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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Wednesday 10/12/16 - Part 3

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 3 - Featuring BGG

hutch says to MrsBGG(11:55 AM):

GM and TYVM !

RickeyT says(11:55 AM):

Syria is the Viet Nam of this era

MrsBGG says to hutch(11:55 AM):

and what a delight to have Holly on too!! :)

MrsBGG says to RickeyT(11:56 AM):

Good morning :)

RickeyT says(11:56 AM):

Good morning

MrsBGG says to Okie Dinar(11:56 AM):

Thank you for copying and pasting lol !!

MrsBGG says to RickeyT(11:56 AM):

How are you?

hutch says to MrsBGG(11:56 AM):

I had been trying for a while to get her in and it was a treat to finally have her on

MrsBGG says to hutch(11:56 AM):

(y) yes!!

Okie Dinar says to MrsBGG(11:56 AM):

:D You're welcome :)

RickeyT says(11:56 AM):

still kicking, not high, but kicking

Okie Dinar says to hutch(11:56 AM):


Okie Dinar says to RickeyT(11:57 AM):


MrsBGG says to RickeyT(11:57 AM):

Well Praise the Lord!! We're glad you are here :)

hutch says to Okie Dinar(11:57 AM):

Hi there Okie

Ame96 says(12:02 PM):

somebody give me a supper idea plz

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Okie Dinar says to Ame96(12:03 PM):

bacon kale risotto

Okie Dinar says to Ame96(12:03 PM):


Ame96 says(12:03 PM):

no teeth ....yet :(

Ame96 says(12:04 PM):

2 more weeks till I get the posts for teh implants "uncovered"

hutch says to Ame96(12:04 PM):

In our forum, There is a recipe section for you to view

(12:04 PM)james1 was kicked out by james1!

Okie Dinar says to Ame96(12:04 PM):

broccoli soup?? Tomato soup?

Ame96 says(12:04 PM):

broccoli soup...thanks

Okie Dinar says to hutch(12:04 PM):


Okie Dinar says to Ame96(12:04 PM):

:) You're welcome!

Ame96 says(12:04 PM):

I wold have NOOO idea how to get to there Hutch

Ame96 says(12:05 PM):

so I stay here and not get lost

Holly1 says(12:05 PM):

Putin's Announcement to High-Ranking Officials to Bring in 'Loved Ones' is Nothing Short of Chilling.... By Kyle Becker

an hour ago

Holly1 says(12:05 PM):

Vladimir Putin has featured prominently in the U.S. election. Accused of being the mastermind behind numerous hacks of the Democratic Party and its organizational infrastructure, Putin is highly suspect in a plan to disrupt the usual democratic process.

Holly1 says(12:06 PM):

While Hillary Clinton has fixated on the hacking attacks, and Donald Trump has praised the Russian strongman for his leadership qualities, the Kremlin has quietly moved to improve its force posture for a potential war.

Holly1 says(12:06 PM):

Last week, Putin mobilized nuclear missiles into Kaliningrad, an enclave within Eastern Europe. As The Independent reported:

A Russian ministry spokesman said moving the missiles to Kaliningrad - a Russian region on the Baltic Sea, which 435 miles off the mainland is the westernmost area the country and is vital to its strategic position - was part of a routine drill.

Holly1 says(12:07 PM):

The move follows upon repeated Russian violations of the Joint Forces in Europe treaty, which forbids the nation from mobilizing certain military assets on Europe's Western front. In addition, the Pentagon noted prior that Russia is in violation of a treaty on Intermediate Nuclear-Range forces:

Holly1 says(12:07 PM):

Russian violation of an arms control agreement poses a threat to U.S. and its allies’ security interests, leading the Joint Staff to conduct a military assessment of its threat, a senior defense official said here today. [...]

In the course of “closely” monitoring compliance of arms control treaties... it was determined that Russia was in violation of the INF treaty.

MadDScout says to Okie Dinar (privately)(12:08 PM):


MadDScout says to Okie Dinar(12:08 PM):

MadDScout has closed the private chat window!

Holly1 says(12:08 PM):

The “reset” button launched under the Clinton administration has further encouraged the Russian bear to show aggression. The Russians infamously annexed Crimea in early 2014, under her successor as Secretary of State John Kerry.

Holly1 says(12:08 PM):

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko warned he believes Putin is poised to take over all of Ukraine and add it to the “Russian empire” in an interview on CNN that aired in August. Via CNN:

“It is absolutely the same situation like Russian bombardment in Aleppo,” he told CNN's Christiane Amanpour in an exclusive interview Wednesday.

“They have only one purpose — [the] world should be less stable, less secured.”

Holly1 says(12:09 PM):

The Russian president is making it clear that he is not afraid to strike fear into its adversaries in the West. Whether it's violating U.S. airspace multiple times or buzzing American warships, Putin is an audacious provocateur.

Putin's latest announcement is sparking fears of a looming global war, which would be sparked in Eastern Europe, but potentially entangle Middle Eastern nations such as Syria. As the Daily Mail reported:

Holly1 says(12:09 PM):

Russia is ordering all of its officials to fly home any relatives living abroad amid heightened tensions over the prospect of global war, it has been claimed.

Holly1 says(12:10 PM):

http://ijr.com/2016/10/712339-vladim...d&utm_campaign =ods&utm_term=ijamerica&utm_content=foreign

Holly1 says(12:10 PM):


Okie Dinar says(12:11 PM):

NEWSTIME TONIGHT!!! 10/12 @6:30 pm CST

IN THE CHATROOM w/RCookie, Mr White & Hutch

Okie Dinar says to Holly1(12:11 PM):

Thank you so much!!

Holly1 says(12:12 PM):


Ame96 says(12:12 PM):

that was surely uplifting news

BGG says to Holly1(12:12 PM):


Okie Dinar says to Holly1(12:12 PM):

Yes please!

Holly1 says to BGG(12:13 PM):


Holly1 says(12:13 PM):

Wabaoqkin Neumann If you don't understand right now why Putin is reacting to US foreign policy the way he is, you need to understand that:

1. The US is arming the rebels (any rebel group including ISIS) in Syria and bent on destabilizing the country.

2. Saudi Arabia and Quatar are sending funds to ISIS (keep in mind SA donated 20% of Hillary's campaign money). We sold them weapons as a "favor" for the funding.

3. Assad is a moderate Muslim, backed by Putin, who wants stability on his doorstep.

Holly1 says(12:14 PM):

4. Obama wants to overthrow Assad and stick a handpicked extremist in his place.

5. Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. He DOES NOT care if the US gets nuked because he hates this country. Point in case; his comments about imperialism. Right now our own President is more of a danger to us than any other person in the world.

Understand now? The US is the bad guy in this mess.

Like · Reply · 176 · 1 hr

woodywoodpecker says(12:15 PM):

Obama is the bad guy

Holly1 says(12:15 PM):

Janet Tessener Trumps Hero

Holly1 says(12:17 PM):

also believe war may break out before election. We know with Obama, we have no defense. Big things happening overseas while so many are in their safe places because words said years ago hurt their feelings.

Like · Reply · 10 · 56 mins

Holly1 says(12:17 PM):

This is in fact true, under Hillary and Obama's administration they have funded and supplied weapons to the Syrian Rebels who then turned into ISIS once we left Iraq and they had room to grow so our state department under Hillary's supervision funded and created ISIS, there's proof in the latest wiki leaks drop, go educate yourself people

Holly1 says(12:19 PM):

Our weak president who promised Russia more flexibility and destabilized the ME with his Arab spring may end up being the cause of a third world war. Maybe that Nobel Peace prize should be revoked.

Holly1 says(12:19 PM):


Holly1 says(12:20 PM):

http://alghadpress.com/ar/news/72186...1%D9%8A%D9%86#. V_0JpVUEdEM.facebook

Holly1 says(12:20 PM):

Tomorrow Press - Learn the facts laws published by the Iraqi newspaper in the last two verses that

Tomorrow Press news agency and an Iraqi independent in her speech, funding and is linked to any point of an Iraqi, Arab or foreign, aimed at delivering information and news full impartial away from sectarian and national bias, ethnic, religious or sectarian.


hutch says to Holly1(12:20 PM):

Thanks Holly ! (F)

Holly1 says to hutch(12:21 PM):


wickedwitch1 says to Holly1(12:22 PM):

Thank you for all your time and effort to help educate us on Iraq.

Holly1 says to hutch(12:22 PM):

Tomorrow Press shared a link .

6 hrs

Holly1 says to hutch(12:23 PM):

Tomorrow Press - Erdogan: we will prevent 'blood and fire' for the region in the liberation of Mosul

Tomorrow Press news agency and an Iraqi independent in her speech, funding and is linked to any point of an Iraqi, Arab or foreign, aimed at delivering information and news full impartial away from sectarian and national bias, ethnic, religious or sectarian


Holly1 says to hutch(12:23 PM):


Holly1 says to wickedwitch1(12:23 PM):


Holly1 says(12:24 PM):

Jaafari: to defend the honor of the crowd and the duty of every Iraqi estimated price of sacrifices

Holly1 says(12:25 PM):


Holly1 says(12:26 PM):

Dler: political parties have concluded agreements with neighboring countries to destroy and divide Iraq

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 - 12:35

Holly1 says(12:27 PM):

She Dler in a statement on Wednesday: "Turkey today violate Iraqi sovereignty of the presence of its troops in the northern city of Mosul, hampering edit", warning the government of the neighboring countries are awaiting the opportunity to exploit the territory of Iraq as Turkey today , "noting that the entry of Turkish troops into the land of Iraq What is not out feelers to give other countries the green light to occupy Iraqi territory and as close to each one of them, recognizing the conclusion of agreements between some political parties and neighboring countries to destroy their country and divide it . "

Holly1 says(12:27 PM):

she added Dler:" the government and the political blocs required to stand united in repelling the Turkish attack which is very similar to the occupation limit (Daesh) of Iraqi territory , "calling to leave all differences aside and ask Turkey to return its troops to what it was in the past and put an end to it in the times to come not to bypass Iraqi territory and breaking all agreements signed during the former regime with the current Turkish system ".

Holly1 says(12:28 PM):


Holly1 says(12:28 PM):


Holly1 says(12:28 PM):


Okie Dinar says to Holly1(12:30 PM):

Thank you so very much for all you do!!

Railman says(12:31 PM):

Good Afternoon, by chance was last night's call recorded?

Okie Dinar says to Railman(12:34 PM):

Recording 641-715-3639 pin 528733 #

Railman says(12:35 PM):

Thank you

Okie Dinar says to Railman(12:36 PM):

The link was not up last time I checked - it is posted in BLOG and OBSERVER :) You're welcome!

BGG says to Okie Dinar(12:39 PM):

Just went up now...

Okie Dinar says to BGG(12:39 PM):

Thank you so much!

UNEEK says(12:53 PM):

good afternoon -- jfyi --- I was checking and reading chat logs and noticed the last copy from here "today" was posted on tuesdays page -- just thought I would let someone know

UNEEK says(12:53 PM):

I have been reading and looking for the news call replay link

Okie Dinar says to UNEEK(12:54 PM):

Thank you! Will fix it now :)

UNEEK says(12:54 PM):

you're welcome

UNEEK says(12:55 PM):

it was confusing -- but understandly -- it went from 11:42 pm to 11:54 am

Okie Dinar says to UNEEK(12:56 PM):

I was thinking for the newstime - time for tonight and forgot to change it back :) It's fixed. I appreciate you letting me know :)

Okie Dinar says to UNEEK(12:56 PM):

looking* not thinking

UNEEK says(12:58 PM):

Glad I caught it early on

UNEEK says(1:00 PM):

going to listento the call now -- listened to most last night but like to listen again to absorb more -- have a great day -- everyone

Okie Dinar says to UNEEK(1:00 PM):

Ok, again thank you!

Okie Dinar says to UNEEK(1:00 PM):


(1:02 PM)Check out THE BLOG - http://www.dinarupdates.com/blog/ - for the latest Dinar News, Documents and Call banners

Okie Dinar says(1:09 PM):


IN THE CHATROOM w/RCookie, Mr White & Hutch

(1:10 PM)wickedwitch1 was kicked out by wickedwitch1!

wickedwitch1 says(1:46 PM):

Is it possible to connect to the chat fron an iphone.

(1:49 PM)garygs415 was kicked out by garygs415!

(1:56 PM)jackflash101st was kicked out by jackflash101st!

(2:02 PM)THE OBSERVER - http://www.dinarupdates.com/observer/ - Save as a favorite... for Daily Dinar Commentary, Notices and Call banners!!

(2:14 PM)clay changed nickname to .VIP.clay!

clay says(2:15 PM):


clay says(2:16 PM):

you need the # code

clay says(2:16 PM):

mods probably have it

Okie Dinar says to wickedwitch1(2:26 PM):

Recording 641-715-3639 pin 528733 # or https://d.pr/M8Jd

wickedwitch1 says(2:33 PM):

Thanks Clay and Okie Dinar. I'm always traveling to worship on wednesday and just wanted to try to catch some of it on the phone.

hutch says(2:36 PM):

Army Chief of Staff: a few hours separate us from the liberation of Mosul

Chief of Staff of the Iraqi army Othman al-Ghanemi, said on Wednesday that the battle of Mosul will be white, assured the people of the city of Mosul that the battle will be the restoration of Mosul against Daesh only,

He Ghanimi inspecting Ninawa Operations Command, for the distribution of the pieces and spread within conclusively determine responsibility and battle axes against the organization, said that "a few hours separate us from freeing the people of Mosul trapped under the occupation of the organization Daesh."

He called on the people of Mosul Ghanimi Daesh to stay away from the pool and follow the instructions given to them by Iraqi forces areas.

The organization has Daesh control of Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq in June 2014, and is the last strongholds of the organization in the country, which is scheduled to start restoring operations in the coming days.



Okie Dinar says to wickedwitch1(2:36 PM):

You're welcome. I do not personally have an iphone so I was not sure which you needed :)

clay says to hutch(2:37 PM):

thanks buddy its looking good

hutch says(2:37 PM):


Okie Dinar says to hutch(2:37 PM):

Awesome! Thank you!

wickedwitch1 says to hutch(2:38 PM):

Great news....Thanks for all your hard work!

hutch says to wickedwitch1(2:48 PM):

Thank You for being a part of all of this with us !

hutch says to Okie Dinar(2:48 PM):


Okie Dinar says to hutch(2:52 PM):


IN THE CHATROOM w/RCookie, Mr White & Hutch

Okie Dinar says(2:55 PM):

OPEC predicts a rapid decline in oil stocks

2016/10/12 17:34 • 77 visits readable

{International: Euphrates News} expect the Secretary General of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries {OPEC} Mohammed Barkindo, on Wednesday, "a sharp and rapid decline in oil inventories."

Barkindo said in a press statement that "the oil stocks will fall in conjunction with the steps that we will give them, and so can restore balance to the market again."

Statements of the Secretary General of OPEC came on the sidelines of his participation in the work of the 23 World Energy Conference currently being held in Istanbul.

He pointed out that the man "Algiers Agreement on installing the production ceiling enjoined the Member States of the Organization, to consult and discuss issues related to production."

He added, "consultation not only among the OIC member states, but with all the oil producers around the world as well."

He stressed that the agreement, which he described as "historic", it was not a procedural step, but it was a decision taken unanimously by the fourteen Member States.

Members agreed in {OPEC} the end of last month to cut production to 32.5 - 33 million barrels per day from 33.4 million barrels in August / August.

Barkindo pointed out that the Algiers meeting was imposed on all producers, reduce oil inventories, and to accelerate as much as possible in the creation of a new equilibrium in the markets, in consultation with the {OPEC}.

He continued, "I see that there is an agreement in visions between oil producers, and even among consumers, whether they are members of OPEC or outside, on the need to create a climate of balance in the market again."

He said, "On November 30 / November next second, OPEC members will meet in the Austrian capital Vienna; to crystallize the agreement, which was reached in Algeria, and to identify producers quotas, and in this regard, Barkindo explained that it formed a high committee of OPEC in Vienna later this month , to prepare a report for the next meeting's agenda. "

The oil inventories consuming countries about 2.5 billion barrels, with total global daily production of 95.5 million barrels, according to OPEC data.

And crude oil prices suffer from oversupply of more than 500 thousand barrels per day and limited demand, with the decline in the developed and emerging economies together.

It consists OPEC members from 14 countries, are Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, Qatar, Iran, Venezuela, Gabon, Algeria, Ecuador, Angola, Indonesia, Kuwait, Libya,

Ame96 says(2:56 PM):

if they quit pumping that is an absolute

feebslayer says(3:02 PM):


(3:02 PM)Check out the "Current Iraq NEWS" Thread in the Forum - http://www.dinarupdates.com/forumdis...rent-Iraq-NEWS - All News - ALL DAY LONG!!

clay says(3:07 PM):

hey there Feebs :)

Okie Dinar says(3:10 PM):


IN THE CHATROOM w/RCookie, Mr White & Hutch

hutch says(3:23 PM):

US-Saudi agreement to provide safe havens for ISIS to exit Mosul

Oct 12, 2016

(IraqiNews.com) Baghdad – The Russian RIA Nofosti news agency reported on Wednesday, that the United States made an agreement with Saudi Arabia to allow the ISIS members to exit from Mosul toward the Syrian territories before the security forces start the liberation offensive.

The Russian media outlet stated that the agreement will allow nine thousand ISIS members to be transferred to the eastern areas of Syria to launch an extensive offensive, in order to capture the cities of Dier ez-Zour and Palmyra.

“The United States and Saudi Arabia reached the agreement to provide safe havens for the ISIS members and their families, before the security forces storm into the city of Mosul,” RIA Novosti explained. “The international coalition air force will conduct a number of air strikes on several buildings that will be previously agreed on with the militants,” RIA Novosti added.

“US President Barak Obama decided to carry out Mosul offensive in October,” the media outlet continued.

Earlier today, Secretary-General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah accused the United States of trying to mobilize ISIS in the eastern region of Syria, and warned the Iraqis of a US deception that will waste the victory in Mosul.


daytrader says to hutch(3:27 PM):

Whoa. Talk about political shenanigans!! Wonder if this ties into the comments in the log this morning about Russia instructing all its citizens to leave the U.S.?

hutch says to daytrader(3:28 PM):

That was my thoughts exactly, Theres always more than one way to accomplish something.

daytrader says to hutch(3:29 PM):

This is beginning to look like Putin intends to play a very dangerous form of political gamesmanship.

hutch says(3:30 PM):

Chess peices appear to be moving

daytrader says to hutch(3:31 PM):

I hope we have some Masters of the Game on their "A" game.

hutch says to daytrader(3:32 PM):

I agree

(3:35 PM)wvchsr was kicked out by wvchsr!

RickeyT says(3:35 PM):

It appears that Obama is getting his private army out of Iraq.

(3:38 PM)Canucklady was kicked out by Canucklady!

clay says(3:38 PM):

Russia orders all officials to fly home any relatives living abroad, as tensions mount over the prospect of a global war

clay says(3:38 PM):


wickedwitch1 says to hutch(3:40 PM):

Can someone explain to me why the US would want to provide safe havens for ISIS. Am I missing something?

daytrader says to wickedwitch1(3:42 PM):

We don't know that the article is factual at this point. Have to wait and see.

woodywoodpecker says(3:42 PM):

yes their brother Obozo

clay says to wickedwitch1(3:43 PM):

maybe to get them out w/omuch bloodshed

clay says to wickedwitch1(3:44 PM):

then get them all in Syria

clay says to wickedwitch1(3:44 PM):

no citizens in Mosul get killed

RickeyT says(3:44 PM):

In 2009 an article was published that the O administration hired, armed, and trained a group of 10,000 out of Yemen to fight Assad, one can only speculate.

clay says(3:48 PM):

hey Woody Rickey

RickeyT says(3:49 PM):


larrykn says to Okie Dinar(3:56 PM):

hows it going :)

Okie Dinar says to larrykn(3:57 PM):

Itsa going :)

Okie Dinar says to larrykn(3:57 PM):

How was your day?

larrykn says to Okie Dinar(3:58 PM):

I would give you a break but I've been on the phone with HP all day, still working on it , this is my other computer lol

Okie Dinar says to larrykn(3:58 PM):

No worries :) I'm good. Thank you though (v) :)

larrykn says to Okie Dinar(3:59 PM):

have they been giving you a hard time :D

Okie Dinar says to larrykn(4:00 PM):

Actually not today... SRW has been in yet today :D He gives me the hardest time :) LOL

larrykn says to Okie Dinar(4:00 PM):

got to watch out for AME too :D

Okie Dinar says to larrykn(4:01 PM):

That's true!!! (lol)

SRW says to Okie Dinar(4:01 PM):

Well let the games begin!! Pick your weapon!! :D(H)

Okie Dinar says to SRW(4:01 PM):


Okie Dinar says to SRW(4:01 PM):


larrykn says to SRW(4:01 PM):

I like my boots :D

hutch says to Okie Dinar(Whisper message)(4:02 PM):

Do you need a break? I can cover for you if needed

SRW says to larrykn(4:02 PM):

Oh, you wouldn't kick Okie out would you?!! :D

(4:02 PM)Be sure to join the Dinar Updates “private” FaceBook Group… https://www.facebook.com/groups/571383766355188/ (go here and ask to join… then add some Dinar Friends!!)

Okie Dinar says to hutch(Whisper message)(4:03 PM):

No I'm ok :) Thank you so much though!!

larrykn says to SRW(4:03 PM):

hmmmm not what I was thinking :D

Okie Dinar says to SRW(4:03 PM):


Okie Dinar says to larrykn(4:04 PM):


hutch says to Okie Dinar(4:04 PM):

Newstime in 2 1/2 hours ! Lots of good stuff coming up!

SRW says to larrykn(4:05 PM):

I have something to work around that would take the shine right off those boots and make them smell better!! :D

Okie Dinar says to hutch(4:05 PM):


Okie Dinar says to hutch(4:05 PM):

Super excited!

Okie Dinar says to hutch(4:05 PM):


Okie Dinar says to SRW(4:05 PM):


Okie Dinar says to SRW(4:05 PM):


Okie Dinar says to SRW(4:05 PM):

How has you day been?

(4:05 PM)matt was kicked out by matt!

Okie Dinar says to SRW(4:05 PM):


clay says to SRW(4:06 PM):

hey buddy

SRW says to Okie Dinar(4:06 PM):

Peachy and yours!!

Okie Dinar says(4:06 PM):

Newstime in 2 1/2 hours ! Lots of good stuff coming up!

Okie Dinar says(4:06 PM):

Newstime in 2 1/2 hours ! Lots of good stuff coming up!

Okie Dinar says(4:06 PM):

Newstime in 2 1/2 hours ! Lots of good stuff coming up!

Okie Dinar says to SRW(4:06 PM):

Really great actually :)

Okie Dinar says to SRW(4:06 PM):

Thanks for asking :)

SRW says to clay(4:06 PM):

Hey Clay, I'm getting double teamed here!! :D

clay says to SRW(4:10 PM):

I see (lol)

DIGIman1 says to Okie Dinar(4:11 PM):

i'm here if you want a break :)

jeffusa says to clay(4:11 PM):

sup cracker

SRW says to clay(4:12 PM):

First Okie calls me out and Larry wants to show his shiny new boots. Hmm.. What a reception!! :D

clay says to jeffusa(4:12 PM):

hey brother

hutch says to jeffusa(4:12 PM):

Thats MR Cracker to you !

DIGIman1 says to clay(4:12 PM):

hey clay :)

Ame96 says(4:12 PM):


jeffusa says to hutch(4:12 PM):

Dr Cracker

hutch says to jeffusa(4:12 PM):


clay says to DIGIman1(4:13 PM):

hey Digi when can I retire lol

clay says to jeffusa(4:13 PM):


clay says to hutch(4:13 PM):


DIGIman1 says to clay(4:13 PM):

thats a subby question!! i'm not qualified :D

DIGIman1 says to Ame96(4:13 PM):


clay says to DIGIman1(4:13 PM):

I know...right (lol)

jeffusa says to hutch(4:14 PM):

how about this article: Army Chief of Staff: a few hours separate us from the liberation of Mosul

Chief of Staff of the Iraqi army Othman al-Ghanemi, said on Wednesday that the battle of Mosul will be white, assured the people of the city of Mosul that the battle will be the restoration of Mosul against Daesh

clay says to jeffusa(4:15 PM):


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