with them under the supervision of the Central Bank and the Association of Banks in collaboration with the Ministries of Planning and Development Cooperation, Agriculture, Industry and Finance to lay the foundations and operational mechanisms for application in the liberated provinces to achieve the goal of Youth Rehabilitation and especially graduates of them the sons of these provinces to establish small and medium-economic projects to convert them to the producers of the unemployed and turning them from hopeless to the researchers hope their contribution in building the national economy.

loop says(1:11 PM):

3. The establishment of a development bank and investment as the government's share is not more than 25 percent of the capital and the private sector contributes Baktaath all for large in the capital and managed the mentality of the market economy and is subject to the control and supervision of the central bank and the Financial Inspection Office and be the role of government is focused on the support and backing and to identify development projects and large investment that contributes to the funding.

4. Allocation of funds from the International Monetary and banks and financial institutions will get Iraq for the next three years for the establishment of industrial zones and supporting the large contribution of the private sector and the agricultural projects of young graduates to diversify non-oil resources fund loans.

5. Establishment of the Central Bank and the Association of Banks and the private sector, civil society organizations and the private banks to achieve economic and social objectives of the organization and leadership campaigns to finance and reconstruction projects that serve vast segments of society and reduce the unemployment rate similar to the rehabilitation of Rasheed Street and public squares in Baghdad called for CBI.

6. To reconsider the laws of the legislative environment governing the economic process, particularly investment banks and the central bank and stock market laws and registration of companies, including helping to lending operations tax and settling accounts and guarantees required from entrepreneurs and the mechanism for the payment of their dues.

7. Development and activation and implementation of the government's plans in e-government applications and electronic pre-emptive censorship and that limit the operations of financial and administrative corruption.

8. Activation of the Council of Ministers' decision to establish a deposit insurance company, which was the goal of its founding restore public confidence in the trust sector, the Iraqi banking and increase the savings rate among banks rather than compactness in their homes, and their impacts on the contribution of funds of citizens in sustainable development that is to urge and compel the government and private banks contribute to this company.

9. Return the structural and institutional reconstruction of the economy development of the foundations and infrastructure for the management of the economy which is the Supreme Council for economic reform and approval of the draft law submitted three years ago and did not approve of the House of Representatives and the establishment of the National Provident Fund or the sovereign Provident Fund to pool resources in non-oil and oil surplus to the planned selling prices rates annual budgets as well as the establishment of the national Commission for decades, investment and trade and the withdrawal of all contractual powers vested in the ministries.

10. Establish the National Council for reconstruction instead of the current Housing Fund and the reconstruction of liberated cities and Daesh The feasibility study for all large investment projects and infrastructure projects submitted by the provinces and monitor its allocations and the reviewing and monitoring and evaluation.

11. Founding of the National Center for Rehabilitation and distribution of human resources and specializes in the rehabilitation and training of graduates and deployed to rehabilitation centers and training of government and private prior to their appointment to the central and state ministries and private sector projects, according to the annual development plan and budget requirements.

12. Founding of the National Center for Consulting and Strategic Studies to attract all the talent and expertise of Iraq at home and abroad for the purpose of providing the governmental institutions and the private sector leadership of the administrative and technical (Techno Hippocrates) to manage all state institutions without quotas and consensual.

( *) Banking expert and member of the World Union of Arab Bankers

Copyright Network economists Alaracyinz allowing re-publication, provided reference to the source. 26 October / the October 2016

loop says(1:11 PM):


_firefly_ says(1:12 PM):

I told you folks 2 years ago now ..... "Watch Mosul"

_firefly_ says to loop(1:13 PM):


loop says to _firefly_(1:14 PM):

I remember that. Good call.

_firefly_ says(1:15 PM):

My question is ..... What comes 1st, the chicken or the egg :)

_firefly_ says to loop(1:15 PM):


loop says to _firefly_(1:16 PM):

It's all edible to me..

_firefly_ says to loop(1:16 PM):


Elane says(1:18 PM):


Elane says(1:18 PM):

Great stuff

_firefly_ says to JD1(1:21 PM):

Good to see you as well my friend :)

sheila3 says to loop(1:22 PM):

thank you :)

sheila3 says to _firefly_(1:23 PM):

thank you :)

_firefly_ says to sheila3(1:23 PM):


sheila3 says to _firefly_(1:23 PM):


_firefly_ says to sheila3(1:24 PM):

Prior agreements huh?

_firefly_ says to sheila3(1:24 PM):

Implementation !!!!!!

sheila3 says to _firefly_(1:24 PM):


_firefly_ says to sheila3(1:24 PM):

Wow wow wow

_firefly_ says(1:29 PM):

And who was the IMF meeting with for these prior agreements and to be implemented?

_firefly_ says(1:30 PM):

the team met with Acting Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), Dr. Ali Mohsen Ismail Al-Allaq, Deputy Finance Minister, Dr. Fadhil Nabee Othman, the Financial Adviser to the Prime Minister Dr. Mudher Saleh, and officials from the ministry of finance, the CBI, and a representative from the Kurdistan Regional Government.

_firefly_ says(1:30 PM):

All financial reps !!!!!!!!

Elane says(1:30 PM):


sheila3 says to _firefly_(1:31 PM):


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(1:32 PM)bbgene was kicked out by bbgene!

Elane says to _firefly_(1:33 PM):


Dinarian1 says to _firefly_(1:33 PM):

Most Awesome!!!

_firefly_ says(1:33 PM):

:) (y)(y)(y)

_firefly_ says(1:35 PM):

This picture is becoming VERY clear

Dinarian1 says to _firefly_(1:36 PM):

My window is still foggy a bit... need to see from your window LOL

_firefly_ says(1:36 PM):


_firefly_ says(1:36 PM):


Dinarian1 says to _firefly_(1:37 PM):

All joking aside... yes this is coming together so well and the sooner the better!!

_firefly_ says to Dinarian1(1:39 PM):

additional information has been provided and agreed prior actions have been implemented,

_firefly_ says to Dinarian1(1:39 PM):

Can't get any clearer than that :)

Dinarian1 says to _firefly_(1:40 PM):


_firefly_ says to Dinarian1(1:40 PM):


_firefly_ says to Dinarian1(1:41 PM):

Gotta scoot for a bitt folks, have a GREAT week :)

sheila3 says to _firefly_(1:41 PM):

you too :-*

_firefly_ says(1:42 PM):

:) (})

sheila3 says to _firefly_(1:42 PM):


Dinarian1 says(1:42 PM):

its funny, my wife and I have side bets as to when this is going to pop... I think we will both will lose as it appears to be happening sooner rather than later, at their current pace. Which is FINE by me!! :D

sheila3 says to Dinarian1(1:43 PM):


woodywoodpecker says(1:43 PM):

Today would be fine with me

Dinarian1 says to sheila3(1:44 PM):

Howdy Sheila! I don't think I have ever said Thank YOU for all you do here for us! So... THANK YOU!!! (F)

sheila3 says to woodywoodpecker(1:44 PM):

me too :)

woodywoodpecker says(1:44 PM):

or even tomorrow

Dinarian1 says to woodywoodpecker(1:44 PM):


sheila3 says to Dinarian1(1:44 PM):

how sweet,your very welcome :)

jetset says(1:45 PM):

greetings to all!

woodywoodpecker says(1:45 PM):


Dinarian1 says to jetset(1:45 PM):

Hi ya Jet!

sheila3 says to jetset(1:45 PM):

hello :)

jetset says(1:45 PM):

another day closer!

Dinarian1 says(1:46 PM):

and another Dinar richer! LOL

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Dinarian1 says(1:46 PM):

thatoesnt sound right haha... but true lol

Dinarian1 says(1:46 PM):


Dinarian1 says(1:46 PM):

ok all.... back to work for me. got to pay the man lol

Dinarian1 says(1:47 PM):


sheila3 says to Dinarian1(1:47 PM):

take care :)

sheila3 says to Dinarian1(1:47 PM):


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(1:59 PM)Okie Dinar changed nickname to .OkieDinar!

Okie Dinar says to sheila3(1:59 PM):

Good afternoon Sheila :) Are you ready for a break?

loop says(2:01 PM):

Here is an article posted by Madscout on the news forum.

loop says(2:01 PM):

Parliamentary Finance: appointments in the budget of 2017 zero

Views 185 Added 26/10/2016 - 19:10

Economy News / Continue ...

Revealed the parliamentary finance committee member Masood Haider, Wednesday, that the number of grades in the draft financial budget law for 2017, zero, while noting the inability of Government or parliament Add your grades.

Haider said in a press statement, said that "a number of grades and project grades Act of 2017, non-existent means equal to zero," denying "the existence of degrees related to the appointment of the ministries of defense, interior, education and other ministries."

Haider said that "the reason for the lack of job grades to balance in 2017, because of the conditions of the International Monetary Fund, which borrowed money from Iraq," stressing that "the government and the parliament is obliged to this matter and we can not overcome or modified to add appointments."

loop says(2:01 PM):

"the reason for the lack of job grades to balance in 2017, because of the conditions of the International Monetary Fund, which borrowed money from Iraq," stressing that "the government and the parliament is obliged to this matter and we can not overcome or modified to add appointments."

Okie Dinar says to sheila3(2:01 PM):

Sorry my zoom was off :)

loop says(2:01 PM):

"the reason for the lack of job grades to balance in 2017, because of the conditions of the International Monetary Fund, which borrowed money from Iraq," stressing that "the government and the parliament is obliged to this matter and we can not overcome or modified to add appointments."

(2:01 PM)Okie Dinar changed nickname to .OkieDinar!

sheila3 says(2:02 PM):

hey,good afternoon,yes please that would be great

Okie Dinar says to sheila3(2:02 PM):

Or should I say zoomed in (lol)

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clay says to loop(2:02 PM):

thanks buddy

sheila3 says to Okie Dinar(2:02 PM):

lol,ill copy once more,thank you :)

Okie Dinar says to sheila3(2:03 PM):

You're welcome :) Thank you for copying!

loop says to clay(2:03 PM):

You are very welcome.

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