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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Tuesday 10/18/16 - Part 3

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 3 - Featuring rcookie & BGG

rcookie says(1:44 PM):



rcookie says(1:46 PM):


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rcookie says(1:52 PM):

Raise the Iraqi flag over an existing building Mqamah Hamdaniyah

logo jumhuriya

Raise the Iraqi flag over an existing building Mqamah Hamdaniyah

Tue, 18 Oct 2016 18:25:17

# Algmehorah_uz

Harbi said media cell, on Tuesday, raising the Iraqi flag over an existing Mqamah Hamdaniya district east of Mosul building.

She said the cell told the News of the Republic, " The joint forces liberated Qaimmqamah Hamdania building east of Mosul from the control Daesh terrorist."

He added that "these troops have raised the Iraqi flag over the building."

It is said that the joint forces were able to reach the Hamdaniya district east of Mosul Center after the escape of the terrorist elements Daesh him.

rcookie says(1:53 PM):

Band ninth advancing three axes operations Mosul

logo jumhuriya

Band ninth advancing three axes operations Mosul

Tue, 18 Oct 2016 07:27:59

# Algmehorah_uz

He said MP for the province of Nineveh MP Haneen Qadu, if Armored Division ninth advance in Mosul, three axes they (Coeur, the phalanx, and Hamdania).

He explained Qadu, in a press statement that "the first axis includes a main street that connects Alkwyr south east of Mosul, the second axis is the path on the east bank of the Tigris River line toward pacifism, one of the areas which is one of the fortified castles of Doaash."

He said, "The third axis is the axis of Hamdania Nimrod, and the village of Hamdania Kawaz center Hamdania croutons, and this leads us to say that the main part of the Nineveh plain free."

He pointed out that "third axis will meet with Iraqi army backed by the Peshmerga forces."

He announced the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Monday morning, the start of operations of the liberation of Mosul Daesh terrorist gangs.

The Defence Ministry said on Monday that the security forces managed to free seven villages, namely, (blended, Sunrise, Hamidiyah, glomerulus, neutrophil, Abbas Rajab, new) was also able to completely encircle the village balawat east of Mosul.

rcookie says(1:54 PM):

Alabboudh: some of the blocks to take the dismissal of ministers on the basis of balance

logo jumhuriya

Alabboudh: some of the blocks to take the dismissal of ministers on the basis of balance

Sat, 15 Oct 2016 10:57:06

# Algmehorah_uz

It confirmed the MP for the coalition of state law Rehab Alabboudh, that there are some political blocs in the parliament based in the dismissal of government ministers on the basis of political balance.

The MP Rehab Alabboudh in a press statement that "all political movements can not be legitimate for any political party to prevent MPs questioning government officials or withdraw their signatures."

She explained that "the members of the House of Representatives dismissed the defense minister and finance minister, pointing out that there are some blocs seeking to dismiss Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari on the basis of political balance."

She pointed out that "the members of the House of Representatives before God responsible for their attitudes and can not compliment any political party, pointing out that" if questioned Foreign Minister questioning professionally and convincing that we will vote on the dismissal or without him. "

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rcookie says(1:55 PM):

Government withdraws the draft law of compulsory military service

logo jumhuriya

Government withdraws the draft law of compulsory military service

Sat, 15 Oct 2016 12:04:05

# Algmehorah_uz

For the security and defense committee in Parliament said today that the Iraqi government withdrew the draft law of compulsory military service without having to send it to parliament again.

He said the Commission decision of Abdul Aziz Hassan said in a statement Saturday that "the government withdrew the bill did not send the law to the parliament so far."

He guessed Hassan, "that the government has forgotten the existence of the project will not enact the law."

He noted that "the Parliamentary Committee discussed the draft law more than once and there are different opinions among deputies and blocs about," adding that "the Committee with the enactment of the law in accordance with the mechanisms and controls are quite different from the previous system of conscription, and be similar to developed countries, which has a compulsory military service system and service of science." .

He said, under the current circumstances, the current project can not pass smoothly, and thus needs to be more stable atmosphere after editing operations.

The Defense Ministry had approved in February on a draft law of compulsory service for submission to the State Council for examination, and in turn brought to the presidencies of the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives for approval.

The service was mandatory in place in the previous regimes that came to rule Iraq, and was canceled in 2003 after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein's regime, has been the former army, which mainly depends on the cram order of the US civil administrator Paul Bremer solution.

rcookie says(1:57 PM):

An invitation to form a parliamentary front to include 10% of the oil revenues to Basra

logo jumhuriya

An invitation to form a parliamentary front to include 10% of the oil revenues to Basra

Sat, 15 Oct 2016 19:13:53

# Algmehorah_uz

MP from Basra Faleh al - Khazali province to form a parliamentary front to include the 10 percent of imports Basra oil to the local government to maintain balance in 2017, while the deputy governors urged not to pass the budget and to refrain from voting on them if they are free of that percentage.

He said al - Khazali told Republic News that the ratio Despite gaining the support and endorsement by the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi and Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri , but they need a parliamentary front in order to vote in the House of Representatives and the approval and make it within the 2017 budget, calling on lawmakers to maintain totaling 25 MPs to take the case of non - inclusion of the 10 percent in the state budget for next year could reach serious attitude to not to ratify the budget in general and to prevent the pass.

Khazali said the Basra province benefits amounting to more than 13 trillion dinars are still in the custody of the Federal government , which did not fulfill their obligations constant regardless of financial dues despite their own conservative of pollution caused by the extraction and export of oil operations and promises.

And on the benefits of Basra , too, Khazali demanded the federal government commitment to implement the existing laws, especially give Basra law 50 percent of the land, sea and air border crossings revenues 9 outlets and guestrooms, which are stipulated in the budget year 2015 without being included in the paragraphs, describing the government continues not to apply to leave for law.

It is said that the head of the Basra Governorate Council, morning Albzona, announced on September 27 , 2016 to send a formal letter to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, for the purpose of allocating a percentage of not less than 10% of the province 's oil production revenue to the Government of Basra, instead of $ five amounts and benefits previous years that were not received by the province.

And was a member of the parliamentary finance committee Magda Tamimi, revealed Republic News on September 28 , 2016 for full support for the demands of the head of the Basra Governorate Council morning Albzona to allocate at least 10 percent of oil production revenues , noting that Basra is the first oil - producing province, as well as damage to the due to the extraction and export of oil operations and unfair to be treated Basra and other provinces treatment in terms of budgets and financial allocations.

This , it is hoped that the discussion of the request Basra to allocate 10 per cent of the oil revenues it through the House of Representatives sessions this week, after parliament received the draft budget from the central government law a few days ago, according to the revelations of Mrbd Commission on oil and energy parliamentary member Ibrahim Bahr al- Ulum.

rcookie says(1:59 PM):

Immigration Minister abandons $ 32 million out of the country

logo jumhuriya

Immigration Minister abandons $ 32 million out of the country

Sat, 15 Oct 2016 20:29:17

# Algmehorah_uz

I learned Agency Republic News from reliable sources that the Minister of Displacement and Migration Jassim Mohammed fled $ 32 million through one of private banks out of Iraq.

The sources said that "the Minister of Immigration fled his family to one of state sponsors of terrorism as well as the transfer of $ 32 million through the North Bank and shaped parts since the government began by declaring technocratic changes."

Davc and that "the amounts owed by the Minister is granted the displaced families that have not Atzlmoha as well as the amounts recorded on purchases, such as tents and fake live supplies".

It revealed the Kurdistan Alliance MP Vian Dakhil, for preparedness and Minister of Displacement and Migration Jassim Mohammed to escape outside Iraq for his involvement files of serious corruption.

She said an intruder in a statement, said that "near the announcement of the Ministry of Immigration files, making its minister Jassim Mohammed preparing to flee abroad for being involved files of serious corruption."

The statement added that "the corruption of the files involved and Immigration Minister is the disappearance of large sums allocated millions of dollars in aid for the displaced."

Demanded Rep Yazidi, "Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and security authorities prevented the Minister of Displacement and Migration Jassim Mohammed from traveling abroad and members of his family is the presence of suspicions of corruption it."

diagyAAAE says(1:59 PM):

XE 1161

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rcookie says(2:01 PM):

Haider al - Abadi asked Saudi Arabia to send an ambassador to Iraq

18/10/2016 22:52

Rating Current Rating 5/0

حيدر العبادي يطلب من السعودية إرسال سفير إلى العراق

He called on Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Saudi Arabia to "send an ambassador to Iraq to improve relations between the two countries."

Ebadi said during a news conference on Tuesday at his residence in Baghdad, after the end of the cabinet meeting, "Iraq's aim to build strong relations with neighboring countries and the world, and has a relationship with Saudi Arabia extends for long periods should take its natural form."

Two days ago, replaced by the Saudi ambassador in Iraq, Thamir Sabhan, Bakaim business after months of demanding the Iraqi Foreign Ministry so because of comments he made were considered an interference in Iraq's internal affairs.

On 28 August, the Iraqi Foreign Ministry asked the Saudi government replace the Saudi Ambassador to Baghdad (Sabhan), against the backdrop of the recent indictment for "Iraqi militias linked to Iran of being behind the plot" to assassinate him during his stay in Iraq, the ambassador spoke of the means of various Arab media in the same month .

At that time, Ambassador Sabhan, said the channel "news," the Saudi official, said that "the Iraqi Foreign Ministry asked replaced, came under pressure Iranian, and even avoid the Baghdad government embarrassment after threats that I have received death threats from subsumed militias under the Iraqi government (in reference to popular crowd)."

In April 2015 Saudi Arabia Sabhan appointed ambassador to Iraq, and for the first time since he severed ties in 1991 following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.

And the battle to liberate the city of Mosul said al-Abadi, said the military is moving precisely in accordance with the set for it to liberate the city military plan ,.

As Abadi denied the implementation of random bombardment on targets in mind for civilians who opened them safe corridors operations.

Abadi talked about "achieving successes in all axes of the connector operations during the first day, and was able to military and police forces and the Peshmerga Edit several villages, restoring some of the oil fields."

He continued: "we have provided during the start of military operations safe corridors for displaced people out of the city, where families began to flee from (Daesh) towards the security forces."

He denied head of the Iraqi government, "the implementation of random shelling on the areas. Where we send troops to stay away from the goal of any harm to civilians."

And set off at dawn on Monday, the battle of the restoration of the city of Mosul, in northern Iraq, organized by "Daesh" terrorist, with the participation of 45 thousand of the Baghdad government forces, whether from the army or the police, or the popular crowd forces (mostly Shia), or the crowd forces National (Sunni).

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jfd says(2:19 PM):

Has anyone heard any realistic timeframe on how long the Masoul battle should take?

Ame965240 says(2:21 PM):

being a combat veteran such things can not be accurately "predicted" but soon

jfd says(2:22 PM):


jfd says(2:25 PM):

You would think that all of ISIS would have left 2 weeks ago.

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(2:52 PM)clay changed nickname to .VIP.clay!

(2:52 PM)foamgod was kicked out by foamgod!

clay says(2:52 PM):

If they run they get killed by their own people

clay says(2:52 PM):


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Elane says(3:05 PM):

Thanks Da58: Cabinet sends next year's budget to parliament in 2017

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi Uz..aaln Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Tuesday, sending next year's budget to the House of Representatives for a vote, noting that the Council of Ministers also agreed to launch a massacre amounts Spyker families compensation.

Ebadi said at a news conference attended by the correspondent / Baghdadi News / "The Council of Ministers has completed discuss next year's budget and sent it to parliament for a vote before the end of this year," noting that "the budget included a former oil deal with the Kurdistan region."

"The board reshuffled the general amnesty law in coordination with the political blocs in the House of Representatives," noting that "This amendment will ensure that the release of criminals and terrorists."

He noted that "the Council of Ministers also approved in today's session to launch amounts Spyker massacre that claimed the lives of 1,700 students at the hands of the terrorist organization Daesh families compensation, also acknowledged the integration of retired workers and the private pension fund" .anthy 21 / d project



clay says to Elane(3:08 PM):

hey buddy thanks :)

Elane says(3:08 PM):

You got it!!!!!

clay says to Elane(3:08 PM):


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Elane says(3:15 PM):

Thanks..Da58: http://www.albaghdadianews.com/…/103...AkNeEAs-nEYOk…


clay says to Elane(3:16 PM):

wow when was the last time we heard HCL

Elane says(3:16 PM):

I know right?

baxter says(3:16 PM):

Clay.... well.. for me.. the HCL started about 11 years ago...

clay says to baxter(3:17 PM):

hey buddy :)

baxter says(3:17 PM):

Hey Clay...

clay says to baxter(3:17 PM):

Mosul started (y)

baxter says(3:17 PM):

I know.... I wonder how much will be left standing...

baxter says(3:17 PM):

but its great news

wickedwitch1 says(3:17 PM):

I realize im showing my ignorance on the subject, but can someone give me the short version of what the HCL is?

Elane says(3:18 PM):

Does that link work for everyone.. someone said it didnt.. wickedwitch1 its the hydro carbon law

baxter says(3:18 PM):

I just got back from Ohio again.... Im getting tired of this...

wickedwitch1 says to Elane(3:19 PM):

Thanks. I knew that, just went blank for a minute.

Elane says(3:19 PM):

This is no time to be anything but happy

Elane says(3:19 PM):


jfd says(3:20 PM):

The HCL is the sharing of the oil revenue.

jfd says(3:21 PM):

The simple version.

wickedwitch1 says to Elane(3:23 PM):

Thank you jfd!

jfd says(3:23 PM):


Ame965240 says(3:30 PM):

Hydro carbon law

Ame965240 says(3:30 PM):

hydro carbons being oil gas etc

jimplants says(3:30 PM):

i for one am not tired of this I may not understand everything but i know they are working on joining the world economy i have been waiting for over 6 years i am seasoned and will wait without complaning

Ame965240 says(3:30 PM):

6? NEWBIE lol

jimplants says(3:31 PM):

over 6 so i dont count anymore

Ame965240 says(3:31 PM):

I ran out of fingers to count on so I have too

baxter says(3:31 PM):

Jimplants... I am not tired of this... I am tired of going back and forth to Ohio.. :)

Ame965240 says(3:32 PM):

hey Bax I want to go back to NY

jimplants says(3:32 PM):

have ohio come to you

Ame965240 says(3:32 PM):

in the SUMMER

baxter says(3:32 PM):

I wish I could...

baxter says(3:32 PM):

Hi Ame....

Ame965240 says(3:32 PM):

hiya Pal

Ame965240 says(3:33 PM):

we have 85 here

baxter says(3:33 PM):

its about that here too.... gonna cool off though this weekend

Ame965240 says(3:33 PM):


Ame965240 says(3:33 PM):

75 and lows in upper 50's

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Ame965240 says(3:39 PM):

there he goes again...darn cheap limbs

baxter says(3:40 PM):

Ame... at least our humidity is down..... it was a hot summer..

Ame965240 says(3:40 PM):

indeed so

baxter says(3:40 PM):

I have never seen the lake temperature at 94 degrees... but thats what it was this summer...

Ame965240 says(3:41 PM):

its a wonder tyhe fish didn't suffocate

baxter says(3:41 PM):

well.... there was no oxygen below 4 feet at times..

Okie Dinar says(3:41 PM):

NEWSTIME TUESDAY 10/18 !!!! 6:30 pm cst

“After Call – LIVE”!! 7:30 pm cst

w/RCookie, Mr White & Hutch

641-715-3640 pin 528733#

Ame965240 says(3:41 PM):


baxter says(3:42 PM):

lot of catfish died... because they are a bottom feeder...

baxter says(3:43 PM):


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Ame965240 says(3:43 PM):

be well

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rcookie says to Elane(4:07 PM):

READ CHAT LOGS..........

rcookie says to Elane(4:11 PM):


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Okie Dinar says(4:21 PM):

NEWSTIME TUESDAY 10/18 !!!! 6:30 pm cst

“After Call – LIVE”!! 7:30 pm cst

w/RCookie, Mr White & Hutch

641-715-3640 pin 528733#

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jetset says(4:35 PM):

good afternoon, good people!

clay says to jetset(4:41 PM):

hey there buddy :)

Josie says(4:41 PM):


Josie says(4:41 PM):

Let's just let that marinate for a bit. Thank you RCookie

clay says to Josie(4:42 PM):

yep :) GE

Josie says to clay(4:42 PM):

Just sayin....

clay says to Josie(4:44 PM):


SRW says to clay(4:48 PM):

Hey Clay

clay says to SRW(4:53 PM):


Ame965240 says(4:54 PM):


Ame965240 says(4:54 PM):

that one will work

jetset says to clay(4:54 PM):

good evening! how goes it?

DIGIman1 says to Okie Dinar(4:54 PM):

im here if you need a break :)

jetset says to Josie(4:54 PM):

sounds good to me!

clay says to jetset(4:55 PM):

good thanks

clay says to jetset(4:55 PM):


clay says to jetset(4:55 PM):

done for the day

clay says to jetset(4:55 PM):

heading home

clay says to jetset(4:55 PM):

loving the Mosul news

jetset says to clay(4:55 PM):

it is phenomenal!

clay says to jetset(4:56 PM):


clay says to jetset(4:56 PM):


rcookie says(4:57 PM):


rcookie says(4:58 PM):

Economy after the war on «Daesh»

19/10/2016 0:00

Samir Abbas Alnasiri

interested in postwar planning against «Daesh» terrorist phase in terms of the allocation of resources in the budget and benefit from loans and grants and international aid in the reconstruction of cities liberated and activate and stimulate the private sector and encourage him to contribute with the government in the implementation of their plans as well as the rehabilitation of human resources in the removal of the effects of war in terrorism and the decline in world oil prices and the suffering of the government and the people displaced from the economic and security crises and examine the reality of the Iraqi economy during the years (2014-2016) as well as the fee strategy and new economic vision of economic construction for the next five years beyond the expulsion «Daesh» and the liberation of all occupied lands , and specifically for the years ( 2017 - 2021) through: -

1 - allocation of 50 percent of the assignments was to monitor the costs of the war on terrorism for the purposes of the reconstruction of liberated areas in addition to the allocations reconstruction fund allocated to international and grants to this goal.

2 - establish a body or a large enterprise specialized for financing small and medium enterprises and the formation of banking system of cooperation and coordination with them under the supervision of the Central Bank and the Association of banks in collaboration with the Ministries of planning and Development cooperation, Agriculture, Industry and Finance to lay the foundations and operational mechanisms for application in the liberated provinces to achieve the goal of rehabilitation of young people, particularly graduates of the sons of these provinces to set up small and medium - economic projects to convert them from the unemployed to the productive contribution of older persons in building the national economy.

rcookie says(4:59 PM):

3 - the founding of the Bank for development and investment in which the government 's share is not more than 25 percent of the capital and the private sector contributes Baktaath all for large in the capital and managed the mentality of the market economy and is subject to the control and supervision of the central Aalpennek and the Office of financial supervision and be governmental role focuses on support the attribution and identification of large development and investment projects that contribute to the funding.

4 - allocation of funds from the international Monetary and banks and financial institutions will get Iraq for the next three years to set up industrial zones and supporting the large contribution of the private sector agricultural projects and young graduates to diversify non - oil resources fund loans.

5 - the Central Bank and the Association of banks and the private sector, civil society organizations and the private banks to achieve economic and social objectives of the organization and leadership campaigns to finance and reconstruction projects that serve vast segments of society and reduce the unemployment rate similar to the rehabilitation of Rasheed Street and public squares in Baghdad called by the central bank.

6 - Playback considering the laws of the legislative environment governing the economic process, particularly investment banks and the central bank and stock market laws and registration of companies , including helping to lending operations tax and settling accounts and guarantees required from entrepreneurs and the mechanism for the payment of their dues

7 - the development and activation and implementation of the government 's plans in e - government applications and proactive control electronics that limit operations administrative corruption and financial support .

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rcookie says(5:00 PM):

LOOK FAMILIAR............

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rcookie says(5:01 PM):

Babylon attracts investment

19/10/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD / morning

at a time when Babylon Investment Commission announced the investment license granted within the tourism sector at a cost of 4.5 billion dinars in the city of Hilla , the center of which is the eighth investment license during the current year, and a specialist in economic affairs stressed the importance of these projects that contribute to moving the labor market more

effectively .

Director General Dr. Nasr Hammoud Msenan said: Babylon Investment Commission and within the support of the tourism sector orientation has been granted an investment license to create a swimming pool and sports entertainment and other events in the city of Hilla center.

the president of the Commission that the cost of the project is estimated B4,5 billion dinars, pointing out that this investment license is the eighth license granted by the Commission during the current year, indicating that the project implementation period is 12 months.

the portfolios include Babylon many investment opportunities in all areas of the province which has an important strategic location in central Iraq and linking the highway and railway with most regions of the country.

He added Msenan the investment Authority of Babylon is outstanding currently among investment authorities in the provinces the fact that our body is a serious and continuous work on the subject of granting several investment licenses in all sectors as well as the completion of a lot of investment projects , in addition to that there are a lot of projects undergoing work advanced.

turn competent in economic affairs Hasan Ali Abdul Karim said that the granting of an investment license at the present time is very important and is working to move the labor market and activate chock sectors, and will provide jobs for a large segment of young people in various disciplines, and move transfers required by the implementation of project operations .

Abdul Karim noted the importance of investment with global and regional corporate bodies continue to call for the establishment of investment projects in Iraq, especially as the volume of work in a large country is economically feasible.

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It's yours' if you want it :)

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HI OKIE!!!!.......

rcookie says(5:02 PM):


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bibi says(5:02 PM):

GA DU! And Rcookie and Okie!!

Okie Dinar says to bibi(5:03 PM):

Hey there Bibi!

bibi says(5:03 PM):

Wow, Rcookie, you have been rocking all day! The chat logs are amazing!

Okie Dinar says to bibi(5:03 PM):

How are you today?

bibi says to Okie Dinar(5:03 PM):

Hi, there! I'm doing well. Thank you for asking. How are you?

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And thank you for copying!!! We appreciate you!

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I'm great, thank you :) You're welcome (L):-* You're to sweet!

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I was traveling for a few days, so just getting caught up on the DU news. Wow, so much going on!! (v):)(y)

bibi says to Okie Dinar(5:04 PM):

I'm happy to hear you're doing well. :-*(F)

rcookie says(5:05 PM):

The adoption of a proposed construction cost low for resolving the housing crisis

19/10/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD / Suha Shaykhli

witnessing the real estate market from time to time fluctuation in the price per square meter from region to region and other elements play a role in determining real estate prices , whether intended for housing or non - resident business, but that real estate prices in the final outcome is subject, like other commodities, to the principle of supply and demand , which is determined by a combination of factors and conditions.

and these factors and circumstances spoke for {morning} economic Academy Dr. Wesal Abdullah Hussein , adding that: from recipes Asarsouk property instability where the volatility out of the question all the time and when it is like any other commodity is governed by supply and demand laws of the market .

showed Hussein that these laws are affected by several indicators , including the security situation , which is reflected on prices , either by sale or in the rent, and the geographical area and the location of the drug plays a role in it, as well as affected by the real estate prices , if located in the narrow streets or in commercial streets.

attribute Economists fluctuation of prices to undergo real estate to the principle of supply and demand, stressing the need to be real and not fabricated as the limited supply compared to an increase in demand to help heavily on high real estate prices , a sale or rent , including difficult to curb


provided Hussein another solution to reduce residential property prices through houses technology and sessile adoption of cost that can reduce construction costs as well as being environmentally friendly, so that construction costs no more than 35 million Danarlmessahh 200 meters


She noted that the urban planning of cities (urban planning) practice in most countries of the world system and plays a role in maintaining the the form of the city and to identify areas of homes with the availability of services, and are now seeing houses with an area of 27 meters and sometimes less, it is strange to find that Saralmitr box to house a space 27 meters higher than the price of the house with an area of 100 meters , because the citizen Amadtrellhra because of the crisis


It showed that increasing the number of residents Baghdad has affected the price of the property in the capital , bringing the price per box of the property with him or her limbs in the rest of the provinces , there Saralmitr box where more than two million Denaromnatq other far less areas. He noted that the number of Baghdad residents up to 8 million people reason to accelerate the construction of modern villages and Baghdad stretched horizontally and vertically to accommodate population increases and to control the rising cost of homes sold prices or leased, noting that the splitting of the family increases the demand for purchase or rent


Project Basmajh

Hussein described the project as a Basmajh residential project is successful, urging the adoption of the establishment of such projects because it will contribute to the low cut residential land prices and the role, calling for the need to circulate Basmajh experience in other provinces.

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Revive manufacturing compounding the general budget revenues

19/10/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD / Hussein Tgb

stressed a number of people interested in economic affairs on the need to go to the activation of economically viable industries that can attract international efforts rapidly to their role in achieving great economic feasibility of the parties to the process is the most important manufacturing industries that raise rates of fiscal revenue for the state.

Economic member of Baghdad forum Hadi Hndas said that the multiplicity of resources that we seek requires hard work to revive the industries that achieve significant financial returns for the country 's economy, pointing out that the most important sectors that can bring benefit and general federal budget is the manufacturing industry , which raises the value of the raw materials through manufacturing , many of which materials characterized by the presence increasingly in demand in the local markets, this process increases the material value.

domestic demand

and pointed out in an interview for the "morning" that manufacturing products obviate the trend towards global markets to cover domestic demand, pointing to the possibility of establishing industries dealing with crude oil and turn it into products several supply the local markets and markets of the world where you find an increasing demand on them.

the means of manufacturing complex economic activities , such as transforming raw materials into products and services of interest to a great benefit to the economy of the country


origins of various

competent industrial affairs Amer Jeweler between the activation of the reality of the manufacturing is a necessity for her role in achieve significant economic feasibility of the country, especially as the local market based on products imported from different origins and which may does not hold the quality specifications in order to cover the growing local market requirements of

their products.

the students need to work on the rehabilitation of production lines in petrochemical plants and work on the updated through the production lines sophisticated as well as planning to set up new projects near the sources of raw materials work best global technologies, pointing to the importance of dealing with the specialist in this regard the international companies that have work experiences inside Iraq.


and operates major economic blocs in the world to adopt manufacturing industries economically viable terms of turning a barrel of oil on the for example , the products reach prices around $ 600, while displays in the global crude market at a price of up to $ 50.

future plans

and was competent industrial affairs Abdul Hassan Shammari pointed to the importance of planning for the advancement of the manufacturing industries , which must include the development of long, medium and short - plans - term, pointing that it must be preceded by the implementation of infrastructure projects in all economic and service sectors , without exception.

he said that the petrochemical industry development contributes greatly to the preservation of capital cycle within the country, especially as the country spends huge amounts of money to import their products from abroad, indicating that manufacturing development requires securing a large and continuous investments in infrastructure needed

to produce them .

He explained that this approach requires the development of a variety of policies and environment guarantor of

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Start of the second phase of the liberalization of Mosul, with great success to Iraqi forces

Oct 19, 2016

Mosul «Quds Al-Arabi»: Joint Iraqi forces, announced the start of the second phase of operations (coming, Nineveh) to liberate Mosul of al «State» amid the success of the forces in restoring towns and villages in many areas.

Iraqi military sources announced that the band 15 forces of the Iraqi army had been launched, on Tuesday, in the liberation of the city of Mosul process towards the villages (Alahud, Zake, hid it, listed) that fall within the axis of Qayyarah south of Mosul, to launch them in the coming days about hand Shore bathroom Alil.

According to military media cell, the 15 pieces of the band managed to free Alahud village in the southern hub of the city of Mosul, adding that those cuts raised the Iraqi flag over the village after the enemy to inflict great losses in lives and equipment, while the clashes are still taking place in other villages.

Pieces ninth Armored Division had reached the outskirts of Hamdania spend southeast of Mosul, while the fighters withdrew from the villages of the organization in the region.

According to the military sources, the first phase of the restoration of Mosul, which is supposed to reach during the Peshmerga forces at the center of Khazar east of Mosul to spend Hamdania, achieved positive results within the targets set for it. Within the second phase of the plan of attack, the 15 Division troops in the Iraqi army managed to free three villages in the hand] advice, (60 km south of Mosul), while managed joint forces of the ninth division of the Iraqi army and the fight against terrorism to impose siege on Hamdaniya district, north of Mosul , four axes, and began shelling the city center shelling with artillery and mortars to break down defenses and locations of the organization and preparation for the storm.

The second phase will be related to storm Hamdania springboard for Iraqi forces to restore Hamdania spend, which represents the closest geographic points to the city of Mosul (10 kilometers).

It also announced military media cell, the liberation of the village «Alzakh» south of Mosul and raising the Iraqi flag over it.

The statement said the cell, said that «pieces of the band 15 in the liberation of Nineveh operations Alzakh liberated the village and raise the Iraqi flag after the enemy to inflict loss of life and equipment».

She said the cell, that «the people of the villages and Alahud Alzakh Antqdon against Aldoaash and kill terrorist elements and supporting Iraqi Army».

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Don't MISS - "DU NEWS TIME" w/RCookie, Mr White & Hutch - Tues, Oct 18 - 7:30pm EST - In the CHAT ROOM!!

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